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#1 10 months ago

Well now it's official Alien is being remade and deposits are in. What are you thoughts and what will you miss from the original? I'm super excited about this as it's my grail pin. Just wish they would hurry and let us know what will be included in the LV edition.

#6 10 months ago

Yeah Pinball Brothers are getting us confused they call it the LV (Limited Version) but we all know it as LE (Limited Edition) It is strange how they call the Standard SE (Standard Edition) and then change for the LE sorry I mean LV

Anyway who wants to see a poll, what ideas you got?

#9 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

The whole LV thing is...a play on the theme. LV as in LV-246

Didn't think of that good catch

#38 10 months ago

We shall see if and when they ship I'll be waiting impatiently

#42 10 months ago
Quoted from DangerzoneArcade:

I'm buying the LE/LV version. I'm good with waiting till August. I will have GNR LE to pass the time.

I understand the want for the LE but it's hard to make an informed decision without knowing what is included in it. If it's just powdercoat, a numbered plaque and HD glass I may stay with the SE, buuut if they include the larger 27" monitor on the backbox that would be a different story

#43 10 months ago

Llabnip1972 are you not on the LE/LV train, or are you staying with the standard version?

#49 10 months ago
Quoted from DangerzoneArcade:

YOLO! Plus my location is booshie and its only LEs

Nice collection my friend, but can you wait a year for the Alien LV?

Maybe get the SE play the crap out of it then sell it to fund the LV, just a thought I'm considering as I've waited so long for this to be remade

#52 10 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Save your money and just wait for the LV-LE-SLE-AE-LSE. lol

Idk, I've serious FOMO right now

#57 10 months ago

So everyone who's in on an SE what are the must have mods on this game? I for one will be looking at powdercoating, the stainless just doesn't do it justice. I saw on the other thread there was a blue option but for me that green is absolutely fantastic. Pics courtesy of RTS

68a56bc11c9caad4c37f7d17dddd5bc919a361ad (resized).jpgeadd1b4ecc13df6323f78883dfbbb1aacd3b9b9d (resized).jpg
#64 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

In US, Cointaker is only distro. They are reputable. Deposit is $1000+ ~400 shipping. It is refundable. Overall, very little risk here. It's not being crowdfunded or money to PB prior to shipment.

As Zablon states $1000 and $418 for shipping with cointaker. I feel very safe going this route. I think this is the right way it should be done. Even when Stern or Spooky or any of the "big" manufacturers have a new release it's the same way, you put your deposit down with a distro and when game is ready to ship you pay the balance.

#70 10 months ago

Really there are no flashers? I've been watching a lot of streams of the original on YouTube and it sure looks like it, but then again I'm no expert

#71 10 months ago

I too have sent my deposit and I feel safe giving it to cointaker, Melissa's not let me down yet!

#81 10 months ago

I've heard that we may not find out what's on the LV until March, by then we could already have SE's in hand

#86 10 months ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Where'd you hear that? I didn't think we'd hear about the LV details that early. I was thinking the LV announcement coming around May.

I asked Melissa today when she thought we'd here about the details for the LV and that is what she told me.

Hopefully we'll get to see some game play vids next month on an SE

#92 10 months ago

Seems like the SE and LV are almost running neck and neck in the early stages of the poll. I wonder if this is because no details have been released yet about the LV or people just don't want to wait to get their hands on one of these machines

#96 10 months ago

Zablon and joetechbob I find myself in total agreement with both of you. After listening to the podcast interview in which they say you will be able to purchase the extras as add-ons in due time. The only thing that would steer me to an LV right now would be the large monitor in the back box.

Ever since I got in to pinball this has also been my dream theme and I want it as soon as I can get my hands on it

#101 10 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

For LV - it needs to have:
-metal rails, hinges, lockdown etc powder coated: $450
-HD glass: $300
-bigger backbox screen: $150
-cool custom screen printed translite: $100
-additional “active” mechs (?): $250
-additional static bling figures: $150
-topper: $500
-additional lighting: $25
-side art blades: $75

Tbh I really don't see them adding that much in to the LV, because the SE is really loaded IMO, I would say for sure the powdercoat, probably HD glass, I wish a bigger backbox screen but that would take a redesign of the translite and the backbox to fit it in, like a JJP machine. I think you'll get the added figures (dolls), the only topper I see them adding is the beacons and maybe some art blades. Realistically that's what I think will be included, I hope I'm wrong but that's my prediction. Oh and maybe a numbered plaque.

#113 10 months ago

So what are your thoughts on the image? I've heard some say it's a rendering and some say it's a real machine. What say you?

131896784_676488089730714_3232323636453253158_o (resized).jpg131930806_676499259729597_1473981328621161694_o (resized).jpg
#117 10 months ago

I think I heard in the podcast that those inserts have RGB lighting under them so may look better when machine is on, we shall see soon I hope

#122 10 months ago
Quoted from Cloud9:

I find it hard to believe that they used stainless metal all over - but black hinges

I noticed that too and thought that was a little strange, but they also say on their Facebook posts that the T-molding will be chrome also , I'm not sure how that will look. It will definitely be Robert Stone to the rescue on this

#132 10 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Oh really?? That doesn't seem to fit at all, I seriously hope that don't do it!

Straight from their Facebook page...

