Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)

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Game design: 8.623

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Other Aspects: 8.514

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The other version is: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium/LE)

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12 days ago
I have to admit, I love Archer and I never really got into Iron Maiden (or "MAIDEN!!!" as the heshers in middle school referred to them), but regardless... this game is just amazing. An Eddie fans dream come true! So many delicious, satisfying shots to make.
13 days ago
My favorite Stern music artist themed pinball so far. Great playfield layout that’s fun and challenging. Love the Egyptian cabinet artwork on the premium edition.
20 days ago
Unique layout, great music for pinball. Gameplay too reliant on that center shot which isn’t satisfying for me.
26 days ago
Loving this game! The layout is interesting and fresh, the 4 flippers are a great addition, and ripping the spinners. Can be frustrating, but that “one more game” appeal. Haven’t had the chance to try a perm/LE, but the pro seems to suffice with fun and lastability. I love the artwork on the cabinet and the Playfield, Zombie Yeti just keeps killing it! Was never a Maiden fan, but the music fits and I’m starting to like it. I really like the call outs and the animations as well.
27 days ago
Very fun, fast, and challenging game!! A lot of depth. Wish the pro came with a few more toys, but luckily they can be modded in easily.
30 days ago
Been recently playing and researching games but never bought one due to price. This one blew me away and after playing the LE and Pro many times, made the plunge with the Pro version. Even better in-home and beyond expectations so far! Amazing game play, artwork, driving music and action that melts your brain...had a shaker installed and upgraded glass. Fun for players of all levels in the family.
33 days ago
Fun Game, Nice flow and great game play just not that big of fan of the music.
43 days ago
great game
43 days ago
I am not an Iron Maiden fan but I am an Iron Maiden Pinball fan. O.K tunes, amazing art, layout, design, playability, lastability complex , developed and deep code. This game code mixes elements of many of the top pins (next gen, metallica, high speed, TWD, etc).

Not much else to say, arguably Stern's best.
45 days ago
I've played quite a few games on Iron Maiden and even as a new player to the hobby I find it a blast. I can keep the ball going, alive and scoring. Varying modes with changing dynamics, lots to shoot for, shots tend to be in the center a lot but I assume if I was a better player I could combo more ramps.

Wonderful game, dare I say a GOAT.

The theme itself isn't for me and sadly the Eddies and music content aren't really for my household. The art is cool and true to Iron Maiden, but just not for me.

If you see it play it, if you're ok with with decaying Eddies and Satan references buy it!
47 days ago
The one recent Stern game I would love to own...the code has depth, the shots are fantastic, and every aspect of the game is fun to navigate. Advanced scoring strats are very interesting and a blast to go after. An amazingly enjoyable and fascinating first game from Keith Elwin.
48 days ago
I only logged a half dozen games or so on this title so far but first impressions are luke-warm. It might have been more exciting if it wasn't in an arcade and the music was turned up. My biggest problem with the game was the flipper feel. The ball tends to go SDTM a lot due to the wider gap between the flippers. For me, and I'm not a bad player, I couldn't seem to get much going before the game was over. The mid flipper seemed to be poorly thought out and I found that shot unsatisfactory. All in all, I took my coins and plugged other machines that gave me a little more longevity.
59 days ago
One of the best layouts ever. Theme integration is great for a band-themed game. Lowest point is the call outs.
66 days ago
Most seem to love this game but I'm not so convinced, maybe I need more time with it but I gave it 10 credits and the game seem pretty average to me.

The game play is quite good, nice flowing ramps and loops but the bumper area seems to be a bit forgotten. The layout is nice, I like it but I don't understand the bullseye target. What is it's purpose other than just being a "cool" jump for the ball? Besides the ball got stuck in the upper area under the target several times and the game went into search for the ball. Very boring and killed the flow immediately.

The machine package as a whole is a bit lacking. Sound quality is poor but the music rocks, however the chosen song in the beginning is constantly interrupted with music from other modes and then continues when the mode ended. This is entirely different from how Metallica and ACDC works which both are superior in this sense.

Playfield art is a bit boring, lot's of sand colors and Egyptian themes from the Powerslave album that doesn't sit well with me. There's very little in art and design going on anywhere because the game is essentially themed after the Legacy of the Beast mobile game. Stern and ZombieYeti wasn't completely free to do what they wanted.

Finally the LCD doesn't do it for me. The animations are bad, really bad. There's very little integration with what's going on in the playfield. There's some information about the number of shots left or hits to a ramp you need to make, which is nice but the animations are pretty ugly. I'll take a high quality DMD animation any day of the week if this is the alternative.
Deadpool does it right, this game doesn't. Iron Maiden LCD content won't age well. Very forgettable.

TLDR: Come for the music, stay for the gameplay. Forget the rest.
69 days ago
The layout of this game is great. It has some very cool features and toys. The shot through the bumpers is really fun. The game is mid tier when it comes to challenge, not hard but not easy. But there is some nice depth in the scoring. However, if you don't like Iron Maiden music, you won't like this pin. I was never a big IM fan, and so for me, I'd never own this pin. A re-skin to another band might be cool if they ever do that.
77 days ago
Might be my favorite game. If I didn't have a location to play this I might be force to buy one.
80 days ago
Currently my favorite game of all time, truly an amazing machine!
87 days ago
Incredible layout unlike any other game. Great rules. Great art. This game is just incredible and I don’t know what else to say.

I don’t really like Iron Maiden’s music. I feel their could be another toy.

This is the strongest Stern design in years and it really shows.
3 months ago
Fun game with great audio! Stern did a great job with this one! Shots feel great rules are such that a casual player intermediate player or a expert player have enough to keep them coming back for more... I really like this game and think it will stand the test of time
3 months ago
One of my top games of all time. The theme does almost nothing for me, but is great music to play pinball to. This being said the layout, flow, and rules make it a must play or own.
3 months ago
It should become my next pin. Really enjoyed playing it lately. I like the pace of the game, music, modes, 4 flippers, wizard mode, etc.
I like Iron Maiden music since I'm a teenager, so I enjoy the theme and music too! I think the Pro is the best choice for the money.
3 months ago
Great game but the lack of a Eddie Baah toy disappointed me. could have really done something cool with Eddie instead of cheap plastics on the pro and McDonald's Happy meal toy like figurines with the premium. Come on Stern, people are paying a lot of money for these quit going cheap on everything. however from a business standpoint I can't blame you. People are lining up to buy these so as long as business is good why change? anyway long story short great game at first but grows old after about three months so I moved on.
3 months ago
Extremely solid game. Great rules and flow.
3 months ago
Great game with tons of shots to make. Im not a fan of band themed pins but this machine has it all. Its hard to make the goals which makes this a good game.
4 months ago
Awesome game revive spinner was a great idea!
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