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In our never-ending quest to improve the player experience and the quality of key game components, we've done it again with this replacement Precision machined flipper shaft bushing that incorporates bronze oilite sleeves. As a result of our testing we can state with 100% confidence that they improve flipper response, power, and improved ball control for those challenging shots.

Whether your game suffers from flipper fade or not, these bushings will help recover some of the lost efficiency inherent in the flipper mechanism that was installed at the factory. These bushings effectively transfer all the coil's energy directly to the flipper and will take your game from just average to Sports Car Performance! The plastic bushings installed from the factory have an excessive amount of slop which allows the flipper shaft to wobble and float within its bore. That slop translates to a loss in energy because the shaft moves within the bushing every time you engage the flipper, then the flipper moves once the slop has been taken up. This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is. Its like driving your car down the road with an excessive amount of play in your steering wheel!

With the installation of our close tolerance replacement bushings 98% of this slop is eliminated. This also directly improves the players ability to more accurately make some of those challenging shots by removing the variability in flipper along with improving the ability to better synchronize the timing of your shots.

Our precision bushings will work in conjunction with the flippers that came with your game. However, if you want to step it up even further, we recommend you consider purchasing our 'Precision Flip' flipper system. With the addition of our flippers and shafts, you will have the ultimate flipper set up in your game. Our replacement flippers are made from aluminum and when attached to the stainless steel shafts will yield ZERO flex at the flipper providing the ultimate player experience. Now's the perfect time to add our flippers too!

At Precision Pinball we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing replacement parts that improve the player experience and look as good as they perform. Our team is comprised of Aerospace Engineers who have years of design and manufacturing expertise. For players that expect high quality performing products, at Precision Pinball that's what we deliver !

'Precision-Flip' is a Trade Name of Precision Pinball Products, PPP
'Patents Pending'

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Item review 38 days ago
“Nice upgrade vs the stock bushing”

Precision Pinball prod.

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