Godzilla (Limited Edition)

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Game Design: 9.425

Artwork: 9.094

Sounds/Music: 8.853

Other Aspects: 9.292

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There are 144 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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34 hours ago
La macchina perfetta con in più shaker,invisiglass e estetica portata ai massimi livelli.wow.
17 days ago
To start my review, I’d like to say that Godzilla isn’t my favorite pin, in fact, far from it. But it should be the top machine on Pinside because it does everything a #1 machine should: It pleases every bodies needs, by having probably the best code ever, butter smooth shots, interesting toys & ramps, amazing artwork, beautiful sound design, etc… The point is, it has something for everybody, novice to expert, and doesn’t skimp on the details. To me, and many, it’s not a classic Data East or Bally/Williams that would top our personal lists, but OBJECTIVELY, for everyone, Godzilla is the greatest pinball machine.

More proof that Keith Elwin is a legend.
28 days ago
This is the goat
63 days ago
I had in first a premium and play more than 1000 plays on it.
Because I had too a LE nib, I decided to open it and keep this second.
I have today more than 1000 plays on it too.
I can saytoday that's it 's the better game I never played! The theme is not that I prefer but the game and the soft are essential.
Addicted of this game.
76 days ago
Great catch and shoot pinball with great rules. Still get giddy over building multiball. Wouldn't have thought classic Godzilla theme would work so well, but great job on it.
3 months ago
It feels like being on a Disney ride in pinball form. Our first machine will be Scooby-Doo, but someday I want Godzilla in the collection as well. It may indeed be the King of machines!
4 months ago
This is a near perfect pin. Theme, shots, mechs… some of the best. The only, single miss was the music. Decent but could have been better. Everything else is flawless. This is, hands down, the best pin out there. High lastability, fun for all ages and skill types. The building mech is the most satisfying and the campy characters and clips brings lots of joy.
4 months ago
An instant classic. Hard to find any faults with the game.
4 months ago
Very fun shooting game. The building and bridge mechs on this are really entertaining.

Unfortunately for me there must be a generation gap. I don't connect to the old school clips of the theme and went back to other games on location to play

I didn't like the color choice they did for the LE and the powder coating. Nothing I liked on it over the premium. Premium is the way to go for GZ
4 months ago
Possibly one of the best games stern has ever put out. Keith Elwin is a genius when it comes to layout and Jeremy Packer's art never disappoints. I need to put more time into learning the rules, but the game is an absolute blast.
4 months ago
I didn't want to like this pin, absolutely hate the theme. That upper shot that you can loop for days sold me. If you can get past the lizard it is fun. So satisfying, when the building spews out balls for GZ Multiball.
5 months ago
One of the best machines I've ever played. I think it's very entertaining
5 months ago
I did like this machine but do not feel like it should be number 1.
5 months ago
This game in my collection is truly the king! It’s fun to play has great rules and keeps you coming back game after game after game1
5 months ago
Brilliant game! I can't really see any other pinball competing with the multitude of whats going on in the world under glass of Godzilla! Stern has truly outdone themselves with this incredible pinball machine, and it's no wonder that it has quickly become a fan favorite among pinball enthusiasts around the world.
5 months ago
Update: lastability: #1 there’s something to do for all players. The toys are great in the building, God Mech, Bridge and not a toy but that magnet is one of the bests in any game. I think the only thing I don’t love is the Old Godzilla Theme and sound the pinball machine just doesn’t have the same charm as an early System 11 but the art and sounds are still good. This pin will stay in my collections probably forever.

I finally know what all the hype is about. This is the best game I’ve ever played I now need to get this pin. It literally makes all the other games that I rated have to be reevaluated. The only thing that I could see getting old for me is the sounds and music it would be nice if you could have other music choices. This pin is rated exactly where it should be. I need to play a pro to see if I would like it as much or more than this.
6 months ago
Esthetically speaking the game is awesome. Zombie Yeti knocks it out of the park once again. A deep ruleset keeps you coming back for more. The lone pop on the right side can get annoying at times when you are attempting to hit the scoop. Toys look good but the Godzilla figure in the upper left corner isn't great. Bridge and the building are really cool.
6 months ago
I really like this game to play. Enough variation and great sounds
8 months ago
Really like it.
So does my 10 year old.
So glad I got it.
8 months ago
Pinball, like anything, is subjective and personal. Sometimes, it's difficult to explain why we like one over another. I enjoy GZ but it's not my favorite. I find myself playing it because we have it although there are other games I'd rather play. It might be on me needing to learn the rule set better and maybe I'll update my review. However, GZ is my spouse's favorite (at least of the ones we have at home). All that being said, rating a game is tough because I just like to play pinball. If it were the only game I had, I'd play it and be happy:) I dig the old video clips! I love the loop shot and trying to see how many times I can hit it in a row, and who wouldn't love the building coming down with the multiball? I think one of the best things about this game is it seems to me anyone can walk up and play it and have a good time without knowing anything about the rule set. It seems like I have long ball times on the game which I really like. We are not expert players so tougher games can become frustrating. Finally, it seems the theme works for a lot of folks and visitors always gravitate towards this game:) It's great we live in a time with so many new awesome games coming out in addition to all the cool games from the past. Seems like there is something for almost everyone.
8 months ago
This is a great pinball machine. But it does take a bit of time to learn the rules and game onjectives. The good thing is even if you don't know the rules and game objectives you can still have a great time playing Godzilla.
9 months ago
One of the best machines that have come out in years. Big gap for me between the Premium and Pro. The Pro didn't seem all that fun, but the Premium version is a blast.
9 months ago
Love the theme. A childhood dream come true. This game is fast and fun. Add a few tasteful mods, brings it next level.
10 months ago
I think it was a bit too easy for me.. fist few games i was popping scores 300-400 Million. Dug the toys, the building, the bridge. Was fun for sure. Loved the layout and callouts.
10 months ago
I played the Le numerous times, and the shots are great. The building is great, the mega godzilla and ramps are fun to shoot. I just think the artwork is not the best. The lightshot is however very good, tank multibal is real good. The music is very repetative, the call outs get a bit anoying after some time. The scream of godzilla is ok. The music for the rest is not noticable, not that I can remember. I only remember the constant godzilla tune. Rules are not clear to me, and with Elwin this is more a competition player thing than just progress and easy to follow. The information on the screen is really bad, the clips are ok, old but ok. The variation between 3d rendered material and movie footage is not the best. All in all a solid stern, fun to shoot.
There are 144 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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