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Palantir Eye of Sauron Crystal Sphere Mod for Stern LOTR Shop highlight Over 100 sold!

Palantir Eye of Sauron Crystal Sphere Mod for Stern Lord of the Rings. Handcrafted using quality components. The spheres are mounted on custom stainless steel LOTR Palantir Brackets. Comet LEDs are used for the lighting source, with diode rectification to prevent ghosting, and Molex connectors to plug into the factory wiring harness. Installation instructions are in the attached PDF. Huge improvement over the stock Palantir sphere, it really adds a great touch to your LOTR.

Standard for LOTR Standard Edition
LE for LOTR Limited Edition (included wiring harness adaptor as LEs used different wiring connector)

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Item photos

99c24bab403434306f289a5c9e4a3bde78f1b484 (resized).jpg
af03b28c0cc21e14184be9fe0c436531cecec931 (resized).jpg
IMG_6725 (resized).JPG
Palantir Installation Instructions.pdf (PDF preview)

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LOTR (Standard) Palantir Mod
Pre-order for $ 18.50
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$ 185.00
LOTR (LE) Palantir Mod
Pre-order for $ 19.50
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$ 195.00



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Ships for $ 10.00 (International $ 30.00)


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