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The saga of the Bingo Pin
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The saga of the Bingo Pin

At the pinball show I had the chance to play some Electro-Mechanical (EM) pinball games. The relatively simplistic gameplay didn't appeal to me as much as the flashy electronic systems. So when a notice popped up on my computer for an "old pinball game for sale - non-working" I didn't hold out too much hope. But I like a challenge and I had a spare spot in the room, so I went down to the pawn shop to take a look.

It was indeed an old one, wooden-legs and all. The playfield looked different than any pinball I had ever seen, just a bunch of holes rather than bumpers and scoring   > Read the full story...

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Ball saved, shoot again!

“Ball saved, shoot again!”

August 13th, 2017

My father brought Gottlieb's Mustang home in 1982, and it was the most fascinating toy I'd ever seen. I still marvel at it to this day. Coining local machines to earn a knocker crack became a pillar of my childhood in the 80's, persisting into the   > more...

How i was turned into a pinball player

“How i was turned into a pinball ...”

July 18th, 2017

My first pinball experience was - well, with a software pinball simulation named "David's Midnight Magic" in the year 1985. My father showed it to me on our home game computer "C64" and he teached me how to play that   > more...

Bought My Abra Ca Dabra In 1982

“Bought My Abra Ca Dabra In 1982”

July 13th, 2017

Gottlieb released AbraCaDabra while I was in high school and it quickly became my favorite machine. When the Surf Side Arcade in Rehobeth Beach, DE put the game for sale, I used the money I had gotten for a college   > more...

Eric Meunier JJP Interview

“Eric Meunier JJP Interview”

July 4th, 2017

During the 2017 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown I caught up with the youngest/newest Jersey Jack Game Designer, Eric Meunier. We spoke about his upcoming design as well as the state of the industry. It's always interesting to hear directly from the   > more...

Stern Kiss Pinball Owners I Need Your Help.

“Stern Kiss Pinball Owners I Need...”

June 27th, 2017

I am working on a article for a Classic Rock website about Stern's Kiss pinball machine. I thought it would be a good idea to hear first hand testimonials from actual owners. It would be a few basic questions about   > more...

How it all started...

“How it all started...”

June 25th, 2017

Welcome to my page! My name is Rob and as you can see in my name: I’m from the Netherlands. Born in 1995 so I’m a pretty young collector/pinhead. In this story I’ll tell you about how the ball got   > more...

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Buffalo, NY (US) August 17, 2017

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Buffalo, NY (US) August 18—20, 2017

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Ferndale, MI (US) September 6, 2017

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Independence, OH (US) September 7—10, 2017

Red River Replay

Shreveport, LA (US) September 16, 2017

Mad Rollin Pinball

Madison, WI (US) September 22—23, 2017

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The Retrovolt arcade provides a return to the pre-redemption days of wholesome family amusements with its twenty-three pinballs and assorted classic video games, as John Brothers reports.   Read on...


If nothing else, you've got to admire the name. But fortunately there a lot more to like about this Georgetown pinball arcade/bar, including a fine selection of both games and refreshments.   Read on...


If nothing else, you've got to admire the name. But fortunately there a lot more to like about this Georgetown pinball arcade/bar, including a fine selection of both games and refreshments.   Read on...


We've covered the Silver Ball Planet before thanks to our roving reporter John, but now Stefan Riedler from RS-Pinball has visited and updates the game selection while providing detailed instructions on how to get there.   Read on...


Another update to an earlier review sees M.G. Brown visiting Main Street Amusements in Lafayette, Indiana where he takes the opportunity to check out some local delicacies.   Read on...

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Art + Pinball = My Passion

Hi my name is Jackson Gee I have 2 passions in life Drawing and Pinball. Im a Freelance Artist from   >

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Background Story

I bought my first arcade game for $50 in 1988. It was an Atari Star Wars, and I was immediately   >

Former fairground lad now retired!

Former fairground lad now retired!

In the mid 60s thru to mid 70s I worked in the now defunct Spanish City fairground in Whitley Bay   >

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Thanks Matt for buying my Jurassic Park game

Again, thanks Matt for buying my Jurassic Park game.   Matt was a pleasant person to deal with and was right   >

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Just a human, traveling and playing pinball

I travel all over the country for work and play pinball wherever I can. I tend to like mid-90s machines   >

Wondering if someone has info on KISS machine

Wondering if someone has info on KISS machine

I bought a KISS pinball a few months back and while talking with someone about it, he tells me my   >

Pinball journey- chasing a dream!

Pinball journey- chasing a dream!

If you can dream it , you can do it! My pinball journey started in early/mid 90's when i was 12years old   >

Just starting

Just starting

My buddy and I started this pinball repair business {mainly because we get to play the games while we work   >

How pinball got me on tv!

How pinball got me on tv!

About a year ago my parents bought a new house, we were moving to a bigger house because of our   >

The Impractical Guide to Living with Pinball Machines

The Impractical Guide to Living with Pinball Machines

"If you know how many pinball machines you own, you don't have enough." - Unknown Things to consider as owners embark into   >

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Just to introduce myself, I'm Bob Williams in Pembroke GA. Not really a pinball guy, but I do have a   >

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Getting Back In The Game

I always loved pinball.  Played with my friends as often as I could, which was a lot! TAF was the machine   >