Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)

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Game design: 8.714

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Sounds/Music: 8.405

Other Aspects: 8.569

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This is "Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)".
The other version is: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium/LE)

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13 days ago
This is one of my all time favs. So much fun to play and so many things to try and complete. This is an instant classic for me.
26 days ago
Less features then less mechs...and less issues.
I think i prefer pro over prem/LE
35 days ago
This one is really fun to play, but sooo difficult to master. Especially the ramp shots stay difficult.
None the less it's really satisfying if you make your shots. Collecting the 4 cards and getting to NOTB is a real challenge.
There's lots of multiballs, modes, ect...
The call outs of 2 different voices really add to the experience. I'm not the biggest IM fan but i have been listen to them since i was a little kid and i have all their albums till the early 2000s, i've been listening to them more and more again since i got this machine actually.
Otherwise the artwork is fantastic, i really like it! This one deserves to be in the all time top 10 for shure!
43 days ago
As an Iron Maiden fan, the artwork, theme and music is perfect for a great pinball machine and I think Elwin and his team got many things right when designing this. Good shot geometry and the rules are pretty deep and well done. Some interesting plays for a skilled player which can award massive points if done right. I have a love/hate relationship to the left ramp which can be lethal if missed, but also makes it really rewarding when you have a good day hitting that with consistency.

The only complaints I have is that the main shot in the middle feels a bit clunky, atleast on the pro. Maybe they could have come up with something better. The revive shot is a bit too dangerous to go for, so that is usually left untouched, atleast for me. I think the should have added a good 10+ songs to choose from.

I have yet to reach "run to the hills", but I will absolutely keep trying. Even if I keep screwing up, I still get to experiance the great music and theme.
56 days ago
I think Keith Elwin did a tremendous job with his first game and also appreciate that the Pro plays well comparably to the premium / LE. As an arcade owner, people like this game despite the theme (rock pins don't seem to earn well and Iron Maiden, perhaps even less). It earns so so. I appreciated the non "cookie cutter" layout of the game and innovative rules sets. As a collector, this game would not (did not) last long in my collection as the theme did not resonate with me and the game is too easy.

Pros - Great innovative layout, lots of multi balls, cool animations, multiple satisfying shots, multiple flippers . . .

Cons - Long game times, theme (another tired rock pin) with repetitive songs
3 months ago
So I finally bought an IMDN prem after only playing the pro a hand full of times. This game is one of THE BEST pins ever made from purely a gameplay perspective. The shot layout is GENIOUS. If you can master dropping the back flippers while cradling the front during multiball you can absolutely CRUSH jackpots. If you don’t learn this technique you’ll be blocking your own shots with the rear flippers. This is the ONLY pin I’ve ever played where it’s absolutely crucial to push yourself to learn this specific flipper technique and I LOVE that. This game has made me a more focused and strategic player and I love THAT. The whole art package is cool. Premium LE is the way to go IMO...the pro lacks a bit of magic due to lack of immersive mechs. I’ll include one negative: I very much dislike the animations and display font. It stinks. The callouts could be better as well. But this game absolutely NAILS all of the most important aspects of pinball in my opinion. The elements that suffer do not detract from the fact that this is GREAT PINBALL.
3 months ago
Games played: ~50

Awesome to see another good use of 4 flippers similar to TZ.
The three center shots are very very easy, but compared to that the left spinner and the upper left flipper shots are very very difficult. This breaks the game a little bit since those three center shots are used for the majority of game features and the rest is not.
There are no toys, but the layout makes up for that.

The rule set base of this game is not that special, but the reward structure makes it very interesting.
A big focus is put on starting and actually completing the modes and challenges to collect soul shards and tomb awards.
There seems to be a weird thing in this ruleset that starting the first set of modes/multiballs/challenges is too easy but after that is becomes too difficult, so not a linear difficulty curve.

There are distinct rule areas on this game so learning the color for each one helps a lot.
Otherwise the light show is not that important.
The display animations are just weird, like few different styles thrown together without any creative direction. E.g. compare collecting eddie letters, collecting mummy letters, aces high, and cyborg MB.
Unfortunately it often repeats animations for obvious things like spelling every mummy letter when the hit was already shown in the lights and with a callout.
The flasher or whatever that is in the pop bumper looks absolutely stupid.

The game can be played in a way too safe way by just shooting the center ramp and spinner for the first however many shots.
Only after the the first modes the game requires something different to be hit.
Focusing on the small bits in the game (upper loop awards, revive, drop target sweep) between the normal gameplay of modes and multiballs keeps the game interesting.
Especially shooting for the upper loops is a well designed feature since those can be tried every time the center ramp or spinner are shot, they feel awesome to hit repeatedly and missing them is not that punishing.

Very interesting choice to go with the egypt theme on the playfield - and very well executed.
Cabinet art is awesome.

It's a really good choice that the dude does all the announcements and mumbling in the background and the lady screams whenever something important is happening. Makes it easy to focus on what to shoot for.
Nice idea that the song can be changed each ball.

An egypt theme without the band would probably be a lot cooler, since in this game it forces it to e.g. have modes about pilots and boats, while the ball rolls over sand.

