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Game Design: 8.757

Artwork: 8.906

Sounds/Music: 8.474

Other Aspects: 8.909

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This is "Godzilla (Pro)".
The other versions are: Godzilla (Premium), Godzilla (Limited Edition)

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15 days ago
I have owned a GZ pro for about a year now (over 2000 plays) - It never gets old and I still play it almost daily. Every code update breathes a little more life into an already amazing game. It shoots like a dream. What's to be said that hasn't already been said? For me its the ultimate just "one more game" and I often get stuck for hours on this one.
18 days ago
Another solid Stern product. Godzilla doesn't disappoint.
33 days ago
Best game ever. Hands down my favorite.
34 days ago
Try it last week in london, a very fast game with a lot to do ! I was a little lost in the playfield and doesnt understand well the mission. It's different of the other game but after my first play, i have no need to play it again. Perhaps better in a home or the premium version.
38 days ago
Shoots better than the premium in a lot of ways - classic pinball. It does suffer from the drought of "pinball cool" missing really any toys or interesting Mechs at all. Gotta say, great as it is pushing up the price and stripping it this far back from the premium just feels rough. Still, in some ways it plays better without the toys slowing it down. Singular complaint is how tight the Mecha spinner shot is vs. the premium. Almost too easy in premium, PITA on pro.
39 days ago
the best pinball
48 days ago
The Unnamed Elwin Figure 8 shot is my favorite shot in pinball. There are so many beautiful and unique paths for the ball to travel, even missed shots can provide kinetic satisfaction. I love this game.
I had played two poorly setup versions of this game (one Pro one Premium) and it just didn't click with me. Then I played a Pro that was leveled and shot like a dream. My entire family played this game for an hour and a half on route and when we had to leave everyone agreed that it was everyone's favorite game. Cut to two weeks later the NIB Pro is in my basement...now a month later. This game is still everyone's favorite. I wish I could have ponied up for the Premium, because the mechs look amazing. Fortunately I don't feel like I lost anything that I had to have (the building does look amazingly). The Pro shoots fast and the only way I can see it leaving my collection is to replace it with a Premium. It doesn't hurt one bit that the Godzilla theme and assets are perfect for me and a homerun for the family. The game is fun, fast, and not unfair and has a skill shot actually requires skill...the combos that are possible just make me weak in the knees.
The center of the playfield is a little dark, but some Comet spotlights will fix that. Like most modern pins Godzilla did take some tweaking to get the level and angle "just right" but once it is tuned...damn does it just sings.
56 days ago
In my option the best pro Stern has ever put out! Keith Elwin knocks it out of the park again!
61 days ago
Hummm. Godzilla! I own the Pro version of this game. Its a good game, but you already knew that! I love the art, the theme has grown on me too. The music package and sfx are darn near perfect. Its nice to have monster battle options like Deadpool. For the toys, the pro lacks all of them. Many locations have the premium, while I don't miss the moving building, I do miss Mechagodzilla and the bridge. I gussied up my pro with some dolls you can buy from pinball life, helps with the immersion. I also upgraded the speakers, a must do for pro owners. Now on to gameplay, its good but I think I like Iron Maiden better still. I like it better than Jurassic Park, not sure about Avengers. I think some of the shots are tight, like the left ramp. I am not a fan of ramps that do the 180 twist, as the shot has to be perfect to make it up and over. The right ramp is wider but still very steep, not a gimme shot either. The game is a little chaotic with the ball whizzing by into in lanes and upper paths that loop across the playfield. Heat ray is totally risk vs reward as it requires you to hold the center button for 4-5 seconds. Did I mention I like the music? It could be made into an album like Deadpool and Black Knight SOR. My game room budget is less than a LE so not sure how long I will keep it before I trade it for another pro. Bond looks to be a meh pin so I think Godzilla will be safe for now.
66 days ago
more than 2000 games on pro version

the premium brings even more fun. we will regret a shot that no longer exists on the saucer bumper
69 days ago
It is an incredible machine from the first moment you start a game, the experience is unique, it makes you part of it, it is very immersive, at all times, the rules are simple and entertaining, for all types of players, for experienced players and for the who have been playing pinball for a short time is very friendly, the rules and shots are everything in this machine, at all times you have a clear and challenging objective to do in order to advance in the game. That makes me have your attention at all times, one of the funniest machines I've ever played in my life, it became my favorite.
82 days ago
Now that I've gotten to know her a bit better, it's finally time to rate the big G. Without a doubt the finest pinball machine ever made. :-). Feels like a step beyond previous pinball, like there is almost another dimension to this game. JP is also a great game, but is traditional in layout compared to GZ. In terms of playfield design, and honestly that's what elevates this above the rest of the field, I think there are three key elements; the single bumper positioned dangerously low, the extra width in the middle of the table enabling more ball paths, the magnetic pole that alters ball paths. Each of these opens up the table while also adding flow. When one is in the groove on this game it feels like string theory; an 11 dimensional knot! Everything else about the game is also top notch; the art, the music, the subway track sounds, the IP, the lights; but it's really the playfield layout which makes it so damn fun and the single best pinball I've ever played.
82 days ago
Game is a blast. No regrets buying the pro model. Yes the bridge, building and mechagodzilla mechs are fun to look at, but they are not needed to enjoy this game to its utmost potential and in my opinion not worth the extra $$ or potential issues if they start to work improperly.

