Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Premium)

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Game Design: 8.043

Artwork: 8.767

Sounds/Music: 8.075

Other Aspects: 8.317

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Found 88 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 88 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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15 days ago
Huge TMNT fan growing up and still am to this day. This pinball machine definitely delivers on that 90s kids nostalgia, but something about it misses the mark. Maybe it's the LCD screen and video animations...? Overall though, this game is fun to play and extremely challenging. I can see why so many classify it as a keeper in their home, because it's really difficult to complete and will take a lot of plays and luck to accomplish. It plays fast, smooth, rewarding and punishing when missing shots!
15 days ago
Challenging but definitely a keeper.
16 days ago
Bought a premium after playing and loving the pro on location. Tmnt is a top dream theme for me, so I knew I had to own one someday. After debating between the pro/premium I can say that either option is great. Being it’s a top theme personally however, I went premium for all the gimmicks and bolted it to the floor.

Pros- Art is spot on. I prefer the cabinet and back glass of the premium personally, but all renditions were nailed by ZY. Layout has a ton of shots. Probably the most of any of my games. When you hit any of the main shots, it’s so smooth that the ball just zings around so dang fast. Sounds are great. The voice work is terrific and really good for amateur voice actors. Very well done. The code has a ton to do, but can be a bit overwhelming. So many ways to play this thing, which is great, but also some more intricate rules that only experienced players will understand. The toys are cool, yet nothing that you would really miss owning a pro imo. The van lock is really cool, but honestly the spinning disc with a magnet is even better and that’s on the pro as well.

Cons- I’d have to say it’s just too fast. It makes it challenging, which I like, but it could have been a bit slower and easier for the general public, especially given the theme. Other gripes I have is the overall quality of the machine. The playfield doesn’t have alignment mounts from the factory, and so the playfield can shift a quarter inch or so and the plunger can hit the ball properly. I had to order the alignment mounts to hopefully fix this. Last complaint is the shaker from stern. My god it’s going to destroy me he machine it’s so intense. Don’t know if that’s a code issue or just the shaker from stern. I would recommend a shaker from pinball life instead to see if it’s less intense.

Overall, this game is a blast. After getting some time on it, I’m understanding the rules better and it really has a ton of ways to play it. I sold my favorite game Metallica for his, and wasn’t sure it was a wise choice at first, but now I’m glad I did. Metallica got repetitive, and this one, with the theme, rules, and challenge will be a forever keeper. Also, the alternate game modes are a blast that really add to the longevity. Get one. Either pro or premium. Premiums are currently discounted down to nearly pro prices, so it helps deciding.
22 days ago
This machine is what pinball is all about. It is true pinball. An amazing experience every time.

First and foremost for me is my love for pins that plunge into pop bumpers. Of course you have the option to hold the left flipper down and bypass the pops for skill shots. Difficult ramp shots for both flippers, I love it. Ramps are wide enough where they're not annoyingly difficult. The third flipper ramp shot will really test and challenge you and you will need incredible reflexes to be able to hit it, but once you figure it out its so satisfying. Getting the multi-ball is relatively easy and accessible for beginners. It's Beautifully lit. Pops of color. Fast and furious. Love everything about this pin and I went in expecting to dislike it.

There are no cons, this is pretty much a perfect pin and of course I can nit-pick things I might not like but I can't say anything bad about this pin cause I need the pinball gods to be in my favor the next time I play this machine and I can't wait to play it again.

Updating my Review and Score:
I decided to go back and play it again just to confirm if I really loved it that much. And yes, I was glued to this machine all night. This TMNT was in a room with Premium Godzilla, Avengers, Stranger Things, Jaws, Venom, 007, Star Wars, Deadpool, among other Premium Sterns. My experience playing TMNT was a notch above all of those machines.

