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Game Design: 7.964

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Sounds/Music: 8.068

Other Aspects: 8.303

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Found 157 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 157 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
My wife surprised me with this pin for Christmas last year, and I couldn't be happier with it.

My local places had gotten rid of their TMNTs and I found myself driving an hour and a half to play one.

There is a certain type of pinball player that is somewhat masochistic, preferring brutal challenging layouts most of all. I suppose I fall into that category.

I have plenty of other top tier games, Godzilla, Iron Maiden, AIQ, Monster Bash, and I play my TMNT more than any two of them combined.

The John Borg lightning flow is definitely present in this game as is his brutal punishments for missed shots. This game challenges me to get better and better. I keep wanting to play one more game.

As far as shots, I disagree with most about the lair shot as it's one of my favorite gimmicks and I can make it consistently. (I usually play as Leonardo). The 123 foot combo feels absolutely amazing if you can get it all in one flow. The fast paddle targets keep the game's speed up.

The theme is great and it brings me back to Saturday morning cartoons and playing Turtles games on Nintendo. I'm not as picky about the animations as others, and I think they serve their purpose well. The callouts and sound effects are spot on for me and fit the cartoon vibe.

My biggest complaint is that the score balancing in this game just feels really off. You have to either choose to progress through the modes to "beat" the game, or you have to go to maximize your score. A properly balanced game allows you to do both at once.

If this game isn't for you, that's cool. Pinball isn't a monolith and there are different machines to suit different types of players.

Despite its cartoonish feel, this game is for those who like it unforgiving and brutal. Just like all the NES games were back in my day. I guess that's why it speaks to me and is probably bolted to my floor.
18 days ago
I've had this machine for about a year now.

The layout is quite good and flowy, but nothing special either. The LAIR shot is really not good at all, it's difficult to hit and it feels like it shouldn't be that way. Combo's to the upper flipper feel really nice. Overall, the shots are quite tight though, making it a pretty difficult machine.

The code is nice, but not spectacular. Playing through episodes as modes is a nice touch, but just a standard thing to have. Training and toppings are a neat idea though. I HATE the 123 combo being triggered all the time. 50% of the time you hit a left inlane, it starts that hurry up and it locks you out of episode qualification and Turtle Power MB.

I think the pro is all that you need for TMNT as the premium does not really add any value or things that are worth it. The pizza disc is a nice toy for starting the Pizza Parlor Multiball, but other than that there aren't really any toys. So toys-wise, this isn't anything special. Gameplay however is really fun and challenging.

I love all the artwork on this pin as it's designed by Zombie Yeti. Vibrant playfield, backglass and cabinet. It all looks amazing. The only thing that is lacking is the animations. I have the original ones and they're quite boring. Some badly rendered 3D animation that make me think of a first attempt of a kid that's trying to learn Blender. The music is very catchy though. The TMNT theme song is repeated all the time, but I love it.

The game's lighting is OK during most of the gameplay, nothing special apart from starting Dimension X or Team Up. The entire playfield then lights up in red, giving off a really cool ambiance. What does bother me is that sometimes the flashers are going off while trying to hit the upper loop, making it difficult to see what you're doing.

All in all, a fun game with a great theme that will last a long time due to it's challenging nature.
25 days ago
This machine is a tough nut. Thematically, it's one of my favorites. It just feels like a much harder machine than some others from the same era. It is fast and the shots are tight. If you miss, the ball will rocket right back at the flippers, or maybe straight down the middle. It is frustrating, but I keep coming back to it. When you get in the zone and the shots are flowing (and it *does* happen), it is all the more satisfying.

For non pinheads, it is one of the best machines around. The gimmicks with the turtle van and spinning pizza are real crowd pleasers, and the theme is recognizable and appreciated by kids and adults alike.
47 days ago
Tight, well-designed layout
Challenging, often punishing (in a fun Bram Stokers Dracula sort of way)
Interesting rule set (Ninja pizza multiball toppings are cool and novel)
Really good-looking game

Not a lot of value to hitting non-lit shots; options to progress aren't terribly varied.
Can feel TOO punishing at times.
Needs the 1987 code to shine.