Capture (resized).PNG
#137 10 months ago

Merry Christmas to all the prospective new Alien owners, let's hope the new year is better than this one and the games get here early

#140 9 months ago

And so it begins...
Absolutely beautiful artwork from Brian at Flyland designs now to put it in a lit frame and hang it

20201226_145116 (resized).jpg
#145 9 months ago

As promised here is the translite in a lit frame, not hung on the wall yet. But all I can say is wow! The quality of these frames blew me away it took a little messing around with the color settings to get it where I wanted it but the end result is fantastic. Although the camera doesn't show it well enough it transitions from green to white it's so much better in person, (the camera makes the green look blue) it really makes the art pop! Now I need to hang it on the wall to get ready for the machines arrival

#148 9 months ago

No new news or pics for 10 days now Come on Pinball Brothers show us some more pics or better yet video, the suspense is killing me, they said that Cointaker should have a game in early January to show game play on, surely they could tell us the game is on it's way to them

#156 9 months ago

So I just finished watchin Alien Anthology and out of the 4 movies Aliens was by far the best of them. What are your thoughts?

#158 9 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

Aliens is best, but the original is dope as well

Agreed! So glad the pin is based on the first 2 movies anything else would have been tragic

#163 9 months ago

Starting to get ready.... already ordered the open egg from back ally this is one the face hugger came with. Come on Pinball Brothers we need some news

20210102_133443 (resized).jpg
#165 9 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Do they currently sell this with the facehugger?

I found this on Ebay, I thought I'd better snag it up quick because once the games start shipping they will be hard to find. Back Ally still sells the open egg and I've got one of those coming also for the same reason

#167 9 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

How big is that?

The egg it's in is 2.5" tall, it will be perfect for the open egg pop bumper from Back Ally Creations probably the same size

#170 9 months ago

Just saw this posted in the original Alien thread. Credit to TomDK for the picture

quoted text... "A picture from the factory hall BuT Hamburg."

4c3e025cdd3765c61a4e43fc0dda1fb882ab4ec3 (resized).jpg
#193 9 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

I'm still curious as to what's going to be the upgrades for the LV. When are those features supposed to be announced ?

I heard March we should know what is on the LV

#200 9 months ago


#211 9 months ago
Quoted from Buthamburg:

Cannot anwser this question, we are only producing the playfields.

How many playfields have been done so far?

#217 9 months ago

Many thanks to Buthamburg for their videos and insight in to the playfields I think we can all agree that theirs is way ahead of anything the other manufacturers are putting out right now.

But where is our update from Pinball Brothers? We need some pics from you of assembled machines in the factory or in boxes ready to ship. Come on guys the waiting is torture I know first world issues lol

#220 9 months ago
Quoted from underlord:

I dunno man. They’re still building pf’s, so I’m thinking assembled games are a ways away.

But if you look at their first video they were doing the play fields in the beginning of November so you would think Pinball Brothers has had plenty of time to put at least some games together since then, wouldn't you?

#223 9 months ago
Quoted from legendpin:

If possible not more than 2m

Don't know if I can wait that long

Quoted from legendpin:

Super great to see buthamburg! PF looks really super! Are these PFs 1st or 2nd batch?

I would guess first batch seeing as in the video it was made at the beginning of November 2020

#228 9 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Maybe they've hit an unexpected issue in the build process or with the new game enhancements (extra magnet, the secret airlock entrance etc) ???

That could very well be but communication could go a long way to settling a lot of nervous people around here. How hard can it be to post pictures of the factory assembling the games? Before the reveal they were posting pictures daily on Facebook and now nothing for a month!

#230 9 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Not nervous, just anxious

Well put, better choice of words!

#237 9 months ago

New Facebook post from Pinball Brothers but they are offering no new information but a nice read

Link to article,

Facebook (resized).JPG
#244 9 months ago

Have just confirmed that Pinball Brothers are supposed to be making an announcement tomorrow and they do have some machines ready to go on the boat and they are air freighting a couple to Cointaker, so hopefully there will be news tomorrow

#248 9 months ago


#256 9 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

A real Xenomorph. PB's other company is genetic research.

#269 9 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Can you people knock it off with whats on the LV model. They have already said they will not release the details till later in the year. If you can’t wait, get the SV or move on to another game.

Well said Sir!

#279 8 months ago

It seems the "other" thread has turned in to a bitch fest of how this will never be made and how can people trust this company after the last fiasco. I'm so glad this thread is staying on track and giving positive vibes Thanks guys and keep it up!

#287 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Anyone gone on a buying spree in anticipation of the machine's arrival??

Ok seeing as this is my grail pin, I'm ashamed to say I have spent close to $2k getting my "shrine" ready for the pins arrival
I have the Neca Alien trophy head to put over the machine, a gorgeous sculpt for a topper and the 33" long Alien Queen plus multiple other items As you can guess I'm so excited for this pins arrival

#292 8 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

You guys sure do LOVE the upcoming Pinball Brothers Alien...

Yes we do! Good job on the art very cool.

#303 8 months ago
Quoted from kklank:

That’s cool! Post some photos.

So here's pics of the trophy head to put on the wall behind the machine and pics of the sculpt to use as a topper
That was the plan but I didn't realize how big the sculpt is, it's 33" x 21" x 19" I may have to hang the trophy head on the wall to the side of the machine lol, first world problems, either way it's going to be BAD ASS!

s-l1600 (1) (resized).jpgs-l1600 (2) (resized).jpgs-l1600 (3) (resized).jpgs-l1600 (4) (resized).jpgs-l500 (1) (resized).jpgs-l500 (2) (resized).jpgs-l500 (resized).jpg
#307 8 months ago

New facebook post by Pinball Brothers...

