White Water

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Game Design: 8.58

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Sounds/Music: 7.674

Other Aspects: 8.615

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Found 520 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 520 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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28 days ago
Crazy cool game. Love the flow and fun shots. Fairly approachable. Definitely has that one more game feel.
67 days ago
White Water is a classic WPC game based on fun (just like Fish Tales).

The layout is very innovative and the mini-playfield doesn't take up too much space (unlike BK2K's). The layout has some flow and making the Insanity Falls and the No Way Out shots is very satisfying. The Bigfoot on the upper playfield looks very good and is a sort of weird but fitting gimmick.

The rules are straightforward and the multiball is much fun. I love hearing that "White Water!". The gamecode can get a bit repetitive after a while but since the main emphasis of this game is on fun it doesn't bother me that much.

The artwork is outstanding in its entirety and especially the playfield looks very good.

All in all this is a beautiful and fun game and an absolute classic. It is a game that a player of any skill level can enjoy.
72 days ago
A fun game to play to just play a quick game. I played this machine a few times at an event and since then I am looking for a machine like this (for the right price since I have to save money to buy one). I really like the left ramp which makes the ball knock the glass. also the machine is challenging but at the same time makes me want to play it again after finishing a game. I think the machine looks very nice (retro). Would love to have this machine in my collection for a while.
79 days ago
“Sweet Nannys” the Hawaiians says about their bananas. Well, this is one sweet pinball machine! Love the Slip-In-Slide theme with all the well placed ramps. Fun stuff and will make you laugh, and if not you will most likely repeat some of the call-outs and giggle.
3 months ago
Great fun machine with some of the most fun ramps in pinball. And there are layers to the playing area like no other pin that I have seen, upper playfields, ramps over ramps and subways underneath.
There is a very simple objective that people can follow and some great call outs and hints on what to do. But I found the game quite hard to crack on with and this dented my lastability feeling. Still in my collection so can't be too bad.
3 months ago
Boring theme, Personally I have never understood what the fuzz is about with this game.. I Guess it was good when it came out, but nowadays there are so many games I would rather play..
4 months ago
Took awhile for me to get used to the speed and how hard to control the ball. Now that I’m better it gets played more than any of my machines. Only beat Wet Willies once in the 4 months I’ve owned but I try again everyday.

This machine will stay.
4 months ago
Love the upper playfield for jackpots especially when on x5 the playfield. The whirlpool challenge is a great mode, you may think it’s a easy game but I’ve only completed it twice in 4 years.
5 months ago
As a williams fan this was at the top of my list to play. My expectations may have been too high, but after several games I left disappointed. May have been a bad example of the game, was located in Vegas at the pinball museum.
5 months ago
I picked up a very dirty machine last month and have cleaned it up. I added leds, the led and gi boards and titans. This game sizzles. It’s super quick with some nice shots. Bigfoot feature is top shelf. The music is good but not great but the theme for me is super fun. It plays fast and sometimes frenetic just like white water rafting. The ramps are excellent and the game’s rules are challenging but not too complicated. This one for me is a keeper.
7 months ago
so nice game
7 months ago
Played this pin during 2023 TPBF so I was unable to to rate the sounds and music.
8 months ago
A difficult game to rate. Once you get going and get in a rhythm you can keep a ball going for a long time and see a lot more of the games features, which are quite impressive. The ramps are terrific and the upper playfield is very well done. The way many of the ramps undulate and wiggle back and forth mimics a raging river, perfectly encapsulating the theme. The whirlpool is also a neat effect. From a layout perspective the only thing I don't really like is that the right side of the lower playfield is taken up by the mountain and doesn't have much to shoot at, making the left flipper somewhat underused and making the lower half of the playfield very tight. If you miss a shot in the lower playfield it often drains.

