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That Pinball Game in the Corner

Imagine a fun place you've visited. Maybe a movie theatre with the smell of salty, buttered popcorn wafting through the air. Or an old fashioned pizza parlor with empty shelled peanut casings on the floor. Or a candy store with every type of candy you could ever imagine.


When I was four years old, Lollipop Palace was my most favorite place in the whole wide world to go to. I was so happy to run inside the store and rub my fingers all over the glass display case pointing at every candy bar that I wanted to eat. My brother Mitch was a few years older than me. He always liked looking at baseball cards and reading Mad magazine.  Every now and then, I would hear the   » Read the full story...

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Pinball at the ends of the Earth...or in this case, Uruguay.

Pinball at the ends of the Earth...

Hi All, I had been planning a trip to Uruguay for some time.  I have a thing for small countries nestled between giants--they seem like gems where you get the best of both worlds.  I like Iceland and Belgium and am   » more...

My year in pinball

It’s funny how quickly pinball seems to develop from a simple hobby to a full-blown obsession for a lot of people. Over the course of the past year, I’ve become one of those obsessives.  But pinball’s not just a recent discovery for me… it’s   » more...

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Pinball events

Pinball Gallery Monthly Tournament

Malvern, PA (United States) October 6—December 1, 2015

The Whiterose Gameroom Show

York, Pa (United States) October 9—10, 2015

Pinball Expo

Wheeling, IL (United States) October 14—18, 2015

Pinball Life Explosion

Huntley, IL (United States) October 16, 2015

Pinball Life's 11th Annual Explosion Open House

Huntley, IL (United States) October 16, 2015

Autumn Pinball Party

Arnhem, GL (Netherlands) October 17, 2015

Open Pinball Antwerp

Kapellen (Belgium) October 17, 2015

Pinside Party at the Pinball Gallery

Malvern, PA (United States) October 17, 2015

The NOVA Knockout pinball tournament - 2015

Fairfax, VA (United States) October 24, 2015

IFPA/Project Pinball Charity Tournament

Chapel Hill, NC (United States) October 25, 2015

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We head to Manchester for the set-up of the Play Expo show which begins tomorrow. We'll have all the action across the weekend, but here's a sneak preview of what's in store.   Read on...


Chicago may be the spiritual home of pinball, but Russia couldn't resist the lure of the silver ball either, building their own machines for their home market, as Michal Klimaszewski reports.   Read on...


Reports from three new venues and another four review updates means our roving reporter John has been touring Japan and sending us his findings.   Read on...


Forty miles southwest of Chicago in the city of Joliet sits the Chicago Street Pinball Arcade. With thirty-seven pinballs from the 1960s to the present day, it's a must-visit location, as Dan Marquardt reports.   Read on...


One year ago the arrival of a forty-foot storage container marked the start of a crowd-funded refresh of SS Billiards. Todd Andersen recounts the story and shows us the results.   Read on...

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Robert Gagno, a pinball player with autism

Robert Gagno, a pinball player with autism

Robert’s Pinball Story written by Cristin Gasson & Joe Said Robert Gagno began playing pinball when he was 3 or 4 years   »

Surge Protectors.. Ya Right.!!

Surge Protectors.. Ya Right.!!

 Surge Protectors.. Ya Right.!! Just a note to those that think surge protectors are the Greatest things.. To trust one to   »

ReplayFX: My First Major Convention

ReplayFX: My First Major Convention

To think Kickback Pinball Cafe was great, ReplayFX is obviously the next best thing when it comes to playing on   »

Review of D&D Pinball - Tucson, AZ

Review of D&D Pinball - Tucson, AZ

My wife and I took a mini-vacation from the sweltering bustle of Phoenix metro and headed down to Tombstone, AZ   »

The Unlikely Story of EM guy meets Gottlieb System 80 - The Amazing Spiderman

The Unlikely Story of EM guy meets Gottlieb System 80 - The Amazing Spiderman

I had just finished my first full pinball restore of a 1969 Williams Expo, inspired by you kind folk here   »

Review of The Game Preserve and LSPAM Visit - Houston, TX

Review of The Game Preserve and LSPAM Visit - Houston, TX

I went to visit my younger brother in Houston, TX in late June, 2015. Somehow, my rekindled admiration of pinball   »

Review of Replay Amusement Museum - Tarpon Springs, FL

Review of Replay Amusement Museum - Tarpon Springs, FL

I went to visit my mom and step-dad in the Tampa Bay area in mid-May, 2015. I had looked around   »

Belated Review of Zapcon 3.0 (2015) - Mesa, AZ

Belated Review of Zapcon 3.0 (2015) - Mesa, AZ

Zapcon is a two-day pinball and arcade event held in the Phoenix metro area. I only attended Zapcon 3.0 (2015)   »

$25 craigslist Got me started :0)

$25 craigslist Got me started :0)

  Hey everyone. I happen to hit craigslist my very first day looking and found an awesome 1990 Raiden. The   »

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Stern the pin

I just recently acquired a Transformers pin. I have two full size machines already and I have two Zizzles. I   »

Pinbot Circuits Activated

Pinbot Circuits Activated

Keeping an eye on the marketplace, I found a Jack*Bot. The seller told me that there was someone ahead of   »

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Stern Star Trek Pinball owners Facebook page

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1110944828921919&type=1 All Stern,all ST owners welcome to post pics,ask questions etc.   »