Godzilla (Limited Edition)

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Game Design: 9.421

Artwork: 9.17

Sounds/Music: 8.997

Other Aspects: 9.378

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Godzilla (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Godzilla (Pro) (regular version), Godzilla (Premium)

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11 hours ago
great game. not a dream theme but gelrear addition to my collection
1 day ago
Damn-what a fun game.

I have a GZ premium on order and had to trade that plus one of my favorite KME games to get this, plus a couple of my kids…really took a chance on this. In today’s market availability/opportunity is key…will miss the kids.

I can’t get enough of this game- the shots and flow are the best. My wife and adult kids (very occasional players) love it-“it is so colorful and has the neatest shots!”. At my last pinball house tourney of seasoned players, I could hardly get anyone to play any of my other 20 pins.

Pros- multiple cool very satisfying shots (when you make them) with incredible flow. Early code (ok not the first which was very glitchy) is really good and the theme is surprisingly great-campy and includes multiple original film clips.
Artwork- GZLE metallic paint look, mirrored back glass- fabulous.
Call outs- the monotone narrator (tribute to Aaron Burr in the originals), campy movie clips (tilt warning is hilarious), and choice of English or Japanese- brilliant.
Modes- 4 main monster foes- plus tier 2 team ups- fabulous.
Scoring- current code-emphasis on completing modes
MB- multiple opportunities-not stackable with each other but stackable with modes.
Pop bumper next to the right scoop- evil but challenging. The single pop is also a key shot in itself.
Theme integration- fabulous! Almost as good as R and M. The GZ theme is campy mid century goofiness and executed beautifully.
Status update- each screen at the beginning of play gives you a snapshot of the city (looks a lot like Dialed In) and what you have accomplished.
So many cool shots and deep code (even at this early stage).
Monster allies- bonus multiplier, add a ball, and left lane ball save- load these up with “easy” (dangerous) scoop shots.
Destruction jackpot- widest lane ever- difficult to nail consistently. Frustratingly cool…

Sound- supposedly upgraded speakers- still need to add at least a subwoofer.
Code- after defeating one of the monsters- still unclear what to do next- you can change cities or stay in the current city- but getting to the next mode is unclear (yeah I know that is my problem, but I’m trying hard to have a list of cons…)
Price and availability- too bad this came out during this time of supply issues and huge demand.
Premium of course is the $ way to go- good luck getting one. Add a shaker, invisiglass, good sound and you essentially have the LE.
Destruction jackpot- see above.
My other machines are lonely.

I took a couple of points off- lighting- much better than other recent games, but I will probably add some pinstadiums. Sound- Nothing like my GNR with pinwoofer or stock R and M (come on Stern-get your sound game up, especially for the LE).

Go out and find one to play- you will have a lot of fun and will enjoy many clips of grown men in cheesy rubber monster suits fighting each other and other incredible special effects foes (Mothra!).

2 days ago
Keith Elwin deserves a raise after this masterpiece!
5 days ago
Utterly Incredible!
7 days ago
Probably the most complete pin to come from stern! It’s Elwin’s best for sure. Animations/video clips are great, music is great. Excellent combos, but still a tough game. I’m am extremely impressed with this pin.
10 days ago
Played a pro for a few hours the day before, love the LE differences and everything worked great, even with it being early code and a new game.
10 days ago
This game not only met but exceeded expectations. Elwin has always done a great job in pinball design. For me, this is the best - slightly better than Jurassic Park. One of the best pinball machines I’ve ever played. A top game that feels like it will have last ability for sure.
10 days ago
Really enjoying this game so far. Will update ratings as we get through honeymoon and code updates
10 days ago
Last time I felt such joy with playing a pinball machine was when CFTBL came out, what 28 yrs ago!
11 days ago
This is super awesome. The game play is smootha and there are sooooo many unique items to explore.
11 days ago
Phenomenal pin! With the final code and balances, it will go down as one of the greatest pins of all time.
11 days ago
Absolutely lives up to the hype.
Game plays really fast and buttery smooth.
Love rippin that Mecha spinner and bashin that Mecha bash toy!
The building takes it to another level.
So many feel good shots.
Post pass not impossible and also feels satisfying cause it's hard by design. Keith did it on Dead Flip....you can too.
Almost every shot feels new to pinball and it has a perfect balance of flow / stop and shoot.
How bout the drain loop?!! Genius!!
Pretty open playfield and yet so much going on, every inch utilized well and the pop is killer down there.
Shaker motor is a must on this title, if you have a pro, get one!
The theme is integrated as good as the hardcore's could hope for.
I wasn't really a big Zombie Yeti fan, but I'm appreciating him now cause in person the game looks amazing. Really love that backglass.
Also love the callouts and movie clips..."you have failed!"
Updates will only make it better, Godzilla will be King of Pins for a long time!
12 days ago
I just received my Godzilla LE pin and this machine is one of the most enjoyable pinball machines I've ever played. It's a very challenging pinball machine from the first few days of playing it too. Designed for anyone at any skill level but this game has everything an Experienced player could ask for in a pinball machine. Code is early but very well done and new code will only improve the overall gameplay experience. First thing you will notice about this pinball machine is the game flow is fast and furious and unforgiving. It's really great and when you combine all the playfield toys this is pinball perfection. If there is one drawback I'd like to see more Godzilla footage in the film clips....hopefully that is something they add with code. Elwin's best pinball machine by far. This should win Game of the Year and this will go down as one of the best if not the best pinball machine when the dust & hysteria settle from the hype surrounding this title.
12 days ago
Game #4 from the mind of Keith Elwin.

