Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium)


Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium)

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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast". The group itself ranks #6 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.894

Artwork: 8.779

Sounds/Music: 8.63

Other Aspects: 8.707

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Found 257 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
This rating is going to be based on the game as a pinball machine that has a rock group attached to it. You see , music based pinball machines can be band based ( AC/DC, GNR, Rush,Aerosmith ) …or they can be mission based with the band music along for the ride (Foo, Metallica). Then there is IM which chose to use its assets ( Eddie) as the basis for stacking modes and completing missions and the songs themselves as themes. It’s like Medievel Madness with a desert theme.

Elwin and the band get it correct across the board . The songs ( whether you love them or not work flawlessly for a pinball theme that is broodish . Aces High , Fear of the dark , and Trooper are genius. As are the Egyptian Theme and multiple manifestations of the groups mascot Eddie. The Art package and lighting are and is awesome …. But so what …. Lots of games have that going on.
So why do I think this is a top 10 game of all time? The genius of design. A Left ramp that is hard , then also leads to a lock. A third flipper that is FAST ( see GZ 3 rd flip ) and a 4th smaller one that takes a while to master but actually does something . The game is so unusual and the twin call outs are funny ( man and woman). And like Foo, it’s nice to have a tally of accomplishments on the screen to remind you what still needs to be done.
So, stop complaining about 80’s metal not being “your thing” and realize Elwin’s first game is probably one of the best premium “ games” you can buy with your boots on.
27 days ago
Tout le monde n’aime pas la sic Iron Maiden , sinon bon Flip !
28 days ago
I owned the game for just over 6 months.

The first thing to know is that even if you’re not a fan of the band, which I’m not, this game is enjoyable. It’s a fast-paced game and the music works with the play action.

Playfield layout is original and flows well. Multiple loops and the challenge of hitting the left ramp through the pop bumpers definitely improve your shooting skills.

The main differences in the premium are the sarcophagus ball lock and the lifting ramp. I think the Egyptian-themed artwork was very well done. The cabinet, playfield and backglass complement each other well.

The callouts, sound effects and animations look good and exactly align with the theme.

Despite the highlights above, this game was not popular at all with family and guests. Everyone tended to move on to other pins after a game or two of Maiden. It is a dark theme so it’s not very good at attracting players, especially kids. It’s more of a player’s pin than something casual players enjoy.

As far as maintenance, I didn’t have any major hassles. Once I got the loop shot aligned correctly and the clairvoyant switch adjusted, I didn’t have any further issues.

Bottom line, I’m happy that I had the opportunity to own this game. It’s definitely one to check off the list. It’s a solid pin, but unless you’re a big Maiden fan, for long term it probably needs to be in a larger collection. It didn’t fit in well with my small lineup and therefore it’s not a game that I would consider owning again.
83 days ago
Best game in pinball. I put off buying this game because I owned all of Elwin's other cornerstone games. I am really happy with this game in every aspect. I really didn't like Godzilla or JP but this game is the best ever.
3 months ago
Loved playing this game at the Expo. It was super unique and very fun. I am not a big IM fan so that is what has held me back from buying.
3 months ago
Fun game, but very loud .
3 months ago
I thought the Premium would be much better than the Pro, but it's also just not that fun. It's a game I really want to like, and I've tried it many times on location. Even though the theme does nothing for me, gameplay could easily make up for it, since I don't hate the theme. The game is just so average and doesn't feel interesting or exciting. Elwin's Godzilla and Jurassic Park are both masterpieces, but Avengers is awful and Iron Maiden is just plain average.
3 months ago
I owned this game for 5 months now . Iron maiden , Jurassic park , and godzilla are all interchangeable number 1 games for me on any given day . I tend to favor this game more because its the quickest balltime and more straightforward rules then the other 2

Loop shots are some of my favorite shots in all of pinball.

I never listened to the band before i bought the game. The music isnt my favorite , but it works for pinball.