A game that is very easy to get into and keeps the challenge up. The mix of small goals (soul shards) and wizard mode goals keeps this interesting for a long time.
3 months ago
My current favorite. Super fast, deep, and mean! Love all the combo's on this thing. Elwin killed it on this machine.
4 months ago
I love this game. Of all the Metal and Rock N Roll pins this is my favorite. Metallica's a close second.

What makes Legacy of the Beast work is its flow. Gameplay and flow is almost karmic. Smooth game and a great selection of Maiden songs. It would have been nice had they added more tracks and Rules are a bit tough to figure out at first. But it really doesn't matter because the game flow is so good

Definitely one I'd buy
4 months ago
Like many here, I'm not a fan of the theme, but enjoy this game. Despite not being an Iron Maiden fan, the music and art is packaged well together and it all fits. It's not annoying or too repetitive for a band that I don't get (will say the same thing if a Rush game ever comes out). The animations are cool and I really like the flow at the top of the game. The left shots are a bit challenging for me. When I see this game on free play at someone's house or an arcade, I'll play. But I won't drop money in this if there are other Sterns around.
5 months ago
If I’m wanting to play a quick game and not have to apply a whole lot of mental effort into it, this is my go to game. No action button, no crazy complex rules that you need to study up on. Everything you need to know is right in front of you either on the playfield inserts or along the left side of the LCD.

Even with its simplicity there are a lot of different angles to take and a combination of things need to happen just right to get a good score. Lock two balls, get your playfield multiplier ready, start a battle, and hit all the shots...easy right?? Not even close.

This game is super fast and everything has its risk/reward. Hitting the loop with the upper right flipper multiple times in a row is one of the most gratifying shots ever. But it gets going faster and faster next thing you know it shoots it out straight out the left outlane in a millisecond.

Slowing this game down and learning ball control is key and will make anyone a better player as a result. Sometimes I wish I had a Premium but not sure it would add too much to an already flawless game. This machine is also the one I play the most and have had the least mechanical issues with. Could be coincidence but there aren’t as many moving parts/things to break than most modern pins.
5 months ago
I categorize this not as bad, but more as overrated. It just doesn't rev my engine the way it does for a lot of people. The rules are a little over-complicated, and I don't really get the theme it seems like there should be at least a little more hard rock theming? The art is cool, I just don't really get it. I like that it plays smooth and doesn't have a lot of cheap drains. Might be this is just more of a really hardcore pin players machine (that is who I usually see playing it at the arcade). Maybe it will eventually grow on me.
5 months ago
Love Maiden and Love this Pin ! I'm sure the Premium and LE add a bit more to the game but the Pro i played was awesome and kept me coming back
5 months ago
I have owned this pin for about 3 months now and I am now confident that I can leave an accurate review. Let me begin by saying that I avoided purchasing this pin for over a year because I do not care for Iron Maiden at all. After happening across it by chance in the wild I was hooked after the first game. This layout is just plain fun to shoot. I absolutely love everything about this pin.....except for the music. It does fit the theme very well and I have come to tolerate some of the songs but I would still prefer different music. But man is this pin fun to play. It checks all the boxes for what a great pin should be. Fun ramp shots, great orbits, solid middle shot, 4 flippers that are functional, and great opportunity for multiballs. And flow, flow, flow. This pin is an absolute keeper for me.
5 months ago
I’m not sold on the theme at all. That being said, this game is a great shooter. That alone is what makes me want to play it again. I think the play field and shots were designed incredibly well. Very good Job from Keith. His design on this game sold me on JP. (I love the JP theme. I’m not big into Iron Maiden as a theme.
6 months ago
We have one at work, we all love it. Amazing first effort from Keith Elwin, one of the best games ever made. Great theme integration. Beginners and experts alike really enjoy this one.
6 months ago
I do like the Pro better as it was getting to be a pain adjusting the orb shot on the premium. I plan on keeping this one in my collection.
6 months ago
Best game out tgere
6 months ago
Didn’t think I would like this as much due to not knowing much about the band at all but the music really fits the machine. Kind of like guitar hero where you might not know all the songs but end up really into it anyways. Hitting repeated loops is satisfying like getaway. Good variety in the mode shots and multiball. The left ramp through the bumpers was way easier than I expected.
7 months ago
Great pin. Really am getting into it the more I play it.
7 months ago
Just simply put, I love this game. I can't find anything about it that I don't like. I think "it' too easy" and then I go four games in a row without breaking 3M points. "Too hard" then I have my best game. I will get so frustrated with it that I want to turn it off for a month, but then come back and play it every day for weeks. Great theme, great music, fun animations, fast ball action, ramps, multiball, it's got it all. It's a 10.
8 months ago
As a maiden fan I love the premise, that I’m Eddie battling the beast through a series of modes. It’s a hard game. The main shots up the ramps and around the loops are tight and it can be a little clunky if you’re not dialed in, making it not so fun. If you get lucky, or good, and it starts getting lit up it’s really exciting. High energy call outs, lights, and music, together with high speed play and funny heavy metal animations make Iron Maiden a winner overall. The art and music alone will attract serious fans of the band whether or not they even like pinball.
8 months ago
Love the game. Hard to master
8 months ago
Absolutely love pretty much everything about this machine! Flow for days, great shot options, kick ass music!
9 months ago
Difficult game, nice that you can pick modes from each ball launch.
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