White Water (Williams, 1993)

White Water

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Game design: 8.566

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Other Aspects: 8.604

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There are 384 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
To me, the main attraction to White Water is the theme and its looks. It just draws you in with all the mountains and ramps and it really gives you that 'vacation' feeling.

When I first played it, however, it was a bit of a disappointment. I remember expecting it to be a lot easier, as it can be quite a tough game. I guess I just wanted to glide over all the ramps and enjoy the scenery, but instead was faced with nasty straight down the middle balls and unexpectedly dangerous shots from the left kicker hole.

The flow in this game is not the greatest to me, because a lot of shots take a long time to get back to the flippers. Also the fact that a lot of the playfield is obscured doesnt help much.

It's still a good game of course, but I just expected more because of all the praise it receives.
9 days ago
WH20 is a great pin with some neat toys, cool ramps and fun theme. I have nostalgic memories of playing this machine as a youngster, and I was happy to play it again many years later on location. While the game was a lot of fun to play, it didn’t completely live up to my fond memories.

— The game’s primary mountain ramp/yeti toy is awesome.
— Comboing the lower to upper side ramp is FUN!
— The crazy rise on the side ramp is fun, especially when the glass gets a ball smack!
— The moving Yeti is a fun toy


— I’m not a hug fan of the rafting theme, but I’m glad it’s not a license.
— The playflied is meh... again, it’s rafting...
— The lighting is par for the time.


— This game can have some nice flow with the upper shots.
— The shots are pretty straightforward and pretty easy after a while.
— Central posts can be punishing if you miss a shot, which is good.


— The game has a pretty shallow rule set.
— After you get used to the upper shots, there’s not much left to the game.
— The game takes up far too much space at the back end for the upper play field.
— The game feels like half a playfield, as if you’re shooting into darkness. I like to see more.

In the end, White Water is a wonderful game in the classic w/b style from the best era of pinball. I play this game when I can find it on location, but I would pass on owning it due to the shallow rule set and shallow playfield. There are games with many more shots that maintain a better view of the playfield. This game has a claustrophobic feel to me.
19 days ago
I own it and will never sell it nough said
29 days ago
Super attractive and fun game to play. Fantastic layout, unique gimmicks. What is there not to like about this game? If I could change one thing, I would just remove the boulder garden to open up the right side of the playfield.
31 days ago
LOVE this game. Theme is super unique and coding is excellent. Vacation Jackpot is one of a kind. Do wish it was a little cheaper though. WHITE WATER!!!!!
35 days ago
very fun game, lots of ramps and shots, Bigfoot is cool. game is crowded and playfield feels small because of all the ramps and boulders. DMD dots are dated by today's standards. Artwork and theme are stellar and the game looks great in any lineup.
47 days ago
Wow, what a great game.


-Totally unique and cool upper play field with several thenings to do, unlike make mini or upper play field
-Totally unique jackpot for multi ball
- many shots to make
- pretty descent rule set. Not an easy game by any means
-cool cabinet and back glass
-great theme intrigration
-awesome ramps on lower and upper play field


I really can find much, but I will try.

-when you start the game repetitive voice
-I cant find a way to give any 5-15 second ball save. at least I can't find it. You will be having agreat game and lose 2 balls in 2 seconds and you're done.
- cramped play field, but it was done close to perfection
56 days ago
Not my cup of tea, the main visible playfield area is too small and cramped, and the ball is out of sight too much on the right side. Fun theme though.
66 days ago
One of the best looking machines out there. Love the artwork, the cabinet, the topper is awesome. The play field is loaded with all kinds of cool ramps. This game is hard! Lots of things to distract you when you’re playing and that ball can go crazy in this machine. Almost every time I play this game a ball goes whizzing off a ramp and flings right down the middle... kind of like whitewater rafting. It’s very unpredictable. I’m sure this one made operators lots of money because the average person won’t master this quickly.
68 days ago
Fun game a bit repetitive after a while but the music keeps you want to play
78 days ago
I can't get on board with how popular this game is. I played it but it didn't feel challenging enough and it didn't leave me wanting to play it again after walking away from it. To each his own.
81 days ago
One of the best games I had the chance to spend alot of time with. Theme integration is fantastic. Game plays like a story out in thewilderness; advancing down the river, watch out for big foot, light his toes to sneak by him, go down a whirlpool as many times as you can, try to make it all the way to wet willies.
Art may be a bit silly but I like the fact its a non-liscenced theme and the overall fun factor is undeniable.
88 days ago
One of the best machines ever. Amazing flow, probably the best toy ever in Bigfoot, immediately draws you with the upper playfield design, clear progression system, and the iconic Wet Willy voice. Only gripes are the frustration of the jet bumpers right near right outlane and the sdtm tendency of boomerang bend (hitting the hardest shot in the game should not lead to a drain so often, mitigated by the alternative ways of clearing this shot via disaster drops and bounce back lighting). Amazing.
4 months ago
This is a very good machine. It's not an all-time classic, but it's right up there.
5 months ago
Very cool and unique game a Williams classic for sure
7 months ago
Not having it, but one of my favorite pinball machine. Fun to play, very good theme.
7 months ago
This is the pinnacle of pinball. I love every little detail of this game.
The game is deep. The theme is original and fun. The artwork is fantastic. The sound is second to none.
The closest thing we have to a perfect 10 in pinball.
7 months ago
Great game. Excellent flow, which is surprising given the design and heavy use of upper playfield. REALLY fun. Only complaint is with music and sounds, and the dots are limited. Hardly matters. Fun design and pretty good art package. This one is a keeper and belongs among the classics. And, it features Bigfoot! diverting shots on the very important upper playfield! Bigfoot!
8 months ago
I love the ramps. I really like games that can flow from one ramp shot to the next. Not a very in depth game but still fun to play. May end up on my wishlist someday.
9 months ago
Love the shots and flow of this game. Theme is great and the journey to Wet Willie's is awesome. Vacation Jackpot is fun to work toward and the game has great music and callouts. Overall an excellent pin.
10 months ago
I love Whitewater, almost everything about it (though definitely not the backglass).

One criticism may be that it is pretty repetitive. But at least the repetitive shots are fun.
And it all adds to the essential elements of the game. Get 5X, get multiball, get some rafts on the way.

Great multiball, mode design and ramps.
I'm not sure if I'm completely accurate in saying this, but it seems a totally unique design - which is exactly what each pinball should be.
For instance - all (or at least almost all) modern games stick to the sling/inlane 2 normal flipper bottom playfield design (which admittedly so does Whitewater) - but then they seem to be reliant on 3 top-right pops below 2 or 3 lanes that advance multipliers a la AFM, instead of inventing a new and unique design. Whitewater on the other hand has a hairy freak just sat there sometimes diverting ramps.
11 months ago
I like it alot!
11 months ago
The ramps are what draws me back to this game. It's a great feeling to land the combos.
1 year ago
Fun game! the theme is perfect with the way the ramps are designed. Bigfoot as a ball diverter is a nice touch to the game. I think the animations are great, and the topper is really cool too!
1 year ago
Cool pinball theme that comes together well. Fun shots to hit. I would like to own this one some day.
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