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Funhouse 2.0 - Rudy's Nightmare - kit review

Funhouse 2.0 - Rudy's Nightmare - kit review

This story starts in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was November 2021. My pinball buddy Marten has an acquaintance there who wanted to sell his collection of four Bally/Williams 90’s games in one deal. We negotiated a nice price and made the long drive of 500 miles and an impossible flight of stairs to pick up the games out of a basement. All in all it was a great road trip,

One of these games was to be mine: a 1990 Williams Funhouse.   > Read the full story...

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How I got involved with Pinball

I remember playing pinball when I was little. My mom and dad stood me up on a chair and taught me to use both buttons. However, I didn't play often as I was often interested in other arcade games such as Time Crisis II or Tekken 3. That would all change when I met someone who would change my life forever. I will be referring to him as TickleFeather369. He was the manager of the Klamath Fish Hatchery at the   > Read the full story...

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 God Bless John Wayne and pinball!

“God Bless John Wayne and pinball!”

June 8th, 2022

In the mid 70's, my dad found a pinball machine and brought it home. A 1963 Gottlieb "Flying Chariots". It was a little rough. As   > more...

Pinball, where have you been all my life?!

“Pinball, where have you been all...”

June 4th, 2022

Do you rememebr the old Time Out arcades that popped up in malls back in the 80s?  The summers of my youth were spent with   > more...

Rossmoor Bowl

“Rossmoor Bowl”

May 25th, 2022

I was one of those odd kids who liked to bowl. And no, I don't mean just at some friend's birthday party once and a   > more...

Paragon vs Intruder

“Paragon vs Intruder”

April 17th, 2022

So a couple months ago I opened a private tattoo studio that me and my wife operate out of. It’s just the two of us   > more...

Pinball: A Graphic History of the Silver Ball

“Pinball: A Graphic History of th...”

April 9th, 2022

I just got my copy of the newly release graphic novel "Pinball: A Graphic History of the Silver Ball" by Jon Chad and holy hell   > more...

Shift into high gear!

“Shift into high gear!”

April 4th, 2022

Well, I did it...  Transitioned from hobbyist to working in the pinball industry.  Crazy right?  A series of fortunate events took place to make this   > more...

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Pinball news Headlines


Jersey Jack Pinball has revealed their latest game, the long-awaited Pat Lawlor design based on the Toy Story movie franchise. However, rather than being based on the wider Toy Story narrative, this game is themed on the most recent of the full Toy Story movies, 2019’s Toy Story 4. As we already stated, this is …   Read on...


Although Dutch Pinball moved into their ‘new’ larger premises in Herkenbosch around eighteen months ago, the pandemic prevented any official celebration to mark the company’s continued expansion… until now. Herkenbosch is a semi-rural town in the Limburg region in the east of the Netherlands, adjacent to the German border. It has quite a large industrial …   Read on...


The state of Florida in the USA is known for tourism and entertainment, so much so that tourism is the #1 industry in the state of Florida. This is likely because the state is surrounded on two sides by ocean, and is the southernmost state among the 48 contiguous states of the USA. This rewards …   Read on...

TBAP 2022

I am pleased to be able to share this summary of the events of the weekend of April 29th to May 1st when the TBAP 2022 event was celebrated. As you may know, it was only after the pandemic that we could finally organise and enjoy the Torneig Barceloní de Pinball or TBAP, Barcelona?s pinball …   Read on...


Homebrew pinball creator Ryan McQuaid has been hired by American Pinball as their newest Game Designer. Ryan created the Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball custom game which won the People’s Choice award for the best custom game at the Pintastic show last year. It’s not clear if American Pinball plan to make the Sonic game but …   Read on...

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Savior of the Universe!

Hi everyone, While I have always loved pinball, I am a complete newbie when it comes to the greater community. i recently   >

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Hey there

Got into pinball back in 2002.  My dad owns the Twilight Zone and Pirates, i own the BSD.

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In the back of my mind I've wanted to get a pinball machine.  I fell in love with a Target   >

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Just Joined Up

Hi Pinside Community. Just became a member. I am from Melbourne - Australia Loved Pinball growing up and always took the oportunity   >

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Profile/background story

I've been playing pinball since I was a kid, back in the late 70s.  I live in a very small   >

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First pinball machine

My dad bought me a pinball machine when I was a teenager.  It was Circus, made by Bally ('73).

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First Pinball Machine In China

Pinball game is a coin operated arcade game. Players earn points by shooting metal balls on an inclined playground, hitting   >

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Pinball Life

Lifelong pinhead, playing last 10 years at Flat Top Johnnys until they closed August 14 2020. Working on rebuilding the experience... come   >

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Was riding my bike one evening near my house and I look into my neighbors garage and all I see   >

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Another Brick in the Wall

Hey All! Been into Pinball and Arcade for about 40 years now and still loving the hobby!  Buy, restore, keep, and   >

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My dad used to run a route in the 90's and got out of the business.  I still have a   >

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The story of Caysen Oliver

Pinside member   Santa Barbara, CA 1y41,40024651315 It all started before I was born 25-30 years ago when my grandpa bought a gold wings   >

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