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Game Design: 9.389

Artwork: 8.97

Sounds/Music: 8.808

Other Aspects: 9.297

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This is "Godzilla (Premium)".
The other versions are: Godzilla (Pro) (regular version), Godzilla (Limited Edition)

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There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
One of the best pins I've ever owned. Won't repeat what has been stated before, but this pin is truly one of a kind and will remain in my collection for a very long time.
10 days ago
Been wanting one of these for a while, it’s an awesome machine. Rules are a little complex, there’s a lot going on so don’t expect to know every interaction right away.
15 days ago
Excellent theme, so much fun to play. So many ways to score. Love the fact that you can work towards toward multiple goals at the same time which results in every game being a unique play and does not feel repetitive. Machine that has you keep coming back to.
15 days ago
By far the best pin I have played in a long time. Cant find anything to fault it.

What I love about the game is there is an endless amount of combinations that are all working together and not set on one specific task which can become a bit monotonous. The combos are great, lots of different things to tackle, the multiballs are a lot of fun. So much thought taken into this pinball machine with a nice open playing field with lots of triggers to build up different parts of the game. You have many levels of the game with different opponents and levelling up godzilla. Really understand why its the top pin at the moment.

Even if you are a novice you feel like you are making a lot of progress in the game which is fun, not single faceted where you wind up losing a lot and getting a low score. Also if you lose a ball quite early on its quite forgiving which makes it more about the enjoyment of the pin.
16 days ago
Ok, I typically wait a month to review a game but, this game is just too incredible!
When you know you know.
I ordered a premium back in February while I was receiving my Rush LE.
I did not play a Godzilla machine at all .
Saw the stern videos a couple times and noticed it was #1 on the list and I ordered it.
Was never a huge Godzilla nerd but, watched the tv show a little.
So, the theme wasn’t a huge deal to me .
I did like the way the machine looked and I guess
How could you go wrong with Godzilla?
I actually forgot I ordered the machine because I was told August arrival and had so much going on.
The game actually arrived in November.
Two weeks ago the Distributer reminded me that the game was in.
I was now a little nervous and went to a place I knew had a premium. I made sure I at least played it 10x to make sure I didn’t make an expensive mistake by buying this.
Didn’t get a great feel for it at the arcade but I could tell it was a good machine and definitely good enough to buy.
Went home and completed the transaction Anyway.

Last week the machine arrived.
After it was setup up at home , I played it for an hour with no distractions.
My first reaction was “Holy Crap!
This game is not just good, it’s incredible!
I’m completely blown away and honestly as of now at the age of 54 this may be the best pinball machine I have ever played .
My father is 77 and he said the same thing.
He played it all weekend while stay at my house

