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Game design: 8.392

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Other Aspects: 8.553

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4 days ago
Good value. Like it better than the premium/le.
8 days ago
Just picked this one up and it hasn’t disappointed!!! Wide variety of shots and you will get punished if you don’t make them. People will love or hate that aspect as well as the theme. Certainly artwork is top level, just wish animations would match that. Great home use game, you may want to fine tune your settings/pitch so that left outlane isn’t so brutal...
9 days ago
I waited some time before rating. I have owned since December 2020. Game is a challenge with some great flowing shots. It can also bite back hard if you are not quite on your timing. Love the theme of this pin and it certainly does the licence justice. Multiple play modes are a real bonus as well.
13 days ago
EXCELENT pinball here with a fantastic layout. Smooth shots. Theme is always subjective but this game just delivers. So much happening and just a blast to play. I may own one again. Had to sell to fund another though I wished I had given it more time here.
19 days ago
It's a very fast shooting game that can be difficult at times with the spinning pizza hurling your ball down the center drain, but ultimately it keeps you involved and wanting to play more. The ninja pizza multiball is one of the best out there and there are many cool shots to make in the game. I enjoy this game way more than I expected to like it.
20 days ago
This game is better than the sum of its parts, but still falls flat in the department of emotionally impactful moments (at least for the fair-to-middling player). Co-op and choosing your Turtle are highlights of the code, and the music's good, but it's hard to compete with other games that don't have to rely on music-from-scratch. The artwork is really nice, but the playfield is way too busy/jumbled and doesn't have a consistent theme/scene or distinct zones to deliver some sort of message other than 'misc. turtles'. Jeremy's Avengers playfield is much clearer and the inserts are better thought out. Animations aren't bad, but don't hold up against Deadpool, Jurassic Park, or JJP titles.
23 days ago
I played this at my local arcade , fun game , but brutal lots of drained balls for me ,, so I found myself playing older machines , probably a good home pin, cost a fortune to play onsite .
24 days ago
This game is either hit or miss for some people. I was initially thinking that this game did not play like I expected and it was far too hard with short ball times. However, I have since set it up differently and added some resistance to the left outlane. In addition, I would suggest experimenting with pitch (I set up mine a little flatter) and the side-to-side angles for things that shouldn't happen by default. I've also turned down the plunger coil so I have more time to hit the center ramp shot. Once you tweak a few things, add a few Super Band posts, and log a bunch of games, I think you'll find this to be one of your favourite games.

I also learned to ignore most other modes and simply go after the Episodes. If you want to add some extra fun, set your Extra Balls to start coming after you complete 2 Episodes....make it harder once you find most games going past 10 minutes. Extra Balls at 40 Pizza Slices can add some additional fun as well.

I agree that if you miss shots this game punishes you badly...but that's the way pinball is supposed to be. At the beginning, I would never attempt the right ramp with anything but a backhand but now, I've learned to just be ready! 90% of the missed right ramp shots can be recovered if you expect that missing means your going to have to start flipping as quick as you can to save it...great fun.

I'm now getting my scores to 15 million on a lot of my games and have had a few great games going into the high 30's. I think this is my favourite pin of all time and I've owned several. Games that make me come back after being pissed off are games that I tend to love the most...and this one won't disappoint.
24 days ago
Turtles theme wise holds no nostalgia so any lack of true animations or voices from show may be lost on me. What I do know is how well it shoots - excellent - up there with some of Borgs best. The game can rip and a ton of fun - approachable code wise for all ages - thank goodness. Artwork outstanding, lighting and mechs (van/diverter) on the premium worked well although the pro was great without the extras. The callouts/music overall was better the AIQ next to it and fast enough to keep me coming back for more - and that’s what counts.
27 days ago
Smooth as butter is how I would describe the ramps in this game. I love the ramp shots. I love the theme and I love the game play. This is so much better than I expected. I read some comments that led me to believe it was just a so so game, but it really is awesome. So much to like, but what stands out to me is how nice and smooth the ramp shots are. It is a challenging game without a bunch of SDTM shots. The rule set is deep enough to keep you playing, but you can also just hit a few shots and get a multi-ball so you don't have to spend too much time learning the rule set to appreciate the game.
30 days ago
Well, I was a bit reluctant about the theme. And then a friend bought it and I liked it mucho. So I could get one for a fair price and bought it. The machine is beautiful in my eyes. Packed full playfield, wireramps, nice magnet/spinner, superb flow, great callouts, good sound, beautiful art package and lighting.
I added mirrors, convolux, some lighting upgrades, 3D figures and a shaker motor.

