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Pinball-Browser : Customize your game !

By oga83

8 years ago

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Post #1 Description of capabilities and download link. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #600 How to find the names of the lamp matrix locations. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #858 Video on how to replace a song. Posted by Underspin (8 years ago)

Post #1432 Macro function explained. Posted by oga83 (7 years ago)

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#18 8 years ago

Wow. Just wow.
The images are fantastic enough, but if a song could be added even if only for Encore, that would be the best thing ever.

#30 8 years ago

Man, this little program is a blast to play with.
All kinds of cool things are on the chip that never get called in the game.
A lot of Steve Richie calls are at the very end. Just slide the sound system slider all the way to the right. He calls out all the band members and what they play or sing.
Slide it just bit left and he says more cool stuff, like "Awesome Bonus" and "I haven't had a bonus like that since 1992"
Just awesome stuff.
Wish it played a bit cleaner. Not sure why everything is a bit muffled and slowed down.

#31 8 years ago

I thought this thread would be rocking today.
Oh, well. Hopefully some more good news about this is on the way.

#39 8 years ago
Quoted from RobKnapp:

I feel stupid . I have no Idea what you people are talking about. PC inept is my middle name. Is this something that can be added to the game code. Like for my X-Men LE. Or is it just having fun and messing around with the code.

You are not stupid. It took me a bit to catch on to the potential here as well.
Basically the original poster has come up with a way to replace any still frame on the DMD with any photo you may already have.
He is using the giant STERN logo as an example of a good one to remove and replace with something better.
He is also working on getting animated video to be able to replace animated video.
Now, as cool at that is, he is going to try and get the audio clips to be replaceable as well.
This would open up a whole new world of stuff your pinball could do.
AC/DC is a great example as so many people have a favorite song that got left out of the original version.
Hope this helps, and that I got it all correct.

#40 8 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

I did run the Avengers sounds...they are hilariously sped-up.

Don't worry. The AC/DC sounds are not the correct speed right now either.

#61 8 years ago

My new favorite.
Steve Richie yells, "Fire at will....and I'm not Will."

#164 8 years ago
Quoted from Deadpool66:

Anyone inserted a custom song yet?

This will be the best part.
While the DMD section is cool. I do not have near the interest in it as I do being able to add songs and speech.

#173 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Next step will be sound track replacement by one of your choice...

This would be the most amazing step forward for me.
Can't wait to see if it comes true....
Thanks for all of your hard work on this program.

#176 8 years ago

AC/DC has tons of cool Steve Richie call outs that were never used.
I love it when he gets into his Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.
He even does the Terminator 3 pinball opening like Arnold, saying "Shoot here and here".
Funny stuff.

#208 8 years ago

1.61 has nailed it with the sound.
Listening to Let there be Rock right now as I type this and the speed is perfect.
I could tell it was a bit off in 1.60.

#215 8 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Has anyone tried replacing any one of the 12 songs in ACDC yet?

Hopefully that is just around the corner.
It would be cool if whoever does it first has the ability to share downloads so we don't all have to re-sample these things. Might be illegal with songs though, not sure what kind of gray area that is.
But it sounds rather simple if audacity is not too hard to use.

#319 8 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

My AC/DC now has Dirty Deeds very cool Thanks for putting this out.
» YouTube video
I replaced war machine.
Location: 308
War machine is 3:07 and Direct Deeds is 3:51 so I lost just a little of the song.
I used Audacity 24000 as directed in this post. I compressed the song some it sounds good but it is a little louder than the others so I need to work on it some more.
and I added this song
» YouTube video

This is Awesome.
I am leaving on vacation for a week, but hope to see more of this type of thing and some great instructions or downloads when I get back.
Like a dream come true here.

#337 8 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

I think I would keep FM as original studio songs that are used in the game and AM as other studio greatest hits that aren't originally used in the game.

Nice way to start out.
But then hopefully when Lyman adds the ability to play the game with the live version songs, then we can play either way. The original way, and then have a whole other version of the game with our favorite songs added.

1 week later
#448 8 years ago

Is WPC support something you would consider in the future?
Or is their system too proprietary or locked down to make it a viable option?

#451 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Do you mean Bally WPC ?

Yea. WPC is not a specific game, it is just most Bally Williams 90's dot matrix tables.

#481 8 years ago

Well we finally had some time to try and change out some songs on our AC/DC.
Everything went perfectly.

War Machine is now Girls Got Rhythm.
Let there be Rock is now Shoot to Thrill.
Hell ain't a Bad Place to be is now Dirty Deeds.

All I need to do now is read up on how to change the song titles on the DMD.
The graphics side of this program is not my strong point.
It is awesome to now be able to play my AC/DC like I would have wanted it.

Just in case somebody else wonders what to do after the update tells you it failed. (I had to just guess).
All you need to do is set the Dip Switch 11 back to on and remove the USB stick.
Then power off the machine and power it back on.
Thanks again for this awesome program.

#483 8 years ago

Hell ain't a bad place is 4:12 on the machine.
There are two studio versions of Dirty Deeds.
One is 4:11 seconds and the other is 3:51
I had the 3:51 version so I just copied and pasted the first few seconds of the song and put it at the end like it was starting over.
Worked really well.
If you can find the 4:11 version which I will probably do myself. That would fit perfect.

#484 8 years ago

Here is the studio song list locations for AC/DC to make it easy on everyone
The first number is the location in the program.
300 Back in Black 4:09
301 For those about to rock 5:43
302 He'll ain't a bad place to be 4:12
303 Hells Bells 5:13
304 Highway to Hell 3:31
305 Let there be Rock 5:59
306 Rock and Roll Train 4:18
307 Thunderstruck 4:51
308 TNT 3:33
309 War Machine 3:07
310 Rosie 5:19
311 You shook me all night 3:20

#512 8 years ago

I am more than happy to share my Bin file in a drop box if someone is interested just to hear what can be done.
I have changed the following songs. But have not yet learned how to change the graphic on the DMD. I am going to work on that next. Here are the three songs I changed and what I changed them to.
War Machine is now Girls Got Rhythm.
Let there be Rock is now Shoot to Thrill.
Hell ain't a Bad Place to be is now Dirty Deeds.

