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Other Aspects: 8.19

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Found 164 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 164 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
Another case of the game being better than the movie. Unfortunately, the movie was Congo.

The Pros:
Good shots and a fun multiball. The shots from the upper flipper are very well done. Collecting diamonds is the name of this game. The M-A-P sequence with the shots to the left ramp and then ramp diverts the ball to the left flipper for the MAP shot at the right saucer is something I always enjoy. The Skill shot and the Super Skill shot are very cool... There is no wizard mode, but the way this game plays... it may not need it. Multiball start is way sweet with the pinball exploding off of the top of the volcano. This game plays more of a "journey" than reaching set goals like most tables. Midnight Madness is a hoot!

The Cons:
This game gets "meh" after a while. The gorilla in the window is just for mashing flipper buttons. This is another game that should have been a real player, but the rules just do not take you there. Good thing I have my CFTBL... The story is that this title was bounced around from designer to designer and John Trudeau picked up the slack like a good trooper. This game could have been themed anything. I can think of a dozen off of the top of my head that would have been better. Space shuttle II with Amy being replaced by an astronaut and the multiball/volcano being Cape Canaveral..

Some people really like this game, some don't. I like it and I know that my friend Dean Grover helped to program it. I think it's a solid game and I'm happy to play it, in someone else's collection.

The more I play this game, the more I appreciate it. There are no gameplay modes. The wizard mode is strange. C-O-N-G-O letters unlighting means you can string out this mode for more points, but you score more from 3 successful AMY shots than you do from a poor Wizard mode after collecting 100 diamonds. You can make points in the wizard mode, but it is more of a frenzy than anything else. I guess the joy is in the journey on this game. The good news is, the journey is a lot of fun. Kind of like Indy 500 where the wizard mode isn't, but the game doesn't stop for it. There aren't any gameplay modes, but there are M-A-P modes as well as mystery awards by spelling the Z-I-N-J inlane/outlanes. Multiball can be collected by qualifying with diamonds, M-A-P and G-R-E-Y awards. Multiball is where this game shines. The layout is fun to shoot and while some may think that the rules are not that interesting, I like that fact that the game favors gameplay over everything else. Vidja mode is tough as the raft is sluggish to start moving side to side, but hey, it's a video mode. Play more pinball! I have to give credit to the creativity of the layout as well as the super skill shot and the Skill-fire (skillfully draining) mode. While the wizard mode may feel like it falls flat and is uncreative, the rest of the balance of the game is quite good. Other than a useless right ramp. This design has great use of shots in sequences. Just don't ever shoot for the satellite targets and find a copy if you can. People passed on this game for years. Most likely due to the theme first, and that's a shame. Good luck finding one today. Pinball players who know, know how much fun this game can be. Shooting this table is pure pinball-joy.
8 years ago
Had this machine about a year. My wife and I put led lights in.(Our first and probably last) A fun machine with nice ramp shots. (I like ramps) I always like to play this machine. Haven't gotten tired of it yet. I can play over and over. Guess it's just fun and that's whats pinball is all about it. Looks great with led's too. I still love this machine.
8 years ago
Fun pin with cool shots and great flow and can be fast. I have played this game many times and always enjoyed it. I saw a friend get midnight madness muiltiball and that was fun to watch. I would not mind owning this pin at all.
8 years ago
This is a decent title and should be higher up the ratings for sure, nice looking machine with good flow and some nice shots, music and speech is decent, lower playfield gorilla is pointless but there you go, good bang for the buck, rare and worth a go, grab one if you can find one.
8 years ago
Ths is a very fun pin! I love the under playfield. The only thing that makes the under playfield better is super bright orange LED's! Play it if you have the chance. Very rewarding game.
8 years ago
This is probably one of the biggest hidden gems in the pinball market IMO. It's a shame it's marketed off of such an awful movie. Don't get me wrong I love Ernie Hudson, but I can only forsee him as a Ghostbuster. Anyways, the ramps are done very well, the video cutscenes are spectacular, and overall the game is a blast. I was apprehensive about the mini playfield since previously owning a SF2 but it's really not as bad as people make it out to be. It's a gem, no pun intended.
9 years ago
Ugly game all around. Luckily it plays well.
9 years ago
Great game. The layout was well thought out along with the timing
of the software. It doesn't feel clunky to me, has quality sound(get upgraded
BB speakers/Sub-add the resistor back in line with the right BB speaker IMO), and has
a lot to work with for mods. Very addicting. Really happy with this one!
9 years ago
Great all around fun game to play
9 years ago
Fun, underrated title. If you get the chance, take TS over this but this is a really good game!
9 years ago
Another underrated game that people avoid because of theme. Fun, flowing game with a lot to offer. Tons more going on here than in the newer Stern games that cost 3x as much.
9 years ago
really lovely game, the volcano looks awesome and the small mini playfield is a nice gimmick (especially with the diamond multiball, when all 5 balls are active)
the side decals are a bit too "black" for my taste, but the "green" playfield looks great
9 years ago
Totally unique layout by the brilliant John Trudeau. Shooting the volcano ramp through the pop bumpers is one of *the* coolest shots in all of pinball, no question. Don't let the cheesy movie theme fool you. This game kicks ass.
9 years ago
I liked the Movie , but i didn't Care for the Pin.. The lower p/f reminded me of Street Fighter 2,, I have to say , I want be Look-n for this Pin..
9 years ago
Great underrated game! Nice playfield flow and fun lower playfield with controllable gorilla and captive ball. Everyone should try this one! I was looking forward to playing at LAX2012 and while I was a little hesitant at first, I was completely smitten by the time I walked away.
9 years ago
My first pin. I love the shots. Really easy to get into a loop fest. Fun for the kids also. Underrated pin.
9 years ago
Just bought one and have to say quite surprised on how fun the game is..The shots are fun and satisfying to make. Great bang for the buck.
9 years ago
Very similar to the Shadow.
Shocking movie,very under rated pin.
Good fun to play and great value for the price.
9 years ago
Let down by the movie this is an under-rated game with great shots and game play.
9 years ago
Sure, it's a cheesy looking machine, but that's half of the fun; I try not to get too wrapped up in the more "cosmetic" features of games, but certainly to each his own. The game has some great shots, two ramps, and a nice loop for loop and combo scoring. Diamond collecting is fun and the "GREY" shot not only makes for a fun mini-playfield game, but makes access to the upper right flipper fairly easy for locks and bonuses. I really like having two shots on the playfield for lock, which makes obtaining the volcano multiball challenging, but fun.