So all ingredients for a great machine are there BUT.............

One great downside to this machine is that it's brutal. Can't get upto the left ramp? Let me reward that with a ball drain. Can't get upto the right ramp? Ditto!
Ball drains occur more than ofter. Had one game (5 balls) where I was able to play 5 modes. And of course, my skills are moderate at best but it's no fun to play TMNT for me. I had that with The Munsters as well. There is no chemistry between me and both machines.
So sad, it's looking great. I switch it on, play a game, it annoys the hell out of me and then I am going to enjoy me some other game. So, high points on appearance, low points on fun and lastability.
30 days ago
This game is extremely fun. The music is very energetic, the callouts are great. The team coop mode is perfect for my family. My sons prefer this game above all others and I have a collection filled with some amazing pins.

The lair shot is easy. People complain about it being difficult. It’s identical to the away team shot on Star Trek. The outlanes are fair and don’t vacuum the ball to doom.

The 3D animations are lacking.
31 days ago
Let's visit Borg country, where TMNT is the capitol.

I've had X-Men LE, Tron (2x), KISS, Guardians, MET Premium and TWD Premium and I'm declaring TMNT as my favorite Borg layout. It's very clever and varied with diverters and up posts that will change game play. The left orbit dead end back to the upper left flipper is really cool (but note that sometimes, it's not a dead end and the ball will go screaming around the orbit).

It's an ass-kicker though. Make no mistake about it. The 1-2-3 Foot combo is fast and difficult and satisfying if you can pull it off. Damn satisfying. The LAIR shot under the left flipper is real tough to pull off consistently. Also these are not AC/DC ramp entrances. You need to hit these properly or it's drain-o.

Alone, I can hunker down and really try to master it. Casually, I can play vs. my son and he ALWAYS has a chance to beat me and does plenty. It's great to pick a favorite turtle and go. He's played this pin more than any in the last 5 years and that makes it worth it for me.
We haven't really even gotten into COOP, Half Shell or Final Battle yet, which you can start without grinding through. The pin is great, IMO.
35 days ago
This game was really surprising to me. Initially I was only going to buy for route because we get a lot of kids but then covid hit, so I passed. Few months later I had the chance to spend some time on a pro. This thing rips! It’s exactly the kind of gameplay experience I like. It’s fast, punishing and really rewards a trap and shoot play style. The pro model really has a lot to offer so I’m considering adding it the home lineup. The premium doesn’t warrant the added costs IMO. But...excellent game. Stands up to DP, IMDN and JP. If the code and rules continue to deepen it’ll be a home run.
37 days ago
I really wanted to like this game, but couldn't get into it. Too many outlane drains, and the flow felt a bit off. I love extra flippers in games, but this one feels too integrated into the usual gameplay. This machine had the shortest tenure in my gameroom, to date. I imagine it will be a routing dream, post-pandemic, but it just didn't have enough to stay in the home collection.
39 days ago
After LOTR, this is the next pin on my wishlist. Have played it probably around 50 times at a friend's house. I grew up with the Ninja Turtles growing up, so the theme really speaks to me. The playfield layout is nice with a good variety of shots. Love the Ninja Pizza multiball and spinning disc, along with some of the other features (e.g. lair shoot, April features, 1-2-3 shot): and the ruleset is really fun. Slight cons (if you can even call them that), is that the callouts can get repetitive and the game can be really challenging if you are a beginner. Otherwise a really fun pin.
51 days ago
Pretty fun layout and the use of the spinning disk to start the multi-ball is really cool and a great interpretation of the theme. But... the game is not that fun to play and the spinning disk causes a lot of SDTM balls.
57 days ago
About 100 games in and cant stop playing. Love the theme and art work. Very challenging and rewarding.

