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CGC Pinball Production Update

By CGC_DougS

5 years ago

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Post #392 Report of AFMR SE delivery! Posted by sandersj (5 years ago)

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Post #1157 September 1st Update from CGC Posted by CGC_DougS (5 years ago)

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#1 5 years ago

Very pleased to share with the pinball community that Chicago Gaming is on course to start shipping Attack from Mars in May as promised. A lot of effort, money, and time has been spent in designing an incredibly efficient and flexible production line. With almost six months in the making, it was necessary to first move several departments around in our 100,000 plus square foot building to clear the space for our pinball production facility. In the various work cells, production of AFM sub-assemblies is well under way as you can see in the photos. First production test playfields are already on the line as well. By early June we hope to be providing our dealers with a reliable production schedule so that they can inform their customers with some sense of a delivery window.

2017-05-03 12.47.02-1 (resized).jpg
2017-05-03 11.06.13 (resized).jpg
2017-05-03 11.06.48 (resized).jpg
2017-05-03 11.07.02 (resized).jpg
2017-05-03 11.07.34 (resized).jpg
2017-05-03 11.08.17 (resized).jpg
2017-05-03 11.09.47 (resized).jpg
2017-05-03 11.08.54 (resized).jpg
2017-04-20 12.55.39 (resized).jpg
2017-04-20 12.56.06 (resized).jpg
2017-04-20 12.56.20 (resized).jpg
2017-04-20 12.55.13 (resized).jpg
2017-04-20 11.55.00 (resized).jpg
2017-04-20 11.55.30 (resized).jpg

#22 5 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Thanks for the update Doug, can you say if AFMr will have a SOL/scoop protector installed on it and if so will it be a Cliffy or Mantis style protector?

We have designed our own protector that probably leans much closer to that of the Mantis style protector; however, we have also added a small custom cut piece of mylar for the top of the hole as well. I hope this helps.

#30 5 years ago
Quoted from venom112:

I will just say I love stern pinball but my god it is nice to see communication to the pinball community on a forum like this directly from Chicago Gaming. Its just something Stern doesn't seem to do well at all is communicate. I mean even if there was a delay at least the people that have put a deposit down know what's going on. So glad to see things are on track and anxiously waiting on AFM. If only other companies communicated as well I think people would be more understanding.

Very much appreciate the nice comments. We are super busy at CGC and I don't have a lot of time to spend on Pinside, but will promise to continue to share information when it is meaningful. In fact, I hope to deliver some new news within the next few days.

1 week later
#86 5 years ago

Hi Everyone:

If all we did was produce pinballs, it might be so much easier. However, many of you know that this building still produces a lot of cabinetry and other wood products for the professional coin-op amusement industry as well as a complete line of other products that we sell under the CGC name. Yes, we are super busy at Chicago Gaming and forgive me if I only get to Pinside on occasion. Here is a bullet point update and some news surrounding CGC:
• In addition to starting the production of Attack From Mars, we are also are putting the final touches on our new assembly line. Yes, we are still on course to start shipping pinballs in May. At first it will be slow, but we hope to get up to 15 games per day within a few short weeks. This line will run 6 days a week.
• The first quantity of games off the line are going to be AFM Special Editions. These games will be shipped to our dealers worldwide for the purpose of pinball festivals, trade-shows, and display models. After that our focus will turn to producing Limited Editions.
• Yes, there is still a lot of demand for MMR. In fact, we have orders for nearly 500 games standing at this point. It is our plan to build the first 500 AFM pins and then break to make the next run of 500 MMR’s. Following the MMR’s it will be back to AFM.
• As many of you know, the original artist, Doug Watson, was involved with the design of the LE topper. He hand sculptured the new Martian out of clay, provided the city background artwork, and prepared some conceptual drawings. CGC did the remaining engineering work. What you don’t know is that Doug Watson was also involved in creating some playfield back panel artwork as well. I am not going show any images of this, because I want to keep you all in suspense. However, it will be installed on the very first machine out of our building. I know you’re going to love it.
• Yes, even the very first AFM will be shipped with the mylar and metal hole guards installed.
• For the past few weeks, we have had the first AFM put on location in Chicago, Logan Arcade. With the exception of one coil issue, the game has been playing flawlessly. This is the same prototype pin that appeared at the TPF and the Amusement Expo in Dallas, Texas. This one game has probably already seen more play than most pins will ever encounter in a life time in someone’s home.
• I promise to post more pictures and information as the first games are being boxed.