Congo isn't a very difficult game and I think this is partially why others may dislike it. However, there is something to be said about a pin that has longer games and gives more inexperienced players a chance to better themselves without the frustration of continual drains.
9 years ago
Great PF wasted on a horrible theme

Own(ed): Yes

Times Played: 100s

What a great PF design. Diamond collecting is fun. Shot btw the pops and up the Volcano ramp is cool as hell. Hippo bonus from the pops is a neat feature. Lots of fun shots to keep you busy. 100 diamond mode is within reach

Rules are pretty lame. Bottom playfield is crap, too easy. Ugliest BG. Poor theme in general

I picked one up really cheap ($650) for that is was a blast. Might say it is worth it at $1200 or so, but it really is a bottom tier game.
9 years ago
I enjoy playing Congo. It has a wide diversity of shots and it feels like you are on a “real” adventure into the Congo. I feel that the Volcano is one of the best shots in all of pinball. I also think that the gorilla underneath the playfield is a novel idea. I am still looking forward to playing the “Midnight Madness” mode. I also enjoy playing the video mode, which seems to be a lost art in current pinball titles. If you see a Congo to play, it is worth it!
9 years ago
Flat out fun the more I play it the more I love it. Great artwork on the cabinet & playfield. Sound bites and music were very well done. DMD animations are solid. The Volcano is such a great feature and it is worked into the game seamlessly. The super skill shot is very difficult and fun to go for. The shot between the pop bumpers to go up and around the Volcano is one of my favorite shots in pinball. Design of the playfield is very well balanced with some stop & go but also great flow & speed. Super Multiball is a blast.
10 years ago
Fun flow, crap theme, good art.
10 years ago
Why did I sell this game!!?? I liked it, so why did I sell it!!?? I didn't even get a good price for it!! If I want to guy one now I'd be lucky to get one for twice what I sold mine for... I really wanted to play the game more than I did, it looked great and sounded good, but I sold it way before I had chance to know it well enough to really decide of I should sell it or not... I realise this is not a constructive review, but the point is, it's a good game... so if you manage to get one, don't sell it unless you realise you really don't like it!!
There are 164 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 7.

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