Update: I have played about 150 games and once you get the ramp shots down, the flow of this game is freaking amazing. Hitting a perfect 123 foot feels incredible. The way that the lighting is used makes some of these shots even more challenging and satisfying to pull off. For instance, on the Raphael weapon hurry up, you hit the right orbit and then immediately have to hit the center ramp to complete the hurry up, but the GI lights turn off for a split second after you hit the orbit and turn on again right at the instant the ball is coming to the side flipper. Yes it can be frustrating at first, but once you get it down its great. I still have not reached final battle on a 3 ball play, but it doesn't seem impossible and Ill eventually get there. Cowabunga multiball seems very challenging to reach, if you can somewhat consistently shoot the inner orbit and cash in on triple mondo jackpot and max krang, then I believe you are very close to getting there.
61 days ago
makes fun every time i play it. not the deepest pin i have, but the one with high lastability. a bit childish, but nice gameplay; easy to understand. pro model is absolutely enough, no prem/LE needed. sold my LE after a few weeks, and bought a pro (with shaker and plenty of mods). recommended!
73 days ago
Please take a second and read all my comments. I think I scored it high but very fairly.

First off, I will start with the negative.

-The theme song. Can get so repetitive. You can turn this off luckily (it's an option in Adjustments!)

-The theme itself maybe? I've never been a huge turtles fan...always thought it was a bit of a dumb concept even though I grew up at exactly the right age that I maybe should have liked it a bit more

-Scoring - a bit hard to understand, and I still don't. I don't understand how I can hit something like the 1-2-3 Foot Combo in one shot and then my 7 year old daughter plays a random button mashing turn and outscores me. This NEEDS to be worked on in my opinion, and can be, but if this is dialed in a bit better, look out. It is by far the biggest problem in my opinion with this game, and it would be nice if some of this was fixed. You should get rewarded for making hard shots and combos, and currently you don't, really.

Now, the positive:

-FUN. I have literally since being in the hobby (a little under 3 years) have not had as much FUN on a machine as I have had on this one. It is an absolute blast playing Co-op or 2v2 (or another variation, 3v1!) with some friends over some beers and laughing at the others' inability to hit shots, or whatever. I'm sure there will be more Stern's and other pins that have a good co-op aspect to it, but right now this one is the best I've played.

-Shots. I've heard some people say the shots are bad. Uhhhh.... what??? Maybe it's too hard for you lol, but the shots are smooth if you're a decent player and hitting things like the 1-2-3 foot combo or Krang combo is as good as it gets and extremely satisfying. The shots are great!

-Music, Lighting, Theming. Yes, it's all very good!!! And I'm not a turtles fan, although I'm sure some people reading this will be like ya whatever, I really am not. But I am more of one now I'll tell you. They did a really good job with the episodes, animation, integration, lighting (fantastic lighting, actually) and the music is great - not distracting - fun techno ish vibe music. Doesn't distract like I said, fits nicely in the background and is never an annoyance. Again, you CAN TURN OFF THE ANNOYING TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES SONG!!! The callouts are great and varied as well!!!!

-Depth. As of the current code (1.23 I think) there is TONS to do. Just, TONS. The Cowabunga Multi Ball is ever elusive (even with friends, although we've come oh so close!), the episodes have a great mix of shots, timed challenges, etc. It also has a mode like Jurassic's "Escape from Nublar", if you want to play the final showdown with Shredder. Fantastic! Add to the fact you have 4 Turtles with different perks, a bit of strategy can come into play especially in Co-Op, and the order you choose them. It's not Star Wars character wise, but I think this can be improved and really be something special! It would be nice too if the team up multiballs were a bit more... unique. Other than the starting animation, I'm not sure how they differ (but this is all really small things, it seriously has great depth and good friggin luck getting to the Cowabunga multiball!!!)

-Layout. I don't know, I love it. I've heard some people bitch about the layout or shots. I think it's great. Pinball is subjective.

-Speed and Difficulty. Not Walking Dead hard but harder then say, Guardians of The Galaxy would be a good example.. It's really fast.

Anyways if you've read this far I would imagine you are already interested in the game. It's great! Seriously. I bought it and after a week was like... I don't know... and had some good trade offers. After 2 weeks, the family and myself want this one to stay quite a while (my kids enjoy this game more than ANY I've ever had including Spider-Man, LOTR, Deadpool, Metallica, Game of Thrones, POTC, BM66 and a many others!!).

