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A Touch of Light in the Dark
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A Touch of Light in the Dark

I've been a gamer all my life.

Some of my fondest memories growing up was getting my first nintendo and then moving on to genesis and then finally as a sophomore in high school playing final fantasy 8 on my first PS1. I loved going to the arcade as a kid. One of the coolest things I remember was going to the mall in Cinncinatti staying with the relatives all summer in 95 and playing in the arcade there all day.

To be blunt about it though gaming has just been shit lately. I went through the MMO phase with Anarchy Online until the grind got way overly repetitive. Went through the   > Read the full story...

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ReplayFX 2016: The Good, OK, and the Brutal Drains

“ReplayFX 2016: The Good, OK, and...”

August 1st, 2016

The event was twice as big as last year, but overall, it was very organized for all of Saturday. Let's hop right in. Some pinball machines just killed me outright, no matter how hard I tried. Some of the games were   > more...

Actual real pinball machines...

“Actual real pinball machines...”

July 29th, 2016

I have always had a fondness for video/arcade type games. I grew up in the 80s and it was such a blast. At home we had an Atari and would frequently play games like Super Breakout or Tanks together as   > more...

Late to the game

“Late to the game”

July 25th, 2016

Growing up in the 80s, I played pinball once in a while at arcades and restaurants. The one memory that stuck with me is playing Bride of Pin-Bot at Round Table Pizza. But like so many other games I played   > more...

A Close Encounter with Pinball

“A Close Encounter with Pinball”

July 21st, 2016

Growing up, very close to the city of Boston (Massachusetts, USA) My father purchased a home-use (not coin op) Pinball machine for my three brothers and I in the late 1970's. I believe it was a Coleco "Champ". My brothers   > more...

Best / Worst Uncle?

“Best / Worst Uncle?”

July 17th, 2016

I'm only 33, so I'm a little late to the pinball party, but my love for the game began when I was about 8 years old.  My uncle had purchased a Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball that needed some minor   > more...

My friends cost me so much money...

“My friends cost me so much money...”

July 8th, 2016

An origin story... I have good friends, well for the most part. They don't get me arrested or call me to bail them out of jail. That is a plus, I must admit. However these people get me into the most   > more...

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Pinball events

Arcade Legacy Bar Charity Tournament

cincinnati, oh (United States) August 21, 2016

Centaur Double Elimination Tournament

Ottawa Ontario Canada , ON (Array) August 25, 2016

Arcade, Video and Gameroom Expo

Rosemont, IL (United States) August 26—27, 2016

League Super Awesome August Tournament Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH (United States) August 27, 2016

Zanzabar Monthly PinGolf

Louisville, KY (United States) August 28, 2016

Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Show

Independence , Oh (United States) September 8—10, 2016

European Pinball Championships 2016 Poland

93-457 ?ód? (Poland) September 9—11, 2016

Jerry's Pizza Monthly Tournament, Sept 2016

Wialua, HI (United States) September 10, 2016

Vancouver FlipOut Pinball Expo 2016

Vancouver, BC (Canada) September 23—25, 2016


FLINT, MI (Array) September 24, 2016

Pinball news Headlines


The Scottish craft beer chain have embraced pinball at their locations. We find out why and explore their West London bar to enjoy the games, the beer and the food.   Read on...


A cocktail bar in Hong Kong not only offers free snacks during happy hour, they also have free pinball, as our roving reporter John discovers.   Read on...


Upstate New York gets another great place to play pinball with Moonwalker Arcade in Vestal. Thirteen machines are joined by classic videos and pool, as Paul Drewry reports.   Read on...


Munich is a city with many attractions for residents and visitors alike, and for fans of the silver ball the unlikely-looking Flex bar is one of them, as Martin Wiest tells us.   Read on...


Stern Pinball have re-themed their Whoa Nellie game in collaboration with Pabst Brewing to create a new Can Crusher game. We've got the high-res pictures.   Read on...

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My story

Born in the mid fifties in Australia and have been lucky enough to grow up in what I believe were   >

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It all started back i guess around 1968 or 69 my uncle had a coffee shop (bergers and fries) kinda   >

Who are “YOU” in pinball?

Who are “YOU” in pinball?

Dedicated from an article written by Chris Munson, one of the original organizers of the the EARLY days of the Texas Pinball Festival, almost lost   >

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Sabbatical in Canada - interested in visiting some pinball locations

Hello pinsiders! Me and my wife will be on a break from work and travel from Vancouver to Halifax. We   >

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Pinball @ Harold’s on the Hill

Harold’s on the Hill was a driving range and bar close to where I worked in the late 70’s.  Four   >

Pinball in Paris: recent 'flipper-based' travels in Paris

Pinball in Paris: recent 'flipper-based' travels in Paris

In March of 2016, I was fortunate enough to travel to Paris, France.  The main point of the trip was   >

Wisconsin Dells pinball museum selling out

Wisconsin Dells pinball museum selling out

Wis Dells pinball museum closed in august. We like to thank everyone who came last summer. Thanks!   >

The Progression of a Pinball Addict - A Historical Perspective

The Progression of a Pinball Addict - A Historical Perspective

The Progression of a Pinball Addict - A Historical Perspective (Originally posted rec.games.pinball, February 2 2003 by "The_Black_Knight" ) The bottom line   >

My Pinball Hobby Within The Hobby

My Pinball Hobby Within The Hobby

Before I get in to my "pinball story", let me first tell you about my "collecting history".  When I was   >

My First Pinball, OXO and My First Pinball Design, XOX

My First Pinball, OXO and My First Pinball Design, XOX

By Alan Norton October 15, 2015 My First Pinball, OXO – Part 1 of 2 I played my first Williams OXO pinball machine   >

Thank you, Roger Sharpe…

Thank you, Roger Sharpe…

Today I am grateful to you, Roger Sharpe, because tomorrow I will play pinball at a public location with a   >

Pinball at the ends of the Earth...or in this case, Uruguay.

Pinball at the ends of the Earth...or in this case, Uruguay.

Hi All, I had been planning a trip to Uruguay for some time.  I have a thing for small countries nestled   >