Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro) (Stern, 2018)

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)

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Game design: 8.583

Artwork: 8.791

Sounds/Music: 8.188

Other Aspects: 8.455

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This is "Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)".
The other version is: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium/LE)

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There are 111 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
I have owned this game for a few months now. It was either this or Deadpool. While Deadpool is fun, this is way better. Lot's more to accomplish and the variety of shots is great. I like flow games, and this one definitely has it. It's not easy by any means, but it is a ton of fun. I can have one killer game, and the next will kick by butt. The artwork and Eddie theme is outstanding. Truth be told, I am not a huge Iron Maiden fan, but I don't regret getting this pin at all. The rules are great and pretty deep. It will take me quite some time to get the wizard modes, if I can get to them at all. It has that one more game feel to it.
8 days ago
Fun game! Nice theme, Some nice shots, some clunky ones.
The biggest drawback for me is the loud flipper noise, gives a kinda cheap feeling to the game. But all in all a good and different game.
21 days ago
Iron Maiden is a fun pinball! As with other music-themed games by Stern, you have a few music choices to choose from for gameplay. There are a variety of shots, multiball modes, etc in this game. I will definitely be spending more time on this machine learning the rules and trying to get better scores. I'm not an Iron Maiden fan by any means - But the pinball is a lot of fun :)
29 days ago
Fantastic game. Love the music, not really any toys but the game code and variations of the modes make up for the lack of a bash toy in my opinion. I don't see it ever leaving my collection.
30 days ago
Great and unique layout with a lot to shoot for. Very fun to play. Good flow with very nice upper orbits. Drop targets on upper right seem go down more with slow rolls vs satisfying shots...but that could just be me. Excellent Theme, music and artwork tie in.
Animations could use some upgrades. I like Iron Maiden but wonder if the music and theme would wear on me in a home setting. Definitely has that one more game feel.
33 days ago
Simple. Love this game. The call outs are great since the player really isnt looking up to see what is next. Lots going on with this and fun. Get one!
39 days ago
There is more than meets this eye with this machine, as most Stern games go! The playfield is relatively simple- but there are a whole bunch of mechanics at play. Many different modes, the ability to select one of 12 different Iron Maiden songs to play with, makes this one diverse and enjoyable. A favorite at the arcade that I play at- with good reason!
53 days ago
I am that guys brother just reading this for the first time and all i can say is HELLS FN YEAH!!!!!!
53 days ago
decent game pretty good layout true keeper for iron maiden fans but not for me.... going to give my brother this game as a christmas gift......
55 days ago
Favorite game right now and has been for a long time. Never get bored playing it and keep coming back for more. There is a ton to do in this game. Lots of modes, multiballs, and wizard modes. Love that you can put your initials up for everything. Lots of different ways to approach the game. I am still learning new things about it. Still love trying to best my high score. I never feel like I am in "jail" with nothing to do. If my mode is not ready I can go for mummy, or trooper, go for loops, or work towards Cyborg multiball. This one is a classic and one of if not the best game to come out by Stern.
56 days ago
Ok game. Didn't live up to the hype for me. Still much prefer acdc and Metallica, even Aerosmith to this one. To be fair, I'm not a big fan of the band, so that didn't help. Art was cool, animations didn't do much for me. Plays smooth, but lacks any really cool toys. Good sound. Not one I'd ever own, but will enjoy on location a few games.
62 days ago
Only knock on this game is the Theme. But damn, this is one of the best shooting games I have ever played. It just plays so nice! With flow so sweet you would think it was made from honey. Love everything about this game, just wish it stayed Archer, or some other theme.... funny enough though I think Iron Maiden music fits pinball pretty well.
65 days ago
Very fun game that just sucks you in completely. Shots are very clear, and multi-ball is great.

Great music selection, and animations are wonderful.
67 days ago
So here it is the pinball community love affair with a new game. Played the game a number of times at two different locations and here are my thoughts. The good great artwork but that does nothing for gameplay. The playfield let's be honest there is nothing new, interesting or unique. There is nothing that couldn't be found in an early 80's machine. The playfield elements two Metallica like ramps whoopie. A center ramp that features slamming the ball into a target on the back wall......really? Upper flippers to spin the ball around orbits. No interactive toys and a captive ball right out of the 1970's. The only way pinball will get better is if people stop giving manufacturers such praise for making sub par nothing special games. Iron Maiden a game so run of the mill it is only as good as the most below average modern Stern titles.
78 days ago
The game is one of the best, if not the best in the modern Stern collection. Above that is the great support and improved code updates for this title, I can't remember a game in the past that was so well supported. If there is one negative, the game does need to be setup pretty tough to limit long ball times but overall this game is awesome. The music isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you are truly a fan of the band it is a no brainer, if you aren't it is still an awesome game just plug your ears or change out the music if you really want to, lol...
3 months ago
Very good pinball !! I was not a fan of the music and i begin to appreciate the songs... this pinball is fast, fun, different of the others !!
3 months ago
Just an unbelievable game. Amazing new layout that feels so different from recent sterns. Art is awesome and so are the callouts. This really is modern classic.
3 months ago
I played the Pro and Prem as soon as they were out on site, and loved both EVERY SINGLE time I played it. So I finally bit the bullet and bought my first NIB.

