Want a Mata Hari for nothing?

Want a Mata Hari for nothing?

This story starts out being about a fellow Pinsider who did me a solid and turns into picking up a free game... It all started about two months ago when Captive_Ball graciously reached out to me about a Freedom EM that was   > Read the full story...

Marvel Pinball Epic Collection: Volume 1 (Review: Xbox One/PS4)

“Marvel Pinball Epic Collection: ...”

November 15th, 2016

Review: Marvel Pinball Epic Collection Volume 1 (For Xbox One and PS4) What is it? This game from Zen Studios has a collection of 10 Marvel Comics themed pinball tables.A couple of the games   > Full story...

Haunted House Pinball!

“Haunted House Pinball!”

November 6th, 2016

Coming right after the season of the witch, in a purgatory of holidays comes Horrorhouse Fest! A pinball tournament buried within a haunted house unlike any other. Currently in year four, this   > Full story...

Today I'm excited for the future of pinball.

“Today I'm excited for the future...”

October 31st, 2016

I live in a location pinball black hole.  The only location with anything is a dive of a pizza bar with only one pinball machine which is in a very sorry and   > Full story...

Hotchkiss Pinball League - Season 1

“Hotchkiss Pinball League - Season 1”

October 30th, 2016

Moving from Portland, Maine, where I had the pleasure of having Arcadia National Bar an under-10 minute walk from home (with their weekly, friendly pingolf tournaments), to rural Connecticut had me worried.   > Full story...

Understanding the Production Differences of Pinball Games

“Understanding the Production Dif...”

October 24th, 2016

The following provides detailed information of understanding the differences when a game is produced. Production category effects the ultimate value of the game along with trend collectability, age, and condition.  The most currently   > Full story...

Finally Discovered Pinball

“Finally Discovered Pinball”

October 11th, 2016

Growing up in the 90's pinball machines were not around at all that I remember. The video game take over was in full swing. I had always known about pinball machines, however,   > Full story...

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November 28 - Grew up and became addicted.

I had a pinball heart at start. All along the ...

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November 27 - Newbie

I started working at Level One Bar + Arcade as ...

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November 25 - My addiction.

I began my pinball journey very young. Some of my ...

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November 25 - Aussie Tragic

Rural aussie. Been playing pinnies since 1980. Owned a Hankin ...

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November 25 - Me, Myself and I

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Shuffle alley newbie

November 22 - Shuffle alley newbie

I used to play a shuffle alley game on vacation ...

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November 22 - Professional Author, Rookie Pinballer

All my life I wanted to write a novel. All my ...

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November 21 - Went to the Arcade Expo in Banning and came home with a $100 SuperStar

Bought my first machine 1/15/2015 a SuperStar in Banning CA 2nd ...

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November 20 - How It All Began

Hey! I'm in my mid 20's living in central Florida ...

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November 19 - From an arcade operator to a pinball collector

In 1997 I started operating arcade video games. One year ...

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