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High Speed restoration thread

By TheRingMaster

5 years ago

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#251 4 years ago
Quoted from TheRingMaster:

Hi there joker!
Yes that's what I mean, the standoffs for the displays. Your game had a different setup than what was on mine. Mine only had/have nylon standoffs that are pressed into the holes in the board. Then on top of them there's a small pointy part with a lock mechanism. Think they are called blind hole mounted or something else blind hole.. Hehe. But they are not really super reliable it seems, a bit flexing so it would be fine to come up with a better idea I guess. It was apparently different on different machines even within the same kind of game. I might consider the screw style like you have. Will let you know if I need measures! I think new ones were shipped with the new xpin displays at some point in time but the ones I got did not have any new mounting hardware.
And the planking, sounds it would work like you describe with a primer. My plan is to sand and use some sort of putty. Need a good one though. I think it looks worse than it is but we will see once I start to sand it.
Thanks for the tips! =)

Ok, I understand what you mean now. On the backside, that is what's holding my display circuit board. You can also see one of the display studs in the bottom center of the picture.Not sure if anything on my game is original to it.
pinball 012.JPG

#252 4 years ago

Looks like you have smaller holes for the supports too... I think it's original. I imagine nothing was set in stone back at the factory as long as the displays were in the correct positions I think they went for the cheapest parts available at a certain time. Good since I can pick a solution that's not too tedious to replicate. I've searched for the standoffs I have and Marco has them, if they're the correct length but that's pretty much the only place I can find them.

#253 4 years ago

Hey ringmaster, im currently in the progress of restoring my high speed too! I still gotta repaint my lower part of my cab with the stencils that pinball pimp made from my scans, but here is my progress. If you have any questions ill try to help! https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/1986-williams-high-speed-restoration

#254 4 years ago

Not sure if any of these will help. There might be something close that you can use. I have seen those same kind of clips in other equipment with circuit boards. I just looked up circuit board stand offs, or mounts. There were more sites, I just linked the first three I found.




#255 4 years ago

Joker2415, thats nice! Ive seen similar stuff on other sites aswell.. even found one locally but they wont respond to emails so i might try and give them a call. Thanks for the tips anyways!

bumpnthump05, had a quick look at your thread. Really similar to mine, the state of the game and the attention to the details! I like the labels you did for the backbox plate. PM on the way =)

4 weeks later
#256 3 years ago

Was looking through the parts im cleaning and compared a few of the new plastics with the old ones.

Found this, the new one has a part of it cut out but the original does not.. anyone knows why? The kickout hole (upper right) is below the plastic.. maybe the new design is to prevent the ball from hitting the plastic when it kicks out. Thats my only theory.. but it would not fly that high but rather just get released imo..


1 week later
#257 3 years ago

Heres a small update. Im designing the stencils im going to make for the side art. Slow process and you need to be super picky with the results since every small imperfection will be transfered to the stencil when cutting it. Slow progress but at least I can do a test paint "soon". =)


#258 3 years ago

Need a few insert stencils too... takes for ever but its fun, i learn something and well.. thats about it =)

#259 3 years ago

Looking great! I too started a HS restore about 2 weeks ago. My pf isn't as bad as your original one, so I'm gonna try some touch up and Clear coat it. Pray for me. I would love to get my hands on a set of your backbox stencils and inserts too. I would be glad to through you a few bucks for your time. Let me know. Thanks,


#260 3 years ago

RingMaster -

For your cab repairs...you can try skimming the affected areas with bondo fiberglass repair. It sands easily and will fill in all of the gouges and nicks. Takes primer well and you will end up with a beautifully smooth cab.

Sorry if someone else already mentioned this, but I did not see it in the thread.


1 week later
#261 3 years ago

Hi, sorry for being abscent.. anyways, thanks for the compliment!
The cabinet stencils will take quite some time still before they are done.. remind me again in a couple of months and well see. Id like to try them myself first too.

drscottsmith, thanks for the tip! I was planning to bondo the worst parts, if not all, but never thought of the fiberglass stuff. Gonna check it out! =)

7 months later
#262 3 years ago

Allright, im gonna try and be a bit more active in this project! I've had other things on my mind for the last months, work and kid but I won't abandon this but it takes time.

Anyway, I have been cleaning parts every now and then but since they are all more or less crap it takes a LOT of time and besides it ain't that fun.

Heres a picture of the insert board that I have refurbished. New lamp sockets and flasher sockets as well as all new wiring (with insulation). I had to make a home made solution for the 3-lug sockets since I could not find them in stock anywhere online. I think it looks pretty good anyway.


#263 3 years ago

And, a before and after picture. The after picture is not complete since its missing one wire at the bottom left, but you get the point..


Sorry for the not so straight wires

#264 3 years ago

Whats not fun, as I mentioned earlier, is to refurbish all the metal parts. Basically everything needs to be fixed or replaced. And its not fun sanding everything. Here is a picture of the playfield "hooks"/supports that will rest on the lockdown bar reciever. Theyve been sanded and then nickel plated. Not amazingly good looking but still better than they looked before if you ask me.... top one looked like the bottom one before I treated it with huge amounts of elbow grease.


#265 3 years ago

Just to show how bad everything is... a bumper coil assembly that has seen better days. Some previous owner thought it was a great idea to lubricate all the coil plungers and sleeves on this game. I think not.


#266 3 years ago

The roll tilt and plumb bob board renewed:

#267 3 years ago

And how the metal parts looked before.. at least that ball is shiny =)

#268 3 years ago

Another important component of the game is the playfield. This is one of the spare ones I bought to get a better one than the one that came with the game. I will try to restore them (not the original one since it's beyond salvation) and I have started to sand the wood areas and cleaning up the painted surface.
I have removed the glue from the old mylar and used Magic Eraser to clean it as good as possible. After that some light sanding and more cleaning with naphta to get rid of the old clear coat and some more dirt and ball swirls. I will also scrape some of the inserts from clear coat that is flaking and also fill some nicks in the wood. The backside will get sanded too and maybe clear coated with some furniture clear just to make it easier to clean in the future. Or maybe I will paint it gray as it is from factory.

Someone tried to fix this playfield before me but failed brutally. They used some random hobby color for sloppy touch ups and tried their best (maybe) to add insert decals but got them far off. This will be a long and tedious process but will hopefully get OK in the end. It probably won't be like new but light years better than the original one.

#269 3 years ago

Here are the touchups and the new decals. I don't know if this is fun, sad or just plain crazy. I want to think the one doing this, whoever it was, at least had a good time doing something creative. Either way I find it pretty amazing.


Decals aligned to a T. Touch up color a perfect match and the white lines between the inserts look pretty arty

More to come!

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