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm.

Doug Skor

#92 5 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Thanks for the update Doug. Since your here, I'm going to ask a question from earlier. Is there any plan to add an option for dimming or shutting off the backbox lights during strobe mutliball (sort of like the blackout mod)? This would be a nice feature to add as a simple software enhancement.

Oops, we added this a few months ago to the code and may have forgotten to even mention this. Yes, you will have this option available in the settings.

2 weeks later
#274 5 years ago

The CGC line is up and running – the first four games are scheduled to ship tomorrow! We are initially building one hundred Special Edition games; Limited Edition games will then immediately follow.

We greatly appreciate your comments – many of your suggestions have been incorporated into AFMr. These improvements include:

1. CGC Stroke of Luck Hole Protector
2. Additional mylar has been added to further protect the playfield.
3. Blackout Feature – the game owner can now set the translite illumination to be turned off during Strobe Multiball.
4. Back Panel Art – The original AFM did not have back panel art. Doug Watson, created all new artwork for the backpanel.
5. Topper – Since we first debuted the topper at TPS, a great deal of time has been spent refining and further integrating it into game play.
6. SuzoHapp Door – The new coin door now features two slotted coin openings (with US quarter coin mechanisms) and will now accommodate a standard upstack bill acceptor (being highly requested by the operating community). For European customers, we will be using the single slot electronic coin mechanism opening (no mechanism included).
7. Customized Logo Display – Both the LE and SE now allow the game owner to customize the logo appearing on the speaker panel. Games will ship with the Bally logo appearing in the small Customized Logo Display area. Details on file requirements and installation procedures to be included in the manual.

By Friday of next week, we will be sharing a rough production schedule with our dealers. It’s up to the dealers to communicate to their customers where they fall in line, collect balances due, and ultimately arrange transportation on the games. We are ever so grateful for your input and the passion that so many show towards this industry. Please also follow us at https://www.facebook.com/chicagogamingcompany/. More information to soon come out of CGC.

Thank you.

Doug Skor

2017-05-31 14.27.31 (resized).jpg

2017-05-31 15.40.34 (resized).jpg

2017-05-31 14.20.21 (resized).jpg

2017-05-31 14.20.34 (resized).jpg

2017-06-01 11.19.37 (resized).jpg

2017-05-31 14.23.08 (resized).jpg

2017-05-31 14.23.32 (resized).jpg

2017-06-01 12.36.59 (resized).jpg

2017-06-01 15.36.21 (resized).jpg

2017-06-01 12.34.26 (resized).jpg

2017-05-31 16.06.10 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#431 5 years ago

Very pleased on how things are progressing here at CGC. I would like to think that soon we’ll all start to see a whole bunch of “Unboxing” posts for AFMR. Many of these games are getting or soon will be shipped.
• There was a slight hold on shipping last week as we were putting the last few edits to the AFMR Owner’s Manual. Soon I hope to be posting the manual on the CGC website for all to review in advance. The manuals are now being mass produced by our printer and quantities are showing up at our facility.
• As per request of our customer, we will no longer be packing the leg bolts in the cashbox as Williams and Bally did back in the day. The leg bolts will now be found fully screwed in to the cabinet. As you unpack the game, simply unscrew the bolts and attach the legs with the same bolts.
• We also believe we have the best pallet in the industry. The size has been increased and built to be a lot stronger, this should greatly reduce the possibility of freight damage. This pallet will be used for all shipments with the exception of ocean going containers, where no pallet is used at all.
• Please Follow us on Facebook, where I will be posting more videos and pictures. I think you will like the box loading video I just added. When I come up for air, I'll add more. https://www.facebook.com/chicagogamingcompany/

A lot of time is being spent on the details. Although nothing is perfect, we really are trying to achieve it. We are grateful for your excitement around what we are doing at CGC and will have more information to share in the near future.


