Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)


Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)

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This game received 624 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.746 /10


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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast". The group itself ranks #7 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game Design: 8.767

Artwork: 8.756

Sounds/Music: 8.595

Other Aspects: 8.667

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Found 322 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 322 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
nice and engaging pinball machine, I would have preferred something more in terms of games, the multiball games are nice. after a few mess in my possession it bored me.
21 days ago
Like Jurassic Park, this is a near perfect game. The layout is great, my only complaint is the unreliable plunge shot, but when working properly it's a fun and interesting way to start every ball. I love the options for skill shots/super skill shots and Secret Skill shots.

The classic "light mode/start mode/play mode" for Eddie Modes is a straightforward way to approach the game, but the more subtle shots progression to qualify Cyborg MB is such a fun side-objective/thing that builds without necessarily focusing on it. The Tomb Treasures are also a great feature that sort of ties the whole experience together. The MBs, Mummy and Trooper, are pretty straightforward as well but are fun and unique from one another. And the mini-wizard/wizard modes are great too: 2 Minutes to Midnight is a really fun single ball mini-wizard mode that rewards you for doing well in the Eddie Modes and the Battle with the Beast is challenging and rewarding.
63 days ago
A forever to 10. Super fun, can be very fast. Beautiful Artwork in all aspects. Very mod friendly. 400 bucks in mods takes the game WAY past the premium.
81 days ago
Hell yeah!!! While hard to listen to on location (huge downside) this pin is able to stand on its own. I’m not a huge IM fan but the layout, code a rule set are great. I can see why people love this pin.
85 days ago
Iron Maiden is one of my favorite Stern machines! I call it my sports pinball, Sometimes brutal, the left ramp is difficult but the game is incredible! A word of advice if you sell this machine, you will regret it and you will buy it again Lol!
86 days ago
Brutal. Punishing. Fast. Its a hard game but once you can master a few shots its a blast to play and something you want to keep coming back to. The layout and rule integration is great and there is good variety in the modes. It demands you to hit your shots because regaining control can be a hard task.
3 months ago
I have owned this game for almost a year, and loved it since I first played it in 2020. I grew up listening to Iron Maiden's music, but I passed on buying the pin in 2020 because my family was leaning towards Deadpool (I still own and love Deadpool). Fast forward to 2022, I had to have this pin. I really feel that this pin may be Sterns best Pro (Deadpool is in this discussion), and it is my favorite Elwin pin. Yes all of Elwin's designs are all amazing I just always play Maiden when I go down stairs to play some pinball. It has flow, speed, amazing code, great callouts, and is very easy for someone to understand what to do. The lower left side of the playfield is an amazing surprise...It should be unforgiving and dangerous, but somehow it is close without ever making me feel like it is cramped. I hove how this game can be brutal one game and make me feel like a tournament player the next. Iron Maiden continues to make me want to play one more game.
3 months ago
Iron Maiden was a true pleasure to play. I played it for 4 hours straight and could have played 4 more but the shop had to close down!

This pin is amazing on all levels. Gameplay and artwork come together to create a beautiful package. I would love to have this one in my collection as my rocker friends would have a blast with this and beginners and pros alike will enjoy this. Very accessible and just pure fun.
4 months ago
4 months ago
I played a lot of Stern Pros over the past 30 days (as well as Premiums) and kept finding myself coming back to this game. I couldn't hear the music or call backs on location but loved the top flipper set up, flow, technical aspects but not too challenging game play. Loads of fun for this rusty veteran to enjoy.

As a singer in multiple rock/heavy metal bands and living in Nashville area, music themed games are how I am starting my new collection. I know Maiden isn’t for everyone musically but Eddie has to be the coolest band mascot ever and the artwork on cabinet, back glass and playfield really tie in well.

I don’t miss the toys or color screen vs. newer machines with this game but we will see once in home side to side with FF.

Before finding Pinside, I did my own “rankings” and GZ(premium), JP(premium), DP, IMDN and FF(pro) were my top 5. I was pleasantly surprised to find my late 70’s/early 80’s pinball intuition had me in the ballpark.
I like that IMDN was only a Pro and IMO held up to the the top rated premiums. It’s in my home and my boys (never played before and I can’t stop playing!

After playing on location twice I decided this game had to be my first reentry into ownership and will add more details after I dig in more…

Thanks to everyone for such comprehensive and informative reviews! I hope to be a valued contributor as I will continue to feed pinball appetite on location and with a couple of new home machines.

