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JJPOTC Updates for Production

By Hogbog

1 year ago

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Post #593 The new artwork in high-res Posted by pinball_keefer (1 year ago)

Post #2454 Link to livestream of play on one of the first machines off the line Posted by solarvalue (1 year ago)

Post #2464 Picture of first jjPotCs on the line Posted by mountaingamer (1 year ago)

Post #2496 Link to Jack's "shipping" cartwheel for jjPotC. Posted by KingBW (1 year ago)

Post #2561 Comparison of prototype and final under playfields Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (1 year ago)

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#47 1 year ago

Yeah I'm probably out now

#132 1 year ago

I'm just so bummed out. I was so psyched for this game.

Blows my mind that the cost is the same after removing the central point and attention grabber of the game, at least for me

#278 1 year ago

I'm hoping they see the million dollars of revenue they will lose and double down to try and get it to work

#285 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

For them to lose, say, $5m in revenue at $9k a pop, there'd have to be 555 cancellations. I seriously doubt that will manifest.
They're likely not announcing this change so close to production, and so long after launch because they haven't tried.
If the following (see below) is correct then there's almost no chance of getting it to work reliably, because it's highly unlikely they could fit a belt-drive drivetrain into the space available. Even if they could, the additional time to engineer and test this would likely be unacceptable to both buyers and JJP.

The 88 people saying they will cancel their preorder is close to a million.

It's not like something of this nature cant be engineered. Use different materials, metal, carbon etc

#288 1 year ago

I agree it would be more if they don't find an answer. Some don't think it'll happen but in it's current state I think it's a huge hit to its marketability

#485 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

No one has paid for anything, just made fully-refundable deposits.

WOZ was different since people had made payments for something expected. Plus, it's a lot harder to play a game without lights than what we're talking about here.

It's also tough to want to buy a 9500 machine when THE marketing tool used by JJ to get those deposits is now being replaced by a shoddy paste on. We didn't trot out these disks as new innovation never seen before, we didnt market it as the focal point, we just want the promise delivered on.

#489 1 year ago
Quoted from RazerX:

To make matters 100x worse, they took a cool looking centerpiece of the game and replaced it with something that looks like someone threw up on the middle of the playfield. I can live with the trunk change, but I don't think I can stay in based on the disc change. Who wants to look at that all the time while you're playing? Feel bad that this is the hand that Eric is getting dealt. Deep down, I can't see how he could be ok with this even though he HAS to say otherwise publicly. C'mon JJP, you gotta do something better than this.

If what we saw is final and they as a company think that's acceptable, it certainly tells you a lot about belief in quality.

I spoke with jack at the release party in Connecticut and he stressed to me the mission statement of every table being playable art. That disk replacement is far from art.

#542 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

For me it isn’t simply going from the 3x spinner to the single. The art is horrendous to look at on that spinner and really diminishes the overall look.
Let me ask this.
If they revealed this change with a single disc showing fantastic art and integration of theme, would there be as many of us totally bummed out?

I would have been much less upset.

I get mechs can be finicky. To fix it with that hideous decal was a black eye on the whole machine. It would still suck but it would feel like they at least tried.

#1086 1 year ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

I am hearing from my dist that there is still a chance for JJP to change course on this decision.
So guys that are abandoning ship (pun intended) may regret it of they pull a 180. OTOH, guys abandoning ship are probably the real motivator for them to reverse course. In a sense it’s the official vote.

I'm hoping you're right, this decision doesn't just hurt this tables sales, it hurts my faith in the company at large.

#1177 1 year ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

Where is the jack interview posted?

In the are you reconsidering thread

#1186 1 year ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Buying Premium brand new pinball machines is expensive .Maybe you should find a more affordable hobby (this is for crazy Levi) I don't want my Bentley to have vynal seats just so you can afford it.

You do realize what you are defending is you preordering your Bentley with Corinthian leather, they release it with vinyl seats and charge you the same right?

#1216 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It did seem kind of cruel and ineffective throwing Eric to the wolves with that initial announcement!


#1219 1 year ago

Most interesting to me was that Eric was already working on another game.

#1318 1 year ago

I'm happy with the variable spinning. It actually did a lot for the randomness. Also the star map is super cool.

Good stream, liked what I saw

#1382 1 year ago

Keefer said on stream that you can still do it.

The star map shot, which is also the chapter start shot will brightly illuminate the shot to advance the starmap. So even if you have a standard you can still advance the shot, you just need to hit the chapter select shot to see where it wants you to shoot.

#1386 1 year ago

Especially since he said it's not going to be as constant in release, more twinkly

1 week later
#1558 1 year ago

Keefer to the rescue.

#1590 1 year ago

If not for the removal of the features I don't know if you'd feel this way.

Delayed releases AND feature removal kills momentum. But I'm still excited.

1 week later
#1791 1 year ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

I appreciate your suggestion. Better believe I also tried that CE suggestion too! Haha.
Don't get me wrong, my wife totally supports pinball. She buys my plane tickets and hotels for the festivals and is happy to organize the finances so that pinball machines can come to the house. But, as much as I was all jazzed up to score this game, I've been turned down on this particular suggestion100 times, and yesterday she really let me have it, and the why. Really stinks, cuz I think that the Jersey Jack crew are really hitting it out of the park with this game, and who wouldn't love an awesome modern day pirate themed pinball machine. Dammit JD!
Anyway, thank you all for your support, I appreciate it and it's great to have forums like this. Obviously, everyone on this thread is deeply into pinball just as I am. I'm gonna to have to just see y'all on some different threads...

What if you trade someone for it. That way no new money goes to Disney.

Although the idea of someone telling what I can and cant buy based on an allegation of DV that never even went to court is not something I'd be open to.

#1883 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I really hope this hits production line soon, kind of bugs me hat they totally avoid the question.
If they miss mid summer production that will be a big fail in my opinion.

Especially while removing features to build quicker

#1891 1 year ago

They didnt have time to get it right so they cut them.

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