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The Mandalorian Pop Bumper Caps

Stern's The Mandalorian pinball machine is one of the best new pins from Stern: great theme, sound, play, and artwork. The artwork is especially nice, from the cabinet, to the backglass, and the playfield as well......wait......what is that written on the pop bumper caps??? "SUPER WHEN FLASHING"??? They had to put *THAT* on the artwork??? That won't do....

Introducing Pop Bumper Replacement Caps for your Mandalorian pinball machine! Created in multi-color transluscent durable PETG plastic, these easily swap onto your pin in few minutes with only a thin shaft Phillips head screwdriver.

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F70503A1-554E-4A97-BBD9-CEFF6DE5EC59_1_201_a (resized).jpeg
8206ADE1-0FD0-41F5-BF18-0E7651D0098D (resized).jpeg
E41552F3-A1C1-44BF-B5C2-D70052FD9605 (resized).jpeg

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Mando Pop Bumper Caps (set of 2) In stock
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$ 20.00

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