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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

7 months ago

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#926 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

Want to know if you owner like the game?
Did it me or exceeded your expectations?
Not the issues just game play?
Is it Deep enough?
Munster I bought was boring as hell so sold it after 6 months.
I have WOZ and HOBBIT both are fantastic.
Please info so I can make a LE Wonka decision.
Thanks in advance

Great questions. Maybe this is an own thread?
I hope you dont mind me adding some?

What are the objectives code wise?
For pirates,woz and especially hobbit, it´s pretty clear, but what are thoose for wonka?

Can charlie reach Success?
Can you make the elevator get the bucket family?

#1002 4 months ago

Seems to me the standard is the sensible choice.
I really dont fancy the look of the wonkavator lock, but the sidearts looks better, but not 2k$ better.

#1064 4 months ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

You didn't consider the possibility of $500 in taxes? Most parts of the country the taxes on a $7500 purchase would be at least that.
Plus the listing price says $7500 but the description says 8000. Probably an error or just giving people a realistic estimate of what it would be with taxes. Hardly a "gouge".

You are lucky over there in regards to tax and pricing.
Here in sweden a new standard wonka+tax costs 10400$
A new LE comes in just under 13K$

#1188 4 months ago
Quoted from HEAD_boss_HOG:

hey wonka lovers and owners:
i have a Wonka SE. my upper left magnet (above the upper left flipper) is NOT working. so, the ball is not being grabbed when the kid multiball target is struck, and when the ramp diverter drops it onto the play field. this is a major bummer, as it affects several aspects of the game.
i have contacted JJP support, and now we seem to be at a dead end. there is continuity everywhere, the magnet is getting power (70v), the fuses are OK, all connections seem fine. i have traced the wires back to the IO board, and no connections are off, or loose. in the test, the magnet will NOT fire at all; it will not grab the ball. it seems as if there is no command being sent to the board to fire the magnet.
any ideas or suggestions would be awesome. I am at the end of my rope.

Really sucks. Sorry to hear.
If you are 100% sure, there are NO connection issue, voltage or relay. It gets voltage? But it doesn't get signal to turn on voltage, even from The board?
If you are not sure, try(if possible) to connect that magnet to Another magnet controller.

If all that works, maybe try a reinstall?

Sorry that might have been confusing. If there is a coupling scheme added try to change coupling on the controller with Another magnet. If the other magnet during test isnt working it's something wrong with the controller/board.

1 week later
#1401 3 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I just did a golden ticket finish for a customer. I may redo my LE as i like it more[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


(need pictures assembled)

1 week later
#1673 3 months ago

Does anybody understand why JJP chooze to stay with mirco?
I simply Dont get it.

#1733 3 months ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Hi guys. First off, I have been a Jersey Jack pinball owner for only two weeks, so I’m new. However my experience with their technical support so far is nothing short of outstanding. I’ve spoken with both Frank and Steve and Steve has even helped me on his day off on weekends. They have been very responsive and their service really couldn’t be any better. I feel I should probably say more about the star post issue and what washers to use. It may be that the neoprene are worse and that the plastic ones sent by JJ are better. My initial impression could have been totally wrong on that. They are checking on a few things to see what is best, but they are definitely on the problem. I’m very satisfied they will take care of me. As soon as they figure out the playfield issues, which apparently other manufacturers are also experiencing now, I will definitely buy another one. Nobody makes cooler pins than JJ IMHO. They didn’t realize that Micro’s playfields were having such issues so I don’t blame them. As long as they fix it, what else can we expect?

I Dont know How long they are obligated/contracted to mirco, but after potc, they sure must know mirco is crap.

Very puzzled on the whole playfield issue. I've seen williams/bally pf's more then 20 years, looking as good as new.
What's this re-invent the wheel shit?

Otherwise i agree JJP games are spectacular and great, which imo makes it even worse and pisses me of royally.

2 weeks later
#2162 86 days ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Maybe the CE will have liquid cooled magnets. (Just joking.) Joe will hopefully find a good solution through code that will keep the magnet cool and happy, and yet not overheat the player.

The se and le allready has liquid cooled magnets.
They call it playfield cooling.

1 week later
#2262 80 days ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Some info, and a question.
We installed the extra outlane post in 2nd (highest) position, and put the smallest (3/8" OD) o-ring on it. A 3/8" OD ring on the post between inner lanes caused the ball to usually get stuck when going through leftmost inner lane, as documented in the thread. I don't like cutting down an o-ring, cause I'm sloppy at it, it looks bad (IMO), and they always seem to rotate to the thickest diameter after awhile.
If you want something on that post, for now, I found that 5/32" (4 mm) heat shrink tubing works well over the post, but only lasts ~50-100 games (depends on game length). I'll try to search some thin rubber sleeves with ~4 mm ID that will last longer.

Just a suggestion, maybe a valve rubber for a bicycle would work?
I´m not sure of the right terminology, but hopefully you know what i mean?

#2324 76 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Well stated. My wife and I are putting hours into this thing, daily. Trying like hell to get better!
It will keep us busy for ages. We have ~2400 plays and we’re slowly discovering more and more nuance.
The game is very well done and we salute the entire team for their hard work!
Looking forward to my CE.

I've looked at some of your stream (hope you Dont mind). Great watch.
You seem more glad playing wonka then jp, or is it just How it looks to me?

