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Barenaked Ladies 'Silverball' - exclusive Pinside sneak preview!

Barenaked Ladies 'Silverball' - exclusive Pinside sneak pr...

Back in October last year, when I had the opportunity to visit the Stern Pinball factory and meet the cool likes of Steve Ritchie, John Borg, George Gomez, Lyman Sheats, Lonnie Ropp and many more, I bumped into someone I did not expect. None other than Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson, who was there to pick   » Read the full story...

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Cody's Pinball Adventure

I was born in Mobile, AL (near the Gulf of Mexico) in 1966.  That put me in the age of comic books and pinball   » more...

You have just crossed over into....

"Time is a one way street except... in the Twilight Zone."   Wow. I cannot say how excited I am. I am soon to be an   » more...

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Lanes & Games monthly Pingolf

Cambridge , MA (United States) May 22, 2015

Double Danger

Emeryville, CA (United States) May 23, 2015

Pittsburgh Pinball Open 6

Pittsburgh, PA (United States) May 29—November 30, -0001

IFPA/Project Pinball Charity Tournament-Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC (United States) May 30, 2015

2015 NW Pinball & Arcade Show!

Tacoma, WA (United States) June 5—7, 2015

Rocky Mtn Pinball Showdown and Gameroom Expo

Lone Tree, CO (United States) June 12—14, 2015

None Shall Pass

Washington, DC (United States) June 14, 2015

Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo

Atlanta, GA (United States) June 19—21, 2015

Pinvasion II

Atlanta, GA (United States) June 19—21, 2015

Pintastic New England 2015!

Sturbridge, MA (United States) July 10—11, 2015

Pinball news Headlines


A Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles is also home to a bar featuring all the latest pinballs from Stern and Jersey Jack, as Steven Elliot reports.   Read on...


The first pictures of Stern's new Kiss game are here, along with details of what's on the playfield and the differences between the Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models.   Read on...


Stern Pinball release a video previewing their upcoming Kiss pinball. We've got the video and examine the game's new features.   Read on...


The Phaeno museum in Germany teams up with the Pacific Pinball Museum in California to create a new interactive pinball exhibition.   Read on...


The new Dutch Pinball Association clubhouse plays host to the Dutch Pinball Masters 2015. With the DPM, Classic and Team Tournaments, there's no shortage of action.   Read on...

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Laser War is Fantastic 1987- 88 at its best!! Shoot the Ion Cannon

Laser War is Fantastic "1987- 88" at its best!! "Shoot the Ion Cannon"

Great Game all around! The sound is incredible. The lights are amazing. The programing is wonderful and it shows every time   »

I Actually Played a Medieval Madness

I Actually Played a Medieval Madness

Back when these machines were "affordable," I was actually able to play one. It was at a truck-stop on Hwy   »

Judge Dredd....Oh DROKK!

Judge Dredd....Oh DROKK!

The Judge is back! I bought JD many many years ago when I was only a one pinball guy. It   »

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Got another pin already!

I was told that pins multiply like Gremlins. Geez, how right that was...because I already have my second pin - a   »

World Cup Soccer…Surprisingly Awesome Game!

World Cup Soccer…Surprisingly Awesome Game!

World Cup Soccer…Surprisingly Awesome Game! Until last weekend, I had not played World Cup Soccer. I saw one for sale on craigslist about   »

World Cup Soccer...Gooooaaaaal

World Cup Soccer...Gooooaaaaal

Awesome Game!  Lots of action, plenty of challenges. I love the goalie shot, magna-ball save and fast ramps.  If you haven't played this   »

One year in!

One year in!

It's officially been one year. I read that this was an addiction and now I know this to be true.   »



In 2013, I embarked on a journey to make a home-grown version of WhizBang's brilliantly conceived Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy   »

Valhalla time has just begun

Valhalla time has just begun

How the story started This story starts on may 25th of 2013. Somebody placed a post on the Belgian flipperforum.be. The   »

Criminally Fast!!

Criminally Fast!!

For its vintage, this game plays soooo fast sometimes its almost scary.  A real good game to add to the   »

It Was Pinball Destiny

It Was Pinball Destiny

Before I ever owned a BSD pinball machine, I thought it was a decent game. I was really getting my   »

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First Time With: Scared Stiff and AC/DC

Hello Pinside.   I'm fairly new to Pinside, and very new to the hobby. I've been creeping around the forums here for   »