White Water (Williams, 1993)

White Water

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Game design: 8.595

Artwork: 8.341

Sounds/Music: 7.575

Other Aspects: 8.631

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Found 395 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 395 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Great pinball, cartoon design, fun game, fast, well-built gameplay, various game modes, excellent music, no doubt one of the Top
1 year ago
Love this game.
1 year ago
I just don't get it. This pin is impossible to enjoy even casually unless you have lightning fast reflexes, and doesn't teach them either. It isn't cheap looking but the theme is incoherent (is it about rapids? Or monsters?). So much of the game is invisible that the rapids might as well be a subway, and the effects that should support it like water sound and a continuous escalating and de-escalating soundtrack aren't there. This is a nostalgia pin or a players pin for like 100 people on earth. But as someone new to pinball it is just annoying.
1 year ago
I tried to like this game. Thought I'd like this game. Have played 2 different units, but still doesn't grab me and make me want to play more. Too much plastic everywhere I think just ruins it visually for me.
2 years ago
Over...rated! Bad game. You pull the plunger and the ball constantly drops between the flippers which you can't stop. I played and relaunched the ball 10 times before it stopped this one time. frustrating and poorly designed!

The theme is a good one. But once you go through the canyon walls a few times the game gets old. A dated game to say the least.
2 years ago
Very fun game. Once you hit shots in a row it gets really fun. Very good flow but can get a little repetative haveing to do alot of the same shots over and over
2 years ago
This is one of the best games of the 90s. Great, original layout that seems like an adventure playground with lots of shots to explore. Theme integration is excellent, artwork and sounds match the gameplay really well. Ruleset is fun, with a variety of modes and goals. One of the few games that actually has a worthwhile topper.
2 years ago
The game that keeps you coming back.

This pinball is my second all time favourite, as it is challenging, yet not overly complex.

Great design with a mix of fun and challenging shots.
2 years ago
I’ve had White Water for a long time and have played it more than any other game that I own. I realize it’s a top 20 game, but it’s still underrated. I’d say it is top 5 but it’s tough to compare it to other games because it is so unique. The bottom line is if you like ramps, you will LOVE this game. If ramps aren’t your thing, then don’t waste your quarters. White Water really flows, even with all of the ramps. It doesn’t appear there are a ton of shots in the game, but combos are the key. It’s like pinball chess and you need to plan two of three shots in advance. Miss one of your shots and you’re going to be sorry…as well as feel some other negative emotions as you watch your ball drain. Insanity Falls is a shot you’ll want to hit over and over, regardless of points or if you need it to complete a raft. It’s just that satisfying. Plus, being Waterfall champion is a nice goal in your pinball life. Don’t ever judge White Water by a game that isn’t 100% functional and dialed in. It tends to suffer more in the wild and likely gets overlooked at times. Also, it’s so unique that I probably wouldn’t pick it to be my only game for the Pinball Desert Island. But, it would be my second game for sure. Stop reading, go play White Water.
2 years ago
Love the layout and feel of the table. The rapids on the left side are awesome, the first time I saw the ball flying down I let out a small squeak of excitement.
2 years ago
Not extra deep but good rules, original classic arcade theme and really great fast flow and fluent gameplay. If you are more flow kind of player - one of the best playfiels ever designed. Its one of the genius pins which is understandable for beginners but challenging for advanced players - great fun for years.

Vacation Jackpot is one of most challenging "wizard modes"
2 years ago
This game is really fun for anyone and it is unbelievably fun if you love ramps. Probably the most fun pinball I have played. However, I don't care for the sounds and music very much and I'm not a huge fan of the art. Really like the bigfoot toy and the far left ramp is incredible. I saw a modified machine with snow capped plastics and the abominable snow man/Bumble from Rudolph and that looked really good.
2 years ago
love this game.. looked fro two years and finally got one..for me it has that one more game factor..i also like because it different than most with the lay out
2 years ago
I like this game and the ramp shots are great. The music is annoying and the shot selection could be better. It is a fun game, but I don't understand how the price shot up so much. Very approachable and easy for newbies. Ramps crack easily. It is also not fun to shop.
2 years ago
White Water is an excellent game. It's all around high in quality, and has very few flaws.

The game design is brilliant. The game has more flow than your typical pinball machine, with nearly all shots returning smoothly to the flippers. Shots are varied, and the table has many layers without obstructing the players view. Every nook and cranny is utilized to it's fullest capacity. Rules are a little linear, but they contain enough depth to keep things interesting.

Artwork is typical Youssi. Rich environments with plenty of depth of character. Sounds and music are deceptive. At first, the game's audio sounds shallow and disappointing, but quickly gathers depth and momentum as the player begins playing through the objectives. The only real disappointment stems from the sound quality itself, but I'll give it a pass since the soundboard is early 90s by design. Big Foot is perfectly integrated into the game.

Overall, this is easily one of the best pinball machines out there. I rank it very highly, and it compares very favorably to classics such as Addams Family and Twilight Zone. It's really that good. It's a shame William's didn't sell more of these--they aren't too common. This game was from an era where a lot of creative design went into making these games. A lot of love was put into them.
2 years ago
This machine punishes me harder than Frank Castle does child molesters....hard hard game for me. But thats what makes me put quarter after quarter in. "Ill beat that piddly high score THIS time...@&!?$#!"
2 years ago
One of my all time favorite Pins! Was looking for almost a year until I found a nice one to own and I don't think I will ever sell it. From the changing music as you move up the raft ladder to the fun of getting Big Foot Hot Foot there are so many fun things to do to keep you busy for a long time. The challenge of completing the Vacation Planner will taunt you coming back to win that huge 200M jackpot. Challenge accepted! Love this awesome game!
2 years ago
Super fun. Love the whirlpool!
2 years ago
Great game all around
2 years ago
A very approachable game. I'm just not sure it has the saying power of some of the other A-listers.
2 years ago
Really fun game, scoring between beginners and advanced can seem kind of arbitrary
2 years ago
A great pin for the whole family. Great fun ramp shots, great music that changes as your score gets higher. A game that you never get tired of playing...keeps you coming back for more. I'll never sell mine.
2 years ago
Of the six games in my collection, this is the go to game for newbies. The falls and whirlpool are loved by all.
2 years ago
this game rocks such a cool play-field so fast makes other games seem really slow.i keep reading comments about how the ball flys straight down the middle off the plunge I've bashed out 2000 games on mine and it has never done that once. billion plus scores this game is rocking get your tilt on and you will get high scores
2 years ago
Boat loads of fun!
There are 395 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 16.

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