Link to video...


pasted_image (resized).png
#308 8 months ago


Play (resized).JPG
#311 8 months ago


#333 8 months ago
Quoted from Chopper36:

On the new Super Pinball podcast they said that PB had a firmware issue which is now fixed.Also said Melissa will be getting 2 this week

Wow this is great news! I just listened to the podcast and it is confirmed around 17.30 mark is when they say it. Hopefully this means that next week we will get to finally see some video of game play! I can't wait

#335 8 months ago

Getting ready just need the machine now

20210130_162157 (resized).jpg20210130_162214 (resized).jpg20210130_171013 (resized).jpg
#358 8 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

Chappie's thread is dope!

Thanks guys, We just need to keep everything upbeat and positive vibes here.

I agree with Zablon I don't think Cointaker will be asking for the balance until they have games in stock or until at least they have shipping manifests and know when they will arrive Stateside. That would be the right thing to do IMO. Nobody heard from Melissa this week to see if those games arrived yet?

#365 8 months ago
Quoted from Chopper36:

Found this on the Bradford Exchange could be possible topper

Still like mine better 22" tall

s-l1600 (4) (resized).jpg
#378 8 months ago

Looks so cooooolll. We want more please

#380 8 months ago

it's alive lol

#414 8 months ago

Well I guess it was bound to happen. I have been trying to keep this thread as positive as I can. But it appears that some people aren't happy unless they are complaining about something. Please if you want to complain just go to the other thread there is a lot of whining going on in that thread. Most of the people in here are super excited to be able to get in on their grail pin for a price that is unheard of. We are happy to sit in our "bubble" and wait this out. Could PB do better marketing and show more of the product? Absolutely! But we aren't running the company or building the machines, so I for one will take the little tidbits they offer and keep on waiting, because I'm certain that this game will materialize sooner rather than later. There are many ways to look at how they are marketing this and I must admit that they are going through their due diligence to make sure that the game that ships to the consumer is as bug free as they can get it because they know of all the history good and bad that surrounds it, if that means we have to wait another month or two to get a much better game experience then so be it. I will continue to wait and watch for any new posts from them and report them here as soon as I can. I just want this thread to be as positive as it can because come on guys this is one hell of a pinball machine and it's going to be well worth the wait.

2 weeks later
#448 7 months ago

New update from Pinball Brothers on their Face book page...

new play (resized).JPG
#451 7 months ago

Some good information here from Pinball Brothers Facebook page...

Capture (resized).JPG
#453 7 months ago

just read in the "other" thread that a pinsider reports that Melissa from CT should be getting 5 games next week by air and will be streaming video of it. I sure hope this is true it would definitely bring some sunshine to this guy

#455 7 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

Yes Chappie. She responded to my email with the same information on Monday. I've got a good feeling. I'm a very lucky guy and unless my streak is over we will all be enjoying our games someday very soon. This is going to be an epic two year period for my collection. Started 2020 off with a sweet TZ right before the lockdown. Then during lockdown I picked up a GB, DP, MBr and an Alien by Heighway. This year I got my flash gordon back from a damn near hep quality restoration ( all thanks to pinsider 2fun). On top of waiting for alien remake I also get to pick up a Lebowski next weekend. Very lucky indeed!

Wow just Wow! Have you been playing the Lottery recently? That is quite a collection you have going there, congratulations! You must have a very understanding significant other
I do hope you're lucky streak continues and we all get our games soon, what a day that is going to be

Seriously my friend nice collection

#465 7 months ago

Llabnip1972 that Flash is gorgeous!

#472 7 months ago
Quoted from c818919taylor:

Wonder if Pinball Brothers are increasing the strike speed of the Xenomorph tongue.

Now that would be COOL!

#490 7 months ago
Quoted from tk375:

Whats up people. Just heard the first batch of Machines just arrived in Pennsylvania. I am in for an LV. I wonder how much longer we have to wait for those.

Where did you hear that?

#495 7 months ago

I actually spoke to Melissa today and she told me that they were supposed to get theirs on Monday by DHL but they still haven't delivered it to them. It's in Harrisburg. So here's hoping that they can get it delivered soon and we can finally see some game play

#497 7 months ago
Quoted from tk375:

Now, can someone answer my original question?

I would say don't expect an LV delivered until the late fall, if they make enough SE's then I would think August for the details of the LV's that's just my opinion based on nothing but how far behind they are on the current batch.

#514 7 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

Chappie will have none of that!


#518 7 months ago


Can't wait for tomorrow

#520 7 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Heard from Cointaker:

Keep the good news coming!

Apparently I'm #24 on the list so I will probably be in the container group

#524 7 months ago

Here's a link to the video, looks great!


#525 7 months ago


Mods, now a game has shipped can this thread be put back in the Club threads?

#527 7 months ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

Does the xeno mouth function?

I was wondering the same thing, why they didn't show the biggest part of the game and also the hyper lock function. Hopefully there will be a full stream soon. But it's great to see one on US soil at last.

#532 7 months ago

All I know is that I'm #24 I got that from Melissa

I thought the first run was 100 but that's unconfirmed

3 weeks later
#544 6 months ago

A quick video of the Xeno from France Flipper on Facebook


It's coming Guys!!!!!!!!!

#548 6 months ago

Here's the video link from Pinball Brothers Facebook page..


1 week later
#555 6 months ago
Quoted from Sijcolo:

Any updates on shipping?

They're starting to appear...

Tilt (resized).JPG
#559 6 months ago
Quoted from RETROCENGO:

Hi guys, i filmed the Pinball Brothers Alien today, i hope its okey, that i share my youtube video here:

Thanks for sharing the video I love your enthusiasm while unboxing, that is just how I'll be when I get mine
Hopefully the first of many videos to be posted.

