Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro) (Stern, 2018)

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)

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Game design: 8.567

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Other Aspects: 8.473

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There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 hours ago
1 day ago
Fun game, I have found it gets old quick. Possibly due to not being terribly attracted to the theme. The left ramp is almost impossible to shoot, but there are definitely some satisfying shots to he had in other areas of the playfield.
11 days ago
Grew up looking at my brother's Iron Maiden posters plastered all over his bedroom, so I'm def a huge fan of the band. But themes do not get automatic love & praise from me anymore (see Star Wars). It's more important how it plays, the rules, and if the game is fun to shoot.

The layout is unique for a modern Stern. That's very refreshing to see. It's a great shooter. KE did a great job on his first pin, looking forward to see what he comes up with next. While the layout is fun, the scoring rules take the game to another level. Very well executed, with huge jackpots & multiple multiballs. Again this is very well designed. And the artwork is just outstanding, and might be the best of any modern pin. It's a home run.

With that said, after plenty of time on this pin, I just can't see myself owning one. What you see is what you get. No toys or cool mechs on the playfield. Even the upgrades on the premium/LE are just locking mechs, diverters, and opening ramp flaps. That's basic stuff in my opinion, especially for a modern pin. And where is the complete RGB GI/Insert lighting? IM is severely lacking in the lightshow department.

The coolness lies in the scoring rules, game flow, unique shots, the artwork & music. Nothing wrong with that. This game does all that stuff very well. In fact, this is Stern's best game since Metallica or TWD.

What kills the game for me is that it's just too easy. Shots are easy to make, modes & multiballs repeat themselves on a single play, that can last over 30 mins. It's not me either. I've seen unskilled players but up long ball times as well. I prefer a challenge, and at home it might get a little stale.

But anytime I see it on location, I'm dropping money in it for sure.
20 days ago
I am not a fan of the band Iron Maiden. I couldn't name any of their songs, and I'm not a big stern fan. This game showed up at my local co-op, and because of all the buzz about it, I was excited to give it a try:

The Good:
-- Awesome layout. It's one of the best layouts I've ever seen.
-- Lighting & Sound is amazing. All band-themed pins better have this.
-- Best use of a LCD/LED screen I've ever seen. So easy to see your targets and the animations are incredibly fun.
-- Great rules! It keeps the game fun and interesting. I love all the multiballs.
-- 4 flippers!
-- I love the 2 ramps and orbits.
-- It makes me want to play another game again and again.

The Bad:
-- The lighting is good, but I think it could be better. This isn't really a knock so much as I feel this way about nearly every game.
-- Where's the toys!? The only thing I can think of is the middle ramp into the target. MORE TOYS!
-- Maybe it's too easy? I'm not so great, but I found myself in front of it for about 30 minutes at a time (with no Extra Balls).

Conclusion: I love the game and I love the rules. After only 1 hour of playing it, however, I was 2 ramps away from Power Pyramid and 1 more from Number of the Beast Wizard mode. Maybe the settings can be made tougher somehow. The game is so great, I don't want to get tired of playing it!
22 days ago
good almost have to be a fan of the theme to really get into it I think.
25 days ago
Great game, nice change from the cookie cut games of the past few years.
27 days ago
Finally a great game from Stern. Subtle code inclusions, smooth shots, amazing visuals, good sound, unique layout....
31 days ago
It's the best game stern has made yet.
It absolutely craps on medieval madness.
32 days ago
As with all music pins, how much you enjoy the band is gonna play into how much you enjoy the game. Oddly, I grew up enjoying this band, but was really disappointed by the game. It just felt...lacking.

-great artwork from ZY
-lots of original music that pumps out nicely
-I like the way Keith setup the layout at the top wth the mini-flipper and upper right flipper having its own microcosm of sorts. It works and flows very nicely.
-Decent animations. This is the biggest area I can see Stern developing in the future: the animations still feel crude and basic. Each game gets a bit better.

-The playfield feels very sparse and overall kind of odd. The pops feel a little out of place compared the rest of the flow IMO. It's kind of a dead area besides the ramp. Normally I like wide open playfield but this one just feels uninspired to me.
-weak skill shot
-Stern quality feels better than it used to, but still not up to snuff for keeper games
-I can't quite put my finger on it, but the game just doesn't come together for me. I wanted more.

If you love the band, you'll like the pin; if you don't like the band, my guess is you'll find the pin dispensable. Nowhere near as good as MET or Ghostbusters IMO
32 days ago
Instant Classic. Too early to tell on its lasting power, but this is a fantastic pin in every way. The total package and very fun.
33 days ago
Unlike most people, I actually played the pro after getting a good amount of time on a premium model. I feel like the pro barely feels like a concession, though the sarcophagus lock is a noticeable omission. Beyond that, however, the pro is solid, and is a great value in comparison.

