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2 years ago

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#175 2 years ago

I'm thinking of picking up a pro as well. I think it would look excellent next to my Munsters which is constantly panned on here but I love. Almost 1400 plays on that and still play it every day.

One of the local watering holes got this pin two days ago and put a bunch of plays on it. The ramps and orbits shoot nicely but the Gorgon is an impossible shot. I have to imagine stern will either make a major code change to make that shot something worth shooting for or do some sort of hardware change to make it easier. I was there for hours and we only saw two shots go in and some of these guys are really good. When the payout is less than 1 mil that's not worth going for and most stopped. The modes are where it's at right now so I hope they do something to change that and make it something to shoot for as it's the main focus of the pin.

#221 2 years ago

My son is at camp grandparents so my wife and I went out to Ocelot tonight and played for about 2 hours. I think the incline was adjusted as I was able to hit the gorgon numerous times tonight. Hit it on my first shot actually after probably 50 shots on the 31'st. Also got a chance to really go thru a few modes and we both had a ton of fun. My best score tonight was nearly 130 mil and it was a blast. I managed to line up the gorgon, telekenisis multiball, and randomly got the upside down at the same time. Super fun.

So I am officially joining the club as I contacted a distributor and put in my order. Check is in the mail and hope to see the machine soon.

IMG_20200102_185338 (resized).jpg
#243 2 years ago

My first NIB (and machine) was my munsters and I can totally understand the feeling. I had dreams for a month figuring out the perfect way to get the machine down the stairs as I wasn't so sure it would go lol. Then I watched many unboxing and setup videos online. In the end when the machine showed up the box was completely trashed with a massive gash in it so large I could pull the legs out. After working it out with the distributor I set it up and ended up keeping that machine as there did not appear to be any cosmetic damage. They said set it up and give it two weeks to see if anything is broken. In the end knowing I could get a completely new machine if I something was messed up relieved so much pressure that I just set the thing up and started enjoying it. Hoping this NIB will go much more smoothly for me so I can enjoy the unboxing tho Last I heard it could be a few weeks before I see mine. Hoping it's sooner

#245 2 years ago

I ordered the pro from a local distributor and they apparently drop ship from stern. Not any in stock in Northern Virginia I guess

#252 2 years ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

Played a few games last night on location. Would have played more, but the center ramp broke and was stuck down.
Has a good number of shots and seems to shoot well.
Unfortunately, it's not really worth playing until they get some code. It's so bare bones right now it is kind of pointless.
Looking forward to trying out a Premium/LE to see how the projector is integrated. I see potential.

I honestly don't understand this statement. There is a ton of theme integration and the base modes are well thought out and mesh really well with the show. Please tell me what code this needs other than polish. The core of this pin is here now from what I can see. My guess is what we see going forward is polishing what is there and I'd be very happy with that. I would love to know what more code means to you because I have no idea what that means

#258 2 years ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

Should of called Game Room guys from Michigan. They have plenty in stock. I’m surprised Virginia didn’t have any. Weird.

I wanted to support my local distributor here. I have two other pins and can play one 15 minutes away so I can survive a few weeks

#276 2 years ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

How many games have you put on this machine?
If you think the game is all there and just needs some polish, then I really don't know what to say to you other than I disagree with your assessment of the current game state.
My goal is not to crap on this game. However, Stern released the game so we have a right to review it in it's current state. The code is maybe half done, that doesn't make for a good experience in my opinion.
The people I chatted with while playing thought similar to me, that the game is a long way from being done. And, in it's current state, it wasn't all that enjoyable. Probably, because you can see the potential that is there. But, it just isn't coded yet.
If you look at the modes, the shots and what the code can be, then I think there is hope. Like I said, I think it shoots well. When the code is done, then it may well be as great game. I'm a big fan of Stranger Things (the show) and would love to see this game fulfill its potential.

I've played more than 4 hours on this machine on the latest code. Maybe the one you are playing on is not? who knows. Clearly the code is not complete and I didn't argue that or say it was. I said the core of it is there. It's at .75 now which means there is still 25% left to be done. Until I have one in my house there is no way I have enough quarters to get to the final modes that are yet to be complete. What is there is already quite deep from what I've played. The modes are quite varied and well tied into the show with good clips. I said they need polish but I like what I see and had a great time with it.

I'd love to hear some of your ideas on what needs to be improved (and don't say add the missing modes cause no one I've seen got deep enough into the machine to even see that stuff yet). Like how could the quarter hunt mode be improved? The find Barb? The operation Mirkwood mode? I've played through all of the season 1 and season two modes and seen one of the mini wizard modes. Honestly, I would really love to hear how these could be improved as all of this stuff is in the game already.

#281 2 years ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

So I was told when my machine arrives, to ditch the stock pinballs in there and replace with some premium pinballs. Anyone recommend where I can get them ? I bought a set of titan pinballs for my SP machine, but they really didn’t look any different then the ones that were already in there.

I bought the carbon ones for my Munsters from here


Munsters has a strong magnet so the carbon is apparently better for that. Seems to be. For stranger things I may try the Ninja ones.

#338 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

The Tron Arcade is def 4 inches so should work if you can find a spot... maybe above a scoop like in Tron.

Funnily enough I won one of these little mini arcades in the league finals last round. It's just over 3 1/2 inches tall but does not say on without someone touching the controls. It's amazing this thing actually works and is playable.

IMG_20200106_111904 (resized).jpg
#393 2 years ago

Just got word that my order is placed with stern and they should be building it within the next two weeks. Hopefully have it within three. Hoping that they have been getting reports from users and are making modifications on the up post, ramp metal, and demogorgon difficulty. Will take a close look at those when I get mine.

#396 2 years ago

Mines for a pro. Placed the order last Thursday but it took a few days for the payment to go thru and for stern to confirm the order.

#490 2 years ago

Was at a local pub last night and witnessed the flipper coil stop issue first hand on a pretty new jp. Two of the three flippers were already busted. I've heard about a few new st's here in the area have had the issue as well. Just to be safe I'm buying some backups from pinball life now to have them on hand. My Munsters hasn't had any issues but the coil stops on it don't look anything like what I saw on jp last night but getting 4 just to be safe.

#521 2 years ago

congrats and lucky you they brought it into the house and down the stairs! Mine is coming via carrier and my last machine the guy would only bring it in the front door and I still had to give him a nice tip to do that.

Heard from my distributor that my pro should be shipping from stern any day now. Hope to have it sometime next week!

#698 2 years ago

I'm still waiting to hear when mine will ship. Hope to get it this week. Just got home from the local brewery and my 9 year old kicked my butt. He got to the third demogorgon mode. I've only ever seen the first one. He wasn't even going for the modes and kicked my butt. Beat me by 40mil on one game lol.

He can't wait for our machine to be here. Pretty sure he would have stayed all day but I ran out of quarters. He absolutely refused to play any other game there and they have some great games. Metallica, Willy Wonka, JP, Monster Bash, Star Trek, and a bunch of others. Just would not play anything else.

We also were playing the Visual Pinball original by orbital pinball today for a good while. Asked him which was better and he said the real one by far.

Getting anxious waiting for ours to come. Hope it's here soon.