#560 6 months ago

thanks to Manny65 for posting this reply to the issues that RETROCENGO had with his Alien

"PB posted a reply on RETROCENGO Youtube clip "We think that the bass cable and the right loudspeaker cable might be switched. The sound should be pretty good - especially with the fat bass speaker you have in the cabinet’s bottom And as an advanced tip: remove the backglass and find the bass boost knob below the screen, left of the speaker cables..."

David Thiel also commented "I finally watched the entire video. couple things.... looking at the cabinet speaker, that is a good looking driver and should be able to deliver good bass. Having talked with the Pinball Brothers I know that they have a commitment to audio so this is a big surprise. I suspect that it is an assembly problem with switched wires.... Hopefully soon , I will be able to hear a PB Alien in the Northwest so I can evaluate it. The PB audio system was designed to kick ass better than the original. If it is not, there is a problem."

Hopefully a simple fix and can't wait to check out one in person"

Guys let's keep this thread going as we've all been patient waiting for games and now that they're shipping our patience is paying off. No need to jump ship and start a whole "New" thread, just so the same things can be said again.

#563 5 months ago
Quoted from RETROCENGO:

I'm truly honored to read all your amazing comments of my Alien unboxing video part 1. Love all the positive vibes here.
In the mean time, I filmed more, making part 2 looking closer at the audio issue.

Thanks again for sharing more video, So glad it was such an easy fix! I really love your excitement and enthusiasm for this game, you're passion is fueling all of us waiting for ours to be delivered. Keep up the great work.

#564 5 months ago

Guys, our thread is back where it belongs in the Clubs sub-forum! I had asked robin to move the thread back almost a week ago and he apologized for the time it has taken but as you an imagine he has been really busy with the new server. But we are back now and that is what really matters, Thanks to robin

Bring on more un-boxing videos!

#565 5 months ago

I just received my invoice from Cointaker for the balance of the payment for the game.
They must be close now, I'm emailing Melissa now

#567 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Just paid myself.

I don't normally pay in full until the game is at their dock. I don't want it to be stuck on a ship for the next 2 months

#569 5 months ago
Quoted from joetechbob:

Is that even negotiable?

I just spoke to Melissa and Pinball Brothers are putting games on a ship within the next 7 days and cointaker wants to have the funds in hand as they have to send payment when the ship leaves. She said they won't send anything until she has the tracking number for the ship and will then send the tracking number to all who have paid in full so you can track it yourself. She said they won't be going to Los Angeles the ship will be going to either Maryland or New York. So she thinks around 3 weeks on the ocean. By those calculations it looks like we will be really close to having machines by Memorial Day weekend

Things are looking up, I'm now officially getting excited

#576 5 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

Crickets out here for me......

According to Melissa I was #24 on the list, so if they shipped the first 4 and then 22 on the ship I just made the cut by 2
Do you know what number you are?

#578 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I asked what # I am and was just told that if I got the full invoice, that mine is on that shipment.

Sorry brother

#585 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

? I got my invoice this week and paid in full.

Sorry bro I thought you were saying that you hadn't heard anything. Congrats! I just paid in full also. It will be fun to track the ship across the Atlantic though

#590 5 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

Now I really need to start getting serious about selling my OG

Why not keep both like RETROCENGO

#633 5 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

I’m paid in full. Hopefully the container ships this week. Hopefully by the end of May I’ll be flipping a new Alien!!

You and I both brother

#650 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Looks like the first shipment of 4 units finally arrived at Cointaker and are being trucked onwards. I just got a shipment email. It is finally happening!

Congratulations to the 4 lucky people getting these first. We will have to watch the game through your eyes while ours are on a boat coming on the Atlantic

Looking forward to more pics and videos

#694 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

I had a chance to put a dozen games on it this evening and made a short video showing some of the lighting effects. I’d like to do some gameplay video but

The playfield looks like a mirror, absolutely beautiful Thanks for taking the time to share, I know you have had a lot of cleaning up today, so 2 big thumbs up for thinking of us.

The rest of us now get to stare in envy as we await the arrival of our games.

#703 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Here are some comments on my Day 1 w/ Alien SV.

Thank you so much for a nice honest detailed write up with your first day experience with the machine. Small annoyances are always expected with a NIB purchase and I'm happy to see even the bigger issue with the fuse was fixed rather quickly. It appears as if PB support is looking good. I know a lot of people have expressed concern over this. Congratulations and I look forward to your game play video.

1 week later
#814 5 months ago

If you missed tonights stream from Karl at IEPinball here's the link to watch...



#829 5 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

It's been three weeks since the invoices went out. Anyone hear anything about the shipment?

Yeah, crickets on my end too. I hope that they are ironing out a few of the small issues that we've seen on a couple of streams. Like the Xeno head not working every time and the stand up targets sticking like we saw on Karl's stream. Small things but hopefully most are fixed by a software update. We shall see soon enough I hope. The game looks great though

#840 5 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Wait for the LV , I am thinking it's gonna be very cool....If not I will flip it for Gilligan's Island to Red_Devils

or Golden Girls lol

#841 5 months ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Checking in on opinions... are there any alien machines possibly available for the current delivery? Should I wait for the LV?

The first quarter run has been sold out for months, and they still haven't been delivered, I'm not sure if the 2nd quarter run has sold out yet but seeing as though we are already nearing the end of the 2nd quarter I wouldn't expect to see them until September or later. Like EightBallTexas says, you may want to hold out for the LV which is expected to be revealed in a couple of months but I don't expect them to be shipped until the end of the year. But we shall see.

#880 5 months ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

Do we know how many people fell into each batch?

As far as I know there are 24 in this shipment. I don't know how many were included in the 1st quarter shipping.

