White Water

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Game Design: 8.608

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Other Aspects: 8.655

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There are 490 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 days ago
Whitewater! Another excellent Williams game from the 90s. Love the undulating ramps shots, open playfield, theme, and sounds. Art could have been better but it's still pretty good. Game is very playable and keeps you wanting more. Good game for beginners or anyone looking for an accessible game that's easy to understand and not too difficult. Definitely one of the best Williams games from that era.
28 days ago
The theme is not something that immediately grabbed me, but man is this fun to play! It flows so well and just feels smooth. The game is fair and not overly punishing, but also not too easy. Whenever I tell people to give the game a chance, they always tell me how surprised they were by how great it feels. This is a hall of fame worthy pin.
58 days ago
Love this game, will be in my collection for a long long time
81 days ago
Underrated I think. Original layout design. The upper playfield has great shots and flows well with the rest of the game. The center shot can feel a bit repetitive and the bottom most section of the playfield doesn’t add a lot to the game.
84 days ago
Very fun
3 months ago
One of my all time favorite pins.
4 months ago
Nostalgia glass are welded to my face on this one but I love a good ramp almost as I love a whirlpool. Whitewater has the best ramp in pinball and I love watching the ball go round that whirlpool. I see some flaws but I don't care.

Feels warm whenever I think about it and if CGC every remakes this baby I'm camping out overnight for a preorder slot.
4 months ago
I like the white water theme too many games out there with rock band themes, can you really hear them anyway in a noisy arcade? The only bad thing about WW is the 7 plastic ramps, you better get the suicide and lower to upper ramp protectors before the ball destroys them from a direct hit off the flippers. The whirlpool is cool but gets a little annoyingly repetitious.
4 months ago
I feel I shouldn't rate a game so highly, but it really is just SO good.

The theme is an amazing choice, it really feels like a white water rapids adventure.
Bigfoot is a great playfield toy that is interactive. I love him.
The topper is also amazing. A simple lighting trick makes an a great addition.
The shot variety is good. The upper playfield doesn't feel like it kills half the playfield, but adds to the game.

My machine was highly modded when I bought it, so it's a little hard to grade some things like lighting.
4 months ago
As much as White Water may not be the best game, it is my personal favorite. Here's why:

1. Something about Pre-DCS Midway SFX/music (1988ish - 1993) makes me happy. DCS blows it out of the water in terms of quality, but there's so much charm in these older MIDI soundtracks and you can tell there was passion put into the composition. The low-quality speech is also nice to hear, with some great callouts. ("YEEEEEEEHAW!!! IT'S A GOLD RUSH!")

2. The topper is so cool. The designers somehow made a still photo look like flowing water with lights. Insane.

3. The Vacation Jackpot is my single favorite award in any pinball game - absolutely no question. The machine fakes you out by shutting down, which scared me when I first got it: Did I lose all my progress? But then it blared an alarm at me and showed the completed vacation planner...and then I knew I won. It went batshit crazy, flashing all the lights and firing all the solenoids. The finishing touch: a glorious victory scream and the display flashing 200,000,000 points. This, unlike other games, made you feel like you truly accomplished something and has rarely been done again.

Again, it's not the best game, but it holds so much sentimental value that it is BY FAR my favorite.
6 months ago
Great game. I would like to have this in my collection but no room.
7 months ago
Tight lower playfield but a really fun game, great callouts and different shots than most games
7 months ago
Pure rampy fun. The insanity falls shot is the best ramp in pinball, not even a question. I love the artwork throughout playfield, cabinet, and backbox. I think CGC should remake this. Only problem is the ramps crack easily the mountains crack. But its truly a world under glass.
8 months ago
Fun game if you like crazy ramps! Playfield feels like being in a rapids. Rule set isn’t real clear to newbs at first other than shooting for the blinking light. Neat theme concept, but game play feels a little repetitive after a couple plays to go for long sessions. Lacks "one more game" feel.
9 months ago
This game always gets my quarters every place I see it. When it is set up right it is so fun to he hear that pinball hit the glass. The whirlpool drain is satisfying as is the upper playfield. It's a simple rule set but it keeps me coming back to it. I don't know why it is so fun when looking at what is there but the sum is greater than the parts.
9 months ago
Good game and fun to play.wet willie and
Vacation jackpot is the main goal.
Overall a fun game with lots to do .
9 months ago
Game is decent. Pretty brutal tight lower playfield. Game rules are not exactly clear but it is clear what I need to shoot for based on the lights. Multiball drains extremely quicly.
10 months ago
Probably my favorite table ever. Most likely due to the nostalgia…but also because the theme and sounds and play field are so awesome!
10 months ago
Grail game for me that I owned, and then recently sold. The ramps are amazing, the shots feel fantastic, flow is great, music I love, callouts, it seems to have it all. But I found the right hand side of the playfield is amp packed so if you're not on the upper section, you're nowhere. Ie the lower playfield is super small and narrow. It's fun to go for the modes and hit the flashing arrows, but if you just want to have a casual hit there's not a lot of variety. I also stumble with the fact some of the modes in multi ball require an accurate shot with the upper flipper, but I'm too busy working the lower ones! I'm average though so that's on me. Overall I did really enjoy it, don't think they're quite worth the money they're commanding right now, would own again if the price was right.
11 months ago
I’ve played White Water on the Williams pinball app and, also, on a somewhat broken/un-shopped White Water at London’s Flip Out venue.

I love this machine. Largely to do with the theme, which is perfect for the lakeside holiday cottage that I will never own in a US national forest somewhere. The shots are challenging and I enjoy the raft progression through the game and the skill required to make key shots.

I especially love the ‘rapids’ left ramp, the whirlpool and the upper playfield skill shot. The Yeti/Sasquatch toy is a little tacky/naff, which is a shame, because the rest of the playfield toys… or, rather, the playfield mountains, are great.
11 months ago
Fun fun fun
1 year ago
One of the most fun pins out there. The only problem I have with this game is the parts and ramps on the playfield break with normal play. The quality or design should have been better to avoid this. Even though most of these have broken ramps and parts all over the playfield, it is still a fun game to play.
1 year ago
Intense but satisfying.
When you get your zone on very rewarding. Fast and testing!
1 year ago
1 year ago
For an old game its a lot of fun. I normally prefer licensed titles but this one was surprisngly how fun it was despite not being a major fan of the art design and theme.
There are 490 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 20.

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