I also need to find a way to start with slightly louder original sound files. These are close to the same volume but could stand to be just bit louder. Overall I am quite happy with my new song choices. The cool thing about changing Let there be Rock is that now when a game is over the machine plays Shoot to thrill.

#513 8 years ago
Quoted from Rick432:

1) What happens if the new sound file is LONGER in duration than the original? It will get chopped off.

2) If SHORTER in duration? You will have silence for a bit.

3) Does this only affect the attract-radio and game jukebox mode/song select? Or are there specific short song clip excerpts that arise during the game that pull from the whole-song file? In other words, in the above example, would the game pull a small section "thinking" it was sampling a specific part of the War Machine file, but instead "accidentally" sample a random section from Shoot To Thrill, creating a nonsensical sound effect? Not sure yet, but it seems to pull from the new song.

4) Can one change radio mode of a song without affecting the music in the game? (At least besides by replacing any of the live tracks until live mode is programmed by Stern) Yes. This should be possible as the Live tracks have their own locations.

5) Can one change the text announcing the game modes to the changed songs?Yes.

6) So I would have to convert my mp3s into mono 24kHz bitrate wav files for this to work? (Using Audacity?) Yes.

7) Can I change the free game hiccup sound? Yes

#516 8 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

Ok so to change the songs you need songs that are close to the same length and need to be in wav format at 24000 bit rate. Does anyone have good volume setting with audacity when you convert a song from mp3 to wav?
It would be cool if there was a "dummies" version for peeps like me lol.

Here is a post below by "Pinballlooking"
that gives a tutorial on how to use Audacity with this program.
It is very informative and I am reposting it in case some of you missed it.

"I created a short How-To do the dirty deeds song replacement.
This should get you started. I am not an expert on this so any questions just post and hopefully someone will know the answer.
(To progress through the demo just use the green arrow at the bottom right. This uses Flash)
Using this method the song sounded good."

#524 8 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

I had a couple people ask me where I changed the text “WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE” to DIRTY DEEDS.
I just changed it just at 0x5B3 it changed it everywhere else for me.

This is what I need to do next, change the song titles.
I now have my song volume perfect thanks to the compression tutorial in another thread.
The three songs I added sound just like they came from the factory. I love it!!!!
How do I go about changing the text at 0x5B3 ?
I am not very familiar with the graphics side of this program.
The Audio was super easy to achieve.

#525 8 years ago

How do I save the sound in this link.
All it lets me do is listen. If I right click it, the file just wants me to upgrade to quicktime pro.

#529 8 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

Just open your rom select messages go to 0x5B3 double click the message you want to change.
Type in the new message save it is that simple. No messing with graphics to change the song titles.

Awesome. Thanks a lot.

#530 8 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

In IE right click on it and select save as target.

Not an option for me. my right click defaults to quicktime which will not let me save the file unless I purchase the pro version. Crazy.
I will have to figure out how to get around quicktime being my default.

#533 8 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

Right click on the link that is when you get the menu to save as target.
Don’t select it to play it first. If you can’t get it. PM me your email address I will send it to you.

I feel so stupid.
I was not right clicking the link.

#536 8 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

I didn't change the name of the original bin file. I did NOT verify, and after the final stage of the install, I got an error as expected. I then switched off dipswitch 8, and shut off the game. I powered it back on

This is exactly what I did and none of my high scores were reset.
Strange that yours did.

#541 8 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

I have a theory as to why my scores were not saved.
I was still running the previous version of the software before 1.65. I was actually doing a real version update (along with the new modifications). That may have been the difference.

That has got to be it.

#544 8 years ago

Just made my machine even better.
I have the sound levels perfect now for all songs, the text is changed for all songs, and I have now even changed out the Encore song for It's A Long Way to the Top.
Finally have the AC/DC I always wanted when it was announced.
If anyone wants to try out my Bin file just let me know and I will put it in a Drop Box for you.

Songs changed are:
War Machine = Girls Got Rhythm
Let there be Rock = Shoot to Thrill
Hell aint a Bad Place = Dirty Deeds
Encore song = It's a Long way to the top.

If anyone else wants to change their Encore song the location is 340.
It is 17:46 long and changed all the shorter calls automatically. Sounds fantastic.
Since It's a Long way to the Top Studio version is 5 min. long I just had it start over 4 times and fade out at the end. Works great.

#547 8 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

Very cool. Any luck finding “Song Champion” text?

We have searched everywhere to find the Song Champion text but no luck. I can't imagine where they hid it.

Thanks to everyone who asked for a share. I think I got the invites for Dropbox correct.
I have always had people share Boxes with me, and this was my first attempt at sending invites.
Hope they went through ok.

#548 8 years ago

Someone needs to make a layered Photoshop file for the jukebox card. I have changed songs, titles, albums etc and it bugs me like crazy that the jukebox doesn't match.

I plan on doing a new jukebox card at some point.
But if someone beats me to it, that would be awesome.

Here is a fun screenshot that shows when you change the song title text, it changes it everywhere for you.


#555 8 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

Im trying to update my acdc le with new songs and I keep getting a fail at the end trying to update "error code 8" usually that means the flash drive isnt working but Ive used the same flash drive to update it before also when I save the BIN file the one I have is labeled ACD165LE.BIN do I take off the LE portion of it when I save it or does it matter?

You will always get the "Update Failed" message with the new BIN file.
Simply slide the DIP switch back over and remove your USB stick.
Then power your machine off and then back on.
Enjoy your new songs.

#558 8 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

Thanks for the help you guys. I actually figured it out right after I posted that and I remember some people posting about errors and I didnt put two and two together. I do have a question though. Anyone thats changed songs out did you go through and change the little clips of songs so the game smoothly plays the start of the song over and over when you leave the ball in the shooter lane? I noticed Dirty Deeds works just fine but its not very smooth at transitioning the intro when I let it sit in the shooter lane, it sounds like it plays a little of it and cuts it off abruptly and doesnt sound as good as the other tracks because of this. Anyway thanks for all the help and this program is amazing and very easy to use.