#912 5 months ago

So thanks to Lethal_Inc I got the shipping document, the name of the ship is NAVIOS INDIGO and I found where you can track this online, at the moment the ship is heading to Aliaga Turkey with a dock date of 0500 UTC so it's obvious it's not going to make it to Italy by the same day which is what is on the shipping document. As I've never tracked a ship before I was unaware that the ports shown are where it's been and not where it's going lol. You don't see the next port of call until the ship is underway. According to the shipping document the container is a 20ft one. It will dock in New York around the 6th of June with delivery to Cointaker on June 10th. Anyone on the first shipment interested in tracking the ship can find the details here...

Happy Tracking

#920 5 months ago
Quoted from manadams:

Well it would be nice to know if I'm in the first shipment but not going to bug Melissa every day about it. Thanks for sharing!!!

If you paid in full you will be in the first shipment

#928 5 months ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Red Devil found out the delivery date, why can't she?

If you read my post that is an approx. date. They are supposed to be delivered to Cointaker on the 10th of June, but if you look at the ship it's obviously behind right now. It was supposed to be in Italy tonight but it's in Turkey, that is what the document said and that is what she would report to you. Now when the date is missed a lot of people would be upset again with her when it's not her fault, as someone said earlier the only one that can tell us when it will reach New York is the Captain. The document that was sent to her is in Italian so I did my best to translate it and then did a search on Google on how to track ships and that is what I posted. Melissa has a lot to do in her regular job without having to translate documents. She has done exactly what she said she would do by keeping us informed to the best of her ability. So please give her a break. Here is an image of the document that I got from Lethal_Inc (Thank You) Please look at it yourself and translate if you feel it's not right be sure to let us know.

#984 4 months ago

So we have finally arrived in Italy and hopefully it won't be much longer

Arrived (resized).JPG
#985 4 months ago

A little amazed that someone would take the tracking information I posted here and then take it and post it in the other thread smh

#991 4 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

So this shipment might actually be arriving in the NYC port by June 6th as described in the shipping confirmation. Sure hope so.

It all depends on how many stops it makes before NYC It's already 5 days later in Italy then the shipping document said, I would probably say it's going to be 5 days later in NYC say by June 11th. maybe we can have a pool closest to the date without going over when it arrives in NY

#996 4 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

Uh... i got it from the shipping info that was sent to me... not your post. Second of all, I didn't realize there was some rule about which thread to post to.... not sure what difference it makes. I'm reading both threads.

No big, it's ok

#1000 4 months ago

Lethal_Inc You called it, the ship is stopping in Spain

1 week later
#1050 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I'm curious about how many of these new ones have sold so far and how many are just waiting for LV info. Hoping they sell the crap out of these.

I saw these also and they look really cool. I don't think they will fit the new machine as it's a B/W cabinet. Sure would be sweet if they can do some modification to them so that they will fit. Either that or PinGraffix can make some of their PowerBladez for the new one.

I think we should have our machines by the end of the month if the ship makes it to NY by the 11th

#1072 4 months ago

I am hoping that we will be playing by the 4th July holiday weekend. So excited

Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Our ship has arrived!! Won’t be long now. So what, another week to get to Cointaker and then maybe another week to us?

#1074 4 months ago

I've been trying to get a hold of Melissa for a week now. I've been asking if Cointaker has any widebody Voodoo glass in, I want to get a sheet ready for the new arrival. Has anybody heard anything?

#1087 4 months ago

Update: Cointaker now has the Voodoo widebody glass available on their site, $269+$25 Shipping. Go grab a sheet for your new Alien

#1093 4 months ago

I just received a shipping confirmation email from Cointaker, woohoo!

#1104 4 months ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

Are the games shipping from the batch scheduled for 6/8 or the earlier container?

These are the ones from the earlier container

#1112 4 months ago

I just got the scheduling email from FedEx and have it scheduled for Monday the 21st in the morning. Could have had it for Friday but I won't be around. That's ok though will give me time over the weekend to get the game room ready for the delivery. So excited woohoo!!!!!

#1118 4 months ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Your one of the lucky 6 people who get a pallet. The rest of us have to wait until they can get more pallets

I'm sorry you have to wait a little longer my friend, but I'm sure it will be real soon. I didn't know they hadn't come on pallets till someone posted earlier

But you're always welcome to come and play a few games if you need to in the meantime

#1145 4 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

LV-426 has landed. First stream with be tomorrow (6/20/2021 at 8pm EST) on Twitch - twitch.tv/hurryuppinball

Great unboxing video, I will be watching your stream tomorrow night as mine arrives on Monday

#1175 4 months ago

Took delivery of my Alien this morning but I'm unable to start a game. I get 2 error messages, 1. Pinball Missing I have taken out the balls and added them multiple times tried re-seating connections all to no avail, and the second message is switch error. Also all the bottom of the play field looks washed out like Easter colors and none of the lamp tests work on the bottom third of the paly field. I have opened a ticket with Pinball Brothers.

#1186 4 months ago
Quoted from digitaldocc:

Can you take a picture of the playfield issue?

Not a very good pic but I think you get the color, in Lamp Test menu the lights don't flash on the lower 2/3 of the playfield but the top ones do.

20210621_142026 (resized).jpg
#1190 4 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

My sympathies to Red_devils. What a huge bummer that you get a bricked machine. I'm watching this with much interest. Time for the Hermanos to step up

Thanks, but I went in with eyes open, a new release is bound to have teething issues. I'm confident that Pinball Brothers will be in touch tomorrow to offer assistance, I have submitted a ticket and have sent Melissa an email detailing the issues, so soon hopefully I will be killing Aliens
I will post updates in the thread as to any fixes that they offer and then hopefully that will help others who may encounter issues out of the box.

