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The Ultimate Solenoid Driver board is the second most important board in your Bally®/Stern® pinball game right after the Ultimate MPU board. This board generates the +5vdc and +180vdc voltage. These voltages are then distributed within your pinball game. Our Solenoid board provides a clean and efficient power source that generates less heat for your machine. This is so important and will extend the life of your game! In this new design of the Solenoid board we have also included a larger current capability with over/short circuit protections! And don't forget our other important features such as coil circuit protection, LED's for all voltages and coils, and more new features to help your game run great.

Main Features:
- The Ultimate Solenoid Driver Board is a direct replacement for Bally® AS2518-16, AS2518-22, AS2518-25, A084-91612-0000 and Stern® SDU-100. You can see all the games this board works in on our FAQ page:
- This board uses modern linear power supplies which means it offers high efficiency and less heat with no more big heat sinks. This board will keep the backbox cooler!
- For games with extra displays, the board runs 180V at 50 watts just like the original design.
- Our board also offers short circuit protection and all of the power supplies are fully protected.
- We also included an upgraded +5V at 5amp supply. This means extra power for those popular LED style displays.
- You're never left in the dark. All of the voltages and coils have their own LED status indicators.
- We use the latest MOSFET devices for all the solenoid drivers.
- With these MOSFET drivers, the board has lower resistance, which means it gives you more responsive coils which means even better, faster pinball action.
- Our board gives you total coil protection. The board monitors all of the Solenoids for current at all times. If a coil exceeds its current rating, then that circuit will shut it down before any damage can happen. If the circuit goes into protection mode, you will notice that an LED will start flashing to let you know there is a problem.
- All of the solenoid MOSFET drivers have dual-function LED indicators that will indicate proper operation as well as displaying a fault condition such as a shorted coils.
- This board also has an MPU fault protection circuit. This will protect the solenoid drivers and the coils from any shorts caused by a faulted MPU which locks on a solenoid.
- Another feature that you'll love is our cyclone status LED's. This is a "feel good" set of LED’s that will show you that the system is functioning correctly.
- The flipper test button will allow you to test the flippers and you don't even have to start up the machine to do it.
- Our board also has easy to read and labeled test points for all of the voltages.
- We have also labeled all of the connector signal on the board for ease of identification.
- We will never use any obsolete components on our boards.
- We have also made so many advances in troubleshooting with this board! Figuring out a problem with your pinball game has never been easier! Upgrading your solenoid board to our Ultimate board will help your game run smoother and longer.
- As with all of our Ultimate Board products, we offer a lifetime warranty on this solenoid board. Check out our warranty page for details:

Our Solenoid Board will keep your pinball game running for years to come. Order one today!

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