Either model plays well. The layout is fantastic on this game, and it takes a while to find all the shots, though they are all fair. The game demands accuracy and skill in good measure, but it's impressively approachable for newcomers or lesser-skilled players. Newbies will manage to find a multiball mode or two and be able to get some loop shots going. It will give them enough to feel satisfied and to bring them back. Higher skilled players will get sucked in to the depth of the game, which has so much to experience. Modes, multiballs, combos, hurry ups, and multipliers are abundant, and knowing how to use them is key to blowing the game's score up.

There are lots of little touches thrown in by Elwin that reward higher level play as well. Loop shots are worth more if you don't hold your flipper up to make the shot easier. Nice idea! The more accurately you hit the middle ramp, the better it scores for you. Rewarding accuracy rather than just making a ton of tight shots is a great way to appease both high and low level players. Smart stuff here.

The theme is a problem for me, but that's just me. Even though the music irritates me, I can't help but circle back and continue playing the game. It's simply that fun. Long ball times are a little bit of an issue, but if you're going to see all this game offers, you're really going to have to play long. This game is a bit of a journey.

I appreciate the simple nature of the game's design by removing toys that disrupt the action for too long. While I hear that's an issue for some, I would hope that we could get more games that focus on actual gameplay over hollow style effects. Toys are fine, but Elwin seems to understand that their wow factor fades over time, but a solid gameplay experience holds up.

Great first effort by Keith Elwin and his team over at Stern Pinball.
33 days ago
ok game definitely not my favorite but I also cannot stand iron maiden and their whiny singer. other than that decent game but would not be a keeper in my collection ever.even if it was gifted to me i would just trade for a twilight zone emmedialty
35 days ago
Love this game. Very fresh and surprisingly really like the Egyptian theme. Music really isn’t bad and the layout is excellent. Wish there were some more toys on the pro though. One of my favorite Sterns.
41 days ago
First time rating & new to pinball ownership. Recently I’ve had two nights out where I had an extended amount of time to play (5 hours each night). I visited two separate arcades on separate days. The first night there were a mix of 7 pinball machines. After reading so much about it I went straight for the Iron Maiden when I saw it. I was hooked immediately.

Prior to my first play I had watched PAPA’s video along with a few others, I had an idea of what to expect from the game. IM surpassed my initial expectations. There are shots from each flipper that are satisfying, upper right flipper has the loop which after a few (5?) consecutive hits puts pressure on you to go after jackpot shots from both upper flippers. The upper left allows you to backhand into the mummy ball along with trying to hit the jackpot and fear of the dark shot (really tuff lane to hit for me). The lower right has a very difficult ramp and spinner to hit and then a couple gimmies up the middle (left orbit, mummy ball & ramp into the eye). The lower left has the gimmies into the mummy ball and ramp into the eye and then some tough shots, ramp, right orbit, back hand into left spinner and target. Any ways each flipper has multiple shots available ranging from expect to make it to celebrate it when you make it.

The second night out I went to an Arcade that had 20 pins. Other titles Attack Mars, Metallica, Star Trek, GotG and bunch of other good ones that I don’t remember because I never stopped playing IM. Which bothers me some because I just purchased a NIB Metallica that is going to be delivered next week. I really should have played it, but I was stuck on IM.

For the bad, I was catching a lot of air from the upper targets and lower bumpers. The ball got stuck a few times in the upper targets. If I didn’t make the upper loop from the upper right flipper the ball drained out the left lane. I had to time my nudge (or push) before the ball hit just under the right upper flipper or the ball was bye bye. The biggest issue for me was that I am not in pinball shape and it’s not the 90’s so I ended up extremely sore. My wrist, arms, shoulders feet and hands were crushed.

IM is an exciting game that I am looking forward to owning. I will plan to update my rating as my experience grows and as IM ages.
47 days ago
Lets start by saying i’m not a big IM fan but the pin is awesome. Love the art and the modes. Its just fun! I find myself hitting start over and over again. My wife hates pinball and she actually said she kinda likes this one. I woke up this morning and she was playing it without me begging her to. I will say im getting some air on the balls off the slings and pops and i cant seem to dial in the auto plunger but other than that love the game!
50 days ago
With Premium model on the way and time to spare, I found a Pro Model here in Pittsburgh. I played half dozen games. And I wanted to love it but ended up just liking it. That is because the short flipper was malfunctioning. What a bummer. Operators should fix them quick or turn the lights off. Once I find another machine, an update will follow.
53 days ago
First of all, I have to say that I am not especially an Iron Maiden fan - but I don't think they are a bad band, and the fact that they had their dedicated 747-airplane (and their singer Bruce Dickinson flew it) makes them sort of cool. But now, back to the important things: The game!