#1257 3 months ago

Just wanted to update the room with the response I received from Pinball Brothers support, even though it took 24 hours to finally get a response I was able to do a Skype call with Cato, what a super nice friendly guy. We went through the issues on my game and found it was because of a bad Cat-5e cable, luckily I had a spare cable at home and I replaced it and boom, all the lights were now functioning, along with the trough not detecting balls and the targets not registering. I'm putting a picture in this post circling the cable that was causing all those issues for anyone else that may experience this problem.

So another note, every new game I get the first thing I do is replace the stock balls with Ball Baron carbon balls and this was no exception, but this was a strange thing, after I got off the call with PB, I played a game and I noticed that the balls were not seating correctly in the trough, this caused a lot of problems with balls not being fed for multiball, to balls not being detected drained and a never ending Sentry Guns mode. I took the Ball Baron balls out and replaced them with the stock ones and the game played normally, balls dropping in the trough as they should. I'm really scratching my head on this one. I checked the diameter of the stock compared to Ball Baron and they are identical. Unless the stock balls are somewhat heavier I'm completely lost as to why the others wouldn't work. I have asked PB if there is a difference in their balls as this could cause some headaches down the line when it's time to change the balls.

So now the game is working great and it's totally addicting, so happy I jumped on this. PB said they are still working on the software update and it's coming soon. There is a lot they are doing for the update, including updating the operating system that is under the game system, if I said that right lol, along with many bug fixes and enhancements. If this is the way the support is in the future and you have qualms about the game I would say definitely go for it! It's just too good to miss out on. The build quality of the game is fantastic, the playfield is like a sheet of glass and it sounds fantastic. Word of warning though once I turned it on the audio was set to the highest level and man was it loud the dogs ran out of the game room

One question for other owners, did anyone get a coin box? I thought it strange there wasn't one.

Thanks for reading the book lol.
Red_Devils Out...

20210624_085043-1 (resized).jpg20210624_090818 (resized).jpg20210624_090846 (resized).jpg20210624_090904 (resized).jpg20210624_090910 (resized).jpg20210624_090915 (resized).jpg20210624_090927 (resized).jpg
#1258 3 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

The good news is my first experience with Pinball Brothers tech support is super positive. They're offering to do a Skype call and seem totally comitted to fixing the problem. Will keep you posted.

You will enjoy the support with the Skype call. If you get Cato tell him Hi. He was great at diagnosing the issue with my game and although it was fixed in about 20-30 mins I still spent about an hour on the call with him chatting about the game and what design features they are changing in future releases. I'm sure they will have you up and running in no time.

#1265 3 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

I know you bought some mods awhile back , remind us what they are and get to work bro putting them in. It's been 24 hrs now...lol

Now that you have it and you upgraded the glass, anything else come to mind?

Yeah, got the Voodoo glass from Melissa, it's a great upgrade. I didn't really buy any "mods" per se for the machine, it's really packed as it is. the only otherr things I would like is to see if Pingraffix will be doing some of their Power blades for this machine, if not I think the dark mirror blades would look great. I have asked Melissa if she knows what shaker motor will work and where it would be powered from. I have a few more of the collectable figures from sideshow collectables just don't have a shelf right now to put them on \

I'm sure one of the mod makers will start a thread for Alien mods soon enough

#1278 3 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

FYI, when I first got my Alice Cooper pin, I changed out the stock balls with the Pinball Life ones and after a time I started having this intermittent problem with balls not setting down in the trough. Turned out to be magnetized balls. There had been a defective batch at that time, and I got a bad set. Changed them out and never had another problem.

Hmmmm, brand new unopened bag of 50 balls from Ball Baron carbon, I will have to check that out later. Thanks!

#1281 3 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Definitely sounds like the balls had become magnetised (I've seen this sort of behaviour in other games). Ball Baron state that "if a machine has aggressive magnet usage, there is still a small chance the ball may become magnetized over time", however given it's only been a couple of days it does sound like the batch you received are quite susceptible to becoming magnetised.

A couple of days, more like 10 minutes, it was the first game I played after PB help me fix the issue from out of the box

#1287 3 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

I'm not going to touch my balls tomorrow

Well they aren't magnetized I just tested them with a paper clip and they're the exact same diameter. So I'm at a loss I don't have a scale to weigh them, maybe European balls are heavier than US balls

delt31 These are opposite the ones that came with the game are shiny and the others are dull.

#1288 3 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

In hypersleep until unboxing tomorrow evening

How can you wait another day? I took a half day off work to unbox mine I was so excited, you are a stronger man then I am.

#1326 3 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

What is the best way to contact PB to open a service ticket? How do I initiate communication with Cato? Thanks.

Here is the link to open a ticket with PB, I ended up logging in with my Facebook account instead of creating one just an FYI.


Good luck Cato is a fantastic guy and will resolve your issues quickly. Just note that he is located in Norway and there is a 7 hr time difference from CST.

#1328 3 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Trying to switch the left and right speakers but I can’t get the back box cover off. How do you remove this plastic translite?

Use the key found in the door and pop open the lock then lift the Translite with the 2 holes in either end

#1358 3 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Sent emails, tried to sign up for the customer support ticket but need password to login

See my post earlier. I used my Facebook to log in to open a ticket. It should work for either Google, Facebook or Twitter I think.

#1374 3 months ago

For all you early adopters out there it looks like I'm the victim of the "sticky targets", here is the post from Pinball Brothers about them...