The looping section will depend on which song you chose to replace. Every song in the Stern Code has a certain amount of seconds for looping. You would need to find that looping section of the code and replace it with whatever you wish to loop. However you are stuck with the amount of time that is originally coded so it may or may not fit perfectly.
I replaced my Hell aint a bad place to be with Dirty Deeds which loops for 8 seconds. Luckily it fits pretty good and I did not have to do any editing. It's not 100% perfect, but close enough.

#560 8 years ago

There has got to be a section of the messages that this program is missing somehow.
I have gone over them with a fine tooth comb, and the Song Champions are just not pulled from anything in here.
I thought for a moment it could be pulling them from the Adjustments page but all the songs in the Adjustments are abbreviated, and they are spelled out correctly on the DMD.
This little mystery is driving me crazy.

#562 8 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

Has anyone figured out the "song champion text mystery" yet?
I noticed two separate lines 0x5A9 (Hell Ain't A Bad) and line 0x5AA (Place To Be) that did not change when a global change was made to any line that had the whole song title.
I manually changed these two to "Dirty Deeds Done" and "Dirt Cheap" respectively.
When I tested it out with the modified rom, the text did not change. Anybody have any ideas?

Already thought of that as well.
But the reason this text does not change globally with the rest is that it is located on two lines.
What changed when you modified these two lines is the DMD screen on the very first ball plunge of Dirty Deeds. You will notice that the screen has the first part on the upper half and the second part on the lower half.
It is a quick screen and you have to look fast to even notice it as it only happens on the very first ball plunge.
The mystery continues.

#565 8 years ago

I would be happy to, but would require a plane ticket.
Hopefully someone near you can help out.
14 games sounds like fun.

#567 8 years ago

A bunch of people have my BIN file now. If you want to try it out just send me a PM and I will give you a Dropbox invite so you can grab it. The file is 114 MB and a bit too large for an email attachment.

#570 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

It's in a different table that is not (yet) processed by the app

I knew it. lol
I agree, it would be awesome to have access to this table as well.

#581 8 years ago

I am not sharing anything on Robins board.
He is free and clear.

#584 8 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Sharing links wouldn't be ideal.

We all understand your concern for Robin and his site.
No links are shared here. Even in the PM's.

#587 8 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I just compared the new Metallica rom (1.16) and it has:
11 new messages
2 new adjustments in the menu
171 new images
37 new sounds

Cool. Thanks for the update.
I downloaded the file last night so I could play around with it later today.

#591 8 years ago

This is indeed great news. Can't wait to mess with it.

#598 8 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

Thanks so much for 2.0!
Here is a picture of Dirty Deeds song Champion text changed.

Awesome news.
What did you search for to replace as I am not at home right now to mess with it?
Just Dirty Deeds in all caps or Dirty Deeds Champion in all caps?

#605 8 years ago

Thanks for the awesome update.
The new search string feature is great.
However, one song I am trying to replace has a longer title than the original.
There does not seem to be a way to use spare memory like in the original search.
Would this be possible to add or am I just missing something simple.

My Dirty Deeds and Shoot to Thrill are not a problem but Girls got Rhythm is more letters than War Machine.

#607 8 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

If you replace a song with a shorter song, does it loop properly? Obviously you can't have longer songs.

No. There will be silence until the original songs time is up then loop back.
What I do is start the song over and fade it out at the proper time.

#609 8 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

I was just about to ask the same thing.

Bump for oga83.
Waiting for your answer before I just abbreviate my song title on the song champion screen.

#611 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

No, it's not possible as we are not dealing here with pointers (to strings) : the program doesn't know which code is using a specific string, and thus cannot move it. However, it is possible to use the trailing spaces; the 2nd column in the list displays the used space versus the available one (for example 17/20 "WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE" means 17 char used among 20 available).

Thanks for the information.
Now, I can get to work.

#617 8 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

I had to go with "RIDE/LIGHTNING" in the firmware messages since I couldn't expand the number of characters used. On the regular messages I used the option to add the needed characters. I considered "RIDEDALIGHTNING" or "RideDaLightning", but decided against it.
That being said...I don't know where the game uses one type of message and where it uses the other. I will be trying it out at my friends tomorrow.

I had to do the same thing with Girls got Rhythm. Too long for War Machine.
In the end I just opted for GOT RHYTHM CHAMPION.
It works and gets the point across.
This is an awesome program that just keeps getting better.

#624 8 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

Success....however my available length for the songs is very short (they are all under one minute). I can only select a part of the song to import, but its working. ACDC is back with Ironman

Awesome. Glad you were able to get it working.
This program is one of the best things to come along for pinball.

#626 8 years ago

I have been messing with 3 BIN files now. AC/DC Premium, AC/DC Pro and Metallica LE.
Have not had a chance to do Metallica Pro yet.
Here are the Song locations and length for each machine that you would need to change.
When you change this one file it does all the little snippets as well.
Just posting this to hopefully save someone new to this some time. I already posted the AC/DC premium earlier, but included it here just to have them all together.

AC/DC Premium

300 Back in Black 3:20
301 For those about to Rock 5:43
302 Hell ain't a bad Place to Be 4:12
303 Hells Bells 5:13
304 Highway to Hell 3:31
305 Let there be Rock 5:59
306 Rock and Roll Train 4:18
307 Thunderstruck 4:51
308 TNT 3:33
309 War Machine 3:07
310 Rosie 5:19
311 Shook me All Night 3:20


178 Back in Black 4:09
182 For those about to Rock 5:43
186 Hell ain't a bad Place to Be 4:12
190 Hells Bells 5:14
194 Highway to Hell 3:31
198 Let there be Rock 5:59
202 Rock and Roll Train 4:18
206 Thunderstruck 4:51
210 TNT 3:33
214 War Machine 3:07
218 Rosie 5:19
222 Shook me All Night 3:30

Metallica LE

340 Battery 5:09
434 Creeping Death 6:34
497 Enter Sandman 5:30
569 Fade to Black 6:56
622 For Whom the Bell Tolls 5:09
660 Fuel 4:29
720 Master of Puppets 8:32
788 One 7:24
839 Sad but True 5:23
909 Seek and Destroy 6:50
988 The End of the Line 7:51
1053 The Unforgiven 6:26

#631 8 years ago
Quoted from gabegabegabe:

This is all very confusing. I found Battery at 340, but there are also identical length entries for Battery at 362 & 363. And I found Creeping Death at 426, along with identical length entries at 459 & 460. It seems like every song has multiple entries.

