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By goren1818

1 year ago

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#2384 6 months ago

Can someone please help me with what I need to look for to fix this issue.

20181227_110947 (resized).jpg
#2439 6 months ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Did you get fixed up?

I have not had a chance to look into this yet. Got to love work. I will have a break after the holidays.

#2467 6 months ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Did you get fixed up?

You was right. The plug had worked loose, put back in place and good to go again. Thanks for the help.

#2581 6 months ago

There is one thing that I have to say about this machine is that it rank should be way higher. I have played all the top 10. But there is not 1 that I can say come close to the various game play here. All I see is haters that they hate this game because they stopped the triple disk and closed chest. Then we have the there is no movie clips. All there. I think it the most important game to come around in a long time. And to you that think is not........................ Try getting it out of my my dead and dying fingers.

#2868 6 months ago

Ok I hope someone can help me with this one. I turned the game off last night and all was playing fine. I try to start the game today and this message comes on screen. The message goes away but the game does not start up. Lights on the play field never turn on and does not start the boot screen. Just goes blank and nothing.

20190112_141436 (resized).jpg
#2874 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Yikes. I’m just guessing here but I’d try doing the “full firmware update” process and see if rewriting the whole shebang brings it back to life.

That was the ticket. Back up and running on 97 now next update to 98. YEAH

1 month later
#4792 4 months ago

Ok 666 666 and Arrr Frenzy is so much fun that you can't wait to get it going again. I can't stop thinking about and playing this game.

#5109 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I’m considering buying a spare playfield so I have one on ice for a rainy day in the future. This is a long term keeper for me and I expect it to see a lot of play and wear. I do worry about waiting too long and missing my chance. Spare playfield decals and such also.

You just made me pull the trigger on a backup CE playfield. Get it while I can.

#5113 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Yeah I’m seriously debating it. Hate to throw even more money at the same game, but nice to basically forget about playfield wear completely.

I feel like you and I feel that the CE playfield is even more limited.

#5125 4 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Why are some of you wanting to buy a new playfield for a brand new machine? I understand production is gonna stop pretty soon. Are you guys concerned about the quality of the playfields? What’s the deal?

I love to play this game and play it like stole it. Not really just thought it would make a great wall art. And will have it for years down the road.

#5322 4 months ago

Could I get some recommendations for what is the best wax to use on the playfield.

1 week later
#5756 4 months ago

OK this is not pin related but I thought some others would like to see the modern day Black Pearl. It think Captain Jack would be proud.

#5964 4 months ago
Quoted from Clint12:

I just got my le and disappointed balls keep getting stuck up top when hit up to the left game then keeps saying locating balls. ,, any help!
[quoted image][quoted image]

One thing to check for the flipper error is to make sure that all the cables are plugged in properly behind the back glass. I had one that was not plugged in all the way and that fixed mine.

1 week later
#6422 3 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Anyone have an issue with the playfield not quite meeting the hooks on the apron? I'm maybe a cm off, and I've tried adjust cables in the back too.
[quoted image]

Did you remove the foam block from the back of the cabinet.

#6565 3 months ago
Quoted from apinballwiz:

Out of curiosity, anyone know if the JJP rock tune still plays in the attract mode like in WOZ? Thanks!


#6788 3 months ago

This is a post on Facebook from Buffalo Pinball.

Tonight on "Bro, do you even pinball?", we're doing a Bro Battle Royale on Jersey Jack's Pirates of the Caribbean! Extensive tutorial by Jay Fairbrother. 8pm Eastern. www.twitch.tv/buffalopinball

#6795 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

What time/time zone?

It is in the post 8pm Eastern

1 week later
#7573 3 months ago

I am going to say that if you have not played a game of POTC JJ then you do not know pinball. Do not play on site but someone that will let you play. If you can you will understand why this game is and will always be the best game of all time. But if you play on site hit and miss. There is too many different ways to play this game that if you think I know all. You don't.

#7574 3 months ago

I can not play right now because of waiting on a monitor. So I could be JJ sucks and why play the game. Like the dip s%+- on a pod cast. If he had ever played a good game he would still say that it was bad. He has to be a Sten kiss ass. So f%+= off dip s%++

3 weeks later
#8876 72 days ago

For those of you that have or have played a CE could you rate it on pinside to get it added to the list.

#8893 72 days ago

Yes my order is showing up Friday. POTC Black Pearl Mini Playfield Quantity: 1, POTC Assembly Decal Set Quantity: 1, POTC Printed Playfield Assy, CE Quantity: 1, POTC Printed Plastics Set CE Quantity: 1, POTC Playfield Decal Sheet CE Quantity: 2, POTC Printed Plastics Set LE Quantity: 1. So now I can play it like I stole it and just clean and wax but keep the play field the way it should be.

#8895 72 days ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Holy crap. Did that cost as much as another machine?

What is the cost of peace of mind.

#8898 72 days ago

I got the CE and it has found its forever home. I would liked to got it for $9500.

#8904 72 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Received my preventative long life package myself today! Should take care of me till retirement and beyond. So pretty, My Precious...........
[quoted image]

We think alike.

#8907 72 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Then there was nothing on the USB stick the machine could use.
Follow instructions carefully. Try a different USB stick. 8GB works good. Too big it might not. I've had good luck with PNY USB sticks. The game might not like some of them.
LTG : )

Also it can take a long while like hours sometimes to get the files on the USB stick.

#8916 72 days ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Sorry I don't understand what you did here. Did you buy an LE and add the CE stuff?
Thx, didn't sleep much last night

You can not buy CE parts unless you own one. I own #71CE.

#8917 72 days ago
Quoted from rs812:

Lol! I ordered the same parts, too! Looks like the CE playfields are all gone now.

They were gone in 5 days.

#9011 70 days ago

I am trying to work with my parrot to fly at me when I get the 666 666 there is not enough going on.

#9014 70 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

That is one beautiful bird.

Here is a better picture of Rudy.

20181007_102420 (resized).jpg
#9017 70 days ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Just attach the stick to the side of your machine. We will call it a live action mod.

I was going to try and and make him my toper but he would just tear it up.

1 month later
#11102 18 days ago
Quoted from arcadem:

I understand that a printed manual will not be provided for any model including the CE'S. Did you SE owners get a CD with your games and is it, if you know, as thorough as previous JJP manuals? They have been the very best.

The CE's all come with the printed manual.

#11162 16 days ago
Quoted from arcadem:

I wrote to Jack himself last week and he told me the manual issue was still under consideration. He said a manual would be provided but not necessarily a printed one for any model including CE's.

I got mine with my CE and many others also. Did not come with the LE.

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