White Water (Williams, 1993)

White Water

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Game design: 8.603

Artwork: 8.34

Sounds/Music: 7.614

Other Aspects: 8.641

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Found 405 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
Own one and love it. played it when I was 11 years old in the early ninties !
21 days ago
Great game lots of fun to be had on this its starting to show its age with the sound on it though getting expensive too which I dont know why!
30 days ago
Classic game with great flow and lots of fun to play. Lots of satisfying shots and combos.
A one of a kind layout with a nice unlicensed theme.
30 days ago
I love pinball with good ball flow and White Water is one of the finest examples. The upper playfield is one of my favorites. Great variety of shots. I don't really connect with the theme personally, but it's still a fun theme and is represents itself very well. Great ball flow on the ramps. All around, this is a very fun pin.
31 days ago
Another pin which is way too overrated imo.
Theme is just decent, playfield artwork is horrendous, and the music-sounds-call outs are perhaps the worst and most annoying in all of pinball.
Granted the ramps are plenty and fun but they massively clutter the playfield and all in all there is something that just doesn’t quite work with this pin.
I’ll let everyone else have fun with it I guess !
38 days ago
One of my absolute favorite machines of all time! The flow is ridiculously fun. Best use of a third flipper- EVER! The music changes up and gets more complex as you progress. The ramps are a hoot and the game seems pretty fair when it comes to the shots.
39 days ago
One of the best combinations of music, theme, lighting, layout.
42 days ago
So much fun!
43 days ago
A classic
46 days ago
What a great game. The music, the callouts, and animations are incorporated very well. The 3rd flipper is incorporated very well. The ramps are great. Doubt this one will leave anytime soon. Goes even better with beer and friends.
52 days ago
It's hard to call a borderline top 20 pin underrated, so I won't. That being said, I've always felt that this pin is better than alot of the stern rock and roll pins that populate the top 10. This is one of the most enjoyable pins i've ever played. I absolutely adore the theme and cant understand reviewers that knock it. A roaring sasquatch? River rafting call outs? Everything about this game is just fun. The animations are incredibly entertaining, the modes are fun, the upper playfield is a blast, and once you get into bigfoot hot foot mode this thing really lights up. I get a kick everytime the ball shoots down the left playfield ramp and knocks the glass. If you find one with a working topper, turn off the lights and tuck in for a great light show. "INSANITY FALLS!" "WHIRLPOOOOOL!" When youre playing the game the callouts are great, but if you're just hovering in the background i can see how they might get repetitive or tiring, but that's an incredibly minor critique. Anyway, bottom line: GREAT PIN. One of my top 10's for sure.
54 days ago
Love the ramps in this game. Just super fun to shoot, and they are super smooth. I don't care about the theme too much. It's a bit wacky and I like having Big Foot in it, but otherwise the theme doesn't appeal to me. Artwork package is a bit meh to me. Not bad, just not appealing. The sounds and music are good and upbeat and high energy and fit the flow of the game. And the game just is fun to shoot. I love ramps, and these ramps really were something to hit.
I played this game the first time ever at a pinball expo, and I must say when I first hit the long left side ramp, it wowed me. And no other games that weekend ramps wowed me like that one. Also a fan of the whirlpool ramp. And I like the skill shot. This skill shot is a 2 part skill shot. First a nice soft plunge and then you need to hit the right ramp with the upper flipper. I like games with true skill shots. And this one is a really good one. To me its the right balance, between attainable and difficult. The animations were good and kept the energy of the game going. And just in general, what a really fun game to play and shoot.
I didn't think I would like this game that much, but I was wowed by it. It's just a shame a switch stopped registering on one of the ramps, otherwise I would have played it more.
75 days ago
Original ,cool,amazing game,with my disco music on pinsound system,it becomes a blast !
88 days ago
I have owned two of these in the past and when I don't have it in the collection I miss it. It is a really fun pinball machine. The trick is to time the multiball and hit the upper playfield shot so you get 5X the points. You can really rack up points that way. One of my all time favorites but like many older Bally/Williams games they are limited in what they can do. Once you beat them then all you can do is start again. That is usually when I sell or trade them. The theme and pinball integration are spot on. You have a Yeti or Bigfoot and a huge ramp that mimics a river. The artwork is amazing and I love the Callouts. I highly recommend this one. Buy it if you can find it in good condition. This one is notorious for cabinet fade also.
89 days ago
The waterfall makes the game rocks! This game is awesome! I enjoy the min playfield shot to the side ramp! Great game! I owned 5 of this games. I sell and repurchase thats crazy!
3 months ago
Game is well balanced both fun and challenging. I find the more I play it, the more I like it. Sasquatch doing head spins is a nice touch
4 months ago
Fun playing rafting themed game with great music and nice shots that have a good feel to them. This game has really good gameplay but is a bit lacking in artwork and lighting design. It's a bit dark like most 90's games and the colors are all brown and blue. Good game to have in a small to medium collection.
4 months ago
First couple of plays, I could not stand this game. After watching the local pinball whiz rack up a score in the 800 millions, figured I needed to give it some more love because it was clearly user error. Now I’m a fan and have it on my wish list. So Likes —- insanity fall shot is super unique and adds to the satisfaction when you hit it, feels roller coaster-ish, and I like the upper playing field having two separate shots. I also like having more than one shot to go to the upper Playfield and neither are difficult so it’s easy to complete modes. The voice acting is funny to me but I could see it getting old after awhile and who doesn’t love Bigfoot. Ok, so the bads, hate the bumpers on the right blocking any kind of shot that way, though technically I know there’s a shot there. Also I think that hidden shot on the left is tricky. I die when I intend to get it and only ever hit it on a ricochet or lucky bounce. Plenty of orbit shots go straight down the middle and it’s like your reward for hitting the shot is to send it right where it hurts. Also the ball lock needs some kind of diverter, can’t tell you how many times I hit it up there with less than full velocity, and it just falls STDM and kills me. Also, some weird sounds go on with this game, not sure if it’s a Bigfoot rumble or what, but there’s a loud whirring bass that is just distracting, admittedly maybe machine specific, but it’s pretty offputting for me. Still, I like the game, simple and straight forward with opportunities to get rewarded for combos, 5x Playfield and the whirlpool multiball thing is fun. Local pro had multiple balls going and it was pretty mesmering to watch when that baby got humming. I want one!!!
5 months ago
This game is the champion of flow. I adore all the ramps and loops and they tie the theme together nicely. Boomerang Bend and the Secret Passage, as well as Insanity Falls and Bigfoot Bluff are all super satisfying - and very difficult to hit when you're in a tournament setting! Rules are pretty solid, not a huge level of depth but there's a definite sense of progression and the vacation planner has quite a few aspects to it. Vacation Jackpot is a thrill to score. Aside from the audio being a little grainy and repetitive, I only have good things to say about this game.
5 months ago
Love the theme and the layout of White Water. Wish the sound was a little better, but I guess you can't have it all. The rules are a little on the lighter side, but this is an older 90's game so not expecting more than that. Wish they still did generic family friendly fun non-licensed themes like this today. Head for Bigfoot Bluff!
6 months ago
Whitewater is an intriguing game. It’s full of loops and ramps so that the majority of shots come screeching back at you. I think this means it has great flow. The upper playfield area has so many different ramps you really have to study the area a bit before you understand where they are all leading. And what a great upper playfield ! – excellently executed and you generally don’t get more than one chance to make your shot before the ball rolls back down to the main playfield. The Insanity Falls ramp and the Whirlpool – well somebody had to eventually create such ramps and they happen to be both in this game.
The rules are pretty deep. On the one hand you are trying to reach Wet Willies and once there you have a rather challenging wizard mode. On the other hand you have the vacation bonus which requires you to complete four tasks – 3 of which you would be going for anyway and a fourth one (reaching River Class 6) which requires chopping a lot of wood on the left bank of stand-ups.
All the while there are a number of modes (most, but not all from whirlpool awards). I’m always amused by the “man overboard” hurry-up – if you can’t save him Willi says “Lost another one”.
I find the excessive points you can score during Whitewater Multiball (it’s absolutely bananas if you happen to have 5x playfield value scoring – this happened to me once when I was able to nail the jackpots and it will probably remain one of my high scoring games for years to come) makes the scoring perhaps a tad unbalanced, but hey, I am sure this was Mr. Nordman’s intention so who am I to complain.
Cool and unusual music and the call outs are quite good. Light show is pretty good, but the inserts are fairly small. Funny animations, but I find myself so busy playing the game I rarely see them.
6 months ago
Smooth game with a lot of balance. That right orbit is a killer shot when you need it. Love the how the music subtlety changes as you advance the raft. Unique layout.
6 months ago
This is one game I can play over and over.
7 months ago
To me, the main attraction to White Water is the theme and its looks. It just draws you in with all the mountains and ramps and it really gives you that 'vacation' feeling.

