Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium)

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Game Design: 8.875

Artwork: 8.769

Sounds/Music: 8.601

Other Aspects: 8.674

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This is "Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium)".
The other versions are: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro) (regular version), Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (LE)

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There are 219 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
This was slow to grow on me as I was never an big fan of IM growing up. I do realize they have quite a big following, but I never imagined I would have been such a big fan of the pin. This has to be my favorite of the Elwin games. I am regretul that I did not pick one up two years ago! The venue I sometimes go play pins no longer has it, and I missed it so much we put a deposit down for the May produciton run. I hope we end getting it. My only complaint is the lower left side of the playfield I find a little awkward and i seem to get a little jumbled up on flow. I love the loops, great fun and addicting. Cool videos. I tend to have long ball times on this game which is great fun for me. I'm just an average guy who loves to play pinball, and I can't always explain specifics of what I love about a certain pinball. But I love this one. My first impression was that the playfield was bare and needed more "stuff", but I no longer feel that way after a lot more play time. I appreciate that you can love the pinball, appreciate the band/music without being a big fan of the band...great theme integration in my opinion.
23 days ago
I don't like Iron Madien the band. But Iron Madien the game? Wow. A fun and super fast playing game with some real challenges. Learning this machine just makes it better and deeper. Play it, you will love it.
67 days ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 11 - very high

* Ball paths and shots are fairly unique
* Multi target on the backboard a great idea
* Rule integration and code is top notch, very deep
* Loop shot is dangerous but damn fun to hit over and over
* Love the variety in skill shots

* Short dead end shot from upper flipper somewhat unsatisfying
* If you love a central bash toy this isn’t for you
* Can be very brutal and shots from the 2 upper flippers can lead to quick drains

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Lior Orb figure a huge improvement
* Wiz Mod door magnet matches premium artwork brilliantly
* Stern art blades look great
* Eddie shooter rod fits well
* Tilt topper Egypt style for the premium
* Egyptian flipper toppers a nice addition

What To Look For When Buying
* Sarcophagus lock works as it should
* Ramp flap works well and doesn’t “stick”
* Autoplunger consistently shoots the ball around the loop
68 days ago
SO much fun. Love the music, my buddy has the Premium and we have been moding the hell out of it. Love playing the game Keith Elwin is the man! that's all I have to say. If you haven't played 1 of his games (Iron Maiden, Jurassic Park, Avengers: Infinity Quest, Godzilla and James Bond 007 (60th Anniversary LE)) you need 2! I've played them all with exception to the new James Bond as of the writing of this has not been released yet. His designs are awesome and flow well.
3 months ago
What an awesome game. Maybe the best art package in modern pinball. ZY is the man. I am not an IM fan but the game is just so damn good. And ive come
To like some of the music. Game has lasted in my collection for way longer than I thought it would
3 months ago
This machine has been a lot of fun. A few shots are proving to be difficult but fun none the less. Music is good especially after I added a sub woofer. It rocks the house.
4 months ago
Excellent game, the ultimate wizard mode is very hard to achieve. The flow is so cool. Thank you Team Elwin !
4 months ago
More or less perfect!
5 months ago
Top 5 machine for me (along with Godzilla and a couple of others). Fast. Music and theme integration is spot on.
If there is one around, I am playing it for sure. Love this machine.
5 months ago
I’ve owned this pin for about a year and it’s really surprised me how much I like it. I find myself playing it more then Godzilla right next to it. I am not a Iron Maiden fan, but the theming and music really work with pinball. I like that it’s a music pin but isn’t themed with pictures of musicians….it’s got a cohesive story. The game doesn’t have a bunch of toys to draw you in, but it shoots so well and the rules are deep but easy to follow.
6 months ago
I traded my Iron Maiden pro for a premium. WOW. As with most pins, the premium makes a HUGE difference in my opinion. The shots feel even better on the premium, and the pro is a pretty good shooter in itself but the premium is fantastic. I am NOT an Iron Maiden fan, but I am an Elwin fan so I had to get IM in my home and spend some quality time with it. Once I played the pro I knew I had to have a premium. The theme is a real turn off for me. I'm modding out my premium with all Egyptian stuff and making the appearance more palatable for me. The music is growing on me. There is a reason this pin is in the top 10. My rating reflects the terrible theme. If this game could be re-themed, it would definitely be around 8.7 in my opinion.
6 months ago
absolutely amazing
6 months ago
I’m more of a 80’s and 90’s game guy but this machine rocks. Literally! Great music and sound, super interesting shots too make I look forward to playing this game every time I go to my local place that has it.
7 months ago
Played this game a lot more, and cannot get into it. The ramps seem like too much, which is not the case with Keith Elwin's Avengers. I dig Iron Maiden's artwork, but for me that was the strength of the game. I do feel this is a quality pin, but like I said about the other version I played, more like a top 50, not a top 10. The artwork is good not great, the shots are above average, and not supreme. I will also play this game again, longer, and if things change I will re-evaluate it. But both versions of this game have been subpar, and this is the one I have played more recent, and made me actually like the game less.
7 months ago
An amazing and rewarding pin. The layout is an absolute blast along with the rules. There's nothing complicated about the rule set which makes it a nice pallet cleanser.