The flow is incredible and smooth.
Every single shot is just fun!
The right ramp very easy to hit and satisfying.
The most difficult shot (not really )that I find is the left spinner . Very makeable.
The flow of the loop.
The magna hold.
I really like the use of the button on the lockdown bar
To hold it down to build the heat ray.
Fun because sometimes you have so much going on that you can’t get to it at times.
Also when the oxygen unit is deployed and you have 10 secs to make a shot to detonate it or the ball ends is really fun!
There’s just so much to this game.
The art work all around is a 10
All shots and I mean all shots are enjoyable to me.
The lighting is excellent.
I really enjoy the call outs.Some just crack me up.
The the screen graphics fit the machine perfectly.
All the toys are great !
The collapsing building and all of the multi-modes are done so well.
My only small wish would be to have the green Godzilla toy animated. Hopefully some mod people can make something happen.It would just make sense and make a
Game that is a high 9 become a possible 10
I really could go on and on about the machine
I suggest you play one for yourself or just order a premium like I did.
You do not need to like Godzilla to enjoy this machine.
It’s just fun and it really does live up to the hype
People are posting about in their reviews.
No regrets on this purchase
Only thing missing for this game was a “shaker “
I ordered that right away and cannot wait to add that to the mix.
Update : I just added a stern shaker to the machine.
If you don’t have one , it’s an absolute must ! It’s Godzilla it only makes sense.
17 days ago
This is the only pin in my collection now, and it will always remain. The art work, color choices, lighting, toys, and outstanding flow and shots elevate the theme. I was not a fan of Godzilla movies before playing this game, but have developed knowledge and an appreciation after watching the movies because of this pin. Imagine if Medieval Madness (my previous favorite) had a franchise of campy movies, spanned generations, and a variant movie poster fan base? It might be as good as this pin.
19 days ago
At first I was not so interested in this machine as the theme "Godzilla" is not something I particularly like or seek.
Still I was interested as it got such rave reviews and I found a Pro version on location nearby. After playing a few games I realized it was not an artificial hype but a fact that this game is on a unique level. How is it possible after around 70 years of pinball flipper design that someone can come up with something this unique and different to all previous pinball machines? I know technique etc. has changed tremendous but still. The gameplay is like nothing else.....you are almost dancing when playing it.....the balls move around in unseen ways. The ramps are so different....this pinball is a piece of art that will be hard to surpass. It is a standard to which future pins will be held.
After a few days of owning and playing it I still don't get the rules and for now I am not trying to....just playing and enjoying.....although the rules and objectives look very deep and I may never get it.
Also the playfield is decorated so well that for me no mods are necessary....I normally like them but in this case stock is already beautiful and complete. One point for improvement is some more variation in the generic music and for this kind of money Stern could put in higher quality loudspeakers.....these are sadly not in level with a top game like this.
What more is there to say? Highly recommended for any pinball enthusiast.
21 days ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 12 - insane

* Ball paths and shoots like no other machine
* If you like spinners this has 3!
* Call-outs are interesting and varied, really adds to the experience
* Campy Godzilla a real plus
* Modes are exceptionally well done
* The pop bumper well integrated
* Fantastic unique mechs with the building and bridge, well worth the upgrade to premium
* Love the variety in skill shots

* Small nitpick but music isn’t as varied as I like though the ability to change Multiball music a plus
* Shooter lane from plunge is terrible without the Abe fix

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* ABE_FLIPS shooter lane fix is #1
* Factory Stern shooter and side rails
* Saucer mod (large Steal16 one is my favorite) with clear pop bumper parts is an awesome effect
* A bridge mod of some sort, plenty of good ones
* Diddys Tesla Towers
* Speaker light kits burning building effect

What To Look For When Buying
* Check building works as it should, particularly the ball drop for Multiball
* Imperative the game is level but that’s once you purchase
* If you’re on the fence about purchase you will not be disappointed, just buy it! (This is the only machine I have made this statement about)
23 days ago
This game is awesome and gets better with each code update. The them is great and fun for the whole family to play. If you're on the fence between getting a pro or premium this one is worth the extra coin for the premium.
23 days ago
Love. Love. Love this game. Great theme in my opinion. The older campier Godzilla is a lot of fun and amusing. The shots are great. Wonderful flow. Rule set is pretty perfect. Hours of my time spent playing this game. This will be a permanent machine in my collection.
24 days ago
I don't know what else to say that my ratings don't illustrate. Hands down the best new stern game in a long time if not ever. Fun for casual flippers, mind- bending deep rules for the more serious player. Great flow, toys, and theme integration. I wish every game insulted you for restarting after ball one. The king of monsters, indeed.
24 days ago
This game, Wonka & ST are my top 3 & make me hit the start button over and over again. The way the modes, shots & multiballs all meld together make this one of the best ever. I like that the game doesn’t look beat up after 2k plays in most instances(except for the 2 visible magnets). Zombie Yeti knocked this art package out of the park & I can’t help but hit the volume up when Blue Oyster Cult come on. This does need to have upgraded speakers, a shaker & hooked to a sub to appreciate, but I’d say that’s the right call for the money spent on basically all Stern Pro/Premiums. I wish I didn’t have to spend extra to get the GZ multiball to not triple center drain immediately and for the plunge to work well out of the box, but I’m picking nits like usual. I freaking love this game and putting over a couple hundred million on always makes for a good night. Keep up the great work Keith, Jeremy, Jerry & Stern!!!
28 days ago
Godzilla is an amazing pin, absolutely amazing. the ruleset is basic enough for you to learn as you go but with some elements that you will need to dive deeper to understand but you don't necessarily need to get a good score, and the game has a better flow than a water cooled computer and a premium adds enough to make it worth the purchase over the pro

the main gimmick is the collapsing building, it never gets old and i mean that.

the sound design on the game is great and the multiball theme is amazing, i could listen to it on loop for days.

the collapsing bridge is another nice touch to the premium and really adds to the theme.

after you play this game once you can't stop coming back, if your wife says she will leave you if you don't sell it, let her leave. she wasn't worth your time anyways.