When I first played it, however, it was a bit of a disappointment. I remember expecting it to be a lot easier, as it can be quite a tough game. I guess I just wanted to glide over all the ramps and enjoy the scenery, but instead was faced with nasty straight down the middle balls and unexpectedly dangerous shots from the left kicker hole.

The flow in this game is not the greatest to me, because a lot of shots take a long time to get back to the flippers. Also the fact that a lot of the playfield is obscured doesnt help much.

It's still a good game of course, but I just expected more because of all the praise it receives.
7 months ago
WH20 is a great pin with some neat toys, cool ramps and fun theme. I have nostalgic memories of playing this machine as a youngster, and I was happy to play it again many years later on location. While the game was a lot of fun to play, it didn’t completely live up to my fond memories.

— The game’s primary mountain ramp/yeti toy is awesome.
— Comboing the lower to upper side ramp is FUN!
— The crazy rise on the side ramp is fun, especially when the glass gets a ball smack!
— The moving Yeti is a fun toy


— I’m not a hug fan of the rafting theme, but I’m glad it’s not a license.
— The playflied is meh... again, it’s rafting...
— The lighting is par for the time.


— This game can have some nice flow with the upper shots.
— The shots are pretty straightforward and pretty easy after a while.
— Central posts can be punishing if you miss a shot, which is good.


— The game has a pretty shallow rule set.
— After you get used to the upper shots, there’s not much left to the game.
— The game takes up far too much space at the back end for the upper play field.
— The game feels like half a playfield, as if you’re shooting into darkness. I like to see more.

In the end, White Water is a wonderful game in the classic w/b style from the best era of pinball. I play this game when I can find it on location, but I would pass on owning it due to the shallow rule set and shallow playfield. There are games with many more shots that maintain a better view of the playfield. This game has a claustrophobic feel to me.
There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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