This game punishes missed shots like nothing ive played . I need to be on my A game to do anything in this game
3 months ago
Played this at Pincinnati, and in a room full of 100 machines set to free play I found myself continually returning to this. It ended up in my top 5 list for the show. Game play way fun and quickly understandable, had a variety of shots that were fun to hit, and the music was good.
4 months ago
Es una maquina preciosa y muy intensa!
4 months ago
Another solid music pin from Stern. Iron Maiden has always had some excellent art and it really carries this pin. I am lukewarm on them, and the music doesn't do much for me, and more than a lot of other music pins I think caring about the music and theme is crucial to liking this one. There's some tough shots, some easy shots, most of them pretty satisfying, but I don't love this particular one and don't find myself coming back to it very often on location.
4 months ago
Fantastic Pinball Machine super fun great shots and layouts. The theming is not for me but i can't deny it's one of the best pinballs i've ever shot.
4 months ago
Owned the LE when new and 3 months ago purchased a premium. Thought I'd wait a while until i ranked it. So, so good. The flow in m opinion, is the best of the modern stern. Chasing a 3x to achieve a high score is a great risk/reward strategy. Hitting ramps, left to right is sooooo satisfying and part of the modes - and awards more if achieved.
Desert island game
5 months ago
Not a fan of the theme or the ugly ghoulish characters. The baby sized 4th flipper looks like mini-me’s charm’
5 months ago
This game has a great flow with really awesome shots, I love the theme and the music fits this machine and pinball really well. The callouts are good, great rules that are easy enough to understand and follow. This machine is a lot of fun, for me it definitely has that one more game draw and appeal. One of the best machines out there.
5 months ago
I really like this game but don’t feel it objectively is a great layout. It just feels a bit lacking. The mechs are average and the pro is probably preferable. Like many Sterns the rules are quite basic and linear: stack multiball on top of modes etc just not a lot of depth or options. Just don’t think the game has a distinctive toy or mech that makes it stand out - a ball lock alone is kind of boring. Uniqueness of playfield layout is probably the highlight for me.
5 months ago
Game is challenging, ramps are tough shots, music is phenomenal!
6 months ago
Great shots! Theme does nothing for me. Code and rules are great.
6 months ago
I first played this game when it came out. I think it is a decent first effort by Keith Elwin and he's incorporated many interesting elements here.

The layout has a nice feel to it albeit that some of the shots, especially the "Trooper" shot (above the left upper flipper), are a bit clunky. The center ramp shot is my favorite shot followed by the little super jackpot target. Looping the ball around the little orbits is fun too.

The rules are good. Playing through the different songs is quite enjoyable and the same goes for the Trooper multiball. In general the rules seem pretty straight forward.

The artwork on the playfield, cabinet and backglass is outstanding on this game. If every Stern would have been supplied with this kind of artwork Stern Pinball's games from the late Whitestar / early SAM era would be appreciated a lot more.

Overall this is a good game with an individual layout. Every fan of Iron Maiden will enjoy playing this game.
7 months ago
Un premium esteticamente bello come un le a mio avviso.le tre caratteristiche che ha in più del pro sono stupende ma nonostante questo aggiungono poco valore assoluto all esperienza di gioco semplicemente perché il pro è già una macchina fantastica da giocare.
7 months ago
A most for my next purchase. Great music and a blast to play.
7 months ago
I love the look on this cabinet and it does have some fun shots and good music but it was way to easy on location. I honestly just wanted to quit my ball times were too long and I didn’t even know what I was doing and I got a what I felt was a high score. I’m a pretty good pinball player but defiantly not a tournament player but I was expecting a beating from this pin but it never came. The ramp in the center was fun but it lead to no where it was a littler weird. the little flipper felt awkward/gimmicky, to me this isn’t a top 20 pin I will try this again sometime because so many people seem to love this one.
7 months ago
As we all know, an Iron Maiden is a falsified medieval torture device, invented to contextualize ourselves as more civilized and evolved than our psychotically cruel ancestors.

As we all know, this particular Iron Maiden is a very real contemporary torture device, invented to remind us how much we suck at pinball.

My ego hath been bruised.
9 months ago
This game is an awesome tribute to Iron Maiden! It’s very fitting one of the best bands of all time would have one of the best pins! There’s a lot of variety in the game, and the fact you can choose your songs is awesome. The shots are challenging, and the playfield has fantastic flow. Overall this is just a great machine!
9 months ago
My Premium was just delivered last Friday and it's everything I expected it to be. A smooth, flowing shooter with enough shots to keep beginners and pros alike interested and coming back for more. Highly recommended for a home pin!
There are 257 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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