In short, I know this game has its flaws, but it is FUN once you get the hang of it. (Most people seem to find the low scoring off-putting.)
53 days ago
TMNT is a game that took two years for me to come around and give it a chance. In full disclosure I have not been the biggest fan of Dwight coded games in the past but Borg is my favorite designer. TMNT is an outstanding game that has lastability and the layout is fast and probably Borg's hardest to date. But once you find the shots it is really fun. I feel the biggest challenge in this game is there is no safe way to get the ball from a trap on the left to the right side. No post passing or easy shots on this one! The code is fun but getting a good score is completely on how you do on multiball, which is unfortunate because the modes are fun. Once you have Raphael up to level 4 (which is 3X episode scoring) it feels like that is the way it should have been for every turtle. If I had to pick on the code it would be I don't care for being locked out of things when Hurry ups occur. For example 123 foot locks you out of Turtle Power Multiball and this game can be hard to survive long enough to make it back. But overall a great layout and fun modes with depth it is right up there with Rush and Metallica for my favorite Borg games.
74 days ago
This game is much better than I expected.

The layout is very nice and for a John Borg game this has very much flow. Comboing the three ramps is very satisfying. I also like the spinning disc on this game although I generally don't think highly of them. The pizza perfectly blends in with the rest of the playfield art.

Playing the main multiball is a lot of fun and in general the rules are quite clear for a more modern game.

The artwork is looking very good and the animations are nicely done as well.

All in all this is probably John Borg's most flow based game which is very much fun. If you like TNMT you're going to have much fun on this one.
3 months ago
This is a solid effort from Borg and Dwight. I love that this game is a proper challenge. Many of the shots are hard and tight and take a skilled player to open it up. The gameplay is fast, and the combos are blistering. The sound and callouts are significantly better than most modern pins, as well as the animation. The molded turtle van and the spinning pizza disc are nice touches, and with some excellent Yeti art, this game starts to feel a lot closer to the old Bally/Williams in terms of overall package. Until you get to the ruleset, of course. It's a low scoring affair, but the modes are fun, and there's many different paths to choose from. Neither the code, nor the layout is particularly beginner friendly. But that's fine for me. I grew up with TMNT, and am a player that appreciates a difficult game, so I enjoy this game more than most.
4 months ago
Awesome hard title. Just a great game, theme and fun all around. I have a huge library of the greatest games to play and this one is my go to for over 2 months now. So good and so rewarding when you do good. Borg is the man!
5 months ago
One of the greatest layouts of all time. Yes it's hard but if you want to get good at pinball you need this machine.
5 months ago
TMNT was a dream theme of mine for sure. The Data East version didn’t do it for me, but the Stern production of this game made me feel otherwise! This game plays fast and can be 100% brutal, but it’s those reasons that keep me coming back. I can understand why some people do not think highly of this game, most of which have played it on location, but I will say that it plays far differently when set up at home. The shots are fast, especially the right ramp and right orbit feeds to the upper flipper, you best be on your toes and ready!! It certainly takes some time to get used to but when you do and the game gets flowing, hitting combo shots involving the Krang Loop and center ramp can be an amazing feeling! While I do wish the scoring was more balanced and it wasn’t so reliant on doing amazing during your multiballs to blow it up a bit, I can see past the scoring now that I have it at home. It’s still not a great feeling when you complete a mode and get 2mil for your efforts but at least Dwight went back and revamped it a little bit. My hope is that he revisits this one more time in the future and truly balances the scoring because I would like to see this game more in tournaments! Lastly, I’d like to talk about the artwork. Zombie Yeti absolutely crushed the artwork on all three models of this game, even though the backglass for the LE is, to me, one of his best works yet! The playfield is beautiful, the colors pop and I love looking at it in my game room! The animations in the game however definitely left a lot to be desired. I really think that Stern should’ve gotten licensing to use the original cartoons for this one, especially since it’s based on the first season. In closing, I will say that this game is not for everyone, but if you’re a pinballer at heart, this game will make you better in numerous aspects and my family and I truly enjoy it. Cowabunga dudes!!
6 months ago
Having played at a friend's house, I really really REALLY wanted one....and I got one (pro). Like all new pins, I played it quite frequently. And whilst it was fun, I actually got quite bored of it quickly.
The flow is good (and fast), but it was just repetitive.
The spinning pizza at first with the auto flipper was "wow", but it does get old quickly.
The lightshow is A1.
I've just swapped it for a JP2, which I'm really enjoying.
6 months ago
Fun but the hardest modern Stern I have played!
7 months ago
So much fun. FAST. Great theme. Should really be rated higher IMHO.
7 months ago
Difficult but fun machine. Not for me due to the theme, but if you are a moderate to advanced player, I think you'd find this game to be a fun challenge.
8 months ago
It’s a favorite of my grandkids.
8 months ago
Will make anyone a better player. Just put the time in.
9 months ago
Great game with a variety of ways to play it. Multiplayer options are unique to pinball machines. Looks great and has nostalgia.