A specific problem I had that I didn't see mentioned is that every plunge comes down the center of the playfield. I didn't see a way to do a short plunge or other way to avoid it. If it drained immediately I got a ball save (pretty sure, although some other reviewers said there isn't one). But if it didn't, I couldn't ever get control over the ball right away after the plunge, so I lost a lot of balls before I ever really had a chance to aim at anything. Plunge, glancing hit off end of flipper, hit something in the playfield and right between the flippers or out an outlane. Many times I'd lose the ball within seconds but got no ball save. Very frustrating.

The thing is, when you do get control of the ball and can start sending it consistently up to the upper playfield--man is it fun. It's the challenge of getting there before you get frustrated and stop plugging quarters in it that's hard.
8 months ago
I really enjoy the outdoor theme on this pin. The upper playfield, Big foot, and the ramps are awesome. The sounds and graphics aren’t great but that was state of the art in the 1990’s. I found the game to be a little too easy to remain in my collection long term but then again I rotate pins in and out regularly.
9 months ago
Really nothing like any other game out there. Great theme and it is just a lot of fun
9 months ago
After getting to play one in great shape after not seeing one for a while, I really do have to say: this game is just great.

The backglass is just great, and the topper is one of the best out there with its gorgeous lighting. The rest of the art is also pretty solid, though the head takes the cake.

Layout is a lot of fun, with a lot of unique shots and good flow.

Ruleset is simple, but has a lot to offer at the same time. The game doesn’t get stale quick at all.

Sound is terrific. SFX are great and the sound design and music itself is just genius, especially with how the music gets more and more intense and builds up.


Not a huge fan of the mine kickout, it’s too spastic and hard to react to.

Game is merciless on beginners. If you don’t know how this game plays, it is shocking how differently it plays from everything else out there. This isn’t an issue, but can put a beginner off.

Game is a bit “5X Multiball” heavy. It’s not as bad as some claim, though.

Overall, a truly fantastic game. A classic for certain.
9 months ago
Fun game with good theming, but games are short.
9 months ago
I love everything about this game! Not a thing I would change about it!
9 months ago
A really nice simple yet complex shot pin. It's brightfull and joyfull, which are big quality for a pin for me. Music can be a little bland at first but improve when you advance in the game. The flow of the shots is a blast, very satisfying.
9 months ago
White Water is one of the best 90's WMS games if not the best. It is certainly Dennis Nordman's best. Incredible ramps, excellent audio (ok quality expectations lately are higher but this game was released in 1993.) Many complain about the scoring but there are ROMS that address any such concerns. Sucks that the ramps are all plastic and a complete replacement set is $700. I'm torn between cleaning mine up and putting on new decals or seeing if CGC remakes it. If they do, I am jumping ship and getting on the list. This is a really fantastic game (unlicensed title or not) but because it wasn't licensed I am curious (hopeful?) That CGC has this on their radar for reproduction.
10 months ago
My wife an I now scream at each other while we play pinball because of this game
10 months ago
Such a relaxing Main Theme! Great game with hard shots, especially the shot for Extra Ball!
1 year ago
Just picked one up a couple weeks ago. Such a fun game! Loves me some ramps. Added led’s and color dmd, which really make the game pop.
1 year ago
Incredible number and length of ramps, this is a really fun game.
The theme (whitout licence) is ok for everybody and every age.
The topper with heliophore technic is amazing and hypnotizing.
There is a lot of things to do during the game. The main rules are easy to understand and the others features appears gradually after playing several times.
1 year ago
white water is a really well engineered game with great sound design but it has it's flaws.

this game is very unforgiving on some of the shots you need to make to progress and it can be slightly unclear what you need to shoot for to get certain objectives when you start, but otherwise it's a pretty simple game.

the voice lines are really cheesy but in a good way and blend with the table's theme really well

when you make shots on this game it is really satisfying

the whirlpool award system is integrated well

but this game has no ball save at all, which might make the game less appealing to beginners.

also if you want to own this game be warned, it is a maintenance NIGHTMARE with all the plastic parts you have to remove to get to things, good luck remembering where to put everything back.

but as a game you find in the wild, it is very fun and challenging, white water gets my seal of approval.
There are 520 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 21.

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