Doug Skor

2017-06-19 11.33.17 (resized).jpg

2017-06-19 08.56.19 (resized).jpg

#467 5 years ago

Our production output in both quantity and quality has already exceeded our expectations. We are still building up to our targeted output of about 15 games per day and this could still take several more weeks. Because of this success, Doug Duba, owner of CGC, has decided to modify the original schedule. With his newly found confidence in our abilities along with some delays on receiving some custom made parts the topper, we are modify the schedule as such.
• We have parts to build 500 AFMR on the first run. Parts for the second run (1,000 units) have all been released to our vendors and will start arriving in July.
• Instead of building only 100 SE’s, we are now going to build 150 SE’s. By building the additional 50 SE’s it will push us out only two weeks before we dive in to LE production.
• By the time that we have completed the 150, we should be building and testing toppers.
• Our plan is to still build the LE Serial Number Matching Program machines first.
• Once started, we will focus only on LE’s until all have been built.
• When we break to build MMR, we will build only 250 MMR’s instead of the originally announced 500 units. Although we have commitments for well over 400 MMR’s, we are confident that the 250 will take care of the immediate needs rather than the stocking positions some dealers are teeing up for the holiday season. It should take us no more than 3 to 4 weeks to build this quantity.
• While we are building AFM’s, the work cells will be working on sub-assemblies for MMR and visa-versa when we are building MMR’s, we will be building AFMR assemblies.
• Immediately following MMR’s, we will build AFMR strong for many weeks.
• We will break to build another batch of MMR in early to mid-November.

Each game is going through three testing points before it is boxed. We have established a check list that has to be completed on each and every game. I don’t know of a manufacture that is checking, double checking, and triple checking a product before it ships. Like I said earlier, I look forward to hearing from the community on first posts of their “unboxing” experiences. Please understand that we are working our way out of a hole. We have nearly 1,800 pins to build at this time; however, new orders coming in daily. Because we are so behind at the moment, we will not look to introduce our next pin until probably late Q1 of 2018. We also will be introducing a new video game later this year that will become a “have to have” for any players game room.

Thank you again for all your passion and patience as we work our way of this back-order situation.

Best regards.

Doug Skor

1 week later
#559 5 years ago

Mini Update:
• Mentioned in a previous post, I promised to share with the community our AFMR manual which was posted on our website this afternoon. Please feel free to look through it. http://www.chicago-gaming.com/files/AFM_MANUAL_REV_1.4.pdf
• Very pleased with the great comments on the Unboxing thread. We look forward in seeing many more!
• There was an instance reported whereby the SOL guard was slightly lower than it should have been. Our design is such that is should be 1/64ths below the height of the playfield. Small corrections have been made on the guard and the inspection team is carefully watching this, but it is our belief that very few games were shipped that did not meet our specifications. Overall, the games are functioning beautifully and the feedback we are receiving from the field is exciting.

More to come!

Doug Skor

1 week later
#613 5 years ago

We hope that everyone had a great holiday.

• Because we completed the 150th AFMR SE last Friday, we allowed our staff to enjoy a four day holiday weekend. Today, we started assembling Limited Edition games. These first LE games will be the Serial Number Matching Program machines. I do not anticipate us shipping any LE’s for about another 10 days because we are still awaiting a couple of parts for the topper. Games will be thoroughly tested with the topper prior to final approval and packing.

• A couple of people expressed a concern about our strobe light. Let me begin by saying that no one has reported a single failure, rather the concern was whether it was not quite as bright as the original. The original game deployed an incandescent Xenon bulb, we are using nothing but LED technology. Seen below you will see our strobe board pictured. There are eighteen(18) 1 watt lamps on this board, very powerful LED’s. Our software team is already working on a control whereby the owner can adjust the brightness of the strobe lamp board. However, It would be helpful if we could identify any AFMR SE owners that also have side-by-side with the original 1995 version of AFM. If so, would you please contact me directly through the messaging system. Regardless, we feel that will be able to make a difference with a simple software update while allowing you the ability to set your preference.

Thank you for your patience and feedback.

More to come!

Doug Skor

2017-07-05 11.11.52 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#711 5 years ago

Things are progressing forward nicely. While we might be slightly behind, there are some very good reasons.

1. By the end of today, there should be nearly 80 plus AFMR LE’s pre-assembled.
2. The first phase of topper assembly has started.
3. The games already completed still need to go through final testing, number assignment, and trim application, but this will not happen until toppers are ready to be matched up to the game and the new firmware version is signed off by the engineers.
4. We are still anticipating LE’s to start shipping THIS week.
5. Final testing is being completed on V1.0.0 on the firmware (all first run SE’s games were shipped with V1.0.Beta). This is going to add two improvements to the firmware: a) It is going to provide for four different strength settings on the ramp diverter. b) allow the owner to have four different settings on the strobe lamp. For those of you that were concerned about the brightness, that subject will be closed. Set it at your own risk.
6. Shortly after we have final approval, we will also post the update on our website so that early SE owners can download and update their games.