Iron Maiden Pro to me is a mixed bag. I really love the artwork (yes, it's one of the best packages recently), the gamemplay is fast and fun, and the layout by Mr. Elwin feels quite refreshing. I also think it has a high lastability, I constantly felt like I had to come back for more. The shots are challenging, there are a few difficult shots, e.g. the right ramp or the extra-ball target. Overall a nice experience - even to a point where I might consider getting one. But there are some drawbacks: For example the Pharao-Target. It feels a bit odd and takes the flow out of the game, there should happen something more satisfying than just hitting a target on the wall (just compare it to the ring on LOTR and you might know what I mean). Also, there's absolutely zero toys - but maybe that's the reason for a better gameflow after all - but come on, one toy at least would have been fun. It also does not have a video mode, which I consider a good thing (I hate video modes as they take away flow and focus). Also, the small upper left flipper feels a bit bulky - it's difficult to get shots right with it.

The modes are sort of a bit dull, too - at least that was my impression. I am not a big fan of the animations on the screen, as they sometimes look a bit cheap and too rendered for my taste. Multiball is relatively easy to achieve, so it's by no means like the rather unforgiving Star Wars, which takes quite a lot to figure out.

The music works surprisingly well to me - it feels like it was made for pinball as it seems to have a certain appeal that goes very well with the game. The songs are catchy and I even had them stuck in my head after playing it, I might even claim that this is the best Stern Band-themed-pin. The callouts are kind of cool, too. Overall audio-quality has been critisized by some, but then again keep in mind that lots of the songs are pretty old and that the recordings back then were possibly not the most sophisticated.

The lighting, well. Pretty much standard. It's solid, but nothing too special. Lots of white lights, although the playfield may seem a bit dark overall. I've seen better recently.

Thing is - it's a very solid and overall fun machine - but compared to Dialed In for example, I think that the gameplay is nowhere close to DI in terms of layout, flow, toys and modes. Also the lighting of DI seems to play in another league - but, to be fair, IM Pro is only 2/3 of the price of a DI.

Sorry to compare the game to another one, but I can't see why exactly this game is ranked better than DI, as it's less elaborated and less detailed by a far margin, even gameplay-wise.

I would not mind to have an IM Pro in my collection, though. It undeniably offers a great layout, fun shots and a good value-for-money ratio. I would love to try the Premium now.
55 days ago
Best Stern game ever.
56 days ago
Not an Iron Maiden fan, but I loved the layout with the four flippers and trusted the unique design created by a world class player. My biggest concern was the music, but Iron Maiden has really grown on me and it makes fantastic pinball music that gets the blood flowing. The theme is dark and I always thought Eddie was a cool band mascot.

The game does not have any real notable toys, but the gameplay is insane. Four flippers with a ton of shots and great code. The animations are by far the best Stern has ever done in my opinion. The modes and code, even early are excellent and the game seems to escalate / build up with top notch callouts. Songs can be changed between balls and activating new modes triggers the corresponding song for a 40 second intermission.

The shots feel rewarding to hit, especially consecutively looping balls up top. Cabinet art on all trim levels is some of the best ever.
57 days ago
58 days ago
Great game. Grew on me after a few plays. I think the 4 flippers really makes the game different. Very fast and chaotic.
58 days ago
So I got some time in on the machine set up at GSPF and damn its a fun game. Creative shots, Music and sfx went well with the theme. But there is a huge butt. I suck at pinball and I played 1 ball for over 10 minutes. I had so many multi-balls it was hard to keep count. Then my buddy stepped up and played his ball, for 9 minutes (1 minus less then me, because he sucks just slightly more). So 2 terrible players lasted 19 minutes on 2 balls. We let the next guys in line take over. I am seriously hoping they had the game set to simple mode. Still interested in playing it again on a different machine, a new review might follow.
59 days ago
after 2 hours , good stern , fast , good flow , beautiful artwork , poor lcd animations , great theming , but i prefer the flow , fun and feeling of a Dialed In
better than aerosmith and guardians of galaxy
59 days ago
Played this game while on vacation, at a retailers. Sorry to say, “IT WASN’T DIALED IN”!Why this happens!? In spite of this “ WOW “ what a fun game! Personally not a Maiden fan, yet! But I could learn to be! Like the guys on SDTM say “ smooth as butter “! Hope I’m aloud to do that!? Anyway great game, great flow and great call outs! Very interactive! IMHO, A GREAT GAME! Hope this helps! Mike
60 days ago
Overall, a decent game to me. I admit I don't like the music but even more so I don't like the lack of toys (completely absent on the Pro in particular). It's definitely a unique layout which is refreshing but the game just doesn't have staying power for me personally. I'm also a bit surprised a game themed on a band has zero toys or figures of anything music related. No guitars, no big speakers, no band members, no stage, etc. Just a weird hodgepodge of Egyptians, soldiers, ghouls, Satan, etc.
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