#704 2 years ago

I've played both and hate the band and hate the art of the other. Not a huge fan of the iron maiden layout either. I do like Jurassic Park but I can play that at three different bars nearby. My son loves the JP movies but can't stand the pin. He would not walk away from stranger things today and he's never seen the show...

#750 2 years ago


Just got word that mine will be delivered Thursday. Can't wait!

#755 2 years ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

youve been waiting! excited for you

Thanks Definitely tons of excitement in the house. My son can't wait. First thing I'll be doing is checking the pop post mech and one way gate to see if there have been any changes since mine is supposed to have been built this last week. Will post pics once I get it.

#757 2 years ago

The pop post thing is the ball stop post on the pro on the left ramp. It's been coming loose because it is not pinned and popping out. The one way gate near the demegorgan has been coming loose because it's cut too short causing balls to forever lock. I'm guessing both of those issues are easy to resolve on the line so hoping they have been looked at a month into manufacture.

#762 2 years ago

I get mine Thursday and will let you know

Quoted from pinballkyle:

What is stern doing about the defective lock post and gate? Have they changed their design yet?

#763 2 years ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Also, I am sure this is normal but if you are moving the out lane posts you cant remove them even after taking off the bottom nut, TIGHT. A deep 1/4" nut driver, or deep well 1/4" socket removes them easily. Probably common knowledge for most, but lets just say the ones on my Metallica are pretty eaten up.... needle nose pliers are NOT a substitute tool in pinball as they are in many other applications, lol.

Good to know. My munsters it was not a huge deal to move the posts as they just popped out after unscrewing it.

#767 2 years ago

what incline do you have it set at? Flipper power is going to be highly dependent on playfield angle I would think. I asked Mike Vinikour what tips he had in the last stream for it 1:09:17 into the stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/535665069. Level playfield, 6.5 degrees. Mike answers about 1:11 and he says that if it is hitting high to reduce flippers a little and to make sure the ramp is sitting flush when it is down cause that can make the ball hop if it's not flush when down.

#775 2 years ago

the dimples do start to even out. I remember after the first 50-100 plays on my munsters I was really concerned about them but now after almost 1500 plays I have to bend down and really try to find them with the light. They are there but not noticeable while I'm playing. This machine definitely has more air balls due to the demo hit than my munsters and you will see some deeper dimples in that. Probably as bad as the ghostbuster machines a good while back with the slimer mech and those dreaded pop targets. I just recently saw on the playfield protector thread that a guy with the ghostbusters machine even a thick extra piece of plastic over the entire playfield didn't stop the dimples.

You have to remember that all of these materials are less dense than the steel balls flying around. While it is an eye sore at first it will look better over time

What I am more concerned about is the metal. The demo ramp on the one near me has some pretty nasty dings in it visible when the ramp is down. The metal ramp transitions are also quite dented. I really hope Stern provides cheap replacements for those metal parts cause I can see me replacing them once it gets to be a huge eyesore. Those transitions will be a real pain to replace at some point. The main ramp should be pretty easy assuming there are replacement ramps available

#784 2 years ago

Mine has arrived and is in the house. I'm just waiting for the glass to no longer be freezing cold before I pull it from the machine and complete setup. My wife and son are both home sick with the flu and this definitely brought their spirits up. Also funny I went to try and find the code update and it wasn't on the main page. Had to search for it. Appears they put it under 2019 year lol

IMG_20200123_101401123 (resized).jpgfunny (resized).png
#785 2 years ago

LOL, powered up and it's got the latest code on it but everything is in austrian. Trying to find the language menu setting. Mine is NOT showing the 48 volt warning on start up. Only when I open the coin door

#788 2 years ago

All up and running. It does look like the one way gate was modified from pictures that I have seen. The slack outside the mount is at least 4-5mm in length. It's not easy to see the end of the ball stop. Will take a look when I don't have my son breathing down my neck to play it Started at 200 for flipper power and we have not made the demo shot yet but neither of us were accurate in the shot on the first game. I would not have expected any of mine to go in from where they were hitting. Looking forward to many games today on it.
IMG_20200123_121316115 (resized).jpg

#792 2 years ago

I've been messing with my demo as well and you really do have to find the sweet spot between power and pitch for the machine. For me it ended up being exactly 6.5 degrees and 195 both flippers. My son made two shots in a row and I've made about 5 but not in a row yet The second demogorgon after you drain the two balls in him you have to shoot the every shot as they are all lit. My son was so excited he shot it twice he drained right away so not sure if those lit shots are jackpots or what but you are clearly still fighting him in that multiball

I took a look at the left ramp ball lock rod thing and it has not changed on mine. Same press fit.

#793 2 years ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

I love how you have the vpx version next to it.

The VPX one is great. Been holding us till the real one came in

#795 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I would take some crimpers to it to try and tighten it or pull apart and put epoxy in there or something.

Agreed, once my son is done playing with it and I get a chance to take the glass off again

#800 2 years ago

So my son was hitting the demo but I was still unable to drain one. He also started to have a dry spell. We've seen it go in probably 15 times since we got it setup but I wouldn't say it was easily makeable. I guess he's much better than me lol. I asked the guy I bought from if he had any suggestions and he said the biggest thing he's found is that the bubble needs to be between the lines.

So I took a look at my pitch again. I set it to 6.5 with an inclinometer but the bubble looked like the attached.

I made the adjustment to my machine to get it between the lines. It meant closing the rear levellers completely and bringing the front up about 4 full turns. That got just the tip of the bubble on the top line. I'm not taken the glass off yet to see what that is at but the first shot I took I made. Then second, third, missed fourth (bad shot), and landed the fifth.

It does make the game a bit more floaty though. Going to play with pitch some more to see if I can find a middle ground between floaty and making it reliably.

IMG_20200123_184755327 (resized).jpg
#803 2 years ago

I have this one that I use to level left/right and check the pitch. you can really only tell if it's somewhere between 6 and 7 for instance.

amazon.com link »

It gets me in the ballpark and is a quick cheap tool to have in the bag. For the tweaking the final bit I use the pinball leveller app


You have to have a device with good sensors tho. My phone is not accurate enough but my tablet is.

I've closed all of the leg levellers and the pitch is right at 6 degrees and it's perfect. Maybe as we get better at the game we'll increase the pitch. As I said at 6.5 we were making it but it was 1 in 20 shots or so. Now it's 8 out of 10 which makes the demo modes much more bearable.

#806 2 years ago

I figured out the Austrian thing. The number one dip switch on the cpu board in the backglass was on. For USA all should be off. Once changed it seemed to reset all settings and scores.

#812 2 years ago

Now that my machine is set properly to US I am seeing the 48v warning on boot up before the leds do their power on test.

#814 2 years ago

So I guess my one way gate wasn't fixed after all. Maybe 50 games in and a ball stuck there. I widened the gate a bit then put it back. Was a pain to get to without taking things apart but will keep an eye on it.

#828 2 years ago

How do you adjust the optos? The left ramp opto is sometimes registering a ball when no ball has gone up the ramp. I had it start telekenisis when I drained for instance. I've never had to adjust an opto before.

#830 2 years ago

Ok thanks I'll take a look. There are cutouts so not shooting thru the ramp.

#837 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Okay good. I suspect one is askew. Make sure they are lined up and attached to the ramp nice and tight. Then put the game in switch test mode and shake and try to vibrate the game to see if you ever get the opto to register.