I have already been in contact with Cato and advised him, he said they will be sending me replacements.
I have also noticed that my right ramp opto isn't working and hasn't since day 1. I was checking the audits and noticed that my right ramp had 0 hits, I was like I know I've hit that a bunch of times. Talked to Cato and he said to check the LED under the playfield and make sure it's lit, it was, then I tried adjusting the opto housing but still nothing. I'm waiting to hear back from Cato.
Ah the life of us early adopters I'm positive that they will get me a new one soon but it does make it a bit difficult to complete any missions when you can't hit the right ramp lol.

#1440 3 months ago
Quoted from dri:

Is anyone's game working 100% OOB?

I don't think so as far as I've seen. Granted most of the issues are small, a couple have bigger issues like a bad node board. I feel bad for those guys.

Personally, I've had a bad CAT-5e cable easily fixed with the help from PB, I currently have sticky targets as mentioned in their bulletin, PB are sending me the new targets next week, I guess I could take a Dremel to them like some have some but I'm not there yet I also had the trough issue where the plunger would stick up too far not allowing the balls to go to the end of the trough, another easy fix following the PB bulletin. I have updated the software to the 2.2 version but it hasn't helped with the Xeno catching and eating the ball My one issue that I haven't been able to fix is my right ramp opto is bad, but PB are sending me a new one with the targets. It's a pain because it makes it almost impossible to finish any of the modes or to get to the multipliers.

So as far as I'm concerned I have no buyers remorse over this pin I went in with eyes wide open and fully excepted to be doing some tweaking along the way. if you're not ready to tweak and fix minor issues then I guess owning a pinball machine at home isn't for you. With the support I have received from PB I'm sure they will get my remaining issues fixed in due time. I waited for six months for the machine to arrive waiting a little longer to fix it is no big deal.

I don't think this machine is having any worse issues than that of Stern, JJP or any other "new" title out of the box, JJP are having major playfield issues again, Stern with their latest release are having the weld break on diverter brackets and people are resorting to welding their own machines to fix them. Couple that with broken plastics with the same machine, when put in perspective I think PB have done a fine job with their first machine. The people who were prepared to wait for a year will be the ones who benefit from all the tweaking us early adopters have had to go through as all the fixes will be in the newest builds. There's nothing new here that we all haven't seen before. We get to play a fantastic machine that has been financially out of our reach for years, anyway enough rambling and back to playing.
Keep flipping guys

Red Devils out...

#1459 3 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

No, but I just tossed them in the coinbox after lifting the playfield a few times.

Coinbox, you got a coinbox???????

#1475 3 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

I've submitted about 18 tickets at this point

Wow! I'm not sure if creating a separate ticket for each issue is the way to do it. I created my one initial ticket and then piggy backed on that same ticket for all the other things I experienced (sticky targets, opto issue, etc) Cato has been fantastic in answering each and every time. But I think you are right he does need help, but where else can you get support from one of the actual programmers of the game, who's trying his best to write code and fix issues put out service bulletins and answer help tickets! It does appear that my Opto issue may in fact be a board problem after further investigation with Cato, I unplugged both connectors for the opto on board 6 and the green LED stays on, Cato said that isn't supposed to happen. he is testing/programming a new board on Monday and will ship it out to me. I mean the customer support from Pinball Brothers is excellent, sure we have to deal with the time difference and we want them to respond within minutes, but that's just human nature. I for one couldn't be happier with the level of support and if you're on the fence about ordering one of these machines, don't be. By the time yours is shipped I'm positive all these minor issues will have been addressed and you will be playing one of the best machines for theme integration and just sheer fun you can get. In the crazy current climate of pinball pricing this machine is the deal of the year for what you get for your money.

#1479 3 months ago
Quoted from Averell:

can someone tell me what thread the Phillips screws have that attach the flipper assembly to the playfield?
Heighway uses screw-in sleeves here, where the Phillips screws are screwed in.
Where can I get these?

Are these the screws you are asking about? I don't know what the thread is but I do know it's a 6mm hex head and would hazard a guess that the thread is also 6mm, sorry I don't know what the pitch is

Flipper (resized).JPG
#1484 3 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

I received my replacement Opto PCBs and they did not fix the problem with BALL LOCK 1 Opto (Elevator 1 Opto 57). So it looks like my problem is also with that PCB (Alien Playfield Board 8).

It appears that it's Alien Playfield Board 6 on mine, funnily enough that is the same board that I had the initial issue with the bad CAT-5e cable, coincidence?
Who knows, but with the help of Cato in support I'm confident we both will be shooting Aliens without any more issues soon enough He did want me to test the opto boards themselves by plugging it in to Playfield Board 8 #68 but I'm unsure of how to tell if it registers since it is in a different spot so how do I do an edge test?

I'm sure I read earlier in this thread that someone else is having issues with Playfield Board 6 but I think his is a lot worse, by saying the whole right side of his playfield switches aren't registering, with mine it's just the right ramp doesn't register, which does make it impossible to finish any of the modes

Pinball Brothers have already shipped out my skinny target replacements and the new opto boards, they just moved quicker than Cato would have liked because now he's sure that it's the board that has the issue and not the opto boards. But he said he will ship me a new Playfield Board 6 and a coinbox next week. the support from Pinball Brothers is exceptional!

#1486 3 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

You can just look at that green LED under the playfield where the opto plugs in

Thank you!

#1506 3 months ago

I have purchased 3 shooter rods from Shooter Skill Shots and his quality has always been the very best! I have ordered both the Start button and the launch button I will post pics once installed

#1508 3 months ago
Quoted from Averell:

That's much better... available for HW-ALIEN but sold out.

That is really cool, but why tease us if it's only for the HW version and sold out?

