White Water (Williams, 1993)

White Water

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Game design: 8.56

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Other Aspects: 8.589

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There are 370 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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23 days ago
Its ok. Kind of fun to play, but gets old for a home setup. Its to stop and go for me.

27 days ago
I love Whitewater, almost everything about it (though definitely not the backglass).

One criticism may be that it is pretty repetitive. But at least the repetitive shots are fun.
And it all adds to the essential elements of the game. Get 5X, get multiball, get some rafts on the way.

Great multiball, mode design and ramps.
I'm not sure if I'm completely accurate in saying this, but it seems a totally unique design - which is exactly what each pinball should be.
For instance - all (or at least almost all) modern games stick to the sling/inlane 2 normal flipper bottom playfield design (which admittedly so does Whitewater) - but then they seem to be reliant on 3 top-right pops below 2 or 3 lanes that advance multipliers a la AFM, instead of inventing a new and unique design. Whitewater on the other hand has a hairy freak just sat there sometimes diverting ramps.
75 days ago
I like it alot!
80 days ago
The ramps are what draws me back to this game. It's a great feeling to land the combos.
88 days ago
A great fun game with quite a few nice flowing shots. The ramps are great fun and exciting to make over and over. The sounds and music are classic 90s style.
3 months ago
Fun game! the theme is perfect with the way the ramps are designed. Bigfoot as a ball diverter is a nice touch to the game. I think the animations are great, and the topper is really cool too!
4 months ago
Cool pinball theme that comes together well. Fun shots to hit. I would like to own this one some day.
4 months ago
Whitewater is a spectacular game. One of my favorite upper play fields in all of pinball. The left ramp is super interesting (ball hits the glass intentionally...what???, that still gets me every time). Cabinet, backglass and topper art are great. Playfield art is weak. Also, a bit too easy. I would love to own a nice example of this game, and set it up SUPER hard to cut down the ball times. A great, great game.
5 months ago
There's a reason you can't find this pin anywhere. Everyone wants to keep it. True 90's pin. From the music, the theme, the artwork, it's all there. The game sucks you in from the beginning with the skill shot. Game is challenging and at times you'll get frustrated with the ball going up the middle and coming back down through the flippers, but that's pinball baby. This is a pin I'll be keeping in my collection for a very long time.
5 months ago
I wanted to like this own as it was on my "maybe" wishlist. I don't like how much space the "upper level" takes up. The wavy ramps are kind of cool, the theme is "ok", but after a couple of games, it just is not that entertaining to me. The key shots seem repetitive and I didn't see a lot of depth to the gameplay. It may have been good compared to other pins at the time it was first released.
6 months ago
I first played White Water at my local arcade back in the 90's. My first impression of the game was that I really didn't like it. Actually, that seems to be my first impression of many games from the 90's. I remember not understanding how to advance or even unlock the whirlpool. Looking back on that memory now, I must have been a dumb kid. Unlocking the whirlpool is a very simple task. Hmm... On second thought, I'm going to blame a weak upper flipper for not allowing me to make the Insanity Falls shot consistently. Ha!

I remember the topper on this game most vividly. Best topper of any pinball machine ever! The main toy of the game is the Bigfoot with rotating head. The Bigfoot is a diverter and pushes out a log to deny you entry to Bigfoot's lair. It's a simple, but clever toy that really enhances this game. Shots are very fluid, Multiball is a blast, and the two-ball multiballs (there are two of them) are also a lot of fun. Like most games from this era, the multiball's are where all your points are hiding and are necessary for the really big scores. There's nothing like hitting that 5X the playfield bonus and starting multiball right afterwards. It's a complete rush! Many different things to shoot at in this game. Whether you are trying to complete the hazards to advance the rafts, complete R-I-V-E-R to 6X or just complete the Whirlpool objectives. You won't get bored. New comers to pinball are instantly drawn to White Water. It's just a fun game. Veterans will still have difficulty getting to VACATION JACKPOT, but once they do they are rewarded with an ending that will fill you will adrenaline and has even been copied by many other pinball machines.