I know everyone wants there games now, however, that is simply is not possible. We are going to ship in most orderly fashion and we appreciate everyone’s patience in advance. Keep in mind that do not have a window in to our dealers orders or shipping priorities. We release machines to our dealers and they send us shipping arrangements.

More to come.

Doug Skor

2017-07-17 12.32.28 (resized).jpg

2017-07-17 12.42.48 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#752 5 years ago


1. There has been a slight delay in shipping LE’s. Doug Duba did not like the metal printed medallions that have the serial numbers printed on them. He is making the supplier redo the entire 1,000 piece lot. I am hoping these medallions will arrive here within a couple of days. It has to be right or we simply are not going to ship it.
2. For those of you that have already received an AFMr SE, we have posted a new firmware link on our website: http://chicago-gaming.com/afm_update.php. As mentioned in an earlier post, this provides the owner with settings for both the diverter and the strobe. The high setting is very powerful on the strobe and I suggest that you try all four settings to see what works best for you. I look forward in hearing some response from those that load the new firmware on their games. All LE’s will be shipped with this new firmware already loaded.

Doug Skor

#777 5 years ago

First bundle of LE's shipping today. Building up steam. I'll let the photos speak for the remainder of this update.

Thank you,

Doug Skor

2017-07-27 13.23.38 (resized).jpg

2017-07-27 13.24.57 (resized).jpg

2017-07-27 13.26.51 (resized).jpg

2017-07-27 13.26.56 (resized).jpg

#835 5 years ago

For those that are receiving their games, please open the manual up to page 2-29. I know you are all experts at setting up games and I would not want to insult anyone, but on this page you will find the instructions on installing the topper. All the cable are well marked and it should be easy for this audience to install. Lots of games being loaded on to trucks this week. Everyone at CGC thanks you for your business.


Doug Skor

#961 5 years ago

Hello Everyone:

A lot is happening at Chicago Gaming. We are very busy, but also very pleased to see all of the positive comments on Pinside.

1. All of the North American Serial Number Matching Program Games are now all packed and final ones should be shipping out of CGC the early part of next week. For our export dealers, we are timing most of their production with MMR’s that will soon follow so to consolidate containers.
2. Starting on Monday, we start boxing the non-SNMP LE games. The real bottleneck for us has been final inspection and packaging…the pains of production. We simply do not want to take any shortcuts with over 60 games already built and awaiting packing as well as our daily production coming off the line. It won’t be long before we have worked through the bottleneck.
3. We are anticipating being done with the nearly first 500 AFMR games by the end of August. By the very beginning of September, we will turn production on to the very first CGC assembled MMR’s. Our plan is still to produce only about 250 MMR’s. This will be the only run on MMR for 2017. We have orders for well beyond this number from our dealers, but will release them proportionally.
4. The work cells have already begun the production of MMR subassemblies. We are anticipating being in production starting the first week of September. We plan to be in MMR production for less than four weeks and then will immediately return to AFMR. Subassembly production on the second run of AFMR will begin in mid-September.
5. Let me try to settle some myths: a) the MMR Standard Edition will remain exactly as we have produced it to date. In other words, it will not include the large display. b)We are working on an option to upgrade anyone’s current game. c) It is not as simply as changing out the display panel….let me save you a bunch of time and effort. d) There are no current plans for another model. More on this to come in the future.
6. If for some reason you should have a service concern about your game, please simply open a ticket on the chicago-gaming.com website. I am sure that many of you will confirm that both Lloyd Olson and I are quick to resolve any open tickets.


Doug Skor

3 weeks later
#1157 5 years ago


It has been several weeks since my last update.

1. The first run of AFMR was completed this week; however, there are still a few more to ship.
2. On Wednesday of this week our production team started to turn over the line to MMR. By Thursday cabinets started coming down the line and on Friday Playfields start running as well. It was amazing to watch this team work in concert in repopulating and adjusting the playfield line so quickly. For the entire month of September we will be focusing on pulling ourselves out of the weeds with MMR. Our entire staff will be off until next Tuesday in observation of the holiday.
3. Early last week, we made some further adjustments to our packaging to further protect the game and the topper. Eliminating freight damage is impossible, but we believe this improvement with make for even better success.
4. If after unpacking your games, you find concealed damage, it is critical that you notify your dealer immediately. Your dealer manages the freight, not CGC. CGC will NOT warranty freight or mishandling damages claims.
5. Overall, I am very pleased to see the reviews of AFMR. We have had an incredibly high rate of success as customers are setting up and playing their first games. Service tickets are minimal considering the amount of games that have been shipped and it looks like everyone is enjoying their games.