I don't understand the negativity some have, but I assume it's theme related or they don't like fast, challenging games.

Play it in a home setting, with FRIENDS AND BEERS(!!!) and you'll understand.

9/10. As good as any Stern I've played or owned. It's all about FUN, remember?
73 days ago
This game is amazing. It's what everyone goes to to play... its a TON of fun.. tons of hard shots.. and a very long lasting playability. Love it to bits and pieces.. by far my fav.
79 days ago
First off...NINJA PIZZA mulitball is amazing and is fun to watch it load every time. Alot of friends come to this one first in my collection. The theme and how well done is amazing. However trying to put up high scores on this machine is very difficult, if your over 20 million on this machine your having an ok game. Shots are hard but very rewarding. This pin can feel like it has alot of brick shots but it can also feel like they are well oiled too. Overall very fun pin, i think its the best stern pro next to the dead pool pro. Havent played the new avengers yet.
85 days ago
Seriously one heck of a good game. 123 foot, lair shot, training, etc just cowabunga!
3 months ago
Great game. One of the better Stern's the last few years. I was not a fan of the turtles growing up, but this game sure can pull you in. Very fun to play. Sound is awesome, so is layout. Cool toys and the pizza multi ball is very innovative. Have not seen the premium, but if I had the pro version I've have no complaints.
3 months ago
This is my newest machine, and the only Stern Pro model in my collection. I'm glad I got the Pro on this one--having looked at the few extra features on the Premium/LE, I came away convinced the Pro is by far the best value of the group. This particular machine arrived at my distributor slightly damaged, so I got a great deal. I want to personally thank the monkey who stuck a forklift blade through the box, particularly since he (I assume it was a "he") considerately selected the side marked "TRUCK THIS SIDE ONLY" and only grazed the plywood on the cab bottom with his clumsy spear. If I hadn't been offered the special "scratch and dent" discount, I probably would not own this great game!

My review is offered at a pretty early stage--with only 100 plays on the table, I'm still just getting the feel for it. This is a very fast game--but delightfully so. The shots are really fun, and I can sense the John Borg smoothness even through the speed. That goddam left outlane set-up is a known ball-killer, but I am losing fewer balls out the left as I learn to control the flow more reliably.

I'm really not a fan of the theme. TMNT came along well after my time, and it has always seemed like a silly concept. But--the game play of this table more than makes up for it. I will give the design team credit for nicely integrating the theme into the game. Anybody who is a fan of TMNT will absolutely love this thing. I made the mistake of watching a Youtube video of the making of this machine, and it showed the two guys (I think they are brothers, or maybe life-partners?) who voiced the call-outs. Now I keep picturing their faces whenever the turtles and villains are talking.....acchhh! Ah well. If you get this game, avoid watching that video and stick with the SDTM guys and their obligatory but heart-warming excitement over every new release.

I like playing this game more than most of the games I have tried, including the JJP Guns-N-Roses LE machine that is currently on location at my local barcade. Did I mention this Turtles game is fast? It's a hard-driving, exciting, and sometimes maddening, crazy flipping beast.

I like to mention tech issues I have experienced in my reviews. Here, the spinning pizza was making tons of noise, scratching and scraping horribly. After gathering that this is a common problem, I did what others on Pinside recommended, and dismounted the pizza spinner from the underside of the playfield, disassembled it, and applied a good amount of white lithium grease to the white nylon bearings before putting it all back together. It still makes a little noise, but it's WAY better now. I also had one instance where I had a great game going, and for no apparent reason during a multi-ball on ball three my flippers suddenly went dead, the music stopped, and the game sat there staring at me for a few seconds and then re-booted. I have no idea why. Pissed me off, but fortunately it seems to have been a one-time fluke. I have the latest code installed (1.23.0), which came out only about three weeks ago. Who knows.

The artwork on my machine is bright and beautiful, so whatever was creating the complaints with the washed-out playfield art on some early-production specimens seems to be fixed. Playfield and construction quality on this machine seem just fine so far, but I guess time will tell. I don't get too terribly caught up in all that stuff.

I'm a big fan of new Stern Premium games, but in this case I say get the Pro. It's got a lot going for it. My biggest complaint is that I have had a hard time getting to bed before 1:00am since I got this thing!
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