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Game Design: 9.454

Artwork: 9.016

Sounds/Music: 8.821

Other Aspects: 9.274

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Found 320 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 320 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
Now that I’ve owned the game for over a year, I think I can give it a fair rating.

To begin, this is the first game I’ve purchased that I’m fairly convinced will never leave my collection. In all honesty, it’s just the best pinball game that I’ve ever played. It scratches every itch.

Like many others, I have no attachment to the theme. I never watched any of the Godzilla movies, so I came into this completely unbiased. My attachment to the game is purely from playing it.

The game has so much to do that every time you play you can approach it in a different way. I’m an average player so in some games I totally fail, but in others I almost can’t lose. The game is perfectly balanced in that it rewards you for doing well but reminds you when you don’t.

All of the toys are perfectly aligned with the theme. The three main toys, the building, MechaGodzilla and the bridge all offer opportunities and risks. There are lots of interesting shots and all of them have various levels of difficulty. The game is approachable for guests as well as seasoned players.

As far as maintenance, I haven’t had any major hassles. The building had some issues with locking up, but after following advice from Stern support, it works as it should. I also had to make adjustments to avoid the sdtm issue during Godzilla (building) multiball but now the balls always go to the left flipper.

The callouts, music and animations are well done and exactly align with the theme.

Bottom line, this is a game that every pinball collector should own at some point. This is definitely a game that I would not consider “brutal”. It’s not a game that I would play if I wanted to be guaranteed a quick game. If I had any complaint at all, it would be that games sometimes last a long time. Overall, I’m thrilled to own this game and will be enjoying it for a long time to come.
6 days ago
Go go Godzilla! Always the goal, to hear that great Blue Oyster Cult song and when you get multi-ball going and that song starts well, I get happy chills every time! Fun fun this game is fun and rocks when you get it rolling.
8 days ago
After playing this game at a friends house, then buying one, I give this game a 10 all the way around. I cant stop playing this thing. This will be bolted down in my house, never to leave. AAA+ all the way
8 days ago
So che 10 può sembrare un voto falsato perché la perfezione non esiste ma ragazzi questa macchina gli si avvicina davvero.non so cosa aggiungere ai commenti qui sotto..il flow,le inquadrature,il gameplay, i tiri,i callout la musica e le animazioni crampy sono tutti entusiasmanti e suonano insieme come una stupenda sinfonia al punto di farmi appassionare ad un tema che significava poco per me.complimenti al team elwin.jaws è dietro l angolo e mi chiedo come riusciranno a fare di meglio.
10 days ago
What a fantastic game!!! Just a joy to shoot. The theme integration and rules are so well done. One of the best ever.
12 days ago
I've always loved Godzilla. So when the pin came out, I knew I'd have to buy one.

Well, I got mine about 6 months ago that was basically brand new (20 plays) and have a good amount of plays on it myself now, and I am simply blown away. I've wanted to review the game, but wouldn't do so till I had some solid time to play it for a while, make an honest assessment and see it I still had the same excitement months down the road.

I can honestly say that they really nailed everything on this machine. My one and ONLY gripe is with the Godzilla figure Stern chose. They should've found a better Zilla toy. That said, I did buy DPannell's automated Godzilla, which is awesome and adds so much to the pin. I couldn't recommend it higher. But aside from that Godzilla character, everything else on the machine is awesome!

The call outs, videos, animations, sounds, songs, lights and lighting effects, the playfield and its artwork, the cabinet artwork, and oh ny goodness... the shots! Game is phenomenal.

There is so much going on in this machine, it's simply incredible. Pure Elwin genius! The beautiful stainless steel ramps all over the place, the collapsing multi level building, the magna grab, the collapsing train bridge, the flow, the scoring... just awesome! Plus you can absolutely mod the heck out of the game. There are so many great mods for it, so you can customize and taylor it to your heart's content and truly make it your personal dream pin.

I highly recommend getting one. Definitely a long term keeper for me.
15 days ago
Godzilla is one of the most unique games that came out in the last years.

The layout is good and shots are a lot of fun, albeit that I think the left ramp and upper loop feel a little bit 'clunky'. But that is only a minor issue and doesn't majorly disrupt the gameplay. Hitting the ramps is a lot of fun, especially on this version, where the house can actually change the path of the ball.

I like the game code for being challenging but for me it feels needlessly convoluted in some aspects. I would love if the game showed me blinking arrows on the ramps so I knew I had to shoot them in order to start a mode. Point being, it is a bit unclear at times what to do.

It is a very replayable and fun game that love to play when I see it since it is very special. There are also a lot of features that you want to come back for.

The artwork is outstanding. The entire game is a treat to look at and especially the playfield looks amazing.

I am not a huge fan of the Godzilla franchise but I think they did a brilliant job in terms of theming by incorporating all of the monsters into the game.

Overall Godzilla is a very good game and one of the best Stern has released in the last years. It is just not my kind of game because of the theme and gamecode. But I would play it everytime I see it on location as it is still a lot of fun.
15 days ago
I played this a bit ago at a bowling alley and again at a place in Montreal, and HOLY CRAP. This is the best machine I've ever played, dethroning my only previous favorite, Twilight Zone. If I were to own only one machine, it'd be this one and it's not even close.

