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Game Design: 8.008

Artwork: 8.738

Sounds/Music: 8.018

Other Aspects: 8.186

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There are 47 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
Take a beloved all ages theme and make a brutal game. I almost bought this based on the theme, but I'm so glad I played it first. The game is just not fun. The theme and art are amazing. There are also some cool shots, and I love the turtle van. The gameplay though is just painful, even when I make progress. Maybe one of the most disappointing machines of all time. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like John Borg machines. However, Rush is surprisingly fun!
27 days ago
This game is fast and can be difficult. When you get it going it is smooth and addictive. Not necessarily a beginners pin but it will make you a better player hands down.
4 months ago
This game has a lot but it is all pushed down to the bottom of the PF which doesn't leave room for many shots IMO. For me it was hard to get a good game going. The PF is packed but almost too packed. Cool theme but not a great player.
4 months ago
This game is fun and challenging. Im so glad I dont get caught up in where a game falls in the top 100. I am really excited and love playing this game. The shots are challenging and the ball moves fast. John Borg is one of the best designers of all times (IMO) and delivers on this game. This game keeps me coming back so I can see whats next in the video. Only bad thing I can say about this game is the video animation of April is laughable. Overall if you like a challenging game and love the turtles, then this game is for you. Pizza multiball is so fun.
4 months ago
This theme really resonates with me, since I was a young kid when the cartoon first came out. I never missed an episode! The game does a great job of capturing the fun and ridiculousness of TMNT. What's not to love about pet turtles that have morphed into crime fighting ninjas that love pizza and are fighting an alien brain, all set in gloriousness of the 80's? The art is amazing, the music offers a decent amount of variety and perfectly fits the theme, and the call outs (even though they're not the originals from the cartoons) are very well done and entertaining.

The playfield layout offers some fun and unique shots. The ramps are challenging to hit, but the shots are very makeable. It's a very tough shooting pin and getting the game flowing is quite the feat. However, when it happens, this game absolutely blazing fast and feels amazing. The software is deep and I really appreciate the variety in gameplay offered. The team up modes, where each player can pick a different turtle and scores and mode progress are shared, are lots of fun. All pins should offer something like this! It adds so much variety to the experience. You can also play the final battle and a pizza party mode from the start. This is a great pin that nails the theme and offers a very fun and unique experience!
5 months ago
This game is so fast, and the pizza spinner adds to the chaos in a great way. This thing is a MUST for every pizza parlor!
5 months ago
A fun game, I'm not a fan of the three lanes on the left side. It's definitely more challenging to rack up points, or at least it feels that way. The colors are great, LEDS are a bit distracting at times. The animation and audio is pretty solid tho. Great play, if you haven't yet tried it, it's definitely worth a play.
5 months ago
Underrated but brutal
6 months ago
Fun game…difficult though. That right ramp shot is just brutal to hit. Lights, music and animation are great! Grew up watching TMNT, so I like the theme. Rules take a little bit of time to learn. Watch out for faulty glider diverters as Stern has been having problems with them.
6 months ago
Defiantly a shooters game, ramps and drains can be brutal but the combo shots feel rewarding when hit correctly. TMNT makes you work for a good score, its not just about hitting some ramps, you have to set up your success by having multiple scenario's going to get a great score. Art, lighting and sound are amazing, especially if you are a turtles fan. Animation is good if you exclude April's animation, don't know how they missed her poor quality animation (Mods are available and recommended). Game has build up and different out comes pending on what Turtle you choose as well as if you beat the modes or not. Each Turtle has their own strength and slightly different approach to play and the extra modes are fantastic, especially multiplayer co-op. Love the game as it forces me to be better.
6 months ago
I played TMNT Prem 10-20 times at Funland in the Brunswick Arcade in London.

It’s a bit of an odd cookie, in some ways. The graphics are cartoony, which would suggest it’s a kid-friendly machine, but the shots are non-intuitive and can feel quite hard to reach. The playfield feels quite cluttered, especially with the extra toys on the Premium model, and it can be hard to figure out what to shoot at first.

The pin is great fun (for casual play) as there are numerous episodes to complete based on the TV show. Each episode has an opening cartoon sequence and a resolution, good or bad, depending on whether you won or lost the mode. This gives a strong feeling of progressing through a story during play.

The spinning pizza multiball is impressive, as is the pizza van multiball (not sure of the official name) where balls spill from the doors of the turtle’s van. I also enjoyed how the Krang model bounced up and down when he ‘spoke’.

I would recommend this pin wholeheartedly to 80s/90s childhood fans of the TV show. It’s also a decent pinball machine. I didn’t get to try the cooperative mode, but I’d say that was a positive - especially for kids or grown-up friends.
7 months ago
This was my first pin and what got me hooked on pinball. I absolutely love this game. Both multiballs are perfectly integrated, love the spinning pizza disc, Krang toy, and the variety of playing as the 4 different turtles. The animation is very good imo. I don't understand the dislike it gets in a lot of reviews, but to each his own.

The right ramp is kind of hard to hit and I get a lot of rejects but that's probably just my poor playing skills and/or maybe I don't have it perfectly leveled (I'm still learning). The glider diverter is cool but I don't really use it much. Better players will probably like it and use it more than me. Cabinet and playfield art are wonderful. All 3 models have really nice cabinet art/translites.

I have the premium, but you can't really go wrong with any version. Highly recommend, I feel it's sort of an overlooked game based on it being a kid-friendly theme.
7 months ago
This is a great home game... family or party fun for sure, with settings to extend saves for easier kids play, coop, 2v2, etc. I've had it over a year, and it gets a ton of play every pin party we have.