Ran the switch test and cleaned the area. Not a lot of play to adjust them. What I did find was some bits from where the drill went thru that was still attached to the ramp. I was able to get a needle nose pliers in there and pull the excess out. Played a few games and wasn't able to recreate the issue so I guess that little bit was enough to cause it to go off from time to time. I checked all the other holes and they were clean so it was only this one.

#852 2 years ago

Out of my temp setup location and joined the lineup in the basement

If there is any machine that could benefit from the hd glass it's this one for certain.

IMG_20200126_111636726 (resized).jpg
#877 2 years ago
Quoted from Kharris:

What is the angle of your play field? Mine is at 6 and the bubble is still not in the middle, in fact to get the bubble in the middle I would have to bring the from up. I think the level on my machine is bad. I’m probably just gonna set it to 6.5 and not worry about the level bubble.

mine is the same. with all levellers completely closed the bubble tip is on the other side of the top line. To get level I have to increase the front levellers.

#918 2 years ago

and you get a free node board and motor. stick in the spares box for sure. Glad to hear you found the issue. Painful for sure

#940 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah I should have said that at our bar no one can make the Demogorgon so might need to factor in the makability of the Demo in our scores we share. Haha
ERW - 300 million at AL bar in Cincinnati
Demo degree of difficulty- fucking impossible

My best so far after a week. Demo shot on mine is makeable but not consistent and not at all what I go for in points. I play the modes and try to get the 2x playfield multiplier going. I'll only go for the demo if I need to get it out of the way right now. My son loves to go for the demogorgon and has more success than I but that strategy so far does not equal.many points. I think his top score is around 90 mil.

I would love to see stern issue a statement on what the expected success rate on that shot should be and recommended troubleshooting tips if not making it. The silence on the common issues is unnerving as an owner.

IMG_20200126_225617071 (resized).jpg

#954 1 year ago

no issues making the right orbit here.

#963 1 year ago

Just had my best game ever. Hit the first demogorgan on the second or third try. Then played the second one and managed to hit it twice one time being off the right flipper. First time I've ever done that on this machine. Big change was to use the digital inclinometer to adjust the pitch to 6.5 exactly at the drop targets. Interestingly it reads 6.31 at the flippers and these measurements are repeatable. Not sure if that means there is a sag in my playfield or what. I've never had something that could so accurately tell the incline. Going to look at what my munsters is set at next. I believe it's very close to 7 but we'll see. Flippers are currently set at 225. Plays so much better now that it's not floaty.

IMG_20200129_121540683 (resized).jpgIMG_20200129_113426403 (resized).jpgIMG_20200129_113443491 (resized).jpg
#985 1 year ago

I believe you can stack 1 mode, telekinesis multiball, demodogs, and the first and third demogorgan if it's down before anything else starts. Makes for quite hectic play and a lot to do lol. I've definitely completed modes using multiball and for some it's a huge help because the modes are so short.

#991 1 year ago

My opto issue on the left ramp is back. Locking balls without any going near it. Had not happened since I last mentioned it and removed the bit hanging around it. Might have to call stern on this one.

Also, anyone else sometimes getting the mystery shot registering the completion of the drop targets? Happens from time to time. Seems like another potential opto issue.

#993 1 year ago

Maybe it is a software bug then. I have reached out to stern to see what they say. Will respond back when I hear something

#995 1 year ago

I've tried shaking the game and that did not cause them to register. The optos are very securely mounted to the ramp and I was unable to get them to move. I've also put it in switch test mode and have not been able to get them to misbehave there either. I'll pull up the playfield tonight and reseat the connectors and see if that resolves it.

#1013 1 year ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

Was able to fish it out of there. Looks like it got sheared on the right side as shown on pic. Don’t know where the other piece is though.[quoted image]

Yeah that looks exactly like mine. Had it lock up after only 50 games or so. The straight end is not long enough. I widened it a bit so there was more wire slack and then put it back using a wood skewer and my finger. Was not easy but didn't take too long.

#1017 1 year ago
Quoted from mpnox:

So I played some games on my Stranger Things Pro and I had a really hard time to make post pass move. I thought it had something to do with the leaf switch but it looked fine on both sides.
I then tested some more and realized that if I was fast enough I could release the flipper button all the way out and back in without the flipper moving at all. It felt as it had some lag. I have had some newer Sterns before with the latest Spike system and they did not work like this.
So is this a problem on my ST only or do you also have this?

I don't have any lag with mine at all. I've seen issues like this when the flipper end stop is broken. Lift the playfield and take a look. I bought end stops for both of my stern pins for when they go.


#1040 1 year ago

An update on my weird opto issue. I have been in contact with Pablo at Stern and we are troubleshooting. I have reseated the connections for the problematic optos but with the issue being so intermittent it is hard to diagnose the cause. He said the two instances they have seen where the optos failed they were constantly registering closed/open so it was very noticeable.

I played a bunch last night as well as this morning and I only saw one oddity in probably 20 games. I had ball lock ready and started Morse code in the pops. I shot the right ramp then the left triggering the ball lock. Morse code then completed spelling out the words while the ball was still waiting with the up post. I can't say for sure if that is related or not but it was the one oddity I saw. That one feels like it could have been a code issue.

I'm trying to get the issue on video for them. That is my next goal in troubleshooting this.

#1062 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Pardon my terminology. First things first get your head down low and look under the demogorgon, there is a tiny chrome post that limits the forward motion of the toy. In my case there was a small gap, so if i pushed the back of the demogorgons head it would come forward, ever so slightly. Releasing it, would result in it "springing" back. Now look at the back of the demogorgon, there is a wire connected to it, that routes down through the bottom of the playfield. I personally didnt go under the playfield, but just gently pulled this wire up so that it gives some slack. The demogorgon should then rest freely on the post, rather than leaving slack.
Hope this helps.

I've been looking at mine and i can't get this fix to work. The demogorgon still settles in the middle between the front and rear posts. It feels to me like it really needs a spring at the back to push it forward into the front post cause if I have the glass off and manually place the monster on the front post I make the shot 100% of the time if my aim is good. Then I get the glass on and start playing and nope have trouble hitting it. For me adjusting the cord did nothing. Mine is not pulling at all. I might look into a spring to push it forward. Wouldn't have to be too strong.

#1082 1 year ago
Quoted from Kharris:

I think my game is possessed! I get it dialed in and can make the demigorgon shot with both flippers, then the next day back to square one, and can’t hit it with either flipper.

Agreed, I get things dialed in with the glass off and hit the thing no issue for a few hours. Come back next day and can't hit it at all. Looks like the same shot just fumbling about where it was making it the night before. Go back to messing with it and repeat. I really think it's how the thing settles back in after getting hit. A spring to push it back against the front post might help. I bet the Le with the moving mech just puts it back in the same spot making it more consistent

#1083 1 year ago
Quoted from Kharris:

I had to unplug the three connectors and re-route the wire because it wa wrapped around another wire bundle that was causing it to pull on the demigorgon. It was also chafing the wire. The pic is before I re-routed.[quoted image]

Mine is wrapped around the bundle as well just has lots of slack. Can't hurt making that change to mine and will see if it helps

#1099 1 year ago

I was able to film the issue I have been having with the left ramp optos. I just sent this to Pablo at Stern. Probably won't hear anything until Monday but glad I was able to film the strangeness. A few strange things happened in this game

At 2:40 into the game the ball locks in the left ramp with no ball going up the ramp

At 3:53 (not entirely related) the ball jumps the mystery target over the wall and into the left orbit. Not sure if that is intentional but it's been happening a lot to me

At 4:50 I get the upside down while in a mode and the drop targets don't raise so I don't have any thing to shoot at for it

The 2:40 second issue is the one I am most concerned about. Once it occurred I saw it three times and I'm glad I was able to get it on video.

