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Other Aspects: 8.205

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There are 167 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
Game was fast paced and easy to internalize quickly. Mountain shot proved to be very frustrating, but its possible machine I was on was aged to point it was harder than from factory. I really like the back glass on this unit and the many colors used, it stands out.
74 days ago
This is one of the good games based on a Movie you haven’t seen or quickly forgot games, like The Shadow and Johnny Nmemonic.

Even though the game revolves around diamonds, airplanes and monkeys for whatever reason(game design I guess) it is pretty good. Has many interesting shots, definitely worth a few plays. As far as the market goes, the secret is out and this game commands more than its worth in my opinion.
5 months ago

(the best callout in the history of pinball, IMO)
6 months ago
I played this game In rough shape at one of the local pinball museums and liked it so much I bought one and was pleasantly surprised how much better it was playing the game when it was in much better condition. The right hand mountain shot is tough to get the extra ball.
7 months ago
I finally played this this weekend. I would say that it is a great game. lots of good shots.
12 months ago
Congo is a fast, fun, easy to understand game that is quite impressive. The only subpar thing about the machine is the theme (and maybe the colors). If you can get past that, you'll find a game layout and rules that are as fun as any other game of the era.
1 year ago
I really like this game…. I added a few lights under the volcano and replaced all bulbs with LED’s to brighten up the playfield but that’s basically it… this game flows really well and the call outs are spot on … truly a family game …. Just a shame that the movie was so bad as that rep had to be overcome..
1 year ago
For so long they were beaten up as a MM donor machine. A classic by trudeau.

The ramp shot is easy, but makes for massive fun in MB. Obviously not a mode based, to a degree its all about MBs. A great shooter with Tron style left upper flipper shots, although there are two potential shots from here. Theme I dont care for. Mini "wizard" modes are fun. All in all one of the best from the 90s from BW and far more fun to me than other new titles. A keeper.
1 year ago
Really loved this pin. Have the theme music stuck in my head. Lots of great shots. Easily understood. Wish I had one.
1 year ago
I just want a mint congo, so good!!
1 year ago
With all the pins I possess and play, this is one of the best. Totally underestimated - a tremendous playing fun!
1 year ago
Easy game.
1 year ago
This game is underrated. A LOT going on for a 1995 game.
1 year ago

This game is tough to rate for me, though the theme isn't part of it. A good game is a good game, even if the movie was a turd. It comes oh so close to being a great game.... but doesn't get there for me.

There are a couple great ramps in this game, and you can't deny how stinking cool it is to have multiball start by spewing balls out of a volcano! A few fun turnarounds and side-lanes, there's not much to dislike about the layout on this game. My main complaint is that there's too many kickout holes that interrupt the flow, particularly with the long and slow DMD seqeuences before kicking back out. If there had been a turnaround or another ramp where the mystery hole is, it would have been a phenomenal layout. Instead it's just merely 'very good'. Oh, and the 'Trudeau Gap" between the flippers is of course wider than standard, though not as pronounced as on other titles. I also think the lower playfield could have been a bit more interesting. It's more interactive than what Trudeau did with Genesis and Creech where the window was merely a visual toy..... but it's also less visually appealing. Overall this is one of Trudeau's better machines, and a great game, but it definitely lives in the shadow of other WPC-95 titles.

The play definitely has a mix of good things going on and I do love that each flipper has multiple things to shoot for right next to each other. For instance, the right flipper lines up to the Amy lanes, map ramp, and grey gorilla turnaround are all right next to each other. You need to be precise to get the right one, but if you miss you'll often hit another. Left flipper gets you the map kickout hole, mystery hole, volcano ramp, or hippo side lane. Top flipper gets you the mine kickout, perimeter defense targets, or the hidden lock under the volcano. Precision shooting is key to progressing, but you're not punished harshly for missing either.

There's two video modes in this game. The river-rapids dodging the hippos is decent, but not seen often. The 'choose your mine-shaft' sequence is annoying in how often you're going to see it and how slow and tedious it is. This game is a great example of why you shouldn't force a video mode into a game, because Congo would have been better without them.