Apart from the amazing art, sound, and lighting, this game gives me what I really want. Longer play times. The multi-balls are amazing and very generous. Very easy to get to them too. I last longer playing this game than any of the other's mentioned above and the experience is on another level. Doesn't mean this game is easy by any means, it's very challenging and the game is so much fun that it makes you want to play it over and over and get better at it. My first few games were brutal but once you figure out the angles of the shots, everything turns into butter and this game is pinball bliss. It has everything and if I had one in my home I think I'd become a madman and never leave the house.
59 days ago
Like the theme
88 days ago
I currently own a Tmnt Premium and its my second. I parted ways with my first because I couldn't stand how brutal the game is. shortly after I regretted it and picked up another. The scoring is off compared to other Sterns. On a good game you could get 30 million and be happy about it. I don't personally like the scoring aspect of it. The game mainly consist of hitting ramp after ramp after ramp. Gets a little repetitive but the game is so fast that it can be overlooked. I've always been a huge Tmnt fan so im a bit biased. I think it a great game to have but in a collection. I wouldn't want it as my only or first pin.
3 months ago
There is no debating that this is a very challenging, if not sometimes outright frustrating game. However, after adding it to my collection, I quickly watched my scores start to climb on every machine. It will make you a better player, or it will punish you.

It is one of four in my collection. I can't say how I'd feel about it if I only had 1-2 games. I'm a decent player (again, thanks in part to this table), and I pretty consistently have games that drag out for 20+ minutes on many of my machines. Working from home, sometimes I just want a quick "head clearing" break, and TMNT is usually the winner. Games tend to be quick, fast-paced, intense, and chaotic. The flow is fantastic when you are hitting shots, and the ball can be snapping up and down ramps and orbits at an alarming pace. If you brick shots, it can just as quickly fly SDTM or down the extremely hungry left outlane.

Objectives are pretty clear and understandable. Scoring took a while to figure out, mostly because the game constantly taunts you with mini-modes that are not worth the risk. You have to learn what matters. My kids, wife, and guests always enjoy having a co-op game mode to mix it up, and advance further together to see what the game has to offer.

I grew up in the 90's, so naturally the TMNT theme is a home run for me. The table is bright, colorful, and beautiful. I enjoy the animations and all, and the available animation packages you can download let you go straight back to the original TV show should you prefer. I made a topper with some of my old action figures, which were safely stashed at my parents. Sitting next to my Godzilla with both equipped with speaker kits, that part of the play room looks awesome.

On the non-pro versions, the party wagon door and moving glider are really fun (once you replace the servo with a better one so it doesn't die all the time). Also, the glider isn't just a toy for the sake of being a toy, it offers some strategic play options? I find that to be very rare, and a fantastic change of pace in the pinball world. The pizza multiball is a guest favorite, and the shaker motor firing up often summons my family down to come play when I hit it. I admit, they may not be the best toys of any table, but they are pretty legit nonetheless.

I also have to call out the number of shots. It's flat out loaded with ramps, loops, and orbits.

While I understand the complaints, especially for more novice players, those that play sparingly at a bar or arcade, or those with smaller collections, I find this to be a very underappreciated game - especially for those that have a couple other games to go calm down after it humbles you! It has nearly unlimited replay potential in a home collection if you try to be a good player, because it will make you work for it!
4 months ago
OMG... just got today. is the nr. 16 pinball in our collection! very very fast and chaotic... not for beginners... music and animation just fun and every one in our family likes! for beginners can just put to 5 balls/game and will be very fun for everyone.... today we just add in the first day 60 games.... will stay for sure in our play room..... as is one of the best pinballs to have @ home as is put to free play to. :-) the 8 balls in the playfield is just ..... crazy... the many multi balls is just like the title say.... caotic! but very fun and very different than other pins! the pizza chaos... everyone likes to... many balls just fly around... very fun!
4 months ago
Love the speed and chaos of it. Hard game to master.
6 months ago
Great game with great flow. When you install the 1987 code, it is amazing!!!
6 months ago
I enjoyed the layout of this machine. I would have liked this game much more if I could appreciate the theme.
7 months ago
Perfect pin. It has everything players want. Challenging shots. Great(!) mechsnic gimmicks (turtles and ninja mb), layered ramps. On the top, theme fits perfectly. And best, price for used ones.
7 months ago
Fast game. Quick progression. Lots of different ways to tackle it. Lots of options to change up gameplay. It’s awesome.
7 months ago
Great game lots of fun
Fits the theme well.
Fast and fun i think it should be easier to know what to shoot for. Theres not enough speech telling you what shots to make and what to do next.
8 months ago
TMNT is an excellent game! The theme has been integrated so well and the ability to choose between the 4 different turtles adds another layer of variability.