I am using METLE 1.16

Like Luvthatapex2 stated, the songs numbers that I listed are the ones that you need to change.
They are the control songs that all the other call outs come from.
It took me some time to figure out Metallica as it is a bit more complicated than AC/DC.
But I did a new Bin file for someone and replaced Unforgiven with Ride the Lightning.
It worked perfectly.

#637 8 years ago
Quoted from gabegabegabe:

Ok, let me make sure I get this straight, I found three locations for Battery that are the same length, 5:09. They are request #'s 340, 362 & 363. So, if i wanted to completely replace Battery, I would have to do so in all three locations.
I plan on playing with it over the next couple days. Can't wait to get rid of Unforgiven.

You can just replace 340 and enjoy.
No need to do 362 and 363.
This had me confused for awhile as well and is why I posted the list for others to use.
It works.

#646 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Are you talking about this : http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/10#post-951655 ?
It also works for images
Here is my ACD165LE.DAT file (rename .txt to .dat and save it in the same directory than you .bin file).

Nice. I had no idea this could be done, and I'm pretty good with this program.
This will be much easier then my pieces of paper I have scattered everywhere. lol

1 month later
#707 8 years ago

Quick bump for the most fun and useful thread on Pinside.
Still can't believe a thread with this much awesome info never got stickied.

3 weeks later
#740 8 years ago
Quoted from jackal2001:

Even though David Thiel rocks audio tracks and if I decide to buy a ST premium, I would love to work with someone on replacing the audio tracks. I have the soundtracks to both movies.
I also have an FTP server at my house for uploading and working on roms. I would just wait until later in the code to do it. We'll see.

That would probably be a good idea.
I'm sure Star Trek will go through many quick code updates and each one will erase any work you have done. Plus Stern always moves the music tracks on each code update and you have to search them all out again every time.

#743 8 years ago

As always. Amazing work.
Watching the DMD in the VGA mode was kind of like watching a video game of Doom.
Thanks for the update.

#757 8 years ago

Dont worry. For some reason, even though this is the best thread on Pinside it gets ignored by most people. Your videos are awesome and I would comment but I have not played either one of those games enough to be able to tell what is new and what is stock.

#759 8 years ago

Wow. Another great update.
iPad is not loading photos. Will have to check them out on the computer later.

#800 8 years ago

The file is too large for an email.
I'm not suggesting the sharing of files but if you had a large file to share with someone a website like Dropbox would be a great start

#810 8 years ago
Quoted from Asylum:

Agree 100% - however sharing info like what line number in the code has the theme song or a MB song is no issue and helps others save time. Like a few pages back with ACDC and MET locations of the songs in the file helps others.

Your welcome.

1 week later
#813 8 years ago
Quoted from Pintoxicated:

I am all new to this and had a quick look at it today. All seems to be relatively straight forward but my question is, there seems to be the full song and also a shortened version. It may be obvious to some but do I simply swap the full length song with another that is the same length of time that has been edited using Audacity as per the instructions and then do another edit on the new song for the shortened version to be the same length of time as the existing shorted version as well?
Can I say, many thanks for Pinball Browser as well. It adds another dimension to the machines now.

You just need to replace the longest version of the song. It will automatically do the shorter clips for you.

1 week later
#828 8 years ago
Quoted from Russo121:

Did Lyman ask how the song replacement was achieved? More importantly did he care?

Well, now the cat is really out of the bag.
I can't imagine Lyman would care, but if anyone could put the brakes on this, it would be him.
hopefully he enjoyed it.

#846 8 years ago
Quoted from Pintoxicated:

Just gave it a crack and all was good. I got the error message and didn't lose any settings, scores and the like.
I only replaced one song to see how it all went. The only problem was the song I added was not as seamless as the song I replaced. If I don't launch the ball within a few seconds, the music starts over but there is a small gap between the sound so it isn't quite right which is my doing.
Can anyone suggest some good song replacements that have worked well for them please? I don't need the songs or anything like that, just what song is a good match for a song already in the jukebox.

That part is kind of just the luck of the draw.
I have done many many different song swaps and here is the problem.
Stern has set the length of the looping clip to an exact time for the original song. So you would have to locate the exact request loop for that song and then hope that you could find a section of your song that sounds great with the same amount of time. This is not adjustable. I suppose you could make it sound a bit better, but it will require a lot of tedious work.
These are the songs I used. The short loops are not 100% perfect, but they do not really bother me, and the 30 or so people I have helped have never complained about the 10 second song loops.

War Machine = Girls got Rhythm or Who Made Who.
Let There be Rock = Shoot To Thrill
Hell ain't a bad place = Dirty Deeds
Encore tune = Long way to the Top

#851 8 years ago
Quoted from marlboroa:

I did my tron but all the songs I replaced are now very low volume. how can I make them louder? I did the +3 on the gain when I replaced the songs.

I agree 100% with Underspin. Compression is king as far as volume levels on the pin.
All of the files I do are compressed and very few have the gain raised any. It will usually start clipping on the highs when you mess with the gain.

#855 8 years ago
Quoted from Pintoxicated:

Re compression, I think what you are looking for is in Audacity. Got to 'effect' and then in that drop down menu there is 'compressor'

Yes. That is correct.
In Audacity, step 1 is to open your music file then from the "Tracks" drop down menu, choose "Stereo track to mono".
Step 2 is to choose "Compressor" from the "Effects" drop down menu and click on "OK".
Step 3 is to type in "24000" in the "Project Rate" box in the lower left corner.
Now is when you would edit your file for length.
Step 4 will be to choose "Export" from the File menu drop down box and Clear the "Meta Data" and Save.
Your file will now be ready for import into your Bin file.

