PotC owners club: "Dead men tell no tales..."

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PotC owners club: "Dead men tell no tales..."

By rai

4 years ago

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#1390 1 year ago

Hope to be a member soon, any tips on what to look at on a routed one?

1 week later
#1420 1 year ago

my potc is comming tonight! super exited!!!

#1445 1 year ago

hi can anyone point me where the ships flasher is located? it doesnt go of in test but i cant seem to find it

#1447 1 year ago


#1493 1 year ago

Hi guys anyone a tip on where to find the walk the plank mod? the actual plank or is it diy?
P_20171026_120029 (resized).jpg
P_20171026_115806 (resized).jpg
P_20171026_121002 (resized).jpg

#1497 1 year ago
Quoted from michi:

Where did you find the pistol for the left inlane ramp? It looks nice!

they belong to my captain teague statue that i had lying in my attick

18 inch captain teague with sound

#1501 1 year ago

swapped my worn down compass decal with a new one with a protector on top.
finaly the iron ching ching kling and scraping balls gone!
Also put in some cilicone bands

P_20171029_122116 (resized).jpg
P_20171029_131650 (resized).jpg

#1506 1 year ago

same here!

#1513 1 year ago

added some mirrors and a zizzle davy jones

P_20171031_192407 (resized).jpg

P_20171031_192400 (resized).jpg

#1520 1 year ago
Quoted from jbug:

How much was shipping to the states?

i think you can get a quote for shipping on their site,

I live in the country next to them, i don't know how mutch to usa

#1533 1 year ago

aztec gold pops

P_20171104_111936 (resized).jpg

#1536 1 year ago

are those plastic or iron ?, mine are iron and seem to be bigger, real good idea!

#1538 1 year ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Mine are the cheap gold necklace ones from eBay. They are metal

i win! aliexpres

Bit scared to drill them feels like fake iron or someting, gonna buy a good drillbit first

#1540 1 year ago

Will try that thanks Peter!

#1541 1 year ago

worked, real easy. indeed kinda soft metal. look real nice when the red light shines trough.
Thanks for tip Peter!

P_20171105_134601 (resized).jpg

#1543 1 year ago

ill find you a link!

1 week later
#1547 1 year ago

today instaled a colordmd led screen, my original dmd had two lines so now to install the collor rom file

#1551 1 year ago

Video or pics dont do iT justice

5F0D67A5-7188-4CDA-A4B9-4811C128F370 (resized).jpeg

113985EB-7B4E-4A45-ABB4-FF3794FD1F3A (resized).jpeg

2662D7FB-D767-43ED-B8A5-D325D141B99D (resized).jpeg

2F164210-44B3-4D3E-8279-5E04ADBCDDB9 (resized).jpeg

A728DC62-4252-46AD-975A-40F13500A537 (resized).jpeg

#1552 1 year ago

i put it in a lesser brightnes for the pics
brightness and contrast are adjustable

i bought it because my original had lines, other option is pin2dmd this is also led but i dont think colloration is ready for it

#1553 1 year ago

#1561 1 year ago

#1562 1 year ago
Quoted from Marten:

The LED looks fantastic! I like the bright colors over the somewhat flatter look of the LCD.
Guess I’ll need one for the Roadshow as well.
Thanks for the pictures and info Jorro and Michi!

your'e welcome, and if in doubt you can always visit to take a look how it looks for real.
About 30 min drive

1 week later
#1579 1 year ago

For the first time i accidentally made the superskillshot and the dam rollover doesnt register annymore
whell thats one way to find out a switch isnt working annymore

#1583 1 year ago

#1586 1 year ago
Quoted from Marten:

Haha, what’s next? Flamethrowers?

real canons!! and torches on the side!

#1588 1 year ago

hi guys what is the callout ( believe the rum ramp) ..... i see you're aroused? carousa?

#1590 1 year ago

thanx michi sounds better now i know he's not acussing me of being aroused

#1593 1 year ago

and also ask pictures of the boards, under the playfield, and a movie of ship and chest working properly. ship sinking and coming up, and chest opening.
what is thewhite thing on the ramp middle right?
plastics see mostly ok?
all is fixable btw, but like peter said depends on you.
ramp and plastics set are expensive. ship is also pricy if cracked
The ships clutch under plafield is pricy.
compas decal just 20 euros

#1597 1 year ago


#1603 1 year ago
Quoted from BENETNATH:

I don't know how i the market around you, but in france, it's quite a good price...

all depends on state of components as mentioned earlyer.