Reasonably priced for a DMD with longevity and a super high fun factor.
6 months ago
This Williams and TOM rank as the best "non franchised" themed games of all time IMO. The number of routes and shots make this a game that does not get too old too quick....even in a small collection. Insanity Falls and the Whirlpool routes would be the best feature in almost any pin, and ironically Nordman put them both in this one !
Some lament the fact that the upper playfield blocks the view of the ENTIRE playfield ( and they may be right ) but this game sits next to my TZ and JD and I almost always forget that this game is not a wide body due to the amazing amount of shots due to the amount of ramps and routes. This is a top 20 game ( 15 in my book) based on theme, variation, and lastability.
6 months ago
White Water has good shot flow and feels like a dynamic machine. However, the theme is so lame, and the shots get to be repetitive and dull as gameplay goes on. This is a good example of a game that uses just a little too much real estate to add texture and a fun raised PF. In a way, it is a good thing that WW went to the limit on the decorative raised PF - now we know what is too much on a game. Fun for a minute, but not all that entertaining after hitting the shots a few times.

Don't want one, but worth a play here and there.
6 months ago
One of my favourite DMD games. The flow and variety of shots is excellent. The rules have just the right depth. The theme is unusual but fits really well with pinball. Overall, it's a really great game.
7 months ago
Loved this game the first time I played it, brought it off the operator 3 months later that was 1998 once you get over the easy SDTM it has great flow and depth
7 months ago
This game is probably one of the most overrated games ever. First, there's no bounce over on the flippers, making it almost entirely impossible to control the ball. The feed from the goldmine is nearly impossible to predict, so that even a drop catch is questionable. Combine this with over-sensitive slings, and this makes for a ball that is nearly impossible to trap. If the ball goes into the boulder garden, forget about it... 90% chance it will go to the outlane. The most infuriating feature is that the locks for the first multiball are WAAAY too easy to light. That would seem like a positive, but when you're trying to stack 5x with multiball, the multiball gets achieved well before 5x--unless you want to chance going into the boulder garden and a 90% chance of drain in the outlane.

All of these things means you have to keep the ball in motion constantly (no trap) which, of course, means riskier and more difficult shots on a machine that punishes bad shots already. Unless your aim is impeccable and the power to the upper flipper is excellent (mine is not) you won't be able to relight the whirlpool easily which makes the game nearly unfair to play. This game is a turd. Wish I hadn't overpayed for it.
7 months ago
Played on location. Fun game.
7 months ago
I will always play this game when I see it in the wild, but only once. I can never push the start button twice in a row. Don't know why.
7 months ago
Great theme fantastic looking playfield makes you want to play it being a novice pinball player this game was too hard for me especially when plunging and the ball flying straight between the middle of the flippers, i suspect this machine is for more experinced players. Seeing as my local arcade now has this machine i will keep trying it out and adjust my ratings accordingly but for now i did not find this machine fun to play.Ok played this game a lot more now starting to get the hang of it and am enjoying it more
7 months ago
One of the best executions of a theme in pinball ever. Gameplay is just fun, fun, fun. Addictive machine, and just perfect example of what pinball is all about. Top5 machine, among the very best ever.
7 months ago
At first it seems a nice pinball however when I got to play a little disappointed the mkie expectations, the design is not bad but overall it's not at the level of the top
8 months ago
Love this game.
8 months ago
I just don't get it. This pin is impossible to enjoy even casually unless you have lightning fast reflexes, and doesn't teach them either. It isn't cheap looking but the theme is incoherent (is it about rapids? Or monsters?). So much of the game is invisible that the rapids might as well be a subway, and the effects that should support it like water sound and a continuous escalating and de-escalating soundtrack aren't there. This is a nostalgia pin or a players pin for like 100 people on earth. But as someone new to pinball it is just annoying.
9 months ago
I tried to like this game. Thought I'd like this game. Have played 2 different units, but still doesn't grab me and make me want to play more. Too much plastic everywhere I think just ruins it visually for me.
10 months ago
Over...rated! Bad game. You pull the plunger and the ball constantly drops between the flippers which you can't stop. I played and relaunched the ball 10 times before it stopped this one time. frustrating and poorly designed!

The theme is a good one. But once you go through the canyon walls a few times the game gets old. A dated game to say the least.
There are 370 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 15.

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