White Water

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Game design: 8.6

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Sounds/Music: 7.689

Other Aspects: 8.647

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There are 456 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
This game has really grown on me and currently about to get my 1st one this week.at first I overlooked this game at my local arcade bc of poor original lighting( incandescent) and it didn't work 100%. But I played a nice one at a friends and man I'm hooked.this game has got to be one of the best original license pinball ever designed only behind MM and AFM Ofcourse. The rule set is what makes this game shine with the changing of music with every raft completed to the moving sasquatch. This game will not be leaving my collection anytime soon once I get it. It is definitely better than 99% of the games being produced lately only EHOH is better and guess what same designer. Give it a chance and guarentee it will not disappoint.
12 days ago
Wish I had more time to really get to know this game. On the surface just spending a few dozen games on it, it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular.
30 days ago
If you want a game with ramps this is it. This is a really interesting game. It comes across as a system 11 game with a dmd added. Its easy to follow and alot of fun for what it is. I dont see too many of these pop up for sale and I got a trade on one so I took it. Give it a try it is just fun and silly.
44 days ago
I’ve had this game in my lineup for 10 years and it’s going no where
58 days ago
Very fun and visually pleasing machine!!
81 days ago
A classic 90's era pinball. Still one of my favourite. Great flow, good rules, very fun machine. After one play, you want to play it again. The original topper is a gem. Must have!
4 months ago
White water is a classic, and somewhat unique theme. Wonderful ramp shots, and very rewarding “shoot the blinking light” gameplay. Getting to wet willies definitely feels like an accomplishment, and once you are good at hitting the difficult shots, you can progress they are fairly regularly. The game has good flow and variety of shots. The only critique would be for home use, the rules are not so deep.This is a title I would see owning for a few years, then moving on. Would definitely only one at some point.
5 months ago
Games played: ~25, >100 on Pinball Arcade

Good layout focused on making the ramps as fun as possible.
This is the perfect example of how a designer can use the height of the playfield all the way from the top to the bottom.
The "upper playfield" is incredibly simple but works well.

This is the low point of the game.
There are really only 2-3 objectives: getting through the rafts, multiball, and plaing whirlpool modes while doing so.
The balancing is also really off with the 3x Jackpot and x5 from playfield multiplier overpovering everything else.

Lighting is very basic and uninteresting because of the basic rules.
Animation is ok-good overall with the muliball locks and start as the most memorable moments.

Incredibly smooth and flow-y ramp shots and loops which make the game very fun, especially with those two shots from the upper flipper.
The bad part about the gameplay is the plunge, which need to be soft enough to roll back down. Trying this over and over is just annoying.

Incredible sculpted playfield art package with the mountain range and the bigfoot.
Backglass/topper and cabinet art look good as well.

Very clever to start with pretty relaxed music that gets more intense the further you progress through the game.
Sound is lacking. It mostly announces the shots made, some grunts by the yeti and some whistle noises.

The comination of the ramp shots with rafting works well.

It is fun, but only for a few games at a time.
The plunge is just plain annoying, and then the gameplay mostly revolves around hitting the middle shots to lock balls, followed by either shooting the whilpool for a mode or the insanity falls to light it.
With the imbalanced scoring and/or lacking secondary objectives there is just not that much else to go for in terms of things that are fun and also give a good reward.
5 months ago
Hands down favorite pinball machine ever
5 months ago
Love this machine! Merge a great theme with a great layout and rule set. It will be the last to leave.
5 months ago
Love this game. Recently added to my collection. It's hard to not to smile when playing this game.
5 months ago
My favorite! This machine will be the last one to leave my collection.
6 months ago
This machine is average to me. The ramps are very cool and it has a unique color scheme. I just have a hard time getting decent scores on it I think it just isn't my machine lol. In the arcade I go to that has 40 pins it's not one I come back to very often.
7 months ago
Love this Game! easily the best ramp in pinball. Every time I play this game i seem to forget about the game rules and focus on the insanity falls ramp... I love it when the ball hits the glass....
7 months ago
This is my grail game. I spent 6 years tracking one down and when one in near CQ condition popped up for sale, I pounced.

White Water is simply coolest. Fun theme, approachable by all, with a layout and rules that are perfectly married. It’s like Tetris. Sure you can score well plodding along, but you need to put the puzzle together in order to get the elusive Vacation Jackpot. I’ve only done it once so far but it’s fun trying to get there.

Best topper ever BY FAR. No contest.
7 months ago
One of the best original themed machines of all time. Playing this makes me feel like a kid in Disney world. The gameplay is solid if not a little simplistic, but the immersive feel of this machine makes up for it all. Wish this was the next CGC remake
7 months ago
Such a classic 90’s era pinball. The artwork and music are so nostalgic. More importantly the gameplay is phenomenal, the upper playfield with the Sasquatch ball diverter is one of the coolest toys from that era. Music is top notch and charges as the game progresses. Insanity falls ramp still holds up as one of the best ramps in pinball history and when set up correctly you can hear the ball just barley tap the glass!
8 months ago
Amazing machine.
8 months ago
The theme and game play is totally cool - I love the big dippers and the flow of the game rocks. Fun, easy to understand and a classic from the 90's. Lacks a little in the way of toys but I'll always drop a dollar into one when I see it out and about.
9 months ago
White Water is one of my favorite games. I'd own one of these before any of the top 3 any day. The flow is outstanding with a great mix of easy and hard shots. Insanity falls and right orbit are two of the most satisfying shots in pinball for me. I honestly wish this had stayed a hidden gem long enough for me to get my hands on it. I think White Water deserves to be higher on the list, as it's one of the most interesting layouts compared to so many others above it. For some the SFX wear thin. The game has some opportunity for deepness, but the straightforward moving up the river and lack of "typical modes" knock it down for a lot of people. All in all, for me, something I hope to one day buy and keep forever.
9 months ago
A fun pinball, but when the "WOW" sensation will end... A little bit repetitive.
10 months ago
When I step up to WW, I get a smile on my face. Its a FUN looking game and layout. The theme is comical. The shots are just hard enough to be challenging, over and over again. The rules are deep. The music is one of the best. The music is changing as you progress in the game. If you reach a certain level(score), the music changes. Plus the music awesome. Yes WW will take your ball if you are not making your shots, but this is what makes WW one of the best games. Very fast.
11 months ago
Another very nice bally Williams game. But what else did you expect?
11 months ago
It’s a classic. If you have to own two Williams, it’d be WW and FT!
11 months ago
Just a brilliant layout by Nordman, the more you play it the more you appreciate the layout, placement of shots and scoring. A fast and fun shooter, with a couple of shots that are very tricky/dangerous to hit. Slickest ramps on any pin--a ramp lovers dream--and features the best use of an upper playfield on anything you'll ever play. Good lighting with some really nice dimming effects. Topper is off the charts, especially considering no one has been able to replicate it (the pinball community got lucky the bean counters were not able to cost cut it). Creative music that builds throughout the game and fun callouts. Nordman and team really got it right.
There are 456 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 19.

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