I was filming all day and it wasn't until I was about to go to bed that this issue started happening. Wasn't even filming when the first time hit but once I start to see it odd stuff starts happening for sure. Will be interesting to hear what Stern thinks

#1101 1 year ago

One interesting thing I noticed after watching the video back is that the up post didn't fire at 2:40. That would seem to indicate it wasn't the ramp entry but ramp exit opto having an issue maybe? I have seen the up post fire in the past but tonight it didn't.

Hopefully it helps. the last issue definitely feels like a software bug to me. I had get me out, demodogs, and then while those were running upside down start. First time I think I've had it start while in modes like that.

#1109 1 year ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

At 3:53, when the bAll jumps the mystery target, that happens to me OFTEN. I’ve nailed it down to the plastic that is next to the target , the corner of that plastic is not fastened down in any way. And it should be. That’s where the ball is getting out. I feel like if that corner of plastic was screwed down into a post, there wouldn’t be this issue. Also; I feel like eventually, that plastic piece will most likely break off.

Interesting, I'll.take a look at mine as well. There are a few places around the orbit on the left where I was surprised by plastics not secured completely. Definitely by design but not as nice finish as my Munsters.

#1186 1 year ago
Quoted from Borntolose:

I’ve been having the same 2 problems.. you hear anything back from Stern???

I have not heard back yet. I also updated them that I was able to recreate the mystery shot qualifying the demogorgon drop target completion/start mode. I am still waiting to hear back. Sounds like this could all be a code issue tho so keeping my fingers crossed it's a bug and not a hardware issue.

#1187 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I haven’t had this yet, but purely physical. If you inspect the target it’s got nothing above it. The ball must have too spin on it when you hit it sometimes and is jumping over the wall after making impact. Is your game steep or closer to 6.5 degrees?

My game is now 6.5 at the flippers and 6.6 at the drop targets. Some kind of spin is causing the wall jump. Happens quite often for me and I have my flippers dialed back to 220 I believe. Could only imagine how much it would happen at default flipper power. There are a lot of poorly secured plastics on this machine. That plastic is one of them and I agree with another poster earlier that it will be prone to breaking if the jumping is as common as it is on mine.

#1204 1 year ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I have not heard back yet. I also updated them that I was able to recreate the mystery shot qualifying the demogorgon drop target completion/start mode. I am still waiting to hear back. Sounds like this could all be a code issue tho so keeping my fingers crossed it's a bug and not a hardware issue.

Stern is still looking into the issue. They think it's the opto but said they would get back to me after they look into it more.

#1210 1 year ago
Quoted from mpnox:

So I have had some problems with hitting the demo just like many others. I did not have the problem at first, but after a while it became more and more difficult and I tried different flipper settings and leveling the game and so on but I could not get any consistent results.
Today I put some mylar under the inner right orbit, where the ball drops when missing the demo, just right of the figure. So I was looking at the figure and thought if I could adjust it some how. I tried to move it around a bit to see how it was assembled and thought if it was tilted a bit more forward then maybe that made it a easier shot.
So then I tried a game with the glass off and triggered the demo, with one hand I held it forward and with the other I flipped the ball and it was really easy to hit. Tried that a few more times and it works, very easy to get the shot that way. Not tilted a lot but just enough to make it.
I'll try to take it apart and some how shim it so it tilts just a few millimeters forward, I think it could make the shot a lot easier.

This is my thought as well. I think the mech really needs a spring to forcefully push the demo forward. I have not had a chance to take it apart yet to see the best way to do that but I am planning to give it a try. Until they fix the issue in code or I find a mechanical way to fix it I have given up shooting for it completely. Kinda sucks that I'm ignoring the main toy in the game but that's where we are at. Not a huge deal cause I believe the main wizard mode isn't even coded yet.

LE's probably don't have this issue because the mech is controlled

#1230 1 year ago

For those that might care this appears to be the projector used in the premium and le machines. Should be pretty simple to replace if it goes since it's off the shelf


Wonder if the wireless projection a still turned on lol


#1231 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Busy week for me. First STHLE and Thursday I get MMr SE[quoted image][quoted image]

Nice collection

#1255 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

No point in replacing the auto launch assembly with another one in your house as you cannot launch balls with the button yet.
Hopefully stern send you our new parts ASAP.

That is strange that it doesn't launch the ball on the LE. On my pro the button by default launches the ball

#1268 1 year ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

Spent an hour and I just cannot get the demogorgon dialed in. Messed with the pitch. Messed with the cord. Started to take it apart but got a little nervous.

Yeah, I've given up. Just playing the modes these days. Hope the update makes it worth shooting.

#1276 1 year ago
Quoted from rs812:

Here is how to adjust your demo:
Change out the circled spacers to vary the resting height of the demo. (#20)
Add washers btw the bracket and the demo toy to tilt the demo forward, back, side to side, etc as needed to tilt the resting tilt/position of the demo, as necessary.
U can use the elastic band method to figure out where it needs to be, or use a slow motion camera to see where it is hanging up.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Where would I find varying sized spacers to do this change with? Mine definitally needs to come forward as no matter what power I make the flippers it is hitting the bottom lip of the demo

#1288 1 year ago

Still working with Stern on the opto issue. I've sent a few more videos trying to troubleshoot. I'll be running some more tests tonight. Short of it is we have not been able to replicate in switch test mode trying to manually force the thing to go off.

I also asked about the demogorgon shot difficulty and sent a video of what I am seeing with mine. You can see how mine will not always come back to the neutral position in the video.

Waiting to hear what he says about that. First item he wanted to look at was the ramp and how it's settling.

#1290 1 year ago

Looks like it's about 35mm wide and about 43mm high on mine

IMG_20200206_163329653 (resized).jpgIMG_20200206_163347029 (resized).jpg
#1310 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Is thicker better? It’s definitely thicker than the pro. I’ve never owned a game that didn’t dimple, so if you’re looking for no dimples you’ll be disappointed. However on the pro the key lines of the inserts are very visible and you can feel them easily. Not the case on the LE.

Dimples in the clear don't bother me. What I am worried about are the dimples in the ramp entrance metal. Wow that looks bad and I've only got a few dings in mine. Metal dings look so much worse.

#1319 1 year ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

My new machine has dimples already. It doesn't bother me at all. All of my Stern machines have them. However; I will say that this machine has dimpled earlier than my other machines. But you have to expect it with a ramp and a ball flying around. The metal entrance ramp seems easy enough to replace if it gets too bad. Mine doesn't have any marks on it to date.