The 8 ball multi-ball is unreal! The glider, van, jumping Crang and spinning pizza - amazing!

The shots take some practice, especially from the 3rd flipper but once you get the timing down it gives you that feeling. The flow is fast and you have to be ready for a ball to loop around and come back at you fast!

Stern hits another one out of the park! I with the topper did more for $999
8 months ago
What a missed opportunity this game turned out to be. A fantastic license that really could have just done so well with a good layout and a good set of rules. Sadly, TMNT doesn't offer either. The layout is break neck fast and most of the combo shots are near impossible to make for all but the most advanced players. Casual and newcomer players are going to leave this game wondering how three balls went down the drain so quickly. With such an appealing theme, the game needed to be far more approachable.

Aside from being difficult, there are just some absolutely awful decisions in the design. There are cheap drains all over this thing (the pizza spinner funnels to the middle, the Dojo often exits to the drain, and the outlanes are far too hungry. The scoring is extremely imbalanced between the different turtle selections and the points are handed out in such nonsense amounts that have nothing to do with the difficulty of the tasks.

I wanted this one to be good. It was a dream theme and the art is absolutely killer. It just plays so poorly and comes with such a bad set of code that I can't possibly recommend it to anyone and I don't want to play it myself.
8 months ago
Great game I will keep playing it to learn more, not sure if I would want it for home use... thankfully I can pay to play at several locations...loved the crazy multi ball, 8 balls? Spinning pizza ,van, toys...I do like it a lot..update by years end..
9 months ago
Very difficult game not a beginner game. Set up nice has great flow. I will keep it in my collection for some time kids love it.
10 months ago
This was my first pin. I had no idea it was such a challenging and deep game. I learned how to play it watching Jack Danger and what a blast! I still sucked at it but it has amazing multi-balls, great modes, and took me back to the 80's and 90's as I was a huge Turtles fan. Hard scoring game, after owning for a year a barely broke 30 million, but I still loved it.
10 months ago
I enjoy the multiball modes and the spinning pizza adds some randomness to the ball travel. Overall a fun and nice paced game.
10 months ago
I bought it 6 months ago. I own several machines and have played pinball for quite a while. This was the best purchase that I’ve made. Everything about this game is great. It’s one of the happiest, most fun machines that you can find.

It’s also one of the fastest most challenging machines that you’ll find. And that’s a great thing. If you own a machine you want it to be challenging. You want to always have to improve. Playing TMNT will make you a much better pinball player. My skills have vastly improved ever since I acquired this.

Trust me: if you’re on the fence about whether to get this, go for it. You won’t regret it. Very few machines bring the sheer amount of joy that comes with this one. And you’ll emerge as a vastly better pinball player.
10 months ago
Only played it a few times but really enjoyed this pin.
11 months ago
The game lacks flow and the scoring algorithm is terrible. The shots in the game are poorly laid out. Unless this game gets any major code update with the scoring it definitely will remain a disappointment.
11 months ago
This machine is brutal. Outlanes are hungry, speed is 11/10. A bricked shot is a death sentence, and shot makeability is maybe a 4/10. The glider obscures most of the upper playfield, so even situational ball awareness is tough. When it flows correctly, the flow is great. But that’s rare. The scoring is absurd, with modes that take 10 shots to complete worth 2m, while a random multiball can be worth 50m. Could definitely benefit from a scoring code update.
11 months ago
Evaluated this pin for purchase on several occasions and ultimately went with Avengers Infinity Quest; If for only because TMNT's semi-kiddie theme. The two games are quite similar in some regards, with a slight edge in flow going to TMNT over AIQ. Competitively so, Turtles is easy enough to get some enjoyment early on while learning the game flow and rule set. it's no gimme, but my 16 yo seemed to quickly grasp the games layout -flow-ruleset.
The premium's airplane divider for the ramp rails was very useful when you know the next shot needs to come from the right or left flipper. And I like this game enough to say that if I had to do it all over again "maybe I would pick TMNT".
There are 88 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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