The layout is genius. The top 2 flippers integrate with the rest of the playfield so well - they don't feel like an add-on just to hit a single shot. The feeds from them, if you choose not to flip, also return to the lower flippers giving you an additional option as to whether to flip or not.
The rules are so well thought out and cater for both the complete beginner or the top-level players. As you play through the game it becomes harder to progress - but the rewards are so much greater as well, so it doesn't feel like 'chopping wood', or that you're in limbo waiting to reach the next objective (GoT for example). The modes are different enough that they don't have the feeling of just being there for the sake of it.
Trooper MB is probably the best thought out MB I can think of.
There's no bash toy, no magnets, no 'gimmick'- but so what? The game plays extremely well without one.

The playfield itself is colourful and well lit, making it very easy to track the ball at all times, which is not always the case.
The animations are a significant improvement from other original animations since the introduction of the LCD screens - they really fit the theme and match to what's happening on the playfield.

The music I can take or leave, and I'm not a fan of choosing a song at the start of a ball if it has no bearing on the actual gameplay (same as Met). If you want to listen to a particular song while playing pinball play it on your phone, jukebox, iPlayer whatever - no need to use the pinball. I'd prefer it similar to song choice in AcDc, or even have it that whatever song you choose at the start of play - your score is doubled when you're in the corresponding mode?
There are much more options as to how you can set up your speakers in the menus so people can fine tune the sound experience to their liking.
There must be close to 1,000 unique callouts in the machine, and all can be heard through the sound test menu.

I can't see this being a machine I'd get bored with, as reaching the Ultimate Wizard mode is going to take some time to get to.

The fact that the Pro has service rails instead of pegs, brackets fitted to the inside corners of the cabinet, inserts aren't ghosting - shows that Stern are actually listening to the gripes people have had in the past about build quality - even if they never admitted there was a problem!

Overall a superb game and one that should be the benchmark for all future games to aspire to, or pass.

After a month or so of owning, I do have a minor niggle. It could really do with an extra switch around the back of the loop area. The reason being that to register a left orbit or right orbit the code has to assume that you've made the shot with only triggering one of the switches. This leads to shots not registering when in MB or after a ballsave - even if you made them. This is also a problem with the logic used on the left spinner (if a pop bumper has registered, it assumes that the spinner has been triggered by a ball falling backwards out of the pops, it ignores the fact that you could have made the shot with a different ball, denying you the chance to have the shot register)
When will someone come up with a spinner that can recognise from which way the ball has triggered it?
3 months ago
Iron Maiden is an amazing title from Stern Pinball. Super fun shots. Ripping loops and spinners is a blast. Four flippers makes for a challenging, but fun game. Lots of shots. Ramps are a little bit tricky to hit. Code is fantastic and pretty deep with all the modes this game has. Was a bit unsure about the theme, but it works well for pinball. Not a huge Iron Maiden fan, but music has grown and me and fits this machine well. Very entertaining pin to play. Keeps me coming back for more.
3 months ago
For fans of the band, this has got to be one of the best games ever.

However, I am not a fan of the band...I don't dislike their music but I'd never come into contact with any of it and couldn't name a single song. This being said, layout is absolutely killer, hats off to the designer because it's the most interesting layout Stern has given us since Tron and X-Men. Art is awesome, what it's all about is lost on me but you can't deny it looks great. Not much in the way of toys on the pro, but the layout more than makes up for this. One thing I wasn't so keen on though was the communication of the ruleset...rules were fine themselves but I found it difficult to know which shots to shoot for or to prioritize...found myself back to the basic 'shoot the flashing shots' technique because I had no idea how to do anything or how to progress.

In summary:
Good: Layout, art, sound package, ramps, captive balls, loops, multiple flippers.
Bad: Rules aren't immediately obvious, theme (for me).
3 months ago
I am a true Maiden fan! The rating is maybe not so objective. But, I personally think it is, despite the band, one of the best games I've played so far!
4 months ago
Just put over 15 games or so on this between me and my wife. We both agreed we didn't care for it all that much. We played it at Geeks Mania in Madison. It wasn't a terrible game, but didn't get my adrenaline going like MET does. If I get more time on it maybe I'll revisit my review. Don't like the band or music so it was hard to warm up to the pin. This is one pin where I can understand why others like it but it just isn't for me.
4 months ago
Lots of fun, not a fan of the band but that doesn’t detract from gameplay. Rules are a bit hard to pick up on. Fast paced but not a drain can actually have some nice ball times.
4 months ago
Really a great game ! Best stern ever !!
There are 111 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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