Replacement doesn't look so easy. Having to drill out the rivets and replace them with the right type. Not to mention IF the replacement metal is available on it's own. Play a few hundred games and you'll see plenty of dings in the metal and in the main ramp. It doesn't look nice at all and my machine is only two weeks old

#1326 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Is this happening? Or are you speaking theoretically?
Cant wait to try out the new sub woofer tonight. Been sick as a dog this week unable to play.

The one at the brewery near us has a good number of dings in the demo ramp as well. There are also pictures posted in the other thread where the ramp itself got pretty badly bent somehow.

#1327 1 year ago

I was playing this morning and the mystery shot started the demogorgon. It's very rare but does happen from time to time. I took the glass off and spent about 10 minutes messing around trying to recreate it and I was able to do so.

Looks like the issue is that one way gate under the demogorgon. Same one that comes loose. It seems that if the shot goes in just right it can lift up the demogorgon one way gate and go up far enough into the demogorgon to trigger the switch or opto so I don't think this is an electronic issue but possibly a mechanical one. That one way gate has been problematic for me since I got the machine.

IMG_20200207_095027893 (resized).jpg
#1328 1 year ago

I'm going to be taking apart my demogorgon today to try and figure out what is binding it up and get that resolved. Probably add in a few washers as well to lean it forward some. I sent some pictures and video of my ramp to Stern and apparently my ramp was made incorrectly with the wrong pitch. If you have a gap like mine maybe contact stern and have them take a look as well. They are sending me out a new ramp.

IMG_20200206_161346717 (resized).jpg
#1340 1 year ago
Quoted from mpnox:

Just to report back on the rubber band test, it works great. Not a permanent solution of course but I can now hit it very consistently. My daughter (11 yrs old) came to me with a very happy face and said she hit the demo for the first time on the first try. She is a really big Stranger Things fan
Attaching a picture of how I fastened the band. A very light forward push makes the trick.
Now looking for a permanent solution.[quoted image][quoted image]

You and me both. I took the demo out of my machine today. Not an easy task. You have to remove that one plastic that you have the band attached to and then loosen the entire left ramp in order to get to the one set screw. Once you have that out you can lift the playfield and take the two lock nuts off and remove the mech.

Once removed there was no grinding or sticking on the mech itself like I showed in the video. It was very free moving. I'm still not sure what was causing that issue. I think it might have been a plastic rubbing up against maybe? Anyway I put everything back together and made sure to keep the plastics as far away as possible and the mech is still free moving now that it is back together.

The demo shot is now impossible though. I've made it once in probably 100 tries. It's hitting low still and the mech is now returning consistently to the neutral position. I'm going to wait until the new ramp is here to try and dial this in anymore.

Can anyone else verify that the demogorgon is rotated just slightly to the right? There is a good amount of play and it is hard to get it back straight. I've got it about as straight as I can but still a bit rotated to the right. I did find that the mount was slightly bent. No idea how that happened but I attempted to straighten before putting it back in. I might ask Stern if I can get a new one of those brackets.

IMG_20200207_134657242 (resized).jpgIMG_20200207_113930323 (resized).jpgIMG_20200207_114123367 (resized).jpgIMG_20200207_114134528 (resized).jpg
#1342 1 year ago

Thanks, I stupidly didn't take a picture of it before the disassembly and have not found a good one online to compare to

#1344 1 year ago

interesting, looks like yours is turned the other way. There is absolutely no way I could ever get mine to turn like that by the mount. I wonder if there is another adjustment that can be made. I've sent my pic to Stern and hope they can give some insight on how the demogorgon should be sitting. Turned either way would seem to favor one flipper over the other. Straight on seems like it would be the most logical but neither of ours are like that.

#1356 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’m sure they will put code in to fix. I’m not worried about it. This just makes it more fun for the time being.

I really don't want code to fix it because the whole point of that toy is that shot. It's clear from the early code and how many times you have to hit it to get to the wizard mode that it is not meant to be this tough of a shot. I'm hoping that the issue on mine is the incorrectly pitched ramp. I'm told the replacement should be on it's way to me soon. Hopefully fixing the sticking demogorgon today and the new ramp I'll be able to easily dial it in. Just have to wait...

#1393 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

FYI the guy who created that table just dropped a Harry Potter last night. Guy is incredibly talented.

Already on my vpin we've been playing the beta for months and the final is excellent so far

#1400 1 year ago

I've had target garphics on my pro fly off as well. Very strange

#1405 1 year ago
Quoted from Borntolose:

[quoted image][quoted image]

They must not be cleaning the plastic before attaching the stickers. On mine the ones that flew off were rediculously hard to peel off the playfield so it's not a sticker problem. Never had an issue like this with my other stern machine.

#1407 1 year ago

Hit what I think is a bug today. Since the demo is nearly impossible right now if it gets started it stays indefinitely I was continuing to go for modes. Left ramp started monster Hunter which requires hitting the drop targets. Can't hit them because the demo is down and can't hit the demo to remove so screwed for that mode...

#1458 1 year ago

I'm continuing to work with Stern on this opto issue. I have figured out how to recreate it and have sent a video on to Stern. Here's an abbreviated version of that video

I think what I am seeing accounts for all the odd crap that has happened on that left ramp and I believe it's all software related issues. The commonality in the other videos I sent them was that the ball did not make it completely up the ramp. So in testing I found:

The ramp entry advances mode and ball lock regardless of ramp exit state
The ramp exit advances mode and ball lock regardless of ramp entry state

Some oddities exist when within a mode. In mirkwood mode for instance, if ball lock is not qualified then only the ramp exit opto will award a completion of the ramp. The ramp entry opto only applies points. If the ball lock is qualified though the ramp entry and exits will both trigger ramp completion and ball lock.

Seems only if the optos are triggered within some short time of each other do they not double advance. This would explain the double advance I see from time to time when the ball is moving slow as well.

Could someone else run the same test and see if they are seeing the same thing? I was told this is being sent off to engineering for them to look at.

#1460 1 year ago

It's hard to say if I have seen the same. I've been debugging this issue for almost two weeks now and I was only going by my videos that caught it. I feel like I've seen that as well but this particular issue I found really looks like a code issue. Could be more with how these optos work. There are a lot of them on this machine.

Looks like I won't have the parts for at least a week. Apparently the ramps and stuff are on backorder.

#1469 1 year ago
Quoted from dri:

Bumpers need adjusting too, no action what so ever, I kid you not I had a stuck ball resting on the bumper skirt.

I've had the same. One of mine is actually sticking a little bit. I need to do some work on it to make it more sensitive and not be sticking

#1505 1 year ago

UGH, went to power on my machine when I got home and it wouldn't come on. I flicked the power button on and I would hear 4 or 5 clicks and then nothing. Opened the coin door and got the keys for the backglass and when I turned it on once it was opened up it powered right on of course. I've never seen that with my other machine. Anyone know what those clicks might be? Hopefully it was just a glitch and not the sign of something dying

#1528 1 year ago
Quoted from dri:

FWIW, my GOTG did this. I just reseated all the connectors on the MPU and it came back on.

Thanks I'll go ahead and do that as a precaution

#1597 1 year ago

I think it's a cool feature. Yeah it would be nice if it was already on the machines but at least it's more than just a stick on strip of lights. If it's integrated well with the game it's worth it to me as I've thought the upside down was really under represented so far. I'll be purchasing for sure.