It’s a fast shooter with challenging shots. You need to take a strategic approach to complete the game.
9 months ago
I'm newer to pinball and this was the first machine I owned. It's quite difficult. The center ramp is impossible to hit with any consistency. I don't like that you get the pizza multiball once, then that's it for the whole game.

It's quite challenging to complete any episodes in the game. I don't think there's a lot to shoot at either.

The game was fun for awhile, then I discovered others that I liked a lot more. This just seems rather basic and the code is very difficult imo.
9 months ago
I love this pin for all the challenges. It is not easy to play but can build your skills. The nostalgia with music and art is really high on this pin for me.
10 months ago
my 1 month location is close to the end (i'm already on "extras days", tanx to the OP, you Stef P. are a very nice guy), than its time to put a rating on this pin : well than, let's admit i like these "Borg" designs, than i feel relax with Turtle, even if its (much) more faster than other similar pins (cause the inner loop)... i like the code & rules from Dwight, and i feel all is working well together with the theme... my only complain with the layout is that left outlane zone, too much balls going out there (even when its suppose to get the innerlanes), in the stats i'm over 2X the right outlane... with that design, a ball falling from bumpers and/or inner loop is often going to the left targets, than down on the upper slingshot rubber, than or left outlane, or a perfect drift to the right outlane ! of course i know i can change the slope (which will change some angles) or better nudge, but but but... the right slingshot also put lots of balls in that left outlane (i've tried various power, same result)... also notice than this pin is equiped with a PP, i dont like that... and than : do i enjoy Turtle ? yes of course... is this pin family friendly ? no, absolutly not, its a "player" pin, a hard one, which could quickly become frustrating if you're not good at pinball ! than before buying one, testing/playing it would be a good advice ;) ... PS : the PRO is already well equiped
11 months ago
Have owned the game for a couple months now. Took some getting used to but really enjoying it now that I am figuring out the rules. Game really flows when you are hitting shots. Scoring could be more balanced but with the most recent update is much better. Overall really enjoy the game especially in a home setting.
11 months ago
Solid game, it's just a beauty and even the pro model feels like a very filled out package and not lacking at all compared to other Stern offerings. A fun game, but folks will find it very challenging. Has lot of tricky shots to make, some unique ideas, and the pizza spinner really I think is something that is both neat and annoying. So much of the theme is done so well here it's sad the CG animated scenes are so rough and not actual cartoons or just cartoon clips from the original series perhaps. Still it's a solid title for sure
11 months ago
Brilliant game, one of my favorites.
Plenty of tight shots that require precision to hit & as a result this game has improved my pinball skills immensely. The 1-2-3 foot & krang combos are extremely satisfying to hit, that inner ramp is such a great shot. Cool multiballs & plenty of them, fun modes that are very clear on which shots to make & the co-op mode is a superb idea. Playfield & cabinet artwork is spectacular. The lower scoring compared to other games seems to be an issue for some but I just don't understand that complaint myself. Not an easy game for beginners to step up to & even a good player can face a short game, it's that brutality that makes me want to keep hitting the he start button & beat it. Can definitely throw a few unfair drains at you & missed shots can be punished. Putting in a good game, getting through the modes & hitting a decent score feels very rewarding.
11 months ago
The pro model of this game is already rated top 20 easily. This is a challenging game due to the pizza disc randomness. I think this is a must have for any collector and it’s not like you can easily find one around you either. I just wish the scoring rewarded you just a little more points wise. There are ways to get to 100 million but even the best players will find it difficult to score that high without some luck and a good amount of tries.

PS. If you love multi ball this game has a couple ways with the pro up to 6 and the premium up to 8! Ninja pizza parlor, turtle power are some ways to unlock. Also, plenty of ball locks on the rails, in the van and in training with splinter.
11 months ago
I'm a huge TMNT fan. Grew up watching the show, movies, collected action figures. No other pin has given me such a nostalgia feeling as this one. It's a very difficult pin. Very disappointing considering this IP. This is my dream theme and its frustrating to play because of the difficulty. I wish this theme could be on any other contemporary layout. The art, lights, and music are incredible and a 10/10. The animated April model is low grade. They really should have tried to match the older cartoons or the cabinet art for her. She's a terrific character and should be fixed. The rules are exactly what I'm looking for. While the scoring isn't ideal, I love the different modes you get with this pin. Hoping the next turtle pin will be more approachable.
There are 157 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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