how i got into pinball

My earliest memories of playing pinball were at the Blackhawk Motel in Wisconsin Dells. I was so short that standing on a stool light would reflect off of arcade games in such a way that i could not see the   > Read the full story...

The saga of the Bingo Pin

“The saga of the Bingo Pin”

July 7th, 2017

At the pinball show I had the chance to play some Electro-Mechanical (EM) pinball games. The relatively simplistic gameplay didn't appeal to me as much as the flashy electronic systems. So when   > Full story...

Things 'NOT TO DO' To A Pinball Machine

“Things 'NOT TO DO' To A Pinball ...”

July 6th, 2017

Repost of an article with the original document compiled by Russ Jensen and David Gersic in October 1996 written by Tim Arnold, the creator, proprieter, operator, and primary custodian of the Pinball Hall of   > Full story...

Eric Meunier JJP Interview

“Eric Meunier JJP Interview”

July 4th, 2017

During the 2017 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown I caught up with the youngest/newest Jersey Jack Game Designer, Eric Meunier. We spoke about his upcoming design as well as the state of the   > Full story...

How it all started...

“How it all started...”

June 25th, 2017

Welcome to my page! My name is Rob and as you can see in my name: I’m from the Netherlands. Born in 1995 so I’m a pretty young collector/pinhead. In this story   > Full story...

The Impractical Guide to Living with Pinball Machines

“The Impractical Guide to Living ...”

June 20th, 2017

"If you know how many pinball machines you own, you don't have enough." - Unknown Things to consider as owners embark into the wonderful world of pinball. Most people do not realize the overwhelming amount   > Full story...

Getting Back In The Game

“Getting Back In The Game”

June 16th, 2017

I always loved pinball.  Played with my friends as often as I could, which was a lot! TAF was the machine that sucked me in. I could have bought several machines for the   > Full story...

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Ball saved, shoot again!

August 13 - Ball saved, shoot again!

My father brought Gottlieb's Mustang home in 1982, and it was ...

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August 11 - how i got into pinball

My earliest memories of playing pinball were at the Blackhawk ...

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July 25 - How my pinball addiction started.

I started collecting arcade games back in 2005. I would pick ...

New to me 1976 Royal Flush Pinball Machine - North NJ

July 13 - New to me 1976 Royal Flush Pinball Machine - North NJ

In 1993 my brother in-law bought this Royal Flush pinball ...

Bought My Abra Ca Dabra In 1982

July 13 - Bought My Abra Ca Dabra In 1982

Gottlieb released AbraCaDabra while I was in high school and ...

Comedy&Pinball Podcast

June 5 - Comedy&Pinball Podcast

I'm a comedian out in NYC that plays pinball and ...

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June 2 - About Hemispheres!

Hemisphere Amusements, founded in 1995, has been solely dedicated to ...

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June 2 - The Podcasters Guide to the Gameroom

The PGG is passionate about games and gamerooms, and we ...

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June 2 - My story

 I've always enjoyed playing pinball and have just recently gotten ...

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June 1 - about me

Started restoring pinballs and jukeboxes 7 years ago every one ...

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