#1604 1 year ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

So I bought an inclinometer off of amazon and got my machine to 6.1° pitch and the bubble level is just about in the center. Just a little off. I played my machine to see how the new pitch would affect gameplay. WOW!!! It’s much harder now. I mean it plays super fast !!! I’m not used to that. I’ve had my game for a month now and I just finally got the pitch somewhat close and I can’t believe it plays like a totally different game now !!

What was it at before? Mines currently at 6.5 at the flippers and it's quite tough. Thinking about backing it down to 6.3 which is where I had it for a long while. I just wish it didn't hit the left sling every single time coming out of the mystery shot. Would probably have to be close to 7 degrees to have that not hit.

#1607 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I don’t think it’s a pitch issue. Mines been at 6.0,6.5, and not 7.0. Never hit the sling once.
Try adjusting the ball guide over there to tray and send the ball more towards the middle of the playfield.

hmm, ok I'll take a look at that as well. I can sometimes nudge the machine and get it to miss but it's not cleanly coming out of the mystery and riding along the guide. Makes two bounces along the guide then lands on the left sling. Maybe I need to have a little left lean in it as well

#1615 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Closely watch what the post is doing when it releases the ball too. That might tell you something as well.

I was just watching the twitch stream from yesterday and mine is doing exactly what that machine was doing. maybe 8 out of 10 times it hits the sling.

#1624 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Mine does it zero out of 10 times. Just needs some tweaking.

I adjusted the incline back to 6.3 degrees at the flippers and now it's not hitting the slings at all. Looks like it's having enough time to settle and be directed away. Still can't hit the demo in the mouth but glad I can at least kill it now.

I think the bonus and scoring has been adjusted some as well. My scores were generally in the 150-200 mil range before the update at 6.5 degrees. Now it's more like in the 90-130 mil range at 6.3.

#1627 1 year ago

The machine needs tweaking. It's a common issue easily resolved.

#1645 1 year ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

This doesn’t seem right ?[quoted image]

Just had this apart myself. here ya go

IMG_20200207_113920112 (resized).jpg
#1729 1 year ago

Just had my first 300mil+ game on the new code. Only real thing I noticed was the power bar and some new animations. Has the second demo dog mode always been 2 shots and done? Seemed really easy considering there are only 4 of those modes. Being able to really play the main demo modes now was also a lot of fun. I don't have to avoid those now which is good. Only finished the second one in that game. It feels so much more complete now that I can play a big portion of it

My replacement demogorgon base arrived yesterday but the new ramp has not yet. Hopefully get that next week and it makes that demo shot even more makeable.

#1730 1 year ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

My distributor is handling the replacement. But I was told they’re on back order ATM. hmm. I wonder why?

You can fix the one you have in the mean time. I believe some people are recrimping and others are using 2 part epoxy to hold it in. Mine was not part of the first 100 machines which apparently had this issue. I have around 500 plays on mine and it's not showing any signs of coming loose. Watch now that I said that it will fly out lol

#1732 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yes. They need to do more with the second demo dog mode for sure. And there are only three of the demo dog modes.

oh right, thought there were more for some reason. After banging on targets for a good while two shots was pretty underwhelming. Was surprised it was over. Did not see what is in the third one

#1754 1 year ago

Definitely seeing more machine resets with the latest software. At least it's kind about it and says "Restarting Game" when it happens. I've also had the ball get stuck under the ramp on the second demogorgon start. That never happened on the previous software. Manually restart the game quickly when that occurs. Seems like the ball from the shooter lane should wait until the ramp triggers down before shooting.

#1755 1 year ago

Also I didn't notice it until my son pointed it out but my demogoron looks to not be set on the metal frame correctly. Could be contributing to the shot difficulty. You can see how much metal is visible in the hole on the right side in the pic. Might be why mine looks to be turned to the right a bit. Going to send that pic to stern on Monday and see what they say.

I just got the demogorgon base so will be taking things apart soon anyway so can take a look at this issue as well. Hoping the ramp replacement ships this week too
IMG_20200207_134641942 (resized).jpg

#1760 1 year ago

Yup lots of dimples on the metal bits. To be expected I guess with how violent the machine is with airballs. The number of glass hits is also impressive. I might need to dial my slings back some as well cause even those are causing airballs down on the lower part of the playfield.

#1761 1 year ago
Quoted from Kharris:

I posted on here about a week ago about this. Mine is like that too! I probably should have posted a pic as I probably didn’t describe it well enough for others to understand what I was talking about. Keep me updated through your progress on this please!

Thought I remembered seeing someone post about this but couldn't find it. Will report back what I find out. Seems my mech was really poorly put together to begin with so may just need to be stripped down and rebuilt.

#1804 1 year ago

Wonder if anyone else is seeing this issue. I'm not sure if this is due to the new software or not. On friday was the first time this happened and then it happened today as well.

I went to turn on the machine and when I flicked the power button all I heard was four or five clicks of the power supply in the backbox near the switch and then nothing. No lights in the back box and no more sounds. Tried four or five more times with the same issue. On Friday I opened up the coin door to get to the back box and when I got it all opened up to see if there were any error lights flashing on the boards the machine booted up normally when I turned the switch on. In diagnostics no technician alerts or anything. Today when it happened I just opened and closed the coin door and then the machine booted up fine. I've sent the info to Stern but wondering if anyone else has seen this.

I have not heard back from Stern yet on the demogorgon metal in the mouth issue I attached a picture of. I did take the glass off today and you cannot move the demogorgon on the bracket so it did not slip at all. It's on there firmly just looks out of alignment. I noticed I have an even better picture of it from when I had the demo out of the machine.

I'm a really technical guy and I love tinkering as much as the next person but I am getting really frustrated with this machine.

IMG_20200207_113930323 (resized).jpg

#1818 1 year ago

At this point in time i'm waiting to buy the UV kit until my machine is working properly. Not dropping another dime until I'm no longer immediately frustrated just looking at the machine. It's just been one thing after another. Some have been software issues but the demogorgon is just fubar on my machine. Stern did not reply to my email on the demo today so I asked again. The power issue is in engineering apparently. The replacement ramp with the proper angles is still backordered as well...

#1826 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Looked at my demo and it looks just like this. What issue are you having?

It's just constant issues. I have posted numerous videos and pictures in this thread. First they find that my ramp was built wrong so they order a replacement but it's back ordered still. Then I show in my video to them, and here, that my demogorgon is sticking and not moving freely. I took the whole thing apart and re assembled and the sticking issue is now gone but the shot is still impossible. I might have fixed it when I straightened the demogorgon base which appears to have been bent when I got it. I have a new one that they just sent me I'll install when the ramp arrives cause no one is paying for my time to do all these repairs. Now I'm not so sure about the demogorgon sitting on the metal bracket. Looking at Stern's own marketing pictures what I have does not look right at all. I just want confirmation from stern that what I am looking at is ok or not with that. To me it looks like about 5mm of an already tight shot removed from the edges on the side the left flipper is favoring..

Now let's add in the number of hours I worked with them troubleshooting the left ramp lock issue which was fixed in this latest patch and turned out to be software (thankfully) but now my stupid machine won't turn on 2 out of 4 days I've gone to turn it on.