Playfield artwork and presentation is top notch. It captures the Congo jungle atmosphere well and somewhat reminds me of the aesthetic of Indiana Jones. The back 20% can be a bit tough to follow due to all the ramps and mechanisms and toys back there, a bit more lighting would help, but it does give a bit of a deep lost jungle feel to it. Cabinet artwork is also quite good, I love the look and it fits the overall theme well. The backglass? Well, they had a lot of faces to put on there, and it's a bit of a mess. It wouldn't be awful if this was a Gottlieb/Premier game, but for a Williams game of this era? It's awful.

Sound can get a bit repetitive, but it does match the theme and game well. I can't really fault it and the music is quite good. The quality of the music in particular is top-notch. Compared to other WPC-95 games though it lags, but it's well above what all the competition was doing at the time.

Overall, I like this game, I really do. I just don't love it. It's a game I'm glad to own but not a game that will have a permanent home in the collection.
1 year ago
Congo is a very nice shooting/flowing game. All the shots feel good. The erupting volcano is supremely fun, and always makes me smile. I can't believe that no company thought to have pinballs shoot out of a volcano before. Lower PF is simple, but actually pretty fun. You're only down there very briefly, but the rewards for successfully completing the CONGO letters make it worth it.

Both video modes are enjoyable, if not up there with the best, and the music and callouts are great. Rules are pretty shallow, but there are enough different things to do, that it doesn't get boring too quickly. I would say the rules are System-11-style on steroids or something. As it's not a start-the-mode, hit-the-lit-shots, work your way to a wizard mode type game.

TLDR: Really great shooter, really fun toys/gimmicks, shallow rules, good fun.
1 year ago
I love this flipper
1 year ago
Congo is an underrated game. The volcano shot is one of the very best in pinball, and very satisfying. Its got great music, fun to beat the gorilla, and playing with Amy is a very unique feature. The music and dialog are well integrated. Some things like ghost multiball, video mode, and especially jungle jackpot are rare and add to the freshness each time you play. The only criticism is the lame backglass art. It is WAY better than the movie.
1 year ago
Congo is great shooters game with a solid and intuitive rules set. A classic 90s DMD with good video modes and multiballs. It’s well themed, shoots great. The right ramp volcano shot is dramatic and tight. The layout is like a inverted IMDN. This title will never be remade and at under 2200 produced during the golden age of pins, its a solid addition to any lineup, and harder to find in good to excellent condition.
1 year ago
Fun game with interesting game play. Love the volcano, and artwork.
1 year ago
Congo is a fun pinball machine. I don't want to repeat what everybody else has already posted but I do like chasing the diamonds. Mine is set up pretty tough. I've only got to 100 diamonds once out of about 50 games but then again I'm not the best player out there. I love the colors, theming, callouts, and music. The ramp through the pop bumper can be tough to be consistent at. I will hold this one in my collection for a while. Its a keeper for me. The new sterns are great but there is something about the old B/W titles that make you want to play again and again. Highly recommend!!
1 year ago
Has a lot going on. The volcano looks great up in the corner. The left ramp and orbit around it and u turn up there is all really well placed and done. The upper flipper on the left is different and well placed.

Hitting up into the volcano takes a very nice shot through the bumpers. The ramps are really cool and the diverter after M-A-P is really cool. The game flows really well and doesn't drain easily.

I never even got to use the lower playfield, but even without it, the game is really a fun one to shoot. It feels like you are building into the game, moving along. And it's fun to shoot! Looks great, plays well.
1 year ago
Congo is a solid game, a very Trudeau design with some interesting and challenging shots. It definitely isn't perfect, but it will always hold my interest with the gameplay and layout. I would say the one downside is the lower playfield, it doesn't require a lot of skill to spell out CONGO, if you hit the buttons you should be able to defeat the gorilla without much trouble. I say the biggest draw is the volcano, it's a nice touch when you activate MB. While the movie was pretty forgettable, not like the book, this pin deserves it's place as a keeper in most collections.
1 year ago
I've always wanted this game and just picked one up a couple of months ago and it is super fun. It's so unique with the layout and the shots are all set up perfectly. It's definitely going to be a long-term Keeper in my collection.
2 years ago
This is such a fun game. The flow is on point. The layout is incredible. The lower play field is very cool. This is such an addictive game for sure. I would love to have it In my collection one day.
2 years ago
This game was highly underrated for so long. The movie is bad but this game is excellent and really fun.
There are 167 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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