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Game Design: 8.767

Artwork: 8.913

Sounds/Music: 8.451

Other Aspects: 8.932

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There are 141 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
When I was deciding between the premium and pro versions, I put plenty of time on both. This game doesn’t have a stark contrast to the premium, but it is definitely missing some of the elements that make Godzilla such an amazing game.

Like many pros, since the toys are more aesthetic than functional the game has pretty much constant flow.

The three static toys are the building, MechaGodzilla and the bridge. I miss their functionality in that order.

The building in the premium is awesome. Every visitor that has played my premium loves how the building collapses. It is definitely one of the most innovative pinball mechs ever. The ball just passing through it on the pro seems boring compared to the real deal.

Replacing the MechaGodzilla figure, rotating ramp and magnet with just a spinner and flat plastic is also a downer, but understandably things need to be cut on pros to make them lower maintenance. Same deal with the bridge.

Bottom line, like most pros this is fine for location play, but in a home environment you should drop the extra coin on a prem.
20 days ago
Godzilla is one of the most unique games that came out in the last years.

The layout is good and shots are a lot of fun, albeit that I think the left ramp and upper loop feel a little bit 'clunky'. But that is only a minor issue and doesn't majorly disrupt the gameplay. Hitting the ramps is a lot of fun, even if this version's only got a static house.

I like the game code for being challenging but for me it feels needlessly convoluted in some aspects. I would love if the game showed me blinking arrows on the ramps so I knew I had to shoot them in order to start a mode. Point being, it is a bit unclear at times what to do.

It is a very replayable and fun game that love to play when I see it since it is very special. There are also a lot of features that you want to come back for.

The artwork is outstanding. The entire game is a treat to look at and especially the playfield looks amazing.

I am not a huge fan of the Godzilla franchise but I think they did a brilliant job in terms of theming by incorporating all of the monsters into the game.

Overall Godzilla is a very good game and one of the best Stern has released in the last years. It is just not my kind of game because of the theme and gamecode. But I would play it everytime I see it on location as it is still a lot of fun.
28 days ago
Such a fun game with almost endless re-playability. I feel like the playfield is slightly stale, especially compared to the premium version, but the code still has so many similarities. Very fun machine, I just feel like they could have added some additional dynamic targets.
46 days ago
Love this game and is my favourite, so many awesome shots, callouts and gameplay is fantastic!!
49 days ago
The playfield Godzilla only being printed on cheap piece of plexiglass is pretty disappointing
59 days ago
I like the pro because of the flow and I really dig the Mechagodzilla spinner set up. Actually like the play on this more that the premium, but the premium's toys are pretty cool. I just don't like the interruptions with gameplay and the benefit did not equal the extra money in my book - reasonable minds will obviously differ. The loops and ramps flow like few games have and the modes on the game, while confusing at first, quickly become familiar turf. Not a huge fan of the endless menu, but that's probably because in 30 years of collecting, this is actually the first Stern I have owned and so I am just not familiar with their system. Really enjoy this newer addition to my meager collection.
82 days ago
Finally got a used Godzilla Pro. I now just regret that I did not get it sooner. On location I never liked it too much, but in the gameroom I love it. The Premium is of course better, but Pro is excellent on it's own. The king of all pinball Machines...... How can Keith Elwin ever top this?
3 months ago
Great game, very fun..one pop bumper, wish it had more!!
4 months ago
Another quote recent NIB purchase that didn't really stand the test of time.

I really love the theme it's just so perfect in every way yet for some reason I found the game to be really unsatisfying. I can't put my finger on it but it's been like that with the last few Elwin games I have owned AIQ was another .
Maybe it's just that I prefer the more simple rules and I am one of these players that wants to finish a game rather than worry about scoring .

The machine is beautiful and the sound and light show is fantastic, my ten year old is a always a good indicator of if a game is good or not and he didn't bat an eyelid when this one left .

I hear a lot about the premium is the one you need so this review is based on the pro
4 months ago
Rented the pro for 2 month, was sad to see it leave. It’s definitely my favorite pinball of all time. I love watching the building collapse in the premium, but I do feel like I do better setting up/getting multi ball in the pro. Godzilla is definitely on my buy list.
4 months ago
Godzilla pro is a really fun game. Is it the best pin ever made? For me no, but I can see why it’s in the top 5. It has a lot of variety on the shots. This is a pin where the flippers really need to be aligned perfectly for the shots to be consistent. There is an issue with the game with the plunge shot being misaligned that I think should have been noticed before the game went into production - there are mods to fix it but it shouldn’t need fixing. The art and animations are great and fun. This game was made for a shaker motor - it adds a ton to the experience and is something I feel they should include from the factory. The modes are fun - the issue for me is that so many of them can be stacked, which is great for strategy and scoring but it also makes it hard to tell what shots need to be made if you are in a mode, so at times it can feel like too much is going on. The lighting is great when only one mode is active but I do wish the shots changed colors or something to indicate how many more times you need to hit a shot to complete it rather than looking at the lcd screen. Having played the pro and premium I feel like the premium is the better experience. The building dropping adds a nice variety to the gameplay with it rerouting the ball path but the biggest change is the mecha Godzilla shot. It’s such a huge difference between the pro and I greatly prefer the premium. On the pro the shot is much tighter and the premium mecha Godzilla toy has the added benefit of deflecting the ball back onto the habitrail which is really cool but also has the benefit of feeding back to the flipper.