Step 2 is show below just after making the track a mono track.
Just click the file and it will not be so blurry.


2 weeks later
#875 7 years ago

I wanted to save everyone as much time as possible.
Glad you could put it to good use.

3 months later
#1115 7 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

My apologies to all. I made the mistake of asking Gary Stern what he thought of pinball browser. He got a little hot under the collar, and let me know I was in breach of copyright laws and was illegally hacking his software. Next time you see him, don't ask. I love the product by the way.

I knew someday that would happen.
Hopefully he is so busy with other things that this will fade away from his memory.

2 weeks later
#1152 7 years ago

Awesome project and I will be donating for the new version.

#1169 7 years ago

Donation made. Thanks for this awesome program.

2 months later
#1304 7 years ago

For those who are going to use the new AC/DC file with the new 1.68 code, all the songs have been bumped up one number in the browser.
So instead of the studio songs being 300-311 they are now 301-312.
The live songs have been bumped up two spots for the most part. A couple of exceptions but easy to figure out.

#1313 7 years ago
Quoted from jrawlinson_2000:

Thanks for this, do you also know the id numbers for the respective songs so the track and text on dmd can be in 'sync'?

I can get them, but all you have to do is search the song title in the top search box that you want to replace. You will want to replace the first 3 that appear in the list. The ones below that are just Album and tour titles that really should not be changed. If I remember I will make a list tonight.

1 month later
#1339 7 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

If someone wanted to use the browser to just change the end of game "outro" song on ACDC how much work is involved? That is really all I want to do with it and don't want to spend 6 hours learning how to use it just for that. Not that it isn't an amazing piece of software, I just don't have that kind of spare time atm.

I am not at home so I don't have the exact spot for this, but yes, it is possible.
I just changed out the entire Let there be Rock Song for Shoot to Thrill and it automatically now plays Shoot to Thrill at the end of all my games.
But it should be possible to just hunt for that small clip and just change it.
The problem with that is guessing which short clip is used for that call at the end of the game as there are several in the code. Then you would have to load each try on your machine, (a 45 min. process) and see if you got it right.
Maybe someone has already done that, but I have not.

#1344 7 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

It seems that the software gets it's fragment information from the entire song location (because when you change the entire song in 1 location it auto changes all of the fragments)

I was afraid that may be the case. I never really had a reason to try that before.
Thanks for doing that and saving everyone a lot of headaches in the future.

3 months later
#1473 6 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I was just wondering if it's a possibility to update a games rules for modern Sterns? I know this question was asked a year or so ago but just checking to see if anything has changed. I think that would be a another game changer.
What are some of the challenges with accessing a games ruleset on a Stern and modifying it?

I have no idea. But would imagine it would be a nightmare.

3 weeks later
#1492 6 years ago

Got a question for all you Metallica owners.
After you changed out a song, does the machine go silent for a few seconds after a ball drain?
I am helping a friend with his machine and he says that music quits playing after the ball drains for a little while before the bonus starts counting.
I was just wondering if anyone else had encountered this or knew of a fix.
Or is this just the way Metallica works?

#1494 6 years ago
Quoted from credinger:

This happens when you set the Music Attenuation setting too far in the negative (actual game setting not Pinball Browser- usually done to try and boost the music volume.). Change it back to default & that will fix the issue.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will have him try it out.

1 week later
#1502 6 years ago

Yes. You are limited to the time of the original song.
And all songs are replaceable just like you said. No cable is needed. Just a thumb drive to plug into the pinball machine to update the saftware.

#1512 6 years ago

Might be interested? lol.
Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie.

1 month later
#1537 6 years ago

I am helping someone with a sound file for AC/DC, and while I have done tons of song changes I have a very strange problem with one of the songs on this file.
For some reason the song plays perfectly in Pinball Browser. But once installed on the pin this one song decides to start almost 1 min. into the song instead of at the beginning.
Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
I have double checked the .wav file and re-imported it back into the browser program twice but no luck it still refuses to start at the beginning of the song once installed on the pin.

#1540 6 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

My guess would be that you are inserting the song in the wrong location of the code...or the game starts the song that you are replacing part way in when it is coded to start in the game.
Some specifics would go a long way on this one...what code location did you add the song into? What song are you replacing? ect....

This is easy info.
I have replaced this song track tons of times with no trouble ever.
It is for AC/DC premium 1.68
The call reference is number 304 which is Hell's Bells. The track length is 5:13 and the edited song (Van Halen's Loss of Control) is 5:13.
The file plays perfectly in Pinball Browser and only plays incorrectly when loaded onto the pin.
I am making an all Van Halen pin for a friend of mine and only this one track refuses to play nice.

#1542 6 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

The place in the game where you are referring to it starting the Van Halen song part way through....are you sure it usually starts Hell's Bells at that point of the game from the beginning (with just the bell ringing)?
My guess would be that the game is actually playing location 0x180 (ex: request 190) there which is Hell's Bells part way through (about 1m10s in actually....sounds like about when you explain the VH song kicks in). If the game starts Hells Bells part way through in that part of the game....it will do the same with any song injected into the code.
I don't have AC/DC here or near...so I don't know specifics on the game, but I have done quite a few changes on Metallica. If the game starts the original song part way through in a certain part of the game...you are pretty much at the mercy of it as to where it cuts in on a song you add yourself, but if it starts playing the original song 2 minutes in...it will also start playing the replacement song 2 minutes in. With the songs I added to Metallica...it always seemed to cut in at good times and it was pretty unnoticeable that they weren't the songs that were originally there.

Good idea on the request 190. I will check it out.
Hell's Bells must be the only song that does this.
I guess I have not noticed this problem because everyone I have helped with their file has always left Hell's Bells alone because it is a classic.
Very strange. But at least this gives me a lead on where to look to try and fix the problem.

