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The pinball industry has been experiencing a “renaissance period” from an influx of new games, new companies, innovations, new talent, part accessibility and even ingenious after-market modifications. What an absolutely exciting time to be in the pinball hobby!

The internet has helped fan this renaissance spark into a flame! From Pinside, to various podcasts, to social media, to Pinball News & Pinball Magazine the community has multiple platforms to interact and exchange thoughts to promote the hobby we all enjoy.

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40+ years of pinball

“40+ years of pinball”

January 2nd, 2017

1973, a year of changes in my life... First: moving from one place to another Second: discovering pinball. Not a easy task, that what I can say about it, first pinball machine I came across was in a snackbar in my "new" hometown. I   > more...

A Pinball-Loving Youngster

“A Pinball-Loving Youngster”

December 27th, 2016

The first pinball machine I played was at an arcade named Flippers, about three years ago. That machine was Monster Bash, and I loved every minute of playing that machine. Now, I'm a pinball geek, and I make the effort   > more...

Lurch Addams Mannquin?

“Lurch Addams Mannquin?”

December 23rd, 2016

I came accross this huge mannequin who was called Lurch from the Addams Family. I have not been able to verify that or ever found any info on him whatsover. He may have been a movie theater prop when the   > more...

It started at a tender young age ...

“It started at a tender young age...”

December 18th, 2016

I grew up in the projects, outside of Coney Island. There was a luncheonette, an ice cream parlor and a pizzeria all acrross the street from my building.  What did these 3 establishments have in common?  Why pinball, of course!  It   > more...

My addiction

“My addiction”

December 17th, 2016

Not sure how it happened, but in the summer of 1977 at the age of 11 a few friends and I really started getting into pinball. May have been due to the fact that Mom started letting me venture off my own   > more...

Pinball, the classic car that wont break your heart

“Pinball, the classic car that wo...”

December 15th, 2016

It started with a 1958 Chevy Impala in a parking lot in Utah. As though I'd never noticed the beauty of one before, I became suddenly irreversably smitten. It wasn't long before I bought a 1956 Buick that broke my   > more...

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Pinball events

Jerry's Pizza Pinball Tournament

Waialua, HI (US) January 14, 2017

January Knockout at Grinkers Grand Palace

Eagle, ID (US) January 31, 2017

PINBALL SWAP MEET @ The Pinball Lounge

Oviedo, FL (US) February 18, 2017

Pincade 2017

Auckland, Au (NZ) March 2—5, 2017

Louisville Arcade Expo

Louisville, KY (US) March 3—5, 2017

The Turdament!

Buffalo, NY (US) March 4, 2017

System 11 World Championships 2017

Pukekohe, Ak (NZ) March 5, 2017

Texas Pinball Festival

Frisco, TX (US) March 24—26, 2017

Ohio Pinball Show

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (US) March 30—April 2, 2017


Carnegie, PA (US) April 5—10, 2017

Pinball news Headlines


Using a micro-controller to spruce-up your pinball mods isn't as difficult as it might first appear. Todd Andersen uses an Arduino to enhance his pinball add-on switch, opening the door to a world of modding possibilities.   Read on...


Stern officially announce that their next pinball will be based on the rock band Aerosmith. We have high-resolution pictures and details of the three models along with prices and much more.   Read on...


Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver... pinball has a number of hotspots featuring high concentrations of public locations. M.G. Brown asks if Kalamazoo should be added to that list.   Read on...


It's been four years since the last Pacific Pinball Exposition and a lot has changed in the interim, but the PPE returns at the Pacific Pinball Museum's new annex building, as pinball historian and author Gordon Hasse reports.   Read on...


We're paying our first visit to the home of Dracula and the Beraria H concert venue for the annual Romanian Pinball Open. Three tournaments over three days, live music, strong beer and great friends make it a fun weekend in Bucharest.   Read on...

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One day a fine young man

One day a fine young man darted hither through the thick wood. That day eventually blossomed into weeks, years, etc.   >

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New to the site, and to pinball machines. Liked them as a child...

It was expensive for me those years, but i find it cool to have a pin at the basement now.  Also cool   >

Free Play Florida 2016

Free Play Florida 2016

I had such a fantastic time at Free Play Florida 2016. Tons of new and old pins, and we even   >

Want a Mata Hari for nothing?

Want a Mata Hari for nothing?

This story starts out being about a fellow Pinsider who did me a solid and turns into picking up a   >

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New obsession with old machine

Sterns/ Rawhide , I have had this pinball machine for thirty years stored in my garage,  I am retired now   >

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From interested user to Shop

It's now just over a year since i started with pinball, in some way. Well, like many others here and out   >

Marvel Pinball Epic Collection: Volume 1 (Review: Xbox One/PS4)

Marvel Pinball Epic Collection: Volume 1 (Review: Xbox One/PS4)

Review: Marvel Pinball Epic Collection Volume 1 (For Xbox One and PS4) What is it? This game from Zen Studios has a   >

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Pinball backglass and plastics - Shay Arcade Group.

Fellas,  Rick at Planetary Pinball and I have reached an agreement for the Shay Arcade Group to be the principal licensed   >

Haunted House Pinball!

Haunted House Pinball!

Coming right after the season of the witch, in a purgatory of holidays comes Horrorhouse Fest! A pinball tournament buried   >

Author avatar

Today I'm excited for the future of pinball.

I live in a location pinball black hole.  The only location with anything is a dive of a pizza bar   >

Hotchkiss Pinball League - Season 1

Hotchkiss Pinball League - Season 1

Moving from Portland, Maine, where I had the pleasure of having Arcadia National Bar an under-10 minute walk from home   >

Understanding the Production Differences of Pinball Games

Understanding the Production Differences of Pinball Games

The following provides detailed information of understanding the differences when a game is produced. Production category effects the ultimate value   >