Godzilla is a modern day pinball marvel, and i firmly believe it belongs in the top 5 greatest pins of all time.
29 days ago
As close to the perfect pin as I've ever played. I have played the premium and the toys integrate perfectly with the game and don't feel like gimmics.
30 days ago
same as the LE without some bells and whistless. The shots are great. The building is great, the mega godzilla and ramps are fun to shoot. I just think the artwork is not the best. The lightshot is however very good, tank multibal is real good. The music is very repetative, the call outs get a bit anoying after some time. The scream of godzilla is ok. The music for the rest is not noticable, not that I can remember. I only remember the constant godzilla tune. Rules are not clear to me, and with Elwin this is more a competition player thing than just progress and easy to follow. The information on the screen is really bad, the clips are ok, old but ok. The variation between 3d rendered material and movie footage is not the best. All in all a solid stern, fun to shoot.
30 days ago
Theres no doubt this is a great game as of code 1.01 with deep code and great shots but like other Elwin games I find it's almost too much. Theres so much to shoot for... Too much depth. I have no idea how to maximize scores. Weirdly sometimes pinball for me anyways, a bit of simplicity can be better? No doubt this will go down as a classic, great toys, DEEP code (and more to come in guessing) but as of owning it for 2 weeks so far for me it's just ok.

Maybe I'll have a lightbulb moment but that hasn't happened yet. Also could not gaf about the theme, that never helps.
35 days ago
Best game in pinball so far. Looking forward to the next Elwin.
36 days ago
Another great game from Keith Elwin. Maybe too much variety and rules, but this makes you keep the game years. Theme is not for me, but I am player, not collector.
38 days ago
Almost perfect! Minor marks lost for the art and backglass as the LE is next level, and as a Godzilla geek there is a LOT of the bright green version of Godzilla on the playfield and cabinet. Would love to have seen it mixed up with the more classic grey version (I replaced the figure straight away).
40 days ago
I don't know about "greatest of all time," but it's definitely in the top five. Great, satisfying gameplay, great theme and integration, great code. The layout and shots aren't that novel and exciting to my mind, but it flows and plays incredible. Really, really great game.
42 days ago
We added Godzilla premium to our collection recently and I am here to say this game is AMAZING! Elwin and team absolutely knocked it out of the park on this one!
44 days ago
This rating is for the premium. I own the pro at home. I have to say that I really enjoyed playing the premium at an arcade. The collapsing bridge and building and make a note Godzilla add a lot of fun to the game. May not be as important in the long run but definitely for the wow factor I really enjoyed the premium and found it superior as you would expect to the pro
49 days ago
This is simply the best pinball yet. Fantastic shots / rules / mechanisms game play.

If you can only have one pinball save yourself time moving them and just do yourself a favour. Get this
49 days ago
So this is the greatest game of all time. It has the best layout and the best shots. It lacks nothing at all. I personally love pros/standard editions of most games however the premium/LEs of this one add so much to gameplay and awesome mechs it seems to be a must.

The only negatives I an come up with are the most minor. I am personally not a fan of the large red flashing bulb behind Mechagodzilla on any machine, just feels cheap and old. If you ever need to take the backbox off getting to the bolt on the left side takes some effort due to the Godzilla figure.
52 days ago
I got into addicted to Pinball at the exact time as the release of this game. Since then, I’ve played most of the top 100 games. This is as close as it gets to pinball perfection. Good or bad, it’s set the bar for everything else I’ve played. Wish there was additional or alternative songs and, although completely adequate for pinball, the theme is just okay for my taste. This game is what gets me excited for the future of pinball.
There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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