#1544 6 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

Yeah...I can see Hell's Bells being one that doesn't start from the beginning since it's a long build up with the bell ringing and all.
If what I explained is the case....you could probably try to loop that VH song so the break (from the end to restarting) lands on the 4min03s807ms mark. If it is using the 190 request for when it starts...you would get the start of the VH song. The bad of that would be that you would probably have 3 cuts in the loop (by looking at the length of the original VH song) instead of just 2 by doing that......but if you have extra short ball times like I tend to on AC/DC, that's shouldn't be an issue.

I appreciate the help on this Doug.
I should be able to fix it with this info.
I have done tons of song changes and everything is always peachy. But I guess no one messes with Hell's Bells much because it is such an important song to the game. Really no reason to change it unless you are doing a complete band change out.

2 weeks later
#1593 6 years ago

Went through last night and labeled every sound call out for Metallica LE 1-63
I'm sure the sound request for the pro are probably pretty close to where these are if you need to find a sound quickly. Just download the LE 1-63 bin file and sync the request.
This game is full of awesome quotes that are not even used, but could be.

#1596 6 years ago
Quoted from gabegabegabe:

Did you happen to find the spinner drum sound? I like it, but would like to try a high pitched guitar solo sound to see how that work.

I only did the vocal quotes. Sorry.
I don't own a Metallica to know what the spinner sounds like.
I was just changing out some questionable vocal ques to better suit some younger family members.
But the good news is that, if I did not label it, it will be band music.

1 week later
#1611 6 years ago

A box of cookies to the first person who can swap out Hell's bells for another song and explain how they got it to start at the beginning of the song.
I am on failed attempt 10 and throwing in the towel on this one.

#1613 6 years ago
Quoted from ita47:

I am currently looking for a Metallica Pro and if I find one I would like to change out the questionable vocal ques as well. I was hoping there were settings within the menus for this, but looking through the Metallica manual I didn't see that option. I have never used Pinball Browser, is this something that is hard to do? When you edit the ques does it just delete them or can you change the words that are spoken? Sorry for my ignorance on the subject.

yes there is a setting in the menu to cancel out most of the cursing.
However the person I was doing the file for did not even want the "Hell Yea's" "Damn Right" and the "Nice Freakin shot" call outs.
So I changed them to other call outs in the code like , "Yes", "Amazing", and "Nice Job".

#1615 6 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

Try inserting a song with 71 seconds of silence at the beginning of it, at Sound Script location 0x 182
If that starts the inserted song at the beginning of the inserted song during the game you can then go back and see how you want to loop that song. You can then go in and do what you need to do knowing that the game will start it at the 71 second mark. You should be able to fill in that opening 71 seconds if you would like.
I'm guessing this will fix your "song not starting at the beginning" issue, but it will probably introduce other jank If the inserted song isn't the correct length or looped smoothly. That song will also be "broken" in the attract mode of the jukebox as the jukebox starts the song in that location (Hell's Bells or a replacement song) from the beginning and not from the 71 sec mark like the game does during gameplay.
Keep in mind I do not have a AC/DC or anyway to test this myself....but I think the game not starting Hell's Bells from the beginning and starting it part way through in the game....is what is causing this issue for you.
EDIT: If the game never actually uses that "bell ringing" opening part of the song....the game would never use the opening "silence" part of the inserted song....so if you get a song that is 4 minutes and 3 seconds I'm guessing it would be a perfect fit (except for the attract mode jukebox).

Sadly I have already tried that.

#1617 6 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

So what did it do then? Start the replacement song part way through? In a different spot?

Yes. I have faded the song out and started it over in every logical spot I can think of but it never helps.

#1619 6 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

I was messing with this and this is what I found:
I got a song that was 4m3s807ms long and then added 1m9s604ms of silence to the front of it. Then a swapped this 5m13m411ms song in the 0x182 Sound Script location. When I did that it replaced 4 locations (that I know of) with that new song:
0x 17F which I believe is the song select loop (and shooter lane groove) went to silence because it is grabbing it's info in the first section of the song (which is now silent).
0x180 played the new song right from the beginning of the song (cutting out all of the opening silence that was at the beginning of it). This is the clip that I believe the game is playing as soon as you select the song and shoot the ball.
0x181 played the new song partway through...just as it played Hell's Bells partway through originally (actually the last 1m41s). I don't really know when in gameplay this would kick in (ball 2 or 3 start if you aren't changing songs maybe??).
0x182 which is the sound script I actually replaced. It plays the 69ish seconds of silence and then the new song starts. I believe this sound script of the entire song is probably only played in the attract mode jukebox, though this is the sound script that the other 3 locations are grabbing their info from.
So all of my finding there seemed promising. I would speculate if it were loaded onto and AC/DC it would start the replacement song right from it's beginning. However...I think there would just be silence when flipping between songs when choosing or when the ball was in the shooter lane. I'm also guessing there would be 69 seconds of silence before the song started playing in the attract mode jukebox. I also have no idea if there would be that added 69 seconds of silence if you played a ball until the song ended...or if it would start right back up at the beginning of the song.
Arcade, if you would like to try this modified software out please send me a PM and let me know. Actually.....I would really like you to give it a try since I went to the trouble and would really like to know if it works.
As for helping more...I don't have a AC/DC around, but even a short video so I could hear what part of Hell's Bells plays when you are selecting the song, the ball is in the shooter lane. What plays when it is select and the ball is launched and what it plays when it is sitting in the lane and starting on ball 2 or 3 would help. Also....how the song loops if a ball actually lasts the whole song.
I still believe that getting location 0x 180 (request 190) to play like you want it to when the game starts is the key (to at least having the song start correctly). That would make the "break point" of location 0x 182 (request 192) at 1m9s604ms in.
If you try this code and it works (meaning the new song actually starts at the beginning when you select it) you can then figure out how you want to fit your replacement song in the last 4m3s807ms and what you want to put in the opening 1m9s604ms for the song select and shooter groove to grab to use.

Thanks. Hopefully together we can figure this insanity out. Lol

#1620 6 years ago

Installing now.
I have in the past made sure that 0x 180 is playing from the beginning of the song as well, and the game would still start further in the song. This is what confuses me.
So we shall see what happens with your file.
I will make a short video of what it does for you.

#1622 6 years ago

I think Austin powers was made to early to have a Sam System board with a USB update feature.