I am not a big Iron Maiden fan but how they paired the music with the modes and multiballs is done very very well. Call-outs are also really good.

The Egyptian theme is way cool and artwork is well executed. This pin doesn't disappoint.
8 months ago
Iron Maiden is a great game and a excellent one if you enjoy their music. The shots are good, the flow is great... It's just an all around solid pinball machine and I love the fact that is it really based off Iron Maiden's mascot "Eddie" and not so much the band. I think this really works for this pin!
8 months ago
Fantastic game. Fast flowing and refreshing layout. Not a huge Maiden fan but the music is good and suits pinball well. The art package is one of my all time favourites. The artist is amazing! Excellent deep ruleset.
8 months ago
I am not a fan of the band Iron Maiden so had low expectations for this game. The masterpiece in playfield design by Keith Elwin in his first game is insanely impressive. This is by far my favorite game STERN has ever produced. Satisfying shots all across the playfield. Having four flippers always gives you something to shoot for. The shots on this game are so smooth and fast that you never get tired of shooting this pin. The design is original and very fun to play. The theme ends up not mattering that much when gameplay is THIS good.
10 months ago
Have owned this one now for over year, it's as close to perfection as I've seen in a pinball, and easily one of the best Sterns I have played. The layout is fantastic - nice flowing shots with repeatable loops and combos. Ramps are really satisfying to hit especially the one through the pops! Code is brilliant - it's walks this terrific line where both beginners and advanced players can enjoy it and get through a decent game. Sound and animations are excellent - you may not be a fan of the band, but their music fits superbly with pinball. Theming is similarly awesome, I really like how they made this an Egyption theme, and I have the premium version so the artwork ties in very nicely. Speaking of artwork, its phenomenal - Zombie Yeti definitely knocked it out of the park again.

No real negatives to speak of, certainly from a gameplay perspective - maybe the sound quality wasn't that great from factory, I had to install Pinwoofer and new speakers to get the most out of it. A couple of the mechs can be finicky requiring some adjustment, and perhaps there's not really a significant central "toy" but that's really it. Very minor things.

Have had the chance to play all of Elwins pins now and this one is still my favourite. Awesome, awesome game.
10 months ago
Love this game so much (premium). Played at Logan Arcade in Chicago. Typically when I can't get on Godzilla at Logan, I gravitate towards this game, which always has less of a line, and I do not know why! It's almost as good. Great shots, awesome "one more game" feeling, and even though I don't love Iron Maiden as a band, their music is perfect for pinball. Love this game.
11 months ago
The game is just fun! I am not a huge Iron Maiden fan and I typically stay away from band themed games but this one is just well designed. I have been looking for one for a while. It's up there with Godzilla in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the game was.
11 months ago
... the best pinball on the market... after +- 50 games you get addicted.... now i have +- 200! can not stop to play again and again and again.... i thing better than Godzilla and dead pool ...
11 months ago
Best game ever!
11 months ago
Another great new Stern pinball release. If it were more kid friendly, I would really want one at home. Really the only knock I have is that it scares the little ones.
11 months ago
I have to admit I didn’t connect with this one right away. I heard this was a masterpiece and kept giving it another chance. Shots are tough and takes getting used to. One trip to Cyborg Multiball and I was hooked. One of the best cabinets made. I know a lot of people knock the music, but it works for pinball. There’s not much better than playing to Can I Play with Madness! I love the four flipper layout and the loops are very fulfilling. Only downside I can think of is it’s missing that interactive mech ti set it apart. I think that’s part of the appeal as it doesn’t need and large mech to make the game fun and appealing. The gameplay really works with this one. I love the shot thru the pops on this one. The plunge needs a little tweaking to get it lines up for the loop, but once dialed in, it’s butter!
There are 219 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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