The CGC family wants to wish you and your families a safe and fun holiday weekend.

Doug Skor

2017-08-22 13.50.36 (resized).jpg

2017-08-31 13.52.04 (resized).jpg

2017-08-31 13.52.19 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1163 5 years ago


1. Things are now moving smoothly on MMR’s and first games will start shipping early part of this week. With the holiday weekend last week and a few snags on the line, we are back on track. Starting today, they will start boxing games. Many have already been built waiting on final QC.
2. We have had a few requests in sharing the green color specs for what we call Martian Green. Remember...this is not a liquid paint, but rather it is a powder. For those that want to go nuts painting other items: DuPont / AXALTA RAL6037
3. I need to remind everyone that we do not have access to our dealers orders and schedules. If you are seeking knowledge on when you will be receiving your game, I simply cannot be of any help. Please be sure contact your dealer.
4. Reminder: If you have a question about service or an individual part, please simply open a ticket on our service portal. https://chicagogamingcompany.freshdesk.com As most of you will attest, we are very responsive in resolving tickets quickly.

Our prayers go out to our friends in Florida, surrounding states and islands. We hope you all pull through the storm safely.

Doug Skor

1 week later
#1175 5 years ago


I hope all is good with everyone. Fall is soon to be upon us and both the tradeshows and pinball fests will start all over again. Next week I will be attending the EAS in Berlin Germany, which is a tradeshow for the professional amusement and park industry. We will have a stand at the exhibition and look forward in meeting new operators and dealers. Beyond that several more shows before the year is up (including pinball Expo and the IAAPA).

1. Please join me (follow us) on Facebook and see the quick walk through on MMR production: https://www.facebook.com/chicagogamingcompany/
2. MMR Production will carry on to likely October 6th. We will then quickly turn back to AFMR.
3. Our first order of business upon returning to AFM, will be build out all of the overseas containers. A good percentage of the MMR is being stages for these containers as well. I am predicting that this will take about three weeks of AFM production. After completing these orders, we will return to North America production again. Our goal is to have all LE’s shipped prior to Christmas…fingers crossed.
4. Most of our dealers are reporting that they have either sold through or will soon sell through their LE allocation. All 1,000 units have been allocated by CGC to dealers. Special Edition and Classic Edition orders are growing every day, but the priority on these models will not be focused until most of the LE’s have been shipped. We will be producing AFMR until the end of February of 2018. Our plan is to have Pin 3 start down the line in early March, with a launch date at the TPF 2018.

On occasion, I check in to Pinside and see so many of you are enjoying your games. We know some of you are impatiently waiting and we look forward to shipping your games as well.

Best regards.

Doug Skor

2 weeks later
#1214 5 years ago

Wow…how quickly time travels…the Pinball Expo is next week. For those that plan on attending, CGC will have its own booth. Several MMR’s and AFM’s will be on hand to play as well as some of our great video game standards such as Arcade Legends and Ms Pac Man / Galaga. Please come by the booth and say hello to me.

Last week I attended the EAS show in Berlin Germany. What an amazing city. There were nearly 12,000 trades people from all over Europe in attendance. CGC did quite well in raising our awareness among the operating community at this show. A few of our dealers were at the booth helping me with all of the various spoken languages. Next year this show will be in Amsterdam, can't wait.

1. MMR’s will be winding down in production with the next several business days. I am pleased that so many that had been waiting for so long to get their game are finally receiving them. Some of our dealers have also taken stock in preparation of the holiday buying season.
2. Sub-assemblies for AFMR will be started at the end of his week. Sub-assemblies are typically the long pole in the tent and require the greatest amount of time to build. I will have a better understanding as when full AFMR production will resume by the end of next week.
3. We have several overseas containers that will be built out first. Following we will return to North American production.
4. There are no plans to sell the LE topper separately. The topper will be held to only those that buy LE’s We are looking at the possibility offering the mini saucer LED as an upgrade, but this will not be for several months.
5. If you are having technical difficulties or have some questions, please start by simply opening a ticket on our service portal. As many will attest, we respond very quickly to the tickets. chicagogamingcompany.freshdesk.com

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work ourselves out of this load of back orders.