#1624 6 years ago
Quoted from huo:

Has anyone modified ACDC to use the live songs? Has the macro or rom been published?

Steve Richie has hinted that this feature is still in the works.
I would wait awhile before going to all the trouble of swapping out the live versions.
But yes, it can be done.

#1626 6 years ago
Quoted from ita47:

So is this hard to do in Pinball Browser? Does it use the same voice as the original sayings? Sorry I don't know how this works.

It is not hard to do but does take awhile to learn. There are some good tutorials in this thread.
To change the call outs I just exported sound clips that are already in the bin file and imported the back over the ones I needed removed.

#1632 6 years ago
Quoted from Winball_Pizard:

Downloaded the prog and donated. Unfortunately, I would really like to use it asap Anyone know the details on the license? Does it come in an email or?

Yes. You will get an email with a code to copy and paste.

1 month later
#1690 6 years ago


Quoted from chet218:I know it has been discussed that you cant replace a song with a shorter song because you will have dead air. Has anyone done it and maybe have some tips or tricks to fill in the space if lets say the song was about a minute shorter?

I always loop the song back to the beginning and then fade out at the appropriate time.

1 week later
#1696 6 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

No, Pinball Browser is not compatible with Spike ...yet

My favorite subject wink.

4 months later
#1779 6 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Pinball Browser v5 is ready
It is now compatible with Spike.
See OP for download link and change log.
The previous version was mainly designed for Sam and I had to rewrite 80% of the code to ease the support of new firmware formats (Spike in this version). That's why it took so long.
Even if a lot of tests have been made on this version, there might be some bugs. Let me know if you find one and I'll fix it.
Thanks to pinsider TheKreator for his tests on Spike
and to pinsider Sirlonzelot for his tests on Sam !

Fantastic news

#1797 6 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

Is this something that is even possible?

Quick answer is No.
Great idea though.

1 week later
#1852 6 years ago

Just got the new 5.0 up and running.
Quick question.
What happened to the "Keep CRC Consistent" checkbox?
How does the browser save the files now? Does it keep all the high scores and settings or does it erase them?
Maybe I am just missing where that feature went.

Just upgraded from 4.2 because once I find a version that I like I usually stick with it until I have to change.
Wanted to play with the KISS spike file so I had to upgrade.
At least I can always load 4.2 if I need to export sound clips since that feature is gone now.

#1857 6 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

This option is now always enabled so that there is no error when you upgrade your game. Too many users were confused with this error.
BTW, this is also how a stock firmware behaves.

Keeping the high scores by disabling the "Keep CRC consistent" was a side effect that was not working in all cases.
The prefered way is either to modify the high score default values (Highscore tab) or to use the communication patch to backup/restore them.

Thanks for the explanation Oga.
I loved the CRC feature and used it on over 50 files with no problems.
Everyone I helped loved it so back to version 432 on that as well.
I guess I had no problems because I always explained very well to the people I helped about the error message and how to make it work.
Not having to reset all your game settings is a huge plus in my book.
Guess when it come to Spike games I will just have to roll with it.
Thanks again for letting me know how the new program works.

#1863 6 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

The problem with this option is that once you saved a firmware without it, it was not possible to later enable it again. I had a lot of mails about it.

Spike firmwares use something that is stronger than a CRC : the files are signed and it is not possible to upgrade a game when the signature is wrong. Thus, this option was no longer possible on Spike.

Thanks. That explains a lot.
Your program is amazing and I appreciate all the work you have put into it.

#1881 6 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Ok the only reason I asked was wary on in this thread I read some saying that when you import your music files to audacity to change the Sampling to 24k.
The native sampling is 44100. I initially changed it to 24k in audacity prior to exporting however I went back and changed to 44100 and saved everything to the new rate in browser.
Hopefully this works!

I am an old school audacity user.
I am so used to putting everything to 24k that I doubt I could stop myself now. lol

#1886 6 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I'm struggling with maintaining the proper volume with callouts. Some are too quiet, and some are too loud. It seems the only way to truly test this is in the game as it sounds the same on Pinball Browser.
If I imported an MP3 vs a wav, would this help? I'm using Audacity to convert MP3 files to wav files, but I'm curious if this is causing volume issues.

I to have found the turning up the volume in the browser and audacity has little effect.
For all my AC/DC sound files I learned that the " Compressor" function in Audacity is your friend.
For some songs that are recorded at really low levels. I sometimes have to hit the compressor button two or even three times to get the blue sound bars at the top large enough to fill the area.
The more full looking the blue sound bars are in Audacity the better they sound in a Stern game.

#1893 6 years ago
Quoted from Msch:

Can I just pay one of you computer people to change the music in my Metallica?

PM sent.
Happy to help out.

3 weeks later
#1917 5 years ago

I only used the export feature for one file.
It was on a Metallica that someone wanted all cussing removed.
I was able to take the same voice work and export all the positive call outs and import them over the cussing and bleeping ones. Worked great and kept the same voices throughout the game.
But luckily we can still do this with all the SAM games.
Not sure what people were using it for that was illegal.

8 months later
#2173 5 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

It will be added in a future version

That is the best news I have heard.
That is the version I am after.

6 months later
#2269 4 years ago

Getting ready to mess with some songs on KISS.
Quick question. if using Audacity do I still need to change the sample rate to 24000?

#2272 4 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Getting ready to mess with some songs on KISS.
Quick question. if using Audacity do I still need to change the sample rate to 24000?


#2274 4 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

No, this is not necessary.
More informations in the "Sound" section of the FAQ

Thanks. Much appreciated.
I did look through the FAQ in sound but did not seem to find anything about Audacity and the 44100 vs the 24000 sample rate.
But it is nice to know now.

1 year later
#2733 3 years ago

Question for those that have opened 1.70 AC/DC code.
Are the songs in the same place? or have the numbers changed from 1.68?
Just curious as I have a lot of songs to change out for people as soon as Stern patches the problems with 1.70.

Nevermind I had time to load the LE/Premium version and the songs have shifted call outs of course.
Here are the new numbers to make it easier for everyone.