I can go on but it's all documented here and in a 40+ long email chain with stern. Frustrated to no end

#1827 1 year ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Hey, @c0untdem0net , sorry about your problem. Have you checked all your connections, both in your backbox and inside the cabinet on the node boards? Something may have shaken loose in transit. Also, if this was happening to me, I'd check the interlock switch on the coin door. Make sure nothing is loose, pinched, shorted out, etc. Strange that it seems to work when the coin door is open.

Thanks I appreciate the suggestions. I've checked the connections on all of the main boards and reseated them. I don't see anything that looks off. I'm hoping that the 4-5 clicks gives stern some indication of what is causing the issue. When the machine boots up correclty you only hear one click of the power supply so it's clearly trying to start up and giving up. No idea why the coin door opening is fixing it. Could be a coincidence but it has been the common denominator two times it's happened and resolved itself. Last I heard engineering is looking into it. Next time it happens I will get it on video for them.

I really don't think I had it happen until the new software was on the machine so hoping it's software related.

#1832 1 year ago

Stern is still looking into the issue with the power on and resets but they did get some info back on the demogorgon metal in the mouth. Engineering said that on SOME games the bracket will be a bit more visible then on others but that this should not affect the shot. It was also asked if there was a way to adjust the Demogorgon and make it so that the bracket is not visible and they stated that due to the way the toy was drilled there is really no way to make any adjustments.

So looks like I continue to wait on the replacement ramp and hopefully that resolves my demogorgon issues.

#1834 1 year ago

I have talked with him and he's aware of what's going on. Said he would help in any way he can but at this point dealing directly with stern is the best route. Pablo has been very responsive so no need to pressure them more yet.

#1853 1 year ago

Kinda funny, I was looking back at old threads on this title and 2 years ago ZMeny posted his wish list for the pin. Funny that half were implemented including the uv lighting.


- I'm thinking backglass original art, Eleven with sinister look on her face and characters surrounding.
- Full widescreen with movie clips
- UV Pin Stadium lighting that goes off when entering the Upside Down and the whole playfield has reactive paint that transforms the playfieldninto the dark world with flickering lights
- wizard mode battling the demogorgon

#1868 1 year ago

The Le in the stream from the uv reveal was having some really bad flickering of the lower gi lights as well. Thought it was strange they would do a reveal with an issue like that.

I would also inspect the sockets to make sure they are not shorting in any way. Had a flickering light on a different pin and it turned out it was shorted and ended up blowing fuses.

#1921 1 year ago
Quoted from cleland:

chuckwurt explained it better. I guess I'll need to adjust mine as it hits the last two targets and never goes into the burn it back loop.

Mine hits the last two targets and the post if they are down as well. The other pro I've played does the same. Not sure what adjustment could be done to make it go into the burn back loop. Would love to know

#1947 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I don’t think it’s in the game yet.
Also I remember now. I changed burn it back EB to 10 loops. Stock is auto. I don’t like auto adjusting EB awards. Probably why yours is all the way up to 20 now.

Ha mine is set to auto and says something like 48 loops for an eb

#1948 1 year ago

I noticed in the latest code drop Barb mode also changed. Used to be hit the flashing shots to end the mode. Now it seemed like you have to clear the flashing shots then shoot center to find Barb. Non flashing shots increased jackpot.

#1954 1 year ago

Don't drain on Morse code cuz I've had it reset on me twice tonight in that mode on the latest code.

My machine is functional but the demogorgon's basically untouchable as far as making the shot. According to tracking the new ramp for my machine will be here tomorrow and then I have a big tear down and rebuild to do. I have not heard anything back on the boot up issue but it has not happened again since Monday. Hoping I was hitting some sort of random software issue

#1959 1 year ago

I'm not seeing any change in my flipper power. I did however have a ball somehow land right in the sweet spot on the demogorgon. Still didn't go in lol. Nudging made it fall forward. Closest I've come to sinking it in a while.

The replacement ramp arrived today but it didn't come as a kit so no decals, instructions, or anything. Waiting to hear back from Stern. The difference between the new one and the one on my machine isn't dramatic. It will be interesting to see if such a small difference really does make the difference in making that shot.

IMG_20200221_104236415 (resized).jpgIMG_20200206_161346717 (resized).jpgIMG_20200221_094254252 (resized).jpg

#1961 1 year ago

Stern got back to me that it was supposed to come as a kit with the graphic, ramp, hardware, and instructions. He is trying to figure out what happened right now so hopefully hear back by end of day.

My distributor got a notification from Stern that the ramp kit is now available to resolve the shot difficulty issue so it looks like there was a general blast to distributors to try and get the word out.

#1965 1 year ago
Quoted from Kharris:

Here is my new ramp. Looks like hot garbage! Even when the decal gets put on that black mark will be visible. Now I wait for yet another ramp. [quoted image]

Yeah mine has some black marks as well but not nearly that bad. Looks like ink of some type. Could probably be wet sanded off but not touching it until I hear back. Probably be Monday at this point. Lol

#1973 1 year ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

0.85 code or earlier?

After the update to 0.85 I saw the resets both on Morse code but I have not seen it since. Both resets were in the first hour or two after update. Since then it seems way more stable than 0.84.

#2114 1 year ago

Anyone heard anything on the replacement ramp kits? Pablo asked for pictures of the ink on mine but have not heard back since and no shipping notification of the kit

#2116 1 year ago

Got a response from Stern. He is hoping to get a decision from management tomorrow on what they will do about the ramp kits and those of us with ink on the replacement ramps we have.

#2144 1 year ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

My left flipper started to stick after the last code update. It's probably just coincidence. Anyone else have a flipper that sticks?

Check your end stops. Sticking flippers and loss of power are a symptom of a broken end stop. Easy to check by lifting the playfield and seeing if the brass bit is loose on the end of the solenoid bracket for the flipper.

#2156 1 year ago

I had a target graphic come flying off mine as well. There was no stickiness issues with the graphic. They must not have cleaned the target well before applying because cleaning it with alcohol and then reapplying the sticker that came off has worked for me. Check it every time the glass comes off and it's not moving.

#2172 1 year ago

That's the actual stern one. I think the one being talked about is their alternative

#2174 1 year ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

I had the same thing happen with that ball gate. Trying to figure out how to put the damn thing back on.

It's easier to get to if you take the plastic off that is right above it. I think it's 3 screws. Should look like this when on correctly.

IMG_20200207_113920112 (resized).jpg
#2180 1 year ago

I would love to have an audit that showed how many bashes to the demogorgon vs mouth shots made. I'm sure mine is like 1000-20 lol. I even manged to get it stuck on the mouth once. Unfortunately nudging caused it to come out

Asked Stern what is going on with the ramp kits. Apparently it's been sent back to engineering so no eta on those.

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#2183 1 year ago

Out of curiosity I went digging thru the audits. I reset my game to factory when I flashed the .84 since there was a significant change to scoring with the ability to bash the demogorgon. Since then only 6 times has the demogorgon opto been triggered in 172 games on my machine.

I have not tried the rubber band or flipper rubber yet. Will give that a try tonight. Was hoping for a real fix from stern by now and didn't want to mess with bandaids.

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#2184 1 year ago

Oh and before anyone says "Play Better" I played the pro at the brewery over the weekend and the two games I played I nailed the shot within two tries each time it came up.