#1527 3 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

If you are having issues with drained balls not registering,

Craig, I really love your little "how to" videos. Keep them coming my friend!
This issue is documented on Pinball Brothers website here...
https://pinballbrothers.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/80000711505-trough-adjustments (You will need to log in via your Facebook or Google account though) I did this on my machine but I used a Torx T-20 bit not a T15 as you say in your video.

Great job, I'm sure lots of owners will appreciate it.

#1530 3 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

I ended up buying a set of metric nut drivers

Yeah me too Dang Europeans and their metric lol. I must admit I haven't experienced that issue with the eject hitting the plastic Is 25% the lowest it will go? I found this post from earlier regarding the power of the eject issue it may help you out..


I'm not having a lot of luck with the Xeno grabbing the ball for ambush. I have updated the code to 2.2 and I've watched your videos and it doesn't seem to matter if it's left or right flipper. I can maybe get it 1 of 3 times I have increased the magnet strength to 20% higher and then on the next one it grabbed it woohoo! but the next 2 times it didn't "sigh" this game is incredibly addicting though, it is the whole package and it really draws you in. I'm absolutely loving it even with some of the niggly problems we are having to do.

Keep those videos coming brother you're a great asset to the community, I actually asked to have the flipper fix video to be marked as the first key post here in the club.

#1534 3 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Here’s a new one. My left post broke.

Whoa! Sorry about that, the only issue I've had with a post is the one below the upper right flipper, it came loose a couple of times so I put a bit of blue Loctite on it then tightened it and it's stayed put ever since. I guess it's because I suck at hitting the right orbit and keep hitting the post I know play better lol

1 week later
#1608 3 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

No buy in button on remake. I'd miss that.

just set it to 4 balls instead of 3 then

#1623 3 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Is there a way to strengthen the magnet under the xeno? I don't get many grabs at mb start unless it's an indirect shot.

There is a setting in the menu to increase the magnet strength, I have tried it because I have the same issue, that is it doesn't seem to be grabbing many balls for Ambush or Newt multiball. But it made no difference I brought it up with Cato on my last Skype call with him. He suggested putting some foam behind the targets of the Xeno to stop the ball getting any "air" on hard shots, unfortunately that didn't really help. I said to him that it seems more like a timing issue in the software, that once the target is hit it takes a few extra milliseconds to activate the magnet and by then the ball has already moved past the magnet. he said they are definitely looking in to this to make it more dependable because this is one of, if not, the main feature of the game. I hope they can figure it out soon. When the Xeno actually grabs the ball it never gets old seeing it

#1637 3 months ago

I just installed the Start and Launch buttons from Bill at Super Skill Shot Shooters. As always his products are beautifully made. I had to wait for the 12v bulbs to come in from Comet before installing as brado426 noted earlier in the thread As he also stated the "lugs" for the spade connectors are smaller on the Pinball Brothers version and I just took my Dremel to shave them down a little. I did send a picture to Bill and let him know for future orders. please forgive my video, I thought by changing to "landscape" it would be better but oh well

Alien Switch (resized).jpg
#1638 3 months ago

From my earlier post regarding the "issues" I was having with the game.

1: I received the new Version 2 of the "skinny" targets from pinball Brothers and I still went ahead and sanded the edge as shown in the earlier post. (see pic) because they still appeared that they could get suck closed with a hard enough shot. I installed them and they've been working without any problems now.

2: I also received the coin box, which was missing in the game in another package from Cato.

3: I got a new Alien Playfield Board 6 to fix the issue with the right ramp opto not working and I'm happy to report that replacing the board fixed that issue.

So as of right now my game is playing without any issues whatsoever. i had no doubt that Pinball Brothers would make everything ok, Cato in support has been nothing short of incredible. The last thing that is on Cato's radar is to tweak the software so that the Xeno catching the ball is more consistent. Adding foam behind the targets didn't help me much as I'm convinced it's a timing issue in the software. I'm confident that they will get this done.

This game is so addicting and immersive and I'm loving it!

Red Devils out...

9ca47d819f51a357f8c71a7384c2272ad8877637 (resized).jpg
#1643 3 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

By the way... there is no need to shave off any lugs. Just use the switches that came with the PB Alien. I recommended to Bill that he not include switches at all to avoid confusion.

You could also do that, it's 5 minutes work either way, no big deal

Quoted from brado426:

Hmm... I bought 12V comet bulbs also,

I'm sorry my friend I should have mentioned that I also got 2 bulbs from Cointaker (#161 12v) which fit perfectly and those are the ones I used, because like you I found that the one from Comet wouldn't fit the Start button.

#1645 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

How many switches are we talking about?

If you mean the "skinny" targets there are 5 that were replaced. I did tell Pinball Brothers about ti and they said they are working on Version 3 of these switches. But mine are now working perfectly.
When I got the replacements I did notice that if you push them then they "could" stick I just wanted to be proactive and not take any chances that it could happen. Each one takes a few minutes to do. I did it before removing the original ones . It's so easy to remove and install pretty much anything on this game, it's made very modular. Changing the node board only took maybe 10 minutes.

#1648 3 months ago

So after reading through the "original" Alien thread while waiting for this one. I really liked the motion tracker mod. So I got in touch with the guy who made them originally and asked if he would be willing to revise the mod to work on the PB Alien, he said he would. So I'm happy to show you the fruits of his labor, here's a couple of pics of the motion tracker mod installed on my PB Alien. It's fantastic as anybody who has it installed on their original will tell you. If you are interested in getting one for your machine contact Vimtoman via PM for pricing and availability. He's a great guy to work with!
Sorry for the crappy pics they really don't do it justice.

20210717_164504 (resized).jpg20210717_164533 (resized).jpg