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Review of The Game Preserve and LSPAM Visit - Houston, TX
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Review of The Game Preserve and LSPAM Visit - Houston, TX

I went to visit my younger brother in Houston, TX in late June, 2015. Somehow, my rekindled admiration of pinball rubbed off on my brother, and he is just as crazy about seeking out new machines as I am. He even bought 1969 EM to restore since my visit, but that is his story to tell if I can ever convince him to sign up on Pinside.

During my visit to Houston, I had two distinct and wonderful experiences with pinball. The first was a trip to the Lone Star Pinball Association's (LSPA) "Museum," as its owner lovingly and only half jokingly calls his collection. The website might not have a lot of whistles and bells, but here it is for information purposes, and here's a link to the listing of the games curated and maintained there by Dan Ferguson   » Read the full story...

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Review of Replay Amusement Museum - Tarpon Springs, FL

Review of Replay Amusement Museu...

I went to visit my mom and step-dad in the Tampa Bay area in mid-May, 2015. I had looked around the net for Bay   » more...

Belated Review of Zapcon 3.0 (2015) - Mesa, AZ

Belated Review of Zapcon 3.0 (20...

Zapcon is a two-day pinball and arcade event held in the Phoenix metro area. I only attended Zapcon 3.0 (2015) for one of the   » more...

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Pinball events

Summer Plunge-Off Pinball Tournament

El Cerrito, CA (United States) July 24, 2015

Summer Plunge-Off Pinball Tournament @ Playland-Not-at-the-Beach

El Cerrito, CA (United States) July 24, 2015

DMV InterSeason Tournament

College Park,, MD (United States) July 25, 2015

ReplayFX Arcade & Gaming Festival

Pittsburgh, PA (United States) July 30—August 2, 2015

Some shall pass - summer speed runs

Washington, Sc (United States) August 2, 2015

Flip Out @ The Burn Out

Wichita, Ks (United States) August 8, 2015

Pinball Pyramid 4

Grand Rapids, MI (United States) August 15—16, 2015

UK Pinball Party

Merthyr Tydfil (United Kingdom) August 21—23, 2015

Mr Muscle Challenge 2015

Klampenborg (Denmark) August 22, 2015

Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Show

Independence, Oh (United States) September 10—12, 2015

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$25 craigslist Got me started :0)

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2015-05-13: Opening ceremony of... http://www.phaeno.de/ausgeflippt/ http://www.pinballnews.com/news/germanymuseum.html ... in my birth town Wolfsburg. What a show enjoyed together with fascinated father and kids! Showing a lot   »

Roger Daltrey to attend Tommy 40th Aniversary Screening

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Laser War is Fantastic 1987- 88 at its best!! Shoot the Ion Cannon

Laser War is Fantastic "1987- 88" at its best!! "Shoot the Ion Cannon"

Great Game all around! The sound is incredible. The lights are amazing. The programing is wonderful and it shows every time   »

I Actually Played a Medieval Madness

I Actually Played a Medieval Madness

Back when these machines were "affordable," I was actually able to play one. It was at a truck-stop on Hwy   »

Judge Dredd....Oh DROKK!

Judge Dredd....Oh DROKK!

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