If you're comfortabele with repairing tweaking and so on it's okay but if you need to hire someone to fix and adjust you have to count that up with parts.
all depends on state, but i say just go for it everything is fixable and you can easaly do yourself!
just let us know if you need help

#1606 1 year ago
Quoted from BENETNATH:

Ok, i got additional videos. ship , chest and spinner are working without issue. I'll join the club
Does anyone have the french modified rom to get movie's musics ?

i think you can find the french code with sound on youtoube is s movie i believe

#1607 1 year ago

today got my back alley mods in!

P_20171218_170049 (resized).jpg

P_20171218_170334 (resized).jpg

P_20171218_170057 (resized).jpg

P_20171218_170103 (resized).jpg

#1608 1 year ago

i've put some black and silver in to match playfield coins
P_20171218_170223 (resized).jpg
P_20171218_170122 (resized).jpg

#1619 1 year ago
Quoted from Koos:

How do you make the machine show the credits and sound the music like that??

open the coindoor an yell inside, joho joho a pirates live for me!

no just kidding its a code you enter with flippers, i will look it up for you

#1620 1 year ago

The game contains a secret credits sequence accessed by a special flipper button combination. You can activate it during attract mode with the following flipper button code where 7L means hit the left flipper button 7 times, 1R means hit the right flipper button once and B means hit both flipper buttons together:

B, 7L, 1R, 1L, 1R, 13L, 1R, 1R

from pinball news, somewhere naar the end of age.
Nice artikel btw.

#1630 1 year ago
Quoted from jbug:

Where did you get the custom instruction cards from? They are more colorful and brighter than the set I got from Coin Taker which don't lay down flat (even after a bit of trimming).


2 weeks later
#1666 1 year ago

i have noflix under the playfield inserts but i call them doflix cause some of them just do
i like bright inserts but all the gi except under the slings ive kept incandesent.
I find it looks so mutch better and keeps a certain feel to it.

#1667 1 year ago

recieved my jolly roger today

P_20180104_140612 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1681 1 year ago

Where is number 2 ?

Quoted from BENETNATH:

There are 2 if i'm correct
Just about my search of a ramp. If it's in usa, i can have it shipped back to France. So ping me please

#1690 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I didn’t know this, I’m assuming another multiball?


about 3/4 of the page

i only made it once on a potc with all settings on easy , but im just an avarage player.
maybe with the glass of you can start by hand
either way it is a lot of work!

1 week later
#1692 1 year ago
Quoted from michi:

I haven't been able to get to gauntlet on factory settings yet. I've played Four Winds about 20 times now. But never manage to finish it. The problem is that you get only one shot at Four Winds. If you don't make it, you have to complete the entire compass again.
POTC has one of the hardest wizard modes in all of pinball.

But it keeps you coming back for more

1 week later
#1696 1 year ago

it stops exactly in the cutout in the ramp whitout touching it.
it has room to spare.

maybe your chest isnt screwed down at the bottom anymore to the playfield on one side?

#1699 1 year ago
Quoted from Gleger:

It clears the cutout but seems to go too far back. The ramp stops the lid instead of whatever mechanism is supposed to stop it. I just can't figure out what it needs. I'll have to take it apart.
Everything else seems screwed in right.

take a look in the manual page 76 and 77
if you don't have it just google for stern potc manual

1 week later
#1701 1 year ago

Stupid monkey

3 weeks later
#1709 1 year ago
Quoted from Koos:

Hi guys, I’m seriously considering selling my POTC to buy another pin.
Unfortunately I only have room (and the budget!) for one pin. And after a year of playing the same game over and over again I’m interested in getting to know a new game.
Prices of more modern pins like Ghostbusters, Metallica, Aerosmith and The Walking Dead are dropping so I’m discussing a few trades here and there.
The question I have for you guys is what do you think a very nice POTC HUO is worth nowadays? Mine is in mint condition with no wear at all on either the playfield or the cabinet. I installed Cliffy’s, replaced all lighting with LED and created a customs topper.
Please let me know what you guys think! Thanks!

Sorry to hear you lost your mind Koos
Buddy of mine sold his one for 4500 with some mods normal dmd but real great shape almost like new
But buyer was a potc fan
Good luck keep us posted

#1712 1 year ago

Are they rubber, what did you paint them with Peter?

#1719 1 year ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Yes rubber ones from ebay, five pack. Painted them with darkgreen model paint. Tamiya. They are bright light green. I always like to weather plastics. They did come out nice. Placed some additional lights below the kraken to light things up.

i have a set of these but was affraid of the rubbery texture it might flake the paint.
I have them as a topper
the paint u used is model paint i believe?

btw Peter i finaly got a canon for my inlanes, hope to cut it and place soon!

#1720 1 year ago

Thanks for the idea Peter!!!

P_20180315_132429 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1726 1 year ago

Has any one of you have a Davy Jones key in or on their potc

#1735 12 months ago

Check if the coil isn't locking up by dirt or melted inside the coil bushing
Even if a coil is a little out of position it can intervere with movement
If everything is good check the wire's for internal breakage by the movement.

