The Die was cast...

     I've been fascinated with pinball machines since I was 5 years old in the late fifties and someone left a free ball on a game in the restaurant my mother and I were at. i pulled back the plunger and   » Read the full story...

The Origins of my Current Pinball Obsession

“The Origins of my Current Pinbal...”

January 23rd, 2016.

Back during the cusp of the 80's and 90's I found myself to be one of the black sheep among my fellow high schoolers. I was not cool enough to be one of the popular   » Full story...

My Pinball Life

“My Pinball Life”

January 21st, 2016.

It was the year after I graduated high school....1992 and I'm not sure how a friend and I decided to start playing pinball.  We noticed that the arcade in the local bowling   » Full story...

The Progression of a Pinball Addict - A Historical Perspective

“The Progression of a Pinball Add...”

December 25th, 2015.

The Progression of a Pinball Addict - A Historical Perspective (Originally posted, February 2 2003 by "The_Black_Knight" ) The bottom line up front: "Where are YOU now"? History has an interesting way of putting things   » Full story...

My First Pinball, OXO and My First Pinball Design, XOX

“My First Pinball, OXO and My Fir...”

November 3rd, 2015.

By Alan Norton October 15, 2015 My First Pinball, OXO – Part 1 of 2 I played my first Williams OXO pinball machine while in high school in the mid 1970s. The Beechmont Mall was   » Full story...

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February 4 - The Die was cast...

     I've been fascinated with pinball machines since I ...

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February 2 - Jonny pinball

I have been a pin nut since I was a ...

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February 1 - New to this.

Hi, My name is Jeff. I bought my 8-Ball Deluxe ...

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February 1 - Live Streaming on Twitch!

January 2016 marks the debut of Dave's Main Event Arcade ...

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Never too late to start again

January 31 - Never too late to start again

Growing up in the mid 1970s and 80's we had ...

once bitten

January 31 - once bitten

Been playing pinball for as long as I can remember. ...

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January 31 - Went to college before my time

I was born and raised in Fullerton Ca. This was back ...

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January 30 - long time ago, in a job far away

fresh out of college with a BFA in illustration, my ...

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January 30 - My history with Pinball

I started playing pinball when I was just a kid ...

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