Best Regards,


3 weeks later
#1255 5 years ago

Hello everyone!

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is knocking on the door. This year has blown by so quickly.

1. AFMR’s are coming down the line. There was again a slight lag in switching over the line from MMR, but things are progressing quite well. We continue to produce games six days a week.
2. We ended up building 300 MMR’s. While some are still waiting to be matched with some overseas containers, they are all allocated to our dealers.
3. It will take us no more than three weeks to complete the overseas containers…one even shipped out today. Immediately following, we will begin North American production again.
4. If you are having technical difficulties or have some questions, please start by simply opening a ticket on our service portal. As many will attest, we respond very quickly to the tickets: chicagogamingcompany.freshdesk.com

We appreciate all the positive comments and look forward in producing many more AFMR’s

Best Regards.

Doug Skor

2 weeks later
#1292 5 years ago

Hello Everyone!

We are staying on course and the production team continues to fight to work our way out of this backorder situation.

• Several ocean going container shipped out over the past few weeks and few more still to load.
• We are right on target and starting next week we will start shipping North American games. For the first many weeks we will be focused on only Limited Edition games. Please communicate with your dealer as to when you will be receiving your games. CGC does not hold the order, the dealer does. We will be evenly distributing the games in relationship to a dealers allocation. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.
• So here is the REAL breakdown. Of AFMR orders, 73% have chosen Martian Green, 20% Black, and 7% Stainless.
• We hear the cry for the enlarged screen on the MMR...we do listen to the market. Having said this it is not just an easy change of the display/speaker panel. At CGC we might walk a little slower and more methodically, but in the end we do find the right solution. More on this to come.
• I will be at the IAAPA show this next week. This is the largest international trade show of its kind. I’ll be working the CGC booth all four day and we are look forward in sharing the love of pinball.

More to come!

Doug Skor

1 week later
#1318 5 years ago


A lot equipment has been shipped to North American customers over the past week and half. We will continue to pump out the AFMR LE’s strong for the remainder of the year. On behalf of the entire CGC team, we want to wish all of our customers in the US a very happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Best regards

Doug Skor

3 weeks later
#1331 5 years ago

Hello Everyone!

This year blew by for me and I can’t believe we are knocking on the door of Christmas / New Year’s 2018. We accomplished many great things at CGC this year. Most notably, I believe we are assembling / shipping an amazing product and we are hitting the promised timelines that we have made. The past many few weeks have insane with all that we have been shipping, considering all the various products that we produce.

1. Overall our games are performing amazingly. However, there has been a small number of reported concerns, on very recently produced games, of the balls trajectory as is comes out of the shooter lane. This really came to light as people opened tickets and we were able to piece to together the problem. By Monday morning our engineering and production team were working on a fix. Let me be clear, there are no failures; rather, the ball on these games comes out of the shooter lane and does not properly travel to the gate or around the orbiter loop. As mention several times, we work very methodically here at CGC. It might take a few days before we release the correction. Regardless, it will be an easy correction and we will post it on our service portal.
2. In the week of Christmas, we are scheduled to switch over in building out a handful of overseas containers. Shortly after the first of the year, we will return to North American production. The remainder of the LE’s will be produced and then it will be all SE’s and CE’s to follow.
3. By February we will have completed nearly 1,500 AFMR games, and with then return back to another small run of MMR.
4. We are still working on the MMR display/speaker panel upgrade. It’s not as simple as one might think and in order to it correctly, it going to take some time. More on this to come in 2018.
5. We will unveil Pin #3 at the Texas Pinball Festival in March.

From your friends at CGC, we wish you all a great holiday season with your families.


Doug Skor

1 week later
#1348 5 years ago

Dear CGC customers:

Let me begin by wishing you all a very happy, successful New Year.

As I mentioned to a customer on the phone today, when it comes to service, we don’t necessarily have all the answers. As we move forward, it takes a collection of service tickets before we can piece together a trend that then leads to a resolution. In all cases, we at CGC are committed to correcting these concerns. We discovered a software glitch in the PIC that controls our solenoid driver board. While you might try setting down the power on your flippers, the fact remains that these settings are currently having little to no change on the flippers. Our software team has already corrected the problem, and we are testing the new software with a few select customers. Before we do any massive distribution, we want to thoroughly test the update. This might take a few more weeks, and we ask that you be patient as we start to distribute the PIC’s. In the meantime, there will be NO need for you to enter a service ticket at this time in order to obtain the update. Please wait for further instructions. However, we are going to ask that all customers immediately return their software settings to DEFAULT. We have found that if you are using the lower range of settings that it is likely that you will blow one of the FET’s on the Solenoid Driver Board.

