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Game Design: 8.625

Artwork: 8.707

Sounds/Music: 8.047

Other Aspects: 8.784

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This is "Godzilla (Pro)".
The other versions are: Godzilla (Premium), Godzilla (Limited Edition)

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There are 38 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago

I recieved this machine yesterday and it was highly anticipated. Read the reviews from other forum members. "Great flow", "Superb gameplay", "shoots like butter", "Elwin outdid himself" and many others. That got me worried because I consider myself to be other minded than most people. I myself like the obscure, mostly have a whole different opinion than other people.

But this one, wow, what a great machine.

I bought the pro for 2 reasons:
1. i am a cheap mofo, why pay 2K extra for some extra mechs which might break and give little extra (on this machine I think that's different though)
2. I could purchase a pro on short notice, prem will not be available in the near future, nor will the LE be.

Now that prices go through the roof I think PRO is sufficient for me (one has got to draw a line somewhere) but on the other hand the extra mechs on PREM/LE are worth their money. That sinking building, the bridge and rotation mechazilla are a great addition. Don't know if this slows down the machine though. So sad machines are getting that expensive.

So, my thoughts on the machine after a 20 or so games:

The good:
- what a shooter, what a flow. You need to get your head into this game as it is brutal. Such a fast game,
- it surprises, a few 180 degrees turn arounds. "What just happened???"
- great ruleset, after a game or 5 you get the hang of it
- shots are doable and rewarding
- she's a looker (I added convolux to it so it looks even greater)
- it draws you to it
- music is raging, it gets the old adrenalin pump going.
- played it with a friend last night, made us laugh, made us cry, made us glad and mad. Made us connect.

The bad.
Well, I guess, well, no, nothing.

The takeaway.
Play it! You will not be dissapointed.

Mods I made (and these are mandatory for me):
- Convolux, I added the yellow ones.
- JBL Studio 2 bass speaker in the cabinet for that extra oomph.
- Illuminated starposts
- Illuminated flipper buttons
- Illuminated speakers
- Mirror blades
- Transparant silicone rubbers
- Power supply quiet fan
- Shaker motor
- Scoop illumination
8 days ago
Layout and gameplay scores absolutely top notch. If that’s all that went into the Pinside ratings then this title could be Elwins best. The game is more approachable to a variety of players as well with a center bash toy. Pro model misses mecha feature but has a lot flow without the rest of the mechanical toys. The classic movie clips integration is well done but the absolute cartoonish comic artwork along with some sound aspects are not very cohesive and simply miss with me. Overall, Godzilla is an ok theme made more exciting by Elwin and his team.
9 days ago
Can’t really ask for more, so well done. If only this had been The Matrix theme, I’d have given it a 10.
14 days ago
I kept coming back to play this one at MGC. The playfield is bizarre but really works and flows well leading to some really fun shots. This is one I wouldn't mind having in my collection.
14 days ago
The pro is excellent. The Limited or Premium is phenomenal. You cant go wrong with any of these games.
16 days ago
One of the best games Stern has released. It is so much fun to play and I love the theme. This is sure to be a classic.
16 days ago
Another amazing Stern pin thanks to Keith Elwin , beautiful pin , great flow and gameplay , fast , interesting and original shots , really fun to play and easy to access , i loved 3 previous pins from Keith , this one may be even better , thanks for a great job ! -)
484 M After 20 games
Already without a doubt a top 5 Stern
Would like to own one !
16 days ago
My wife and I were looking forward to this machine for so long and then we played it on location, it just whiffed for us. We played 2-3 games on it and it didn't feel like it flowed well. I'll keep giving it more tries, but we decided not to buy a premium based on how the pro played.
18 days ago
This pin is it! Not since DeadPool has a pin given me a one more time! I can not stop playing. It's crazy, how good this is. Keep the Elwin dream team going!
21 days ago
Will update my score as my game-time and code progresses, but off the bat this is a clear hit. Shots are plentiful, satisfying and achievable. It's a medium difficulty game and very fair. It can be fast or slow, and there is just SO much variety yet it doesn't feel clogged. It's just a great balanced game. Music is good, the animations are great period content, and you can understand it without knowing the rules, or get deeper into it if you want as well. Pearler of a game.
22 days ago
Great game! Was fully prepared to be unimpressed. Find me a game that's a better shooter. I dare you. I don't care much for the Godzilla theme but this is another Elwin gem.
23 days ago
I’ve been playing a Pro in the wild for several weeks, probably have 50+ games played. My initial impression of FUN and great shots, flow and layout hasn’t changed one bit. I have played all 4 of Elwin’s games, I own AIQ, and this is his best layout yet. It’s an instant start again until someone else really wants to play the game.

I do like the video assets, love the manga grab magnet. The two ramps and the return loop up top are fun to hit. Not a fan of the return loop from outside the building through it and back to the flippers. It seems prone to SDTM.

Scoring seems easy to understand and the monster battles are fun.

