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Other Aspects: 8.19

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There are 164 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
This game used to be not regarded very highly, but these days, it is up there. The playfield layout is very similar to Funhouse (and Tron). Good solid game. I like the basement. One of the very few Williams games made with a lower level. Good playfield artwork. Mediocre backglass artwork. Cabinet artwork is downright ugly. Sound is good, although music gets repetitive over time. The rule set is frustratingly random, and there seems to be little to do. A great improvement is to set it to Tournament Mode! Now, the random features become sequenced awards, and the object of the game becomes to get through the sequences (Map awards, Zinj/Mystery awards, Gray Gorilla awards). Wizard mode suddenly starts at 100 diamonds (and every 100 thereafter). Mystery scoop has to be bent just right to hold the ball, otherwise it will reject shots, or stick.
6 years ago
Owned this for about 2 years and couldn’t get into it. The theme just wasn’t great. The rules on the game were better than most. The Gorilla under the playfield to spell Congo is boring. The Volcano VUK is cool. The gameplay is pretty fast. There just wasn’t enough there. Not the best Williams game IMHO.
6 years ago
I think this is an above average more.
I find the under playfield useless and its award unbalanced.
Volcano is a great toy, and volcano ramp shot is challenging.
6 years ago
Everyone acts like this game is so rad, but its just average.

Just hit gray over and over.

get tons of points

6 years ago
Congo is a really good game with really good artwork and I really like the callouts and the music in the game and the volcano ramp is really cool and when it shoots I out the volcano Is cool. Also the lower playfield with gray the gorilla is a really cool toy and fun to play
6 years ago
I can't defend the movie even though I think I am the only person who does enjoy it! And maybe that helps that I like the pin so much as well. For a movie themed pin, it implements the story very well! The layout is so unique and there are 3-4 unique shots from each flipper, all which are critical to mastering this pin. The skill shot is fun and should be mastered for later modes in the game. 2 video modes which are fun and an erupting volcano. The music and sounds are perfect for the theme. A really good pinball that should not be overlooked!
6 years ago
Again another pin based on a stinker of a movie license (this seems to happen a lot!) but Williams made it work if you look past the theme. Has some cool gimmicks like the ape toy in the bottom playfield, skill shot down the kickback lane is pretty unique as well. Just let down by poor music and the theme really. I do enjoy playing this when I see it.
6 years ago
Congo is a reasonably attractive game, especially the back glass and cabinet, the field not so much. It has a good game flow and a decent number of toys. A bunch of different modes keep things interesting. The sound is OK, nothing special.
6 years ago
Congo is a magnificent game and very underrated. ok, so the film was a load of old bollocks, with its violent gun-toting gorillas etc, but anything with Tim Curry is always gonna be worth watching, if only for the scenes he's in. Seriously, the guy has the Midas touch.

anyway, this is a fun and varied and well designed game. lots to shoot for, a fantastic volcano that erupts balls for multiball, a clever downstairs area that makes a nice bit of variety, lots of modes and toys, even an original super skill shot where you aim for the outlane. video mode is fun too (the white water rafting one, not the pointless pick-a-door). and the backglass has Jeremy Clarkson on, which is always a bonus.

the one downside is the lack of any wizard mode - collect 200 diamonds and you get another multiball but no real objectives and it's too easy to attain. still, Congo is fun to play.
6 years ago
Really fun game with nice tight shots and some nice, unexpected ball return locations. I cannot speak to the depth of the rules but the game is a really nice shooter. I would love to own one. ;-)
6 years ago
One of the most fun pins I have played great playfield layout, fast playing with mini underplay field, great sound speech and animations, nice dmd games highly recommended for all players
6 years ago
Only played about 10 times so far, but it's enough to make me a fan. The jungle theme is well done and draws you right in. The game play is very good too.
6 years ago
Congo had the shortest stay in my collection.

The Good:
Background sound/music is very good.
Ramps are fun to shoot.
Great multiball start.

The Bad:
Ruleset is lackluster.
All shots (except the ramps) are meh.
Video mode leaves you wanting.
Amy call outs are grating.
The part that really drove me to trade the game though was that most shots end up in the jet bumpers where they invariably get ejected into the drains (leaving you with that "hey that's not fair!" feeling)... and so to stay away from cheap drains the game basically gives you one shot (the left ramp). The right ramp is fantastic (if you can make it) but it is very tight and if you miss it the ball goes into the pops and then... Hey!

Better games for the price out there.
7 years ago
Congo was a pleasant surprise. This is a great looking game and it has good play. You wouldn't even know it was "b" movie themed if it weren't for the pictures of the actors.
7 years ago
Great game, one of the best ive ever owned. backglass is horrid though!
7 years ago
Fun to play!
7 years ago
Really did not like this game and want my 50cents back... :)
7 years ago
Very solid pin. Cool effects and fun to play.
7 years ago
Not the best theme, but maybe the best game I've ever played.

The playfield layout is brilliant. Shots feel incredibly gratifying, and the volcano shot is one of my few favorites. The music sucks me in. The artwork on the playfield is pretty cool, considering the mediocre theme. The scoring allows for several different ways to play the game. In terms of raw gameplay, this is probably my favorite pin.

Only down side is, some callouts are comically bad, and the translite is strictly mediocre.

Overall, an incredibly fun game. Hard to find, which is a shame, as everyone should play it!
7 years ago
AKA: "Dongo"

- Volcano ramp is satisfying to make and is an extremely hard shot to make reliably, but not too hard
- Good play field layout overall, featuring a lot of unique shots (upper flipper loop, centre orbit)
- Sound is really quirky and cute
- Skill Fire is an awesome round and one that hasn't been done on any other machine, from the beginning of pinball until now

- Mystery saucer can go slam itself in the head due to how it can send the ball SDTM
- Extremely tough to get the ball to stick in a saucer (i.e. Indiana Jones)
- "Shoot the Satellite targets to end your game quicker!"
- No way to kill Amy
- Jackpot value resets after X number of diamonds, making the game not as fun after Super Multiball
- "Amy bad monkey. Amy go work for SEGA. Amy better than any SEGA employee."
7 years ago
This game is above average. Played it for the first time at Lyons and liked it. Would have to spend some more time with it, but it feels like a game I could grow to like.
7 years ago
This is one of the best games for those new to pinball. The game is fairly easy to play, but can be enjoyed by all skill levels. Playfield design is great and is just tons of fun to play. I really like the tough super score / Amy shot for the Super Jackpot. The rules of this game is a departure from the norm of other B/W titles of the 90's. This gives Congo a refreshing feel. Volcano ramp is a tough and very satisfying shot thru the jets. The music fits the jungle theme perfectly. Great low production game that is finally getting some respect.
7 years ago
Another unique pinball by Doctor Flash
7 years ago
One of those machines where the Film did badly but the Pinball is Better!! Flows great. One to add to my collection.
7 years ago
I like the theme on this the music and sounds make it very atmospheric, has a great shot through the pops to the volcano, the only down side for me is the mine shaft which gets a bit boring after a while, still it can be avoided.
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