Every shot is smooth and fluid. The building, the bridge, and Mecha Godzilla are all amazing toys and satisfying to shoot. Callouts add to the game in more ways than one and build up suspense. I would probably never get bored with it if I spend more time exploring the rules. From what I've seen, it's a nicely balanced game. So many secrets. The only negative I can think of are the animations, which are a liiiiitle bit drawn out.

As close to perfection as pinball gets. Absolutely phenomenal. If I had the money, I'd get one immediately.

EDIT: Explored the game some more. Can confidently say that this is my all-time favorite machine and it isn't even close. It's addictive; I blew $10 and close to an hour on this game alone.
16 days ago
This is something so perfectly enginered pinball machine that amazes me all the time I play. For beginners it gives fun also, but experienced players have the depth what needed. Only problem it is not Star Wars themed ha-ha
One minor thing: sometimes you need to wait too much at the destruction jackpot (yeah, the ball needs to lose momentum)
Im really curious when and who will be able to create a machine which will beat this one.. I have the feeeling this is the GOAT..
18 days ago
This is the most fun pin that I ever owned. Top of the line! This is a must for all pinheads!
19 days ago
A family member just bought a recent build of Godzilla Premium. It is my 4 year old son's new favorite game, even though he was scared of the monsters at first he puts up very respectable numbers on it. Pretty hard to deny that it is the best modern Stern machine.

It plays fast, has great flow and fun shots. The upper loop shot in particular has Shadow vibes which I love. The bridge, building, Mechagodzilla mechs are super cool. Any game with spinners gets a thumbs up from me and the mechagodzilla spinner into a ramp (which rotates into stand-up targets) is very well executed. A lot of different modes, multiballs, goals and power-ups to achieve. The callouts, to me, are underwhelming. The jackpot callouts in particular don't feel as high-intensity and fun as on a Bally/Williams game. I think it is better to set the audio to Japanese for that authentic feel. The black stern legs and lockbar are very meh to me. Could have gone with some powder coating on the Premium to jazz it up. Art package is well done. The use of old Godzilla footage and theme integration is very well done. I personally do not care for the theme that much, was never a big Godzilla fan, but the overall gameplay, shots and feel trumps the theme.

While I appreciate the depth of the code especially in a home setting, the rules/powerup mode stacking stuff are almost too byzantine for my taste. I am too tied up with work and life to sink hours into learning the rules and optimizing my gameplay, so I tend to gravitate toward games with simpler rules/modes. However, much like Medieval Madness, a casual can walk up, ignore the majority of the rules and just focus on the center shot destroying the building.

The sound quality and effects are overall very good. The music is OK, the blue oyster cult song to start multiball gives off a good vibe but other background music is forgettable. Stock GI and insert lighting from the factory is excellent with a great lightshow.
20 days ago
Theres a reason this game has been hanging out in the #1 spot. It is amazing and by far my favorite newer Stern title. The amount of action on the playfield and the amount of rules and strategy make this a really enjoyable game!
21 days ago
Probably the best stern, but like all modern pinball machines it has no soul.
I find it hard to distinguish one pinball machine from another; they all look the same.
21 days ago
Godzilla is a good game that I never want to play. The rules are way too deep to explain to friends, and ball times are ridiculously long. I love the clips, and sounds from the old godzilla flicks. The art package is good, and the mechs are very impressive by normal stern standards. But it plays too long, and has the problem of too many things to collect/powerup/battle/etc. You have cities, allies, kaiju, tanks, bridges, destruction jackpots, loops, tesla strikes, and more. And while I think that the mechs on this premium are cool, but they do slow an already long game down even more.
32 days ago
What a great game!! Played it on location and ended up spending much more time and $$ on this game than I had planned.. So many good shots on this one. Had a few really good games and it was a blast! Highly recommended!
34 days ago
What more can you say that hasn't been said it's the GOAT Pinball. It's the "Micheal Jordan" of Pinballs.
34 days ago
Great game all around, theme is ok. Definitely has some of the best ramps and wireforms in all of pinball. Music is decent and the rules are deep enough for advanced players, Godzilla shouldn't be missed.
34 days ago
Easily the best game of all time
62 days ago
I had the premium and it was a blast. The shots were awesome and the toys and call outs were great. Once I got to Planet X and lost interest and traded for a whitewater and some cash. I don’t miss it but I’m sure I will down the road and get it again
65 days ago
This game is just absolutely breathtaking. Everything from the artwork to the gameplay is just amazing. It’s just a total blast to play and highly addictive!
66 days ago
This game is #1 for a reason. Awesome mechs, deep rules and it's fun for someone who has never played pinball. Not a Godzilla fan, really don't know anything about it. But that doesn't matter because this game plays so awesome.
69 days ago
I have several Pins but Godzilla is always the GO TO machine for friends coming over. They never seem to tire of it and always go away happy.
70 days ago
Overall a great pin, lots to do, challenging shots, great music and video. Love it, and see why its number 1. It really has everything you could want in a pin. Nothing more satisfying than hearing that Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla track and getting ready to try and catch some balls!
70 days ago
I like it I want to keep playing the game but it a lot of Money
72 days ago
I don't like Stern pinball machines, they're often sloppy, and that's often the case but...
Godzilla has reconciled me with the company, Keith has made me love his world and his shooting axes. he uses perfectly orchestrated game rules, an incredible flow for maximum fun. I've read a lot of the reviews here before buying this game. i've owned hundreds of different pinball machines in past and i have to say this guy is a genius. Thanks Keith, I can't wait to see more of your next games !
There are 320 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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