I would own one in a second and can’t wait to play a premium.
24 days ago
This game wasn't even on my radar at all until I played one. The only other recent Stern I had been considering adding to my lineup was EHOH. I like the theme and it's great to see it's based on the 50s-60s era films and not the newer reboots. The artwork is a little too colorful and poppy for how I envision Godzilla, but it is done well. The rest of the game absolutely nails the theming and it's clear that the team had some passion for the subject matter. Most importantly, this game flows like a monster and I was immediately drawn in by the gameplay and kept going back to it. I got that feeling that this game is going to be something very special and I ordered one the next day. I will adjust my rating as I get more time in and code improves.
26 days ago
I absolutely hate the theme, but wow what an amazing game to play. Shots shots shots. Incredible.
26 days ago
I love the incorporation of Godzuki blowing out match numbers at the end of the game.
27 days ago
Another solid machine by ever-reliable Stern. This is a really fun pin with some great gimmicks and some good surprises. Stern keeps experimenting with new tricks and gimmicks, which I think is great. It keeps things fresh and interesting. I love the cylindrical magnet... a very cool feature and effect. What I really loved about this pin was that they went with the classic Godzilla themes and characters, not the recent iterations of the franchise. This makes this a classic title all around since it utilizes ample footage utilized from the classic Godzilla movies from the 60s. I'm looking forward to playing the higher end versions hoping to discover more surprises.
28 days ago
Great game, a lot of shots, nice loops, love the theme…..
29 days ago
Something about the flow pattern seems very gimmicky. The figure-8 slinging motion is cool at first, but gets very tiresome after a few plays.
29 days ago
Love this game. Keeps me wanting to play "just one more." Flow is great, fun to soot and make upper loops then over to a tail whip, then up the right ramp. Animations and call outs are campy, fun, and done well. I like the art package on the Pro compared to other versions. Playfield is a little dark, easily corrected with the addition of spots and led strip at the back. Flat plastics on the pro are upgradable with figures available. Code is good for early .80, looking forward to updates. Pairs great with other Elwin pins and love the way it looks next to my Iron Maiden.
32 days ago
Keith needs to stop designing games. There is no way in this world I will be able afford all of his titles which is apparently what I am going to have to do.

So thankful for his playfield ingenuity.

Gonna have to play a Premium then decide which way to go!!
32 days ago
The layout and flow on the Pro table is amazing on the table. The Newton magnet adds an incredibly unique ball movement mechanic, catching and tossing building shot exits to the left ramp lane for the upper left flipper or over to the tail whip shot. Some of the shots are more challenging to hit like the left ramp or Maser Cannon, although none feel unfair or brick/reject prone. Hitting the u-turn lane between the magnet and building shot can send the ball quickly SDTM on some tables. This could be a factor of table pitch and level as some Pro tables I've played send the ball to the right flipper.

The code and rules are still early, although I have concerns that there is going to be some wood chopping required to reach Planet X. As it stands in .80 code, reaching Planet X seems to require destroying all four cities, and each city destruction requires Bridge multiball/destruction, a Kaiju battle, a Tank Attack, and a Powerline Attack. The four main Tier I Kaiju battles also have a good variety of completion steps, although Megalon is significantly harder than the other three due to the quickly roaming shot that sometimes has a delay before relighting a new location. Points seems to be tied more to Kaiju battles and built-up multiball jackpots/supers than anything else in the game. Managing the Heat Ray timing and usage (Like DP's Super Boom) will also make a huge score difference.

The video clips fit well with the game modes, the content is a mix between rendered content and clips from prior Godzilla movies. The lighting isn't to the level of GnR, although it works very well with the GI setting an appropriate mood for mode starts and building status. The sound and music is good, with the BOC Godzilla song being the prominent stand-out, as expected.

Overall, Godzilla is easily Elwin's best table design and layout to date, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the rules continue to evolve as Stern adds more content.
33 days ago
Wow, best Stern Pro ever. Great flow. Lots of different shots. Challenging, but not impossible shots. Great theme and theme integration. Awesome job incorporating 10 movies as well as original animations. Has some humor. Elwin's best game so far. Wow.
34 days ago
[Pro version reviewed]

What makes a pinball machine an instant classic?

It has to start with an excellent playfield layout. Experienced and novice players alike need something to shoot for. Shots should naturally flow one to another, sometimes in interesting and surprising combinations. Godzilla’s layout is a marvel. It feels open, and there are so many things to shoot for—and so many combo possibilities!—but the playfield doesn’t seem cluttered, nor are the shots so narrow and hard to hit as to present a challenge to beginners (see Jurassic Park, another Elwin masterpiece that is not quite as good as Godzilla).

But a splendid playfield isn’t enough. Scoring rules need to make sense. Modern players demand a deep rule set, and beginners need to be rewarded for the ability to keep a ball alive. How does the narrative of the story proceed during a successful game? Is there anything to care about?

And that’s where a good theme comes in. It provides recognizability for players who want to engage with something familiar, and it provides a canvas upon which to tell a story through pinball. Fight monsters and tanks, destroy fighters and buildings. Perfect!

With these fundamentals in place, we need icing on the cake, like fun and exciting music. Can’t beat Blue Oyster Cult, and can’t beat the main theme evolving from 50s cinema style to the screaming distorted guitars as you progress. And you need dazzling light shows which complement the flow of the game. Check. And you need solid callouts and good voice acting. Campy, as expected: check! If it’s a themed game, it’s best if you can get original footage for the screen animations that fans will recognize and appreciate immediately. Check!

You don’t need to over-analyze any of this. Just play Godzilla and notice that you want to keep playing. And keep playing. And keep playing! Godzilla deserves its spot in the all time top 5—it’s an instant classic.
38 days ago
Played the Pro version at Pinball museum in Vegas last week and had a blast... I was excited to see they had one available. Game sound and call outs are very nostalgic and totally in line with the old Saturday morning Godzilla show on tv. There are a variety of shots and there are several challenges with multiple historic "enemies" of Godzilla. This was the pro version so it was missing several of the gimmicks (Mecha Godzilla) so I anxious to give that a shot, but loved the game and can't wait to play it again. I thought it was a blast to play...
41 days ago
Played Godzilla (Pro) multiple times at London’s newly-opened Brunswick Centre arcade.

I really enjoyed this game. It combines a wide variety of shots and fast-moving play with a fun campy theme and monster battles (seriously, who *doesn’t* like monster battles). The graphic design is colourful and the music is decent (although I couldn’t really hear it in the arcade).

The only downer was that I was playing a Pro!
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