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Add a great custom touch to your RUSH pinball machine by showing off your Neil Peart ProMark PW747W drumsticks with these custom 3D printed Drumstick mounts, printed in a copper metallic sheen. Specifically designed for 14mm diameter drumsticks, these mounts attach to your RUSH pinball machine with existing hardware. Simply remove 2 screws & washers on the left flasher plastic, orient and attach the 2 mounts with screws and washers. Carefully slide the drumsticks into place by holding the mount rings and sliding the drumsticks in from the bottom towards the top of the playfield, sliding up far enough to clear the glass channel. The mounts have a nice snug fit to hold the drumsticks securely.

Please note that you are only purchasing a set of 2 mounts. The drumsticks themselves are NOT included! They are available from many online sources, including Amazon, eBay, and many online music stores. The mount was designed specifically for:

D'Addario ProMark Neil Peart PW747W Lacquered Shira Kashi Oak Drumsticks

MSRP on these drumsticks is $15.99

Link to the Manufacturer website:

Other drumsticks may fit, however please make sure that they are 14mm in diameter. I cannot be responsible for fit or damage to the mount during installation.

All mounts are verified for fit before shipment.

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8E301AB7-B4F8-490E-8942-0BA4E21BAFB7 (resized).jpeg
0DEE0866-3F5D-4278-B387-BE9274E3F29E (resized).jpeg
4F5A47E1-C81C-457F-9DE7-B3487D5D0DAF (resized).jpeg
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E369055A-A22D-4233-8E8E-198A343F3DB3 (resized).jpeg
F0388A0C-4B65-416E-A239-562CF56EB49E (resized).jpeg

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