#1738 11 months ago

Found me a Davy Jones key necklace

20180329_172424 (resized).jpg

#1739 11 months ago

Btw did you know potc has got 2! Club's


#1745 11 months ago
Quoted from Koos:

So I'm afraid I have to leave this club soon or otherwise I'd be keelhauled.

We know youre not a mutineer Koos, so just drop in now and then and have some rum!
Good luck with your sale, verry nice machine you have the buyer is lucky

2 weeks later
#1753 11 months ago
Quoted from altan:

Arrrrr ye pirates.
It appears there were 2 runs of Pirates. The 2nd happening in 2008. I'm wondering if there was any differences between the first and 2nd run?
I've looked on Pinside and RGP, but I cannot find any mention. I'm surprised I didn't pull up ANYTHING about the second run. But the silence makes me think there were no differences.
(So you don't think I'm crazy. I know there have been subtle differences between runs of other pins in the past)
... Altan

Mine is from 07 , so was there realy a between?
have to look up the month .....

#1778 11 months ago


#1785 11 months ago
Quoted from weaverj:

got a POTC in a trade yesterday. excited to start digging into it. first thing i noticed is the shooter is rubbing the auto kicker. shouldn't be that big of a deal, but i'm sure i'll have plenty of other questions along the way. hola.

take a look at the plastic bushing on the axel of the kicker assemblee, adding a small spacer ring or new bushing can solve sometimes

#1786 11 months ago

yohoho and a bottle of.... black pearl

P_20180422_152928 (resized).jpg

#1788 11 months ago
Quoted from weaverj:

thanks, bud. haven't even lifted the playfield yet, but i'll check that out.
what were the colors and locations of any colored oem bulbs? i figure the backboard had colored ones. what color were they?

The upper row are normal bulbs, the left row above the compass are red, the right 3 above key are green.
I personaly have bright white leds but with red and green bulb condoms on them for a little more oomph
The top row I have incandecent

#1791 11 months ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Love the ship, where did you get that?

i found it on marktplaats (Dutch ebay) its from a hot toys jack sparrow i believe

s-l200 (resized).jpg

#1794 11 months ago

I use my own sounds and sometimes sounds from other people made with paintball browser
If you find certain sounds to soft or loud by your liking you can adjust or even replace them.



You can also just use standard code and use pinballbrowser to adjust volume but for long soundings you need an official full copy of browser by making a donation

If you need help you can ask oga the creator he s da bomb

#1799 11 months ago

but with pinbalbrowser you can replace standard callouts for movie callouts
btw the jack sparrow voice actor sounds just likejohnny depp!

keep us informed if you do a custom!!!!

2 weeks later
#1811 10 months ago

sometimes the autoplunger needs adjusting, under the playfield the plastic bushings on the axel go bad causing space
This results in not both sides of the plunger hitting the ball.
Best first to check this and clean the coil bushing to.
maybe this will solve your problem, also look in the menue if coil power is set to normal not to soft

1 week later
#1824 10 months ago
Quoted from Marten:

I've had the machine for a while now but can't seem to figure out when I get Broadside (chance of sinking the ship with one shot). I know it starts when the ball rolls down the right most lane from the top but it doesn't always reward it. Anybody have a clue?

I think there was a setting in menue how difficult to get it, but dont know fore sure

#1828 10 months ago

found some decoration for the holes on the ramp where the sneeze used to be
and a rum bottle of rum yoho!

P_20180518_210738 (resized).jpg

P_20180518_210742 (resized).jpg

P_20180518_210732 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#1836 9 months ago

Got my alternative translite in today

20180531_115641 (resized).jpg20180531_115818 (resized).jpg
#1841 9 months ago

I actually got it at wizard deflipperkast specialist
But their website is out of order now ? https://www.pinballwizard.nl

2 weeks later
#1844 9 months ago

Website is working again
They have more alternates


#1847 8 months ago

who let that monkey loose??

P_20180628_123237 (resized).jpgP_20180628_123250 (resized).jpg
#1851 8 months ago
Quoted from jbug:

Edit: I took the piece off to take a look and saw nothing out of place. I also made sure the coil sleeve was not seized or binding and I cleaned them even though they were not dirty. Anyone eles have ideas on what the problem is?

if you go in menue and at adjustments set the coil pulse power to high, do you notice anny difference when playing a game?

#1853 8 months ago

First start by reflowing the solder on the wires to the coil
also check everything in the same row on the switchmatrix in the manual.

1 week later
#1859 8 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

When ball kicks out, it follows the ball guide ...and then my ball is kicked out and hits the top of my right sling, then right flipper.
Has anyone tried adjusting that ball guide to see if the ball leaves the ball guide and smoothly goes to the right flipper?