5 months ago
Not the biggest IM band fan, but this game is a blast! It's challenging enough that entry level players can still have fun but pros can rip on it ...or rip their metail hair out because ramp consistency is HARD on this one. Despite not loving the band, i would never get rid of my home IM pro. Play it multiple times per week and seldom have any mechanical issues with it beyond normal wear and tear.
5 months ago
Love the band. Like the play field. Love the music, but the art is a bit contrived. Lots of flippers. Good for beginners and diehards alike. But there are better pins out there for your house. Always play at the arcade though.
6 months ago
The best pinball!
6 months ago
Works on so many levels. Not attracted to theme/band at all, but the way it is based on the adventures of the band's mascot, it escapes the typical idolizing of member profiles and tour objectives in favor of a story feel that brings each song alive. The smooth ramps, the orbits, the loops, the jump and 3-stage bullseye (so unique and fun, well lit), four flipper madness and a wicked way to earn and activate playfield multipliers. The action and rules are so well crafted, it's both easy and tough. Game is so good, it's made me a fan of the band, the opposite effect entirely.
7 months ago
Outstanding layout from Keith Elwin and the code is great. Not much more I can say it really is a fun pin with every component dialed in to make it really fun. The theme keeps it from being more widely adopted but I think it is the best Elwin pin with Jurassic Park being solidly #2 for me. Modes are simple to understand but hard to master. The use of the 2x with shots around the playfield and revive from the spinners are a nice touch. I also like the fact that the Super Jackpot shot isn't a gimme shot and can be frustrating. Not much for toys to speak of it is all business on this one.
7 months ago
I first played this game when it came out. I think it is a decent first effort by Keith Elwin and he's incorporated many interesting elements here.

The layout has a nice feel to it albeit that some of the shots, especially the "Trooper" shot (above the left upper flipper), are a bit clunky. The center ramp shot is my favorite shot followed by the little super jackpot target. Looping the ball around the little orbits is fun too.

The rules are good. Playing through the different songs is quite enjoyable and the same goes for the Trooper multiball. In general the rules seem pretty straight forward.

The artwork on the playfield, cabinet and backglass is outstanding on this game. If every Stern would have been supplied with this kind of artwork Stern Pinball's games from the late Whitestar / early SAM era would be appreciated a lot more.

Overall this is a good game with an individual layout. Every fan of Iron Maiden will enjoy playing this game.
7 months ago
I like trooper multi ball and rime of the ancient mariner
7 months ago
When I first played it there was a lot I didn't care for, but the more I played it the more I came to appreciate certain aspects of the game. I enjoy the music a lot, as it just works great for pinball. The sound is spectacular and it is one of the only music pins that gains a lot from a shaker. Multiballs are fun and the shots are interesting. I love the variety of skill shots off the plunge. It can be really hard with fast balls, so it makes you want more.

What I don't enjoy is I feel the left side is a bit crowded. I think there is a difference between tight shots and unnecessarily penal shots. The upper flipper shots are dissatisfying for me too. You can't see them and even hitting them brings little joy. There seems to be no story and the modes are murky. When compared to other modern Sterns, I feel IM really falls down with theme and story.

Overall I do feel it is a great tournament game as it can play hard and penal, so long balls can be difficult. I will say it feels really satisfying when you have a good game, but there are so many times where you don't necessarily do anything wrong and the ball is gone. To be fair, the game I get to play has outlanes that could fit a bowling ball, the pitch is a black diamond ski slope, and if you breathe too hard you tilt. A more palatable home setup might make me view it differently, but I can only comment on what I have played.
7 months ago
the G.O.A.T.
8 months ago
Had the Pro for couple months now and loving this alot more than the premium :-)
Had been adding few mods to it as well but is proving to be a great game for our family.
8 months ago
Wow, what a great pin! I’ve played a lot of pinball.. especially the ones that have been designed by Keith Elwin. This one is my favorite because it’s fast paced, adrenaline pumping fun and beating it always feels within reach. I love the fact that you can pretty much always shoot it up the center target ramp and play the ball as it works its way back to you. For a pro its loaded like it should be especially when you’re dropping close to 7k. IMO best bang for your buck. The only thing I had to tweek was the auto plunge guide rail. I unscrewed the top screw by 3/4 of a turn and now it works perfectly. Truly an awesome shooter that keeps you coming back for more. Nice job Keith and Stern.
9 months ago
Iron Maiden has been one of my absolute favourite bands for 35+ years. I love this game. It would be even better with more songs, but I guess that is difficult with copyrights etc. The shots are very well laid out. The two ramps are both on the narrow and difficult side, but you have an easy spinner and an easy jump ramp shot to hit the target on the back wall. The captive ball is also a feel good shot. The artwork on the playfield and all cabinets....... Perfect.
9 months ago
Although I enjoyed the few games I had on this pro version, in a line up it will the last machine I would go to. Still don’t know what I need to do in game play.
9 months ago
This is a technical game which will make you a better player. It's really one for the above-average player to hone their skill on; casuals will find it daunting.

The layout has a record number of shots from the 4 flippers, the downside being that some shots are quite tight. If your ball control isn't good you're not going to get very far. The ramps in particular are really tough to hit and became very frustrating. The flipper power on the upper right flipper needs to be dialed down otherwise shooting the loop simply is a death trap. I had a pro and thought the center shot was meh - would've liked something more exciting to shoot.

The rules are good, however I don't enjoy games which place such emphasis on a playfield multiplier: if you're not good at the upper left flipper shots you're just not going to score so highly. Otherwise it's what you'd expect from a super deep modern Stern where you'll (most likely!) never see the final wizard mode.

Artwork is superbly executed although I'm not a fan of the base material. LCD animations are decent, not as bad as AIQ but not as good as BKSOR.

I didn't really have an opinion on Iron Maiden's music before owning this pin (don't listen to metal much), but it kind of grew on me after a while - this is going to be a subjective area anyway. The callouts and sound effect are average.
10 months ago
This pin just doesnt click with me for some reason, I do like IM music but in general I dislike music-themed pins. It is nice looking though.
There are 322 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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