The Pros:
An original and complex layout that offers lots to do. A colorful art package that is full but not distracting. Even on the pro, color LED's are all around. The clips form all of the old movies keep the connection to the past alive, and are great to see. Fun to be had by all as the monsters do the happy pinball tilt dance. The sound package is solid and there are lots of easter eggs to be found (put in your initials as ADG and listen carefully)! The rules in this early stage (.78 is what I played) are mostly there and they are a lot of fun. Especially once you get to the second level of monsters by completing the tasks of the first layer. Learn how to use the whammy-button flame breath for strategic big scores. Will the Schnozzle become a tourney worthy technique? Well placed shots that dive into the backboard of the PF mean that this game "feels long", because it is. Multiball modes are lots of fun and any playfield with spinners all over it is a good thing in my book! I was surprised at how much I liked the MechaGodzilla spinning spinner platform with the magnet on top MechaNavel. While I think the bridge mechanism is kind of useless, the tower with the diverters and the lock mechanism is well implemented. I also like how the balls will divert to different inlanes from the different "floors" of the building. Will this affect the rules of the game that much as compared to the pro? I don't think so, but sweet spinner rips are always good in my book. I like it. I like the preem/le more than the pro. I don't feel that the pro suffers from not having these features... but the preem/LE is definitely my preference now.

The Cons:
The lower right hand side of the playfield is deadly! anything that bumbles out of the far right lane by the pop bumper is trouble. Anytime the ball is between the pop and the top of the sling, trouble. I'd say over 70% of my drains were out the right outlane on this design. Can it be adjusted? yes. Will it help, dunno yet. But for now, trouble. The inner middle loop around the building has a tendency to SDTM, with the ball travelling in either direction. Some of the feeds around the upper flipper feel clunky and the magnet is an interesting/wtf randomizer. That magnet gets "TOASTY!" This may lead to some playfield issues later. As in I hope this will not lead to TAF Playfield-like mangnet burn...

The Takeaway:
The most unusual and chaotic design from Keith and his team of merry pin-heads yet. This design requires physical manipulation to get the most out of the lower PF, tilts must be adjusted accordingly. Another creative playfield with good rules that provides kinetic satisfaction. Let's see how the rules and the finessing of code brings this game along. Only time will tell, but so far, this team has shown us that they know how to design great pinball games. Scores will be updated as this game is polished.
12 days ago
This was probably one of my favorite “pro” models in recent years. I couldn’t tell it was missing anything but did “feel” it was missing something…only until you play the premium does everything “click”. Still, I would easily buy this game and or play on the regular at any location with enthusiasm! Music and lights still amazing and animation off the charts…best stern animation yet. The shots feel good and the game defines “fun to step up to” but depth to keep you coming back a LONG time. If the premium didn’t exist…I’d still say this is one of sterns top tables!
13 days ago
Creo que, será el mejor pin en muchos años.... Hasta, que llegue otra vez este señor y nos vuelve a, sorprender.
15 days ago
I thought the pro was amazing! This is over the top! Pro=A, LE and assume the premium =A+! This pin will go down as one of the best of all time!
15 days ago
Owned the LE for about a month, have 225 games on it. Fun game, nice art package especially the foil decals. Shots to video integration is done well. The Destruction Jackpot hold time can kill the flow of a good ball, Outlanes are greedy and a soft skill shot plunge can cause a drain, the SDTM building shot is really disappointing even getting really specific on the leveling of the game. Unfortunately a reject up the right ramp with the upper flipper shot will also cause a SDTM a lot of the time, Probably coulda been fixed easily with a AIQ middle tulip style ramp?

MechaGodzilla Multiball is fantastic absolutely love the spinning ramp and target mech. I think Code can fix the hold time issues and will make the game even better over time. Extra Ball is kinda difficult to achieve if you don't know its hidden in JETS, Overall it's fun and will probably end up as a top 10 game and another HR for Stern and Keith Elwin.
16 days ago
Going to keep my review short, but wow I didn't have any interest in a Godzilla themed pinball when it was accounted. Then I saw the game and was like well thats actually not bad. Now I have played it , just tons of fun. Lots of cool toys, great flow, very unique layout and they nailed the theme. Code is early so I cannot give the rules a 5 yet, but its gonna be hard to mess this game up. Well done Stern and Keith.
16 days ago
Game has some really cool mechanisms! The magnets in this game are really cool. The shots have amazing flow. The game shoots really well. One of the best games I have played in a while. I cannot wait to see more code added to the game. It appears a lot more is to come. Music is cool. Added subwoofer as always. This helps a great deal. The art package is really nice. I was pleasantly surprised. This will be a top 10’game for sure when completed. Recommend
17 days ago
All around excellent!!! Elwin has Knocked this out of the park. This is a great shooter and really fun pin to play. The building that collapses is genius. My Le will be here in a couple of days and I have been going to a local place to play one until it arrives. Simple can’t play this enough.
18 days ago
Amazing! Go go Godzilla.
The king is back!
19 days ago
Early thoughts and experiences are all positive with this machine. It may go down in history as Stern's best ever... too early to make that call but I can't remember a Stern title right out of the box that is nearly this perfect! I can only imagine it will only get better. I had a hard time nitpicking anything with it.
20 days ago
The total package for real.
The best Kaiju themed pinball ever.
For the above average player its a good balance of fun and challenge combined. Can't walt to played completed code Edition.
21 days ago
I've never given a pinball table a perfect score before, but Godzilla more than earns it. This is one of the greatest tables ever made, if not the greatest table.

I've never had a game enthrall me like this. The callouts are amazing. The music is simple, but creates intensity. The shaker motor set to high creates incredible immersion.

I care much more about shot layout than toys, but the toys on this table are incredible. Mechagodzilla, the bridge, the building, the axis magnet - they bring you joy when you play it. I cannot imagine the building collapse ever getting old.

Stern knocked it out of the park, here. Just amazing work.
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