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Game Design: 8.437

Artwork: 7.525

Sounds/Music: 7.475

Other Aspects: 8.187

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Found 164 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 164 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
a game you don't see all that often but play it if you get a chance its a surprisingly fun shooter , best part of this game for me is all the Ramp shots
1 year ago
Great shot variety, fun game.
1 year ago
Overall a very fun game especially after a led swap. Challenging shots that will keep you coming back and chasing the 100 diamonds. Simple rule set and sounds are the downside of this game. I always wonder what could have been with some of these games with 1 or 2 more code updates. Very worthy of its ranking and not easy to find in the wild.
1 year ago
Owned it. Sold it. Love the movie. Just not the pin as much. Fun to play on occasion. If I had space for 30 pins, maybe...
1 year ago
Recently added Congo on a hunch, based partly on positive reviews. Traded a very nice pin for a very nice example of Congo with a new playfield and LED OCD board. With LEDs, this game looks amazing. Tremendous lighting, especially with mirror blades. The game has some great shots, with 2 very fun ramps and three flippers. Honestly, the game is impressive despite a lackluster lower playfield. Had that lower pf been better designed to require careful shooting, like Black Hole, it could have been a legendary pin. Instead, the lower pf is meh, but the upper pf has good shots and decent music, good rules and decent dots. It's not a top 20 pin, but deserves it's top 50 spot. Very happy with our trade.
2 years ago
One of the better mid nineties Williams games ! This pinball has great flow and a fun factor that goes through the roof.

Only real downside is that the game itself is surprisingly ugly and almost uninspired regarding the artwork. It should also be mentioned that the lower playfield with the bashing gorilla felt a little underwhelming compared to the games other main features.
These flaws however are outweighed by the pure fun that this table offers. On top of that: Congo has one of the most entertaining sound packages from that era.
The rampshots are tempting and the whole game has a strong "one more time..."-vibe to it.
2 years ago
I have wanted a Congo for a long time. I am one who enjoyed the Movie. The movie was camp, sci/fi, and fun!!!!I now own Congo.. I could not be happier. Shots are fun. Hippos and Gorillas!!
2 years ago
Fun game nice shots and toys a winner!
2 years ago
Another great pin based on a B-list movie (I actually like the movie, however). Great for home use or location. It really has everything but the theme (for some) and lighting. This machine is dark. It needs LEDs and added light strips.

It is hard to find in the wild (see what I did there?), but you should absolutely play it if you get the chance.
2 years ago
Here lies the classic example of a so-so game that all of the pinball nerds have decided they love now. The trend of reviews spells it out pretty clearly. It's an incredibly average example of games of it's time. Nothing really innovate or particularly interesting about it, other than they were cheap and easy to get hold of until someone suddenly decided it was now cool to like it. It's definitely not a bad game, it has some interesting shots and can feel rewarding to shoot, but it is DEFINITELY not a top 50 all time game. (Go ahead pinside nerds, downgrade my review. You know you want to. It still counts.)
2 years ago
"Congo" has some great ideas. A nice volcano toy (which "erupts" if you can make the shot required to do so) and a neat "Grey Gorilla" that bounces around angrily inside the lower playfield, waiting to fight you. The issues with the game, however, outweigh everything else. The tribal drum music gets really old the first minute in and the voice performances are as hokey as the movie was featuring actors attempting to say things in various accents. It's cute the first couple times but then the accents are so bad, you wish you could shut them off. That, and the chimp sounds are just as silly. Also, the ruleset is terrible and most of the shots you'll be making rely on the left upper and lower flippers while the lower right flipper merely hits the ramp and outer orbit. Everything feels lopsided to me. The game is neat to play but I've definitely played better pinball games adapted from films and this one just makes me scratch my head.
2 years ago
Simply fun!!!!If you want to have a break in your busy life and enjoy in a easy way,try it!!!!fast, neat,colourful, lovely music and sounds from the jungle, an interesting toy under the playfield....Yes,not to deep,if you only have this in your collection,maybe you will become a bit bored,with the need to try something else, one year later.But if you like an adventure theme,don't doubt it, give it a chance!!
2 years ago
One of my grail games!
2 years ago
I finally found one of these to play and I'm quite thankful. It's a very fun shooter...plenty of shots and they make you feel good when you figure them out. The lower playfield is simple, but fun. The animations felt weak, but that's not a big deal. Give this one a go if you see it and haven't played it.
2 years ago
Although I wouldn't say "underrated" (as it securely has a spot in the Top 100), I'd say Congo is definitely an "underplayed" table from the Golden Era of pinball. In fact, if the movie wasn't so shitty, I think this pinball would've dominated more coin-ops in the mid and late '90s. It's super FUN! There's plenty of variety and it's just challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. Hell, I just love mining for diamonds! Great pinball far more worthy than the film it was based upon. Once I find one for sale that's local, it will be the next machine in my game room.
2 years ago
Love this game. Music is great. Love the volcano. Boat video game is fun. Keeper for me.
2 years ago
I love this game. So much fun. Great music, wonderful call-outs "HIPPOS!". The rules on it are pretty simple but the game has me coming back often to try and get to the super multi-ball (collect 100 diamonds). I've got a Congo and I've modded it quite a bit to super bright LEDs everywhere. Beautiful pin. This one is going to stay in the collection ;-)
2 years ago
Who could go wrong with a volcano!!! Actually the game is very underrated, even though it's in the top 40. If it had a better them and the game code was just changed very minor, it could be a top 20 game. The game has amazing flow and there's a few different directions on how to play for scoring. The only sound that gets repetitive is Amy talking.
2 years ago
This game is far below other '' top '', an adequate number of shots and a fluidity make Congo a more than pleasant game, the music is fully integrated with the rest of the elements, the shots of the ramp to the map and mistery, they are soft and rewarding just like the volcano ramp, the collection of diamonds do not become tired or repetitive, and the video modes of either the caves or the canoe are perfect, an undervalued machine, but over time is putting it in its place, I have no thought of moving away from it
3 years ago
Another pin I must add to the home collection. It’s a game you want to play over and over. I usually don’t like ramp shots that you have to hit through the bumpers but the Volcano ramp is very satisfying. The lower play-field would be my only critique, but overall I love this Pin.
3 years ago
Unique shots, theme. Underplay-field is cool. Lots of variation and unique layout. They put a lot into this machine. Great game. Deserves its spot in the top 100
3 years ago
Really solid game. Can art isn’t great, but the pf and backglass are great. Music and call outs are excellent. Love the layout and feel of the shots. Even though the movie isn’t the best, theme is really well done. Lastibility could be an issue though in a smaller collection.
3 years ago
I think it's no secret anymore that Congo is a fun game with an awesome layout. The rules are just OK and the lower playfield isn't great. The art/theme is all actually pretty good, despite it being based on a movie no one cares about. I prefer an attractive game based on a nothing theme compared to an ugly game with a great theme.
3 years ago
Great all around pin.
I've always felt that Congo is underrated.
I recently bought a shopped completely working Congo pin, and i jave no regrets.
Very addictive, I think Amy likes me.
3 years ago
Congo has a cool layout but a somewhat lacking ruleset. You will be shooting mainly the left ramp to spell map while simultaneously spotting the in-lane lights. These are the main things to do in the game. The lower playfield is cool for the first few times but gets old cause you just mash the flippers. The right ramp through the pops is a fun and satisfying shot. The mode where you shooter skill shots for 20 seconds is a really cool and unique idea, but again, grows stale cause you just keep pulling the plunger back over and over. Great layout and good game.
There are 164 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 7.

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