Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)

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Game design: 8.652

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Sounds/Music: 8.356

Other Aspects: 8.534

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47 days ago
Keith Elwin hit a homerun on this machine for his first gig with Stern. Granted we know this was a layout for his Archer home brew, there were some subtle tweaks. The playfield artwork by Zombie Yeti is absolutely gorgeous. The rule set is deep and gives the player many ways to step up and attempt to blow it up. The layout is a flow game for sure and unique for sure. I absolutely love the left ramp shot through the pop bumpers. Always feels good to rip that! Theme wise, sure it could’ve been better than Iron Maiden, but the fact that nobody else at Stern wanted this theme and Keith took it and turned this game into what it is, truly awesome. This game will be in my collection one day for sure!!
66 days ago
Best playfield layout! love the angles of targets, loop within loop is cool.
66 days ago
So I've played this one a handful of times on location at different spots and just recently added it to my collection. Loved the gameplay but could never hear the music well enough to get into it on location. In the home collection, the sound is great. Maiden was a dream theme for me well before this game was announced. I know a lot of people like the game but can't do the theme. I love the theme, love the music. The playfield is a lot of fun. The upper flippers add a ton and give you lots of variety to shoot for. You can keep the ball up in the orbits for a little while between both of the upper flippers. The ramps are challenging. The jump shot is neat. I really enjoy the way the balls get "locked" and then released on the pro before multiball. I do wish there was just one "toy" outside of the jump shot / bullseye. I was a little concerned that I'd get bored without some type of playfield toy but so far the playfield keeps itself interesting! I will say I am disappointed in the stern quality control as my playfield is already showing clearcoat issues but I won't let that impact this review as the stern playfields are discussed in depth on the forums.
81 days ago
Not a huge fan of the band, but music is well integrated. The target shot is great, but after a while gets a little one-dimensional.
87 days ago
Played this game at my local arcade and loved how it played the one issue that concerns me is the pharaoh shot mini ramp. Damage in this part of the playfield seems inevitable as the ball takes a significant drop every time the shot is taken. The shots at times can be a bit clunky but when you get use to it it can be like butter. The theme is awesome and should be an example for other rock and roll band pinballs. I just wish sterns playfield quality would improve as fewer layers of clearcoat are added year by year.
3 months ago
Not a huge fan of the band, but I can appreciate the music. And you need to, because it's quite present in this band-themed pin.
The real attraction is the gameplay though: great flow, nice shots, fast, yet still with long ball-times, which I like.
I love the artwork, especially on the cabinet.

No real toys though, and the left ramp is a little too hard to shoot (you have to go through the bumpers).
3 months ago
This game is awesome. This is very good layout. The rule set is very deep. Loops on this game are very dangerous but very fun to shot for. Trooper is very fun multiball. The animations are very fun and I love seeing ball locks for trooper on the screen. I think this game is very fun.
3 months ago
Fun to shoot, but not to listen to or watch. The theme does nothing for me, nor does the music. It's not hard to find other games I'd rather play.
4 months ago
One of the best pinball I ever played. Rules are afordable for such a pin. Gameplay Is Amazing
5 months ago
Owned a pro now for six months and it doesn't get old. I am a Maiden fan and love the Eddie artwork on the pro the best. The rules are deep and took me awhile to figure out but when I did I love it even more.
5 months ago
What a great game, its a real Player, so much to do, so much to shoot for, simply an amazing pinball machine
5 months ago
Love the layout; can't get past the theme. Find the code a bit mind-boggling. Would prefer to play Black Knight - Sword of Rage on location ahead of this game.
Enjoy all three ramps. One Stern where I'm just as happy to play the Pro.
6 months ago
Greatest machine I´ve ever played. Great layout with super fun upper flipper shots, great music and callouts and interesting rules. Even after reaching the Wizard mode several times the game still stays interesting and challenging.
7 months ago
This game would have scored an 11 if it weren’t for the music. Great artwork and amazing flow
7 months ago
Awesome music pin. I didn't grow up with their music, so that brings it down a bit (over other music pins like MET and AC/DC). The gameplay is incredible, however. Smooth like butter and shots all day.
7 months ago
I like the Premium better, but still.... one of the best games of all time.
8 months ago
This is an excellent effort by Keith Elwin. Fun, challenging game with a cool layout and great ruleset.

The pro doesn’t really have any toys or gimmicks to speak of, but the looping action is pretty cool as well as the four flippers.

I’m not a fan of Iron Maiden but that doesn’t turn me off at all. I could have this game in my collection someday. I’ve played the game a number of times on route, but I’ll reserve a final rating until I play it more. I’ll consider the theme integration more as well.
8 months ago
I must be missing something with this one. Just doesn't seem to be a while lot to do on the pro. A FEW shots, almost no toys... I don't get it. I love the music too (which I rated higher than the rest!!). Unlike acdc and Metallica, both games I adore, I just can't get into this one. At all. Maybe the LE but I've never played it
9 months ago
I am impressed with all aspects of this great pin, I take a point off for toys and gimmicks but overall it's better than expected. I am not a huge Maiden fan but the music is great for pinball soundtrack. Stern and all the designers/artists knocked it out of the park with this one.
9 months ago
+: design, rules, lightshow
-: animations, theme (yet with a fantastic work by ZombieYeti again) only for IM fans, cheap finish
I love to play it on location, but, like JJP DI, the theme refrains me to buy one for home use. Animations look like a PS2 or a cheap 3d anim advertising.
Lawlor kind of design, but without the stop and go, is a true winner. 1st Elwin game is a homerun.
I like the multiball oriented scoring rules.
Top 3 Stern with ACDC and GB.
Please produce the original Archer theme Mr Stern! :)
9 months ago
Iron Maiden is NOT my kind of band. Never liked them and never will. played the game just because and LOVED it. what a great layout. nice to see something new. played it a few times in a pub in Boston then was just in CHI at level 257. I went with a friend and told him to play it. He said, Na, not a fan. I talked him into it and that was all he played for 2 hrs. Great game great fun.
9 months ago
Pretty close to perfect really; great variety, rules, layout.
The music sucks but the call outs are great so you can turn them up/down independently in the menus so that helps a lot.
9 months ago
As a big Iron Maiden fan this game is a dream come true! Of course I love the sounds and music, but this pin is much more, it’s one of the most complete uses of a playfield we have seen in a long time. Elwin killed it!! It’s been a while since I had a game that was just plan “fun to shoot” and Iron Maiden fits the bill 100%! Whether you are a fan of the band or not, this game checks all the boxes and is easily one of the best Stern’s in the last decade.
9 months ago
Awesome layout and rules. Love the 4 flippers and use of all of them. I grew up listening to Iron Maiden so the theme was fitting for my memories of the music. Wish it wasn’t so based off the game LotB but what else would have been the objectives right. Keith nailed the theme, the layout, and rules. Pinball excitement in every way!!
9 months ago
Iron Maiden is the best game I have played! Rules and shot layout are amazing
I like the theme and the music, but maybe for some it doesn't work
That is really the only thing that keeps this from taking the top spot in my opinion
Against any of the music pins, this is my favorite to play and its not even close
(I love Metallica and AC/DC but IM is just more fun)
There are 180 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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