303- Back in Black
304- For those about to Rock
305- Hell ain't a bad place
306- Hell's Bells
307- Highway to hell
308- Let there be Rock
309- Rock N Roll Train
310- Thunderstruck
311- T.N.T
312- War Machine
313- Whole lotta Rosie
314- You Shook me All Night Long

2 years later
#3602 1 year ago
Quoted from oga83:

Pinball Browser supporters,
I have some bad news. A couple days ago, Stern made some modifications to stop Pinball Browser from working. Again.
These modifications have clearly no other goal than that, and have no benefit for the user.
The nature of the changes are technical. New encoding techniques, changing how sound files work...actions that are specifically designed to make it difficult to modify a game. None of these changes are for the benefit of the owner of the game.
Stern is spending significant developer time on keeping their customers from modifying their games. Looking at these changes they've made, I'm actually surprised this is their focus, rather than features and game code updates that the players of the games really care about. From a risk/reward standpoint, they are also increasing the risk of introducing bugs in the code with no reward for it.
I still don't understand why they want so badly to stop PB.
I'm not their enemy, I've only played fair with them. I've always discouraged or made it difficult for copyrighted materials to be shared or distributed. I've never included functions to change things like the regional limitations (US/EU), to reset the lifetime audits, change the game rules or other things like that...
It is clear that it's easier for them to throw sand in the wheels of PB than for me to keep PB working. That must be their goal.
I have to warn you all that one day will come where it won't be possible to adjust PB and you won't be able to customize your games anymore. To prevent that, I suggest that
all of you write to Stern
about this unnecessary actions against PB. I would like to work with them! At a minimum, I need to understand what their issue is with a customer modifying their own machine. If a person buys a Ford, does Ford make all the bolts in the car tamperproof so you can't swap out a part? Is there some licensing issue that we don't understand?
Hopefully, they will engage directly with us on this.

As someone who helped about 50 or more people change songs out on their AC/DC and Metallica back in the day, I must say this really sucks.
I can't believe this is the route Stern wants to take on this.
Hopefully future code updates for older games can still be changed, but I would bet that the only way to keep songs changed after this, (barring a work around by OGA83), would be to keep running older code.

2 months later
#3872 1 year ago

So. Any news on the latest Stern coding that breaks this program?
Is it anything that is being worked on or is it just not worth the time and hassle it might take?
Curious minds want to know.

1 week later
#3897 1 year ago
Quoted from cleland:

WOW oga83 JUST WOW! Amazing work, and so much to explore now

Just Donated again as well.
More then gotten my first $20 worth from this great program.

#3899 1 year ago
Quoted from cleland:

Without Pinball Browser, a lot of Stern games would be Sh!t. So thankful for oga83 's hard work.

Agree. I did tons of sound file changes back in the day of AC/DC and Metallica but the last version I used was 6.30 lol
I feel like such a newb after opening this one up.
Are these screens normal as the download page it takes me to tells me nothing of what I need to download.

browser (resized).jpgbrowser2 (resized).jpg
#3901 1 year ago
Quoted from cleland:

Yes, you need to have both of those ffmpeg files in the root folder of Pinball Browser to view video. You can still do audio changes without them. The second one is just informing you when you import a file the image file gets written to immediately. I like to open two PB browser windows, one with the stock .img file and one with a copy of the .img file to make changes to.

Awesome. Thanks.
I only do sound replacements at this time but I may move into video fun some day.

#3979 1 year ago
Quoted from shaub:

Where is the proper place to get Pinball Browser from?

First post in this thread.

5 months later
#4340 10 months ago

Here we go. The new Stern Code Agreement.
Looks like they are really cracking down and we wont be able to connect any non Stern Code games to their internet update system.

LICENSE. Stern Pinball hereby grants You a nonexclusive, non-transferable, limited, and revocable right and license to use one copy of the Stern Pinball Software and Authorized Content and any Authorized Update solely for your personal use, or that of your patrons and customers if you are a commercial entity, for playing a single Stern Pinball Machine. The Stern Pinball Software, Authorized Content and Authorized Updates are licensed, not sold, to You, and no ownership rights are transferred by this Agreement. The Stern Pinball Software Authorized Content and Authorized Updates are protected by U.S. and international copyright. All rights not explicitly granted to you in this Agreement are reserved by Stern Pinball.
As a condition to this Stern Pinball Software license, You agree that:
You will not copy, reproduce, alter, replace, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, display, perform, create derivative works based on, or otherwise modify the Stern Pinball hardware or Stern Pinball Software or any Authorized Update, in whole or in part; and will not commercially exploit any of the foregoing.
You will not use or install any Unauthorized Content or Unauthorized Software. Use of Unauthorized Content or Unauthorized Software may result in your Stern Pinball Machine ceasing to work permanently and/or losing access to Stern Pinball’s online game network, either immediately or after a later installed Authorized Update.
You will not create, develop, distribute or assist anyone else in creating, developing or distributing any Unauthorized Content or Unauthorized Software intended for use with a Stern Pinball Machine, whether to add to or modify the gameplay, any audio content (whether music, sound or voice), or any video content of any Stern Pinball Machine, or to gain advantage in any online or other game modes, or otherwise.
You will not share any Stern Pinball Software, Authorized Content or Authorized Update with any other person or company and will not permit anyone else to access or copy any Stern Pinball Software or Authorized Content or Authorized Update installed on your Machine for any purpose.
In view of the rights held by third-party owners of Authorized Content (e.g. music and video clips) You will not stream your gameplay of your Stern Pinball Machine without Stern Pinball’s prior consent.
You will not attempt to defeat or circumvent any anti-piracy, security, and/or technical measures to control access to the Stern Pinball Software, features, functions or content, prevent unauthorized use, or otherwise prevent anyone from exceeding the limited license rights granted under this Agreement, “Security Measures”. Attempting to defeat or circumvent any Security Measure may result in your Stern Pinball Machine ceasing to work permanently either immediately or after a later installed Authorized Update.
Stern Pinball may update the Stern Pinball Software from time to time without further notice to You, for example, to update any anti-piracy, security, and technical measure.

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