More to come.

Thank you!

Doug Skor

1 week later
#1376 5 years ago

Service Update:

Previously, I mentioned that we will be providing a firmware update that applies to the Solenoid Driver Board. We had asked both our dealers and the people on Pinside to spread the word to return their flipper coil settings to "default" until such time that you have updated your games. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation. Both internally and externally, we have been testing the firmware to make sure that it is right. The feedback we got back from a few of our testing subjects is very positive and that it will actually improve the quality of the game. The update will provide you much better control of the flipper coils. PIC’s will start to be programed soon. They will be placed in an envelope in a protective shield, a PIC puller, and some brief instructions. I am anticipating to start shipping our dealers early next week. We will start with overseas dealers first. It will be up to our dealer to distribute the update to their customers. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN SERVICE TICKETS FOR THIS UPDATE, FOR THEY WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED DIRECTLY BY CGC.

This issue came to light on the week between Christmas and New Year’s holidays. We quickly responded in isolating the problem and correcting the code, but the testing process took a little longer. Please stay in touch with your dealer on this update. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

Doug Skor

3 weeks later
#1423 5 years ago

Hello Everyone:

Roughly 47 days till spring, but who’s counting. For those of us that live in the cold climates, we just try to bear through the late fall and winter months. We so appreciate the warmer weather, once it breaks.

1. As of today, all of the Solenoid Driver Updates V2.0 were shipped out to our dealers. Please allow a few more days for them to receive them, but I am confident that they will be turning them back around quite quickly. The response has been very positive and we appreciate everyone’s patience as these get distributed.
2. AFMR LE are soon to be completed. We will continue to build a stock of SE and CE’s to last us through much of the remaining year. In early March, we will have another small run of MMR. All of these have been pretty much committed for by our dealers.
3. Pin #3 is scheduled to be released at the Texas Pinball Festival on March 15, 2018 in Dallas. We are super excited to see everyone’s response to Pin #3. Once again, we have raised the bar, while putting amazing value in each of the three models. If you have never attended TPF, its quite the event. Book your trip now.
4. At the end of February, CGC will also be attending Amusement Expo in Las Vegas on February 28 and March 1. The new pin will not be at the Expo, like it was last year. This show focuses on the operating community and we will continue to foster our brand to this group.
5. We are in negotiations on bringing on some additional dealers in Europe and the Far East. We are very selective as to whom we add as a dealer and feel very confident with our overseas partners. CGC continues to grow its foot print across the globe. More on this to come in future updates.
6. Reminder: If you have a service problem that needs the attention of CGC, please open a service ticket: www.chicagogamingcompany.freshdesk.com However, in many cases, your local dealer can help with a lot of issues. If you live beyond the shores of North America, most of our dealers are amazing support centers as well. Your first best move might be contacting your dealer.
7. For those seeking to purchase non-warranty parts, please contact: www.planetarypinball.com By contractual arrangement, we cannot sell parts. Planetary Pinball is the licensor of the Williams / Bally products and they reserved the rights to sell parts. If you cannot easily find what you are looking for online, PPS has also established a customer service ticketing system that can be found on their website as well.

We appreciate your support.

Doug Skor

2 weeks later
#1464 5 years ago


1. About a month ago we had several tickets that were opened with a concern of the AFMR auto shooter lane, whereby balls were not traveling all the way to the top. We have worked with those customers on a one-on-one basis in resolving these concerns. We are asking if there is anyone else out there that is having this issue, please open a ticket on our on our system and use the description on the subject line as “shooter lane” when establishing the ticket. Submitting a short video would be helpful as well.
2. With just a few mishaps, everyone has had great success in installing the AFMR V2.0 Solenoid Driver Board PIC. The feedback has been very positive and we are hopeful that 100% of those that required this PIC will soon be installed. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and participation.
3. We have pretty much completed the AFMR LE build and will continue to produce SE and CE’s. MMR will also be coming off the line within the next couple of weeks as well.

More to come from CGC.


Doug Skor

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