Absolutely beautiful artwork. Playfield is truly amazing.
Multiballs are fun and easy to attain.
The upper ramp and Krang combo, while difficult to hit, is incredibly satisfying when you do.
Many many ways you can play this game... leveling up focus, focus on episodes, coop, 2v2, 3v1, Turtle Shell challenge, etc etc. This helps keep things fresh, and also makes the game more approachable for families or parties with mixed ability levels of play.
Fun factor is there when the shots are flowing... lots of stuff going on.
Krang is funny and a fun addition in the premium. Wish he was given more sw code updates to be even more snarky through the game.

Low scoring is really frustrating. You feel like you're having the game of your life, and you're only at 30M. Makes things like super mega jackpot a make or break milestone.
Can be a drain monster via rebounds and left outlane. Clear view for nudging and a ton of software ball save settings can make this less of an issue.
If you hate the theme, you are going to HATE this machine, especially with the theme song. This is totally subjective, but really worth pointing out with this particular machine.
People say the diverter isn't necessary, but I disagree somewhat in that it does make planning your next shot easier to avoid rebounds and not wasting time with post passes. Plus, there's a scoring gimmick that is tied to using it for cashing in glider pot, that many folks don't realize.
Animations are sometimes 'off', especially with April.
8 months ago
IMO this is one of Borg's best designed pins. I know he's famous for the Rock band pins...Metallica, KISS & Aerosmith and they are all very enjoyable but I often find myself coming back to Turtles as it has that one more game feel. There is alot to this game and it's really a well done package. I'm not a fan of the theme but the game is truly enjoyable and makes for a fun, light-hearted pinball machine with a really appealing theme for any age group. This title is often overlooked by pinball players and I think it's due to the low scoring of this pinball machine but the fun factor for TMNT is right here in this pin and it's all at your fingertips.
9 months ago
It’s a little bit of a drain magnet. But when you Stay away from the high risk shots and hit the ramps consistently it is a blast to play. Challenging for sure, but worth it when you start to get it.
10 months ago
So the killer for me is the Theme. TMNT does nothing for me. I thought it was OK and played a few times until I was board playing it.
10 months ago
Should be in the top 20.
10 months ago
I've owned this game for a while, and wanted to update my thoughts.

THE GOOD: Literally the best artwork of any pinball table, great voice acting. 3D April can be modded to be a FANTASTIC representation of the character we all know and love.

I also appreciate how many modes there are. All pinball games should have a cooperative mode for playing with new people, and the half-shell challenge is excellent for teaching you the shots. Owning this game WILL make you a better player for all pinball games because it is so hard.

THE BAD: TMNT is a good game to have in your collection, but it's also flawed. This is unquestionably the most unforgiving pinball game I've ever played. It's frustrating that your score in this game comes down to a few make or break moments. Don't have octopus for your multiball? You wasted your time. Can't hit the spinner for multiball? You wasted your time. Like all Borg games, this is very dependent on stacks. And if your stacks are set up and you drain? Well, I've been tempted to break the glass before.

There is no shot in this game that hasn't upset me, because they are all hard to hit consistently. But, that's also what makes you return to the game over and over.

TLDR: I call this "TurtleSouls." It's brutal, unforgiving, but rewarding to master.
11 months ago
Super fun game that keeps me coming back again and again. Theme is awesome and game play and rules are great. It’s super fast and has some tough shots (still need to master the lair shot), with the occasional cheap drain. You can’t beat the art package on this. It’s gorgeous. Zombie Yeti is the best in the business for a reason.

My only semi-dislikes are the music is ok and the main TMNT song will never get out of your head after playing it, lol. Also the lighting in the back box should be brighter. It seems darker then it should be.
11 months ago
Great machine !
11 months ago
I'm probably being harsh but I'm just not a fan. Shots are awful, scoring is unrewarding and if it wasn't for the art package thi machine would rate even lower.

Thankfully someone did the sound enhancement which I like, suits the game perfectly.

Overall, one I won't be rushing back to play.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Just a great all around fun game with plenty to do
1 year ago
This is a challenging game. Its not a beginners game. Like most Borg gams you are rewarded for well placed shots, but this is probably one of the tougher games I've played and the toughest in my collection. I m a 80's kid so the theme is fine, artwork is fine, and the sounds are fine but man this game is very tough and in my opinion the layout has some real issues that prevent it from being much fun. The spinning pizza can cause a lot of SDTM drains, the right ramp posts will send your ball right back down the middle in a millisecond, and non well placed shots (shots that aren't hit exactly on target I should say) can drain quicker than you blink. The right ramp has a lot of times when the ball was placed and hit correctly but because it didn't have enough power off the flipper it comes right back down for the drain. Its not a well thought out or well tested design in my opinion. Its quite a difficult game and for some that may be enough, but for those who want nice flow and fun this is probably not your game. This is a lot of cradle, pick your shot, and then try to bring the ball back under control for the next shot. With the speed of the shots on the ramps there is little use for the diverter. Honestly to me that toy is a gimmick with very little practical use during game play. The upper orbit off the third flipper is an almost impossible shot. If you were expecting an Elwin like upper orbit shot, or a ST warp ramp shot this is not that. The angle of the upper orbit coming off the 3rd flipper makes it a hard to make on a regular basis.

I would recommend this game if you are a very good player, and enjoy stop and go cradle shots. Not a flow game, but it is very fast. If you like the challenge of difficult, almost brutal, pinball machine this is a good game, if you are trying to have some fun and get a nice flow going this is not going to be it.
1 year ago
The premium is 100% worth it. The pro doesn’t feel like it should feel less than, but something just doesn’t work with the pro and premium is absolutely amazing
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