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RUSH Steampunk Gear Flasher Covers Shop highlight Over 100 sold!

Steampunk Gear Flasher Covers for your Rush pinball machine. Purchase individually or as Set of 6 (one for each playfield flasher dome), each with a different RUSH theme specific logo. 3D Printed in Copper Metallic to match your RUSH pin. Easily installs with included clear 2 sided tape to existing flashers, with indentations on the bottom edge of each cover for orientation during install.

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2E795F3F-91EC-4A97-BCE7-006B26E88684 (resized).jpeg
42B6D7BC-20E7-4E4A-9159-5A755F2C2019_1_201_a (resized).jpeg
4DBE549F-2E11-45CF-BA62-6F11330A2EA2 (resized).jpeg
44B19069-6EAA-4A2F-8AC8-6D79CA5F5AD0 (resized).jpeg
87E37AF6-AF9B-4BE7-B8FE-0D15FAD2C29D (resized).jpeg
A149DBFB-AEDA-4ECD-8767-78310C924F70 (resized).jpeg
B0A9B4F4-9E88-481D-8333-36F9CC0B27C2 (resized).jpeg
B77A7B5F-6DB9-4ECF-8490-71CAD5F81B77 (resized).jpeg
F504DB51-FAC8-410E-94D0-D12B06FE0B1C (resized).jpeg

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RUSH Flasher Cover (Set of 6) In stock
$ 75.00
RUSH Flasher Cover - Star In stock
$ 15.00
RUSH Flasher Cover - CA In stock
$ 15.00
RUSH Flasher Cover - Snake In stock
$ 15.00
RUSH Flasher Cover - Amalgamation In stock
$ 15.00
RUSH Flasher Cover - Bones In stock
$ 15.00
RUSH Flasher Cover - 3 In stock
$ 15.00



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From $ 15.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 6.00 (International $ 16.00)


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