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Well the time has finally come and we are offering a pre-cut kit of StarBright9™ material from Elite Screens. StarBright9™(previously DarkStar9™) material from Elite Screens is a significant upgrade over what Stern uses. This screen material is rated for a 170° viewing angle, and 95% ambient light rejection giving you deeper blacks and better picture definition, especially with overhead lights on. Prior to this kit offering the only way to get this material was by ordering many sample sheets from Elite screens then applying adhesive and tracing/cutting them them yourself with an Exacto, or similar method. Even then using the sample material you had to cut the ramps into 2 pieces. Our ScreenEffects kit is solid piece for each ramp. All of our ScreenEffects pieces have 3M adhesive pre-installed and ready for a simple peel and stick install.

Many claim this to be the #1 MUST have modification for Stern's Stranger Things Premium or LE pinball machine. Make that projection image pop that extra bit with our ScreenEffects Kit! Playing in a well lit or a darker environment you will still have a noticeable difference.

Be sure to check out the material comparison video created by Medisinyl to get an idea of the amazing difference this material adds.

Fully installed video.. lights off in the beginning, then I turn on my overhead lights

Full kit includes the follow pieces:
-8x Drop Targets (1 spare set for this high wear area)
-8x Standup Targets (1 spare set for high wear area)
-Main screen: Left, Center and Right
-2x spinner (keep one as a spare or install front and back)
-1x Billboard
-1x Left Ramp
-1x Right Ramp

Ramp kit includes:
-1 piece Left Ramp
-1 piece Right Ramp

Main Screen kit includes
-Left, Center, and Right screens

Standups, Spinner, Drop Targets
-8 Standup target (1 spare set for this high wear area)
-8 Drop Targets (1 spare set for this high wear area)
-2 Spinner (keep one as a spare or install front and back)

Maintenance and care:
Do not apply wax to these. These are pretty low maintenance, but will require cleaning from time to time. To clean only use mild soap and water to clean this material to bring it back to its original luster.

Install instructions: (PDF is attached in this listing as well.. select download original)

NOTE These new projector screen pieces may be installed directly over clean factory screen material. I do recommend removing the factory screen material from the drop targets, and ramps at a minimum. Other materials are optional. Removal of the ramp pieces is essential, since the added height of the new material may introduce ball hop upon the ramp entrance. If you decide to remove the main screen material one keynote: The center portion of the main screen has a white spacer between the metal/center fold down ramp and the screen material. This spacer should NOT be removed as it is there to allow a smooth installation of screen material so there is no interference with the rivets on the ramp.

-Remove the factory projector screen material by SLOWLY peeling the material off the ramps, targets, main screen to reduce the amount of residue left behind.
-Remove any adhesive left behind and ensure the surface is clean using 90%+ IPA and a cloth. Allow time to dry, and ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned. Note on the metal main screen surfaces goo-gone or similar can be used as well.
-Find the correct ScreenEffect piece and peel the adhesive backing off, align, and stick.

A couple notes on specific pieces:
--DROP TARGETS: They are directional squares so please take note of the orientation when installing. Some have found removal of the drop target assembly to make the install easier (4 screws and 2 wire harness connectors). This is not necessary but will greatly aid with install.
--CENTER SCREEN: The sides of the main screen areas are different (right side is wider). Also use the hinge method for install from the top.
--RAMPS: We suggest removing the plastic ramp cover on each ramp to make install easier, and using the hinge method starting at the ramp entrance flap.
--STANDUPS: Keep the rivet pad in place and only replace the white screen material.

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Item photos

All installed.jpg
Full Kit.jpg
ScreenEffects Install.pdf (PDF preview)

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$ 70.00
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$ 65.00
Screen Effects - Standups, Spinner, Drop Targets 10 in stock
$ 55.00



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Item review 46 days ago
“Perfectly cut! I couldn’t have done this nice of a job if I had I had tried.”

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