When the ball is kicked out of the chest on the right it drops on the top of the right sling and 80% to right flipper or from the top to the other sling or to outlane " the danger bounce"

The monkey shot is all about flow and timing and right alignment of the stars a risk reward thing
remember it has a lot to do with slope pitch an how level your plafield is not to mention inserts and waxing etc.

Also the power of your outlet it's plugged in to you can set the coil pulse in your menu to low medium or high it's about 12% strength difference per step
Where I live the line voltage is a little lower so I have it at highest makes everything a little more snappy
Also I have transparent silicone rubbers they bounce some more and less black dirt

2 weeks later
#1891 7 months ago

I would love to own them both, side by side!
That would be freaking awesome

1 week later
#1899 7 months ago

Nice job Peter!

Real wood?

#1901 7 months ago
Quoted from PeterG:



1 week later
#1903 7 months ago

Topper reaching completion

20180821_144508 (resized).jpg20180821_144529 (resized).jpg
#1906 7 months ago

I know!!

1 week later
#1907 6 months ago

Unleash the Kraken!

15359038957931886664342 (resized).jpg
#1915 6 months ago

Yes had that too
I put i little piece of mylar in the gutter and added a protector to the side

I think its even possible to buy a cliffy set for stern

#1923 6 months ago
Quoted from jbug:

Good news, I got my opto problem fixed (broken pin). I also ordered the spinning disc protector from the Pinball Center. The disc decal on my machine was not worn out at all but I still ordered a new one. I'm sure the new one will outshine the one on the machine but if it's close, I might not have to go through the task of removing it whether it is hard or not to do.

Great! Nasty optos can give a lot of problems when faulty

The spinning disc protector saves your decal and also a lot less powder comming of the disc, love mine!
I swapped my decal for a new one and instantly placed a protector, real great enhancement!
See post 1501 how mine was
Scraped of what was left ,and removed glue with alcohol
So mutch cleaner now.

1 week later
#1925 6 months ago
Quoted from jbug:

Thanks Jorro. I remember seeing that post before and will reference it when the disc arrives. No more white powder!. Is it easier to put the protector on the new decal first before putting them both on the spinner?
By the way, where can I find the Jack The Monkey toy that I see on some games and who has the best price for side mirror blades?

Yes its easiest that way, the monkey is from barbosa you can find the set on epay sometimes.
ebay.com link » Neca Pirates Of The Caribbean Series 1 Captain Barbossa Figure New Box Opened

1 week later
#1929 6 months ago
Quoted from jbug:

I got the new spinner disc and protector installed. I had to use Goof Off though instead of Alcohol to get the residue off.
I found that monkey on eBay without Barbosa. To those that have the monkey in their game, how have you attached him around his sign?

Post some pics whe done!

1 week later
#1931 5 months ago

Looking good Mikonos!!

#1934 5 months ago

I heard some of this type of battery's last for 20 years in computers on the motherboard.
I personaly change coincells at least once in two years better safe then sorry why risk it for a couple of buks/ euros
But for official minimal lifespan i don't know

1 month later
#1957 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

everyone knows this... we use the term 'rubber' not as a literal, but as a functional term.
No one says "hey, that slingshot silicon band is broken"
And no, replacing bands on all games is not a PITA... there are degrees of pain depending on how intertwined things are on a game or how much needs to really come offf.

rubber / condom, Condom / rubber f¥ck it we know what you mean!

mikonos great looking cards man!!

#1968 4 months ago

pencilneck Is the metal tip of the outkicker not bend or of centered?

#1970 4 months ago

Thats potc the winter edition
Does it feel like plastic?
Picture of your compas decal ?

#1974 4 months ago

@ pinkitten Is there a popbumper scraping the base?

#1988 4 months ago

Can you take some of the white stuf put it on a saucer and burn it?
Is it paper , plasic ? Feel it smell it
CSI it!
How does the tip of your upkicker in the back look?

#1992 3 months ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Is it the ship? Maybe rubbing somewhere?

Yes check this, there is a white plastic guide rail behind the ship for the movement maybe there
Good call Peter!

Have you CSI'd the flaking yet?

2 months later
#2035 32 days ago
Quoted from ababapanos:

in my pinball the problem is it does not save the settings I make, like the free play, etc ... every time it closes makes a reset settings. there is no battery problem because the scores saves them normally. What it can be? I change the small round battery but not working. still lose the settings

Have you updated the code
Or made changes to sounds with pinbrowser?
I had this once, when i uploaded the code again it worked normaly again.
Once someone had this problem with the old boot room
He changed to latest boot rom and then it worked again.
Also check if the boards cell batery is good.
Check these things out.
Good luck keep us posted

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