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     I've been fascinated with pinball machines since I was 5 years old in the late fifties and someone left a free ball on a game in the restaurant my mother and I were at. i pulled back the plunger and sent the ball flying, the lights started flashing and it started making all kinds of lovely sounds of bells and dings. On tiptoes I used both hands to push the buttons as fast as I could, like I saw the big men do. Very soon the ball went down the side without hitting it once with the flippers. However, I was rewarded with more noise and the sound of coins dropping   » Read the full story...

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It all started in a 7-11 with Elton John.

“It all started in a 7-11 with El...”

January 28th, 2016.

Mine is a common story. Told by many.  Rewind to about 1977. I grew up in a suburb outside Washington, D.C., that had a 7-11 about a 200 yards outside the boundary line of our somewhat idyllic subdivision. During the summer, my   » more...

You can only have 1

“You can only have 1”

January 27th, 2016.

Like many people in the 70's, I played pinball on the way home from school. Sometimes, I would lose all track of time and be home late and rather than tell my Mother that I spent my lunch money on   » more...

Just A Low End Pin Man

“Just A Low End Pin Man”

January 11th, 2016.

The Creed of the Low End Pin Man The Low End Pin man craves not to line the walls of his lair with a NIB ACDC BIBLE with latest firmware and foundry cast brass bell mod. Ye Old Medieval Madness and the Clan Addams he avoids,   » more...

Compulsive collector

“Compulsive collector”

December 29th, 2015.

I've collected things as long as I can remember. Coins, stamps, pins, cards, dice, games... I even recall having a collection of things I found in the yard like pinecones and acorns when I was a kid. I just like having stuff. It's not   » more...

Pinball Whats to love?

“Pinball Whats to love?”

December 4th, 2015.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the heyday of Arcades "late 70's and 80's", and it seemed like every Bowling Alley, Restraunt, Bar and Laundramat had Pins, Bowlers and Video games to dump my allowance into. It was also a time when   » more...

How Things Change

“How Things Change”

November 29th, 2015.

It all started for me in the early - mid 70s, I was about 12.  During summer vacation from school I had the option of hanging out around the house (where there were no other kids to play with) or   » more...

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Pinball events

Buffalo Pinball Tournament to Benefit Make-A-Wish WNY

Buffalo, NY (United States) February 6, 2016

IFPA NC State Pinball Championship Tournament

Grandy, NC (United States) February 13, 2016

IFPA District of Columbia Pinball Championships

washington, dc (United States) February 13, 2016

Level Up Monthly Pinball Tournament

Raleigh, NC (United States) February 14, 2016

MAGFest 2016

National Harbor, MD (United States) February 18—21, 2016

Bluffs Pinball League (BPL): Week 3

Scarborough, ON (Canada) February 18, 2016

Florida Arcade & Pinball Exposition

Hallandale Beach, FL (United States) February 19—21, 2016

Bluffs Pinball League (BPL): Week 4

Scarborough, ON (Canada) February 25, 2016

Welcome to the RZG plus a pin-golf side

Fairfax, va (United States) February 27, 2016

Louisville Arcade Expo

Louisville, KY (United States) March 4—6, 2016

Pinball news Headlines


Yes, it's another In-Depth Review, and this time we dive deep into Chicago Gaming's remake of the classic Medieval Madness game. See how true it is to the original and the changes which have taken place under the skin.   Read on...


We go in-depth with the Limited Edition of Stern's Game of Thrones to show you everything - inside and out - from the cabinet artwork to the playfield shots and how the mechanisms work. Nobody goes deep like Pinball News.   Read on...


As you might guess from the name, Brauer House in Lombard is famed for its beer selection, but it also has a great range of six pinballs, from a solid-state Bally to the newest Sterns titles, as Dan Marquardt reports.   Read on...


A chance stop at a shopping mall east of Los Angeles leads to the discovery of a huge family entertainment complex - one of a chain rapidly expanding all across the US.   Read on...


The second Arcade Expo has just taken place at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California, and we were there to bring you live updates across the weekend, including our 40-minute video tour, a list of all the machines, the tournament results, the side events, and much more.   Read on...

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Wisconsin Dells pinball museum selling out

Wisconsin Dells pinball museum selling out

Wis Dells pinball museum closed in august and is selling remaining games to pay off finacial debt. We like to   »

The Progression of a Pinball Addict - A Historical Perspective

The Progression of a Pinball Addict - A Historical Perspective

The Progression of a Pinball Addict - A Historical Perspective (Originally posted rec.games.pinball, February 2 2003 by "The_Black_Knight" ) The bottom line   »

My Pinball Hobby Within The Hobby

My Pinball Hobby Within The Hobby

Before I get in to my "pinball story", let me first tell you about my "collecting history".  When I was   »

My First Pinball, OXO and My First Pinball Design, XOX

My First Pinball, OXO and My First Pinball Design, XOX

By Alan Norton October 15, 2015 My First Pinball, OXO – Part 1 of 2 I played my first Williams OXO pinball machine   »

Thank you, Roger Sharpe…

Thank you, Roger Sharpe…

Today I am grateful to you, Roger Sharpe, because tomorrow I will play pinball at a public location with a   »

Pinball at the ends of the Earth...or in this case, Uruguay.

Pinball at the ends of the Earth...or in this case, Uruguay.

Hi All, I had been planning a trip to Uruguay for some time.  I have a thing for small countries nestled   »

Robert Gagno, a pinball player with autism

Robert Gagno, a pinball player with autism

Robert’s Pinball Story written by Cristin Gasson & Joe Said Robert Gagno began playing pinball when he was 3 or 4 years   »

Surge Protectors.. Ya Right.!!

Surge Protectors.. Ya Right.!!

 Surge Protectors.. Ya Right.!! Just a note to those that think surge protectors are the Greatest things.. To trust one to   »

ReplayFX: My First Major Convention

ReplayFX: My First Major Convention

To think Kickback Pinball Cafe was great, ReplayFX is obviously the next best thing when it comes to playing on   »

Review of D&D Pinball - Tucson, AZ

Review of D&D Pinball - Tucson, AZ

My wife and I took a mini-vacation from the sweltering bustle of Phoenix metro and headed down to Tombstone, AZ   »

The Unlikely Story of EM guy meets Gottlieb System 80 - The Amazing Spiderman

The Unlikely Story of EM guy meets Gottlieb System 80 - The Amazing Spiderman

I had just finished my first full pinball restore of a 1969 Williams Expo, inspired by you kind folk here   »

Review of The Game Preserve and LSPAM Visit - Houston, TX

Review of The Game Preserve and LSPAM Visit - Houston, TX

I went to visit my younger brother in Houston, TX in late June, 2015. Somehow, my rekindled admiration of pinball   »