2 weeks later
#2569 61 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Got my factory mod from mezel today. Looks amazing, nice quality. Took about 15 mins to install without directions. Such a nice touch...and it fits and looks great with my mushroom field.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Since i had my interest in pinball rewaken(english?) a year or so ago.
Modifications is what is puzzling me the most.
Almost without exception, most of it seems like McDonald happy meal stuff.
I"ve seen some cool stuff, (like the chest-opening in pirates), but most are non-interacting plastic.

Just for this "factory", why not put an opto inside and have it Actually Do something, When a ball passes thru?

I'm sorry to say it is lacklusyer, but i really think it is for the most.

Another thing that I've been thinking about...
Is there some unwritten rule, that you can't mod/decorate the pinball legs?
Why are there no dinosaur legs for jurasic park? Chocolate bar legs for wonka etc?

#2574 61 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Im working on some orange/oompa style 12inch legs for my LE, just for fun !

Yea i was thinking a wooden leg and a pirate boot for pirates of the caribbean.

There are loads of things to improve. If there were real modders in pinball, why isnt there optional game play mode for kids playing wonka?

Where the heck are the hackers of pinball?
Download this filé.

If the Beatles were a computer game, does anybody really think 2 years after release, customers would complain about only eight songs and they only play for a minute or so?

There is so much to do and improve, it's crazy, but Apparently this community is only able to produced lollypop stickers for the flippers.

It's sad, it Could be so much more and way cooler.

#2591 60 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

You best be getting busy cowboy!

If I wasn't flooded with work, i assure you i would.
It is just so annoying seeing virtua-pins having ten Times the assets and code options, then that of the real thing and The best the pinball mod-community can provided is matchbox helikopter and cheap Paul McCartney wigs that you can tape on the cabinet and use as a topper. Cool right!!! All this at a 2000% mark up.
Dont even get me started on all the cheap chinese led lights put just about everywhere.

Well, i guess as long as people Buy the stuff, you just cant blame them.
I just think pinball longs for and can Do better.

Programs that enable you to incorporate assets like sound and video?
Interactive mods/toys that elevates game play with code and effects.?
Selectable game play level/ruleset at startup for games in homesettings and in codes for kid-settings incorporate easter eggs/video etc that suits kids?

All awesome ideas, but for now we got monopol hats, spray painted to look like a wonka hat, glued to the playfield and Everybody is ecstatic.

#2594 60 days ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

You can't compare what is done with virtual pinball to what is done with real pinball. Software mods are not equivalent between the two because the former is not beholden to actual physics. It's the same reason why real robots aren't as cool as virtual robots. Are you gonna call MIT and tell them they are lame because you played a video game with a robot a million times better than what they've made so far?
Also, put up or shut up. You're not writing interesting things or adding to this thread. You're just one of those bummers that's always "too busy" to do what he claims everyone else must have time to do. This community does not revolve around you.

Why couldn't you have assets, rulesets etc for a real pinball game?

The attitude of shut up or Do it yourself, isn't something any person into customer service or spokeperson would even dream of uttering, something as stupid. Only some childish immature person loosing an argument.
On that i have a fairly lucrative job, but in this "mod" buissness, you are Apparently ably to charge 30$ for a one inch sized plastic hat and 200$ for a shaving cream can with lights coming out of it's ass, i might Actually consider it.

#2597 60 days ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

Interesting that you seem to view my response as a customer service interaction. You're not my customer and I'm not in service of you. I'm pointing out your clear ignorance in the way you talk about all of this. You clearly know nothing about design, production or software engineering. You're the worst type of customer; the one who thinks he knows the most but clearly knows the least.
Anyway, I have nothing more to add. This isn't an interesting conversation. You're just rude.

Comes from The right person telling others they Dont have a clue and to shut up.
And as before, not a singel argument, only insults, but that's what is expected.

3 weeks later
#2845 37 days ago
Quoted from meSz:

Not sure if anyone posted this or not for the CE .......... http://marketing.jerseyjackpinball.com/ww/JJP_WW_CE_Flyer_Expo.pdf

The playfield looks absolutely spectacular.

#2883 35 days ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Talked to my dist. Wonka is back on the line...I asked about the updated clear coating on the newer builds playfields. He tells me there is no difference that he knows of.
Anyone else hearing anything? Looking to order a LE

Which basically means no wonka for me. Gameroom is beeing completed around xmas and wonka was clearly part of the plan, but will be out.
I wonder how manu sales jjp lost due to committing to mirpoo?

I guess the only good option as it stands is cgc's, danesis new or backpaddle to stern sam games, cause i aint be getting spike-shite.

#2933 32 days ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

A pause in production is typical when transitioning from one edition to another.
If playfields were, in fact, corrected, this would have been confirmed by JJP.
Unfortunately, there is nothing to support that notion rn.

Why do you think they would confirm playfields beeing corrected?

Wouldn"t that be like saying, stuff was faulty and are now corrected?
What about liability if they did that?

#2958 30 days ago
Quoted from wesman:

Lately, we've had some issues regarding playfield quality in some of our games, in our past two titles. I'd like to state that I'm not at liberty to disclose specific details as to what created these issues or how, but I would like to take a moment to state that not only have we course corrected these issues, and have started production of even higher quality playfields than we had prior to these issues popping up, but I'd like to reassure fans and customers alike, that this issue has been seen to and improved upon in a way where lifetime playability of our games can exist once again.
Most of all I sincerely appreciate your patience in this matter, and dearly thank you for your continued support.

So the game produced has a limited playability due to defect?
Which is the time span for thoose defective games? Production dates?

What are the customers supposed to do about thoose games?
If there was an identifiable defect has thoose customers been notified?
What Will happen to the defective games?
Etc etc etc.....

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