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Quoted from jandrea95:

I think you've found your answer, beer.

Trust me there is plenty in my basement as well

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so yeah.. the flipper rubber behind the demogorgon is the key. Fits in there and because of how the plastics are arranged it's not going to come free. So far I have hit every shot that I feel should have gone in and the ones that miss still can move around the front and down the burn loop. Going to go play a bunch now and see how it goes. Shame on me for not trying this sooner.
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Quoted from Morhaus:

From those pics I can’t tell where the rubber goes. Can anyone offer some help?

It gets wedged behind the demogorgon by where the wire comes up. I had to move the wire out of the way a bit to get the flipper rubber back there and then used a long screw driver to move it around so one side of the rubber was under the back side of the demogorgon. Honestly I don't see any difference in how the thing functions or looks as it still shakes as you hit it and the ball can pass under the front if you miss. The benefit tho is it pushes the demogorgon forward a bit and does not allow it to settle backwards at all making the shot much more consistent. I hit the shot probably 15 times last night and just went down and played a game and hit it first shot again. I've never seen that sweet sweet 15 mil for a demo hit until this morning So in one night of playing I've hit the thing almost twice as much as I had in the last 180 games.

The way the plastics around the back of the demogorgon are setup there is no way it will work its way out. Almost like it was meant to be there lol
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#2203 1 year ago

Talk about a different game when you can hit the demogorgon shot lol. I used to only have a chance hitting it if I trapped up and took a very carefully aimed shot from the left flipper after nudging the machine to get the demo centered. Last game I killed the first demo on the second shot on the fly. Second demo set with the multiball I hit it left flipper / right flipper all on the fly and boom it was done. I'm so used to those demo modes being a chore to bash 5 times and then 10 times. Felt really good.

#2209 1 year ago

Well, the flipper rubber is not a 100% fix. Turns out that with the rubber back there it can get stuck if the ball bounces to the right corner and get hung up on the bottom right mouth flap. I've only had that happen once but I did have to pull the glass to fix it. probably a rare occurrence and better than the constant misses.

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Quoted from bemmett:

Anyone install the replacement ramp from Stern yet on LE or Premium? Not sure if it is any different on the pro. Really i have no idea if there is a difference in it I just know I got one from Stern after corresponding with them that I couldn't hit the Demo shot with any consistency.

The one I got is missing graphics so I have not installed it. Still waiting to hear when the proper kit will be shipped. I have had no update since Friday. I posted pictures of the replacement vs the one I have on the machine. There is a difference but it is not drastic.

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Stern has confirmed that some machines went out with improperly built ramps that have an incorrect pitch causing the shot to be nearly impossible. They are now producing a kit to fix this problem. Mine is one of those machines.

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Every time I get mystery I seem to get that map piece award. How that is still an option and is something that gets awarded 80% of the time is beyond me.

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Anyone else feel like Wheres Barb is buggy? I'm not sure what the rules for that are supposed to be. I thought the flashing shots were what ended the mode but lately shooting any non flashing shot seems to end the mode. I'll come out of it with like 1 million points and that is it. From tilt forums the rules were

Where’s Barb?: All major shots are lit in red, with one random shot flashing. Shooting any solidly lit shots will score 500k and increase the value of the flashing shot by 250k; making the flashing shot will light another flashing shot and qualify the other shots for 500k. Making the flashing shot twice will finish the mode.

and that appears to have been the case 3 revisions ago but something has changed. It's the only mode I don't understand and can't make any points on.

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Quoted from DudeRegular:

I just joined the club. I wasn't planning to for a while at least, but a deal popped up. The game sure is nice looking. I still have to get a feel for everything.
Can I get some input on the left orbit feed? Mine is hitting the left sling when coming out of the center or left inner shots, which often ends in death. It seems fine when going through the right inner loop, but those are screaming back to the left flipper.

I've been getting good at nudging that to miss the flipper. Both machines I've played have this problem. If you watch deadflip streams he nudges as well on that feed. This machine will teach nudging skills for sure.

My machine is setup at 6.6 degrees at the flippers. I'd guess at least 7 degrees for it not to hit it but then the game plays too fast for everyone else in the house. 6.6 is a bit too much for them as it is. Been thinking of taking back down to 6.3

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Quoted from Trindawg:

So I’m noticing that my flippers seem to be getting weak. I’ve upped the flipper power in the menu and it doesn’t seem like it has any effect. Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to service the flipper mech somewhere for modern stern machines ??

Definitely check the coil stops to make sure they are not broken. Not too hard to check as the brass bit will be floating in the sleeve. If that is not the problem then I would probably pull the coil sleeve and make sure things are moving freely and clean everything really well.

#2486 1 year ago

Where did you find that truck looks perfect for that spot. Nice find

#2489 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Just a hot wheels 1/32 model

ah cool, found it on amazon. thanks

#2536 1 year ago

Just finished the UV Kit install as well. I'll spare everyone pics but it wasn't bad at all. The most time consuming part for me was getting the protective cover off the plastics lol. Shouldn't have trimmed my nails last night I guess.

#2537 1 year ago

Oh yeah! while I had the plastics off I adjusted the ball guide on the left orbit. With the plastics off getting at the two screws are easy to get at. My ball guide was originally nearly touching the 'E' demodog target. With those two playfield mounting screws loosened you can adjust it quite a bit. Now coming out of the mystery it's feeding the flipper quite well. For those of you with the left orbit issue give that adjustment a try before you start bending things.

#2550 1 year ago

Not having the plastics would loose a lot of the punch of the kit. It's really quite something. I can't wait until it's more integrated with the modes. I've only seen it fully on during upside down and it flashes when in demogorgon mode. I was expecting it to be on for Save Will and Where's Barb but it wasn't

#2555 1 year ago

Last I heard the ramps are in manufacturing and they are just waiting to get them in stock. Sent my audits to Stern and got a message back that there is a ton more to come code/callout/rules adjustments/lightshows etc. Game is already packed so it sounds like they have a real vision for this one. Really excited to watch this game mature. Wish they would do the same for Munsters.

#2561 1 year ago

After seeing Robertstone0407's post about Hopper's truck I had to have one. Showed up 2 days ago and finally got a chance to mess with it. The UV Kit took priority. I used the mount from the packaging and a command strip to hold it on. It's going nowhere and if I want to take it off it shouldn't damage the plastic at all. It covers that protruding mount in the right rear with the screw very well. Wonder what that thing is for anyway. Nice $12 feature amazon.com link »

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#2563 1 year ago

Yeah it does look pretty new. I'm sure it's just a matter of time till it gets a few dents from flying balls from the ramp

The left side is looking pretty empty now so I ordered up this dart toy. It may be too big but I'll see how it looks when it gets here. Might move Hopper to the left and stick this on the right if it fits. Says it's 5 inches long. If it doesn't fit my son gets a squeeze toy lol

amazon.com link »
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#2565 1 year ago

those pumpkins would be really small. Hoppers car is closer to 0 scale which is 1:43. Something like this perhaps?

amazon.com link »

Lighting it would be cool. Have you had any issues with air balls getting stuck behind it? That is my only concern with adding things to the playfield and how often stuff gets back that way with my family playing

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