Pro is really fun - premium is worth the extra.
4 months ago
The Pro model takes a lot of notable toys out, but the game design is strong enough to still make it a worthy addition to any collection.
5 months ago
I owned Godzilla for a quite a while and couldn't wait to sell it! The last 5 months I owned it, I only played it like 3 times, lol. That's how much I enjoyed Godzilla. I won't miss it.

I'd played it on route several times (Premium and Pro) and it was OK, and I mostly bought it due to the great reviews/ratings and because it looks pretty cool. The Premium/LE has a few more toys, but IMO they don't change the overall play of the game, they just give a few gimmicks/tricks that might be cool or "wow" the first time you experience them. I didn't find a difference in fun factor between the models.

To me, the playfield layout was just a bad design, and there's no fixing it with software. Here are some reasons.

-Upper flipper really only has 1 shot (some games have multiples)
-Upper flipper missing ball guide above the flipper means a looped ball sometimes deflects from the top of the flipper bat
-Frequently punishes for missed shots (upper flipper hits the ramp? likely going SDTM!)
-Also punishes for perfectly made shots. Stern admitted this by later adding the ballsaver on the building loop!
-Too many SDTM from the right side spinner and behind the pop bumper.
-The mix of display animation styles isn't done well. It's like 5 different people with 5 different ideas worked on the animations.
-Blue Oyster Cult isn't one of my favorite bands - Not a reward to hear that song.
-Upper left ramp shot is extremely tight. I'm not the worst pinball player, and I can rarely make it (like 10%)
-Shooter is clunky and random on almost all Godzillas.
-The only Toy on the Pro - the Magnet - is a total dud. It isn't that interesting (previous magnets have been better used) and it doesn't even hold the balls correctly most of the time. Nice try... but I'd be surprised if it appeared in any future games ever again.

A lot of people praise the deep software, but I'm not a good enough player to see most of those layers. If you're a wizard, this might be a bigger deal to you.

Play it and see what you think. A lot of people love this game, but I found it to be a huge empty sack of over-hype.
5 months ago
The best pinball machine ever made. Never gets old
5 months ago
I didn't want to like this pin, absolutely hate the theme. That upper shot that you can loop for days sold me. If you can get past the lizard it is fun.
5 months ago
Just phenomenal. I wish I could understand the Japanese dialog.
5 months ago
When I first played it, I couldn’t stand it and thought it was extremely overrated. The examples I played were not good one so it wasn’t really a fair judgement. I was finally able to get on a well maintained game and it changed my opinion. I ended up ordering mine for our location and regret not doing it sooner.
5 months ago
Godzilla is a great game, and one of the best recent Stern games behind Iron Maiden. For me though, it simply is not the GOAT machine. It's excellent, but I was ready to be done with it after about 300 games.
6 months ago
I played this game on location and fell in love with it instantly. I bought the pro version as my first and only pin. Ive played several thousand games in it already. And still love to play it and not tired of it at all. The flow, layout, shots, layout, sound/ music, art, everything about this game i love. I never really cared about Godzilla before but this game has kind of made me a fan. I get why its rated as the king of the pins.
6 months ago
My favorite machine. Not only does it get the big things right, like shots and layout, it gets all the little stuff right too, like the music and the art and the code. Of particular note for me is the video screen, which on most pinball machines is just an expensive nuisance, being integrated seamlessly into the playing experience. You don't have to look at it to play the game but it makes it more fun when you do, without being distracting.

One of the most difficult things for a game to pull off is to be interesting to every skill level from beginner to expert. Godzilla hits the mark. There are lots of different ways to play, it's neither too hard nor too easy, and there's always something that seems juuuust out of reach that you know you can achieve with just one more game, no matter what level you're at. It keeps you coming back.

I mostly play the Pro version because that's what's available to me (I don't own any machines) but I've played the Premium too. The only thing I miss from the Premium is the moving building, which is one of the best toys in all of pinball. Other than that the gameplay is pretty much the same.

There are lots of pins I haven't tried yet and maybe I'll find one I like better, but it doesn't seem likely.
8 months ago
Only Deadpool is higher for me at this time
8 months ago
Amazing game ! I say this is the best pinball ever made awesome flow and shots , Giant monsters , fighting tanks and armies explosions , and music make it a killer game ! Ilove the premium too ! LOve Godzilla all my life ! Dream theme perfect 10 ! Go Go Godzilla ! And it has Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla !
8 months ago
This is a fun game to play and very easy to score high. The bldg in it is a fun reward but the pro model is really kind of bland for what’s in the playfield. A good amount of paths but not necessarily something you need at home since you can probably find these easily at your local pinball place.

If you ad mods this game would look great but still feels a little overpriced for what you get in the pro to start.
9 months ago
While I only have about 8 plays on Godzilla Pro I do not see what all of the hype is about. I find that it shoots fairly well with some satisfying shots. And I will say the magnet is very fun. I did not have a wow factor for this game. This also may be due to the fact that I do not particularly enjoy the theme. I have also heard that the premium version of this game does add a lot so I will have to try out the premium at some point. Others that I played with love this game while others still (Those with closer tastes to mine) find it "Meh" when compared to the hype it has drawn.

Like with all pins some will fit your style better than others. This one does not speak to me but it is a home run for many others.
9 months ago
Played several times only played the premium a few times, I really liked the pro version.
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