Great layout. So many shots and things to focus on. You can utilize many strategies as you progress through the game. My favorite so far. Oh yeah, code isn’t even at 1.0 yet!
86 days ago
Probably the best Pro ever. So much flow. Great layout, incredible code, just an all-around winner.
3 months ago
I own this one for a couple of weeks now and it´s a blast! Absolute masterpiece! The ramps are just flowing all day! The animations on the screen are great, so fun to see all these old movie scenes! The modes are fun but challenging, and there is so much to do on this pin! The pop bumper placement is quite unique and creates absolute crazy ball-guidances just like fast drains. The lighting is top notch! I never played the premium so I also don´t really miss the toys.
3 months ago
Overall, an excellent game and one I am incredibly honored to have in my collection. Keith absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one, and it certainly lives up to the hype. I also have JP pro, and while it's amazing in it's own right, it's nothing like Godzilla.

I just added this a few days ago, NIB, so I haven't been able to dig super deep into the ruleset, but boy is it deep. I cannot believe the amount of additions to gameplay/lighting/voice callouts etc. in each update. This game just keeps getting better.

The only thing I would say is lacking in the pro is toys and features like the premium. If you can spring for the extra $1500 - $2000 then go for it. You won't be disappointed, but you also won't be disappointed with the pro!

Like many others here have said, I don't think this will be leaving my basement anytime soon.
3 months ago
Final update: great game in many ways , but simply wasn’t a keeper for me. Perhaps the pro looses too many of the tos. I found myself playing my other pins and leaving Godzilla turned off. I finally traded it away after owning it for less than 5 months.

I’m a newbie to pinball. My first pin is GNR LE which I can’t stop playing. I just got Godzilla and while I like the machine thus far and the feel for the shots , I just don’t love it as much as GNR Perhaps AXL is just more badass than Godzilla

uPdate: this game grows on you. The shots are very satisfying. The background sound/sirens/ and Godzilla screeching can get annoying. Love the physical aspect of the game, and it operates so smoothly and flawlessly
3 months ago
Best playing stern in quite a while. My other top 5 are AC/DC, Star Trek, dialed in, tron, lotr. Keith did a phenom job on the layout a shot patterns. If you have to buy one stern only, this is your best choice. Software integration is great. My only complaint is the occasional game where’s a lag in the video graphics - which sometimes eventually catches up, but goes away on next game. I can’t estimate frequency of this, but happens on location occasionally.
3 months ago
Ok.. I’m all in here.. been playing for over 40 years..this is the best pinball machine I’ve ever played.. Medieval Madness is now 2nd in my opinion.. everything about this game works, rules set, flow, artwork, sound design, playability, fun.. I never thought I’d live long enough to see MM get taken down.. that’s the machine that sealed my love for pinball in 96… congrats to Stern and Keith Elwin and crew.. what a game .. all levels.. I own the pro.. but have put hours in on premium as well.. my review reflects the game as a whole..
3 months ago
Just all around excellent, I can't say the game really has any major issue or sore spots. This is such a solid package.
3 months ago
This game was our first family game. As you already know this leads to a second.......
4 months ago
It's got it all. Flow, style, rocking theme, flamboyant art, rewarding shots awesome programming. I don't regret getting the pro even though I was originally planning on getting a premium. It plays fast and for fleeting moments when I get the shots down it is the greatest feeling in the world. My first pin, not sure if anything else will strike the same chord in my heart. A perfect 10.
4 months ago
Godzilla is by far the BEST pinball machine i have played in my 48 years of playing pinball!
4 months ago
A great game that lives up to the hype. The pro is missing the mechs but still provides a pretty good experience. Art on the pro looks as good as the other versions, IMO. What a modern pin should be - a well integrated theme, good use of IP, great rule set that has the combination of easy to play for causal player to more in-depth modes and objectives.
4 months ago
I just have something like 10 games on this one but I immediatly fell in love with it so I have bought one.

At first sight, the game seems to be a lot easier than the previous KE game AIQ. Less brutal...

The artwork is so nice, for me, one of the best from ZY.

It have a lot of flow and so special shots. I like a lot the fact you can loop up or down from the third flipper - excellent!

Can't say too much on the code for the moment...

Will update this review after some months at home with it for sure.
There are 105 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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