Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pro)

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Game Design: 8.253

Artwork: 8.71

Sounds/Music: 8.067

Other Aspects: 8.4

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This is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pro)".
The other versions are: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Premium), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (LE)

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13 days ago
Playing the pro was pretty satisfying. Would love to get some more time on it.
15 days ago
Difficult, but rewarding shooter with a ton of modes and objectives and a huge variety of ways to tackle the game. Borg's layout here is phenomenal, and when you finally dial in the shots to start comboing it's just a rush. Some people find 1-2-3 Foot annoying because of how often it's triggered, but it's incredibly satisfying to complete. Theme integration is fantastic and the ability to choose a turtle based on what you want to achieve (I take Raph to have an easy episode start and my daughter chooses Donatello for the one-shot multiball) sets it apart. Music and callouts can be cheesy, but it's a cartoon! The nostalgia and immersion are super high. Co-op, Half Shell Challenge, Final Battle - just a ton to do if it starts beating you up too much in standard play or you want to mix it up. Mode ojectives/variety are great - Slash and Ray Gun are standouts imo. And even though you skip it after a few times seeing it, the intro to Ninja Pizza Multiball is one of my favorite pinball moments.

My only gripe is a common one: For how much work some of the modes and shots are, base scoring is incredibly low. I've gotten over it and play mostly to get deeper into modes, but I also know it would be a nice mental boost to feel like those shots you just chained together for the first time really paid off.

All in all a fantastic pin we'll be hanging onto for awhile.
58 days ago
Got board almost immediately.
For me it's just ok.
Will never own it but was ok to flip.
I do like art and 1980s throwback.
59 days ago
A great machine with lots of shots, tricks and features. Theme is great for anyone who ever had kids that were into the TMNT, and the gameplay is fast paced and fun
3 months ago
It is a great game. A little hard to follow but very fun. Looks awesome but not Sterns best.
3 months ago
Fun, challenging and fast playing layout with awesome theme. The rules and game lighting just don't seem to do justice for the overall package, at least with the current code rev 1.41.

Choosing your character in the beginning could provide you with various interesting ways to play the game. Unfortunately Raphael's level 3 perk of increasing playfield multiplier seems to be way better than anything else. This makes you to choose Raphael all the time, if you want to go for the highest possible score.

The ruleset includes quite a lot of timed challenges, which you have to complete to reach the Cowabunga wizard mode. Points wise you want to complete them just once and then ignore them. Often times you start these hurry ups accidentally making the ruleset somewhat a mess. The eight modes are quite uninteresting and don't provide you with that much variety or scoring potential either.

Way too many modes mess up with the general illumination, making the playfield very dark. In some modes this effect works well (the best example probably being Fade to Black in Metallica), but in TMNT it's in my opinion used too often with too much effect.

The path to Cowabunga wizard mode includes unnecessarily many one-time type hurry-ups (weapon hurry-up and 1-2-3 combo, even max krang combo and triple mondo jackpot to some extent). This makes the path to the wizard mode quite easy if you finish every requirement on first attempt, but exceedingly frustrating if you need to re-qualify the modes.

Rating based on code revision 1.41 and a few hundreds plays in home environment. Will gladly update the ratings in the future, if code updates improve the ruleset or lighting.
3 months ago
Good game that suffers from shots that just don't feel quite right.
3 months ago
Co-op really elevates the game. Without it the pro would be super frustrating with the right out lane. For me the plunge isn’t inspired without the upper flipper.
3 months ago
Fantastic game, glad I took a chance on it.
4 months ago
Theme wise, it's not really for me. I read the black and white comics in the '80s as a teen, but was too old for the cartoon when it came out, which is what this is based on. And it does have really nice art from Zombie Yeti, although with less humor and weirdness than his usual, almost certainly by design as this is a kid-friendly license.

It's a fast shooter that's all about the combos, a lot of fun to pull these off but not easy unless your reflexes are on point that day. The three ramp shots are both the strength and weakness of this game -- they're fun shots, but it's the majority of what this game has to offer shot-wise; ramp ramp ramp ramp. The other shots are orbits, standup bars, one scoop/lock up top to start modes, and a fun behind-the-flipper shot ala Stern Star Trek. There's just not enough variety in shots for my taste, you spend most of your time on the ramps.

Rules are decent and straightforward. Easy to start a multiball, which I never mind since it gives you a goal right off the bat. Different characters enable different perks and skill shots, also a nice touch.

An okay game, but the similarity of shots and lack of things to do in the lower half brings it down for me.
4 months ago
I'm really enjoying this game. I added in the 1987 code which adds some to the game with a throwback to the old cartoon and video games.
The pizza spinner is fun and ads some additional variance to the game.
Art blades and pinstadiums really help make the game pop.
4 months ago
This is a great game with awesome artwork and a great layout. It plays fast and it can be brutal but that’s what keeps you coming back. I love all the Multiballs and it has some great call outs. This is a great game and the spinning pizza is awesome..
4 months ago
After putting about 120 games on Turtles Pro, I can say it is one of the 2 best, Stern
Pro's that I have played. It suits my current skill level very well, and although I never was into the theme in years past, I enjoy the characters now. Stern POTC is still a favorite of mine, but I will most probably keep Turtles for longer than I kept, any other Stern title. The different game modes is a big help to a player of my modest current skill level, and frankly the playfield seems to me, as populated as some Premium level offerings. All in all a great playing machine, that will appeal to most players, weather you like the theme or not. I have not experienced the brutality on left outline, that some have mentioned in their rating, so my pitch and leveling must be good. Game is on a level concrete foundation.
4 months ago
Happy with my pro. Dont need a premium. Great game. Pizza multiball is one of the best
Artwork Bright
5 months ago
Great value. Pro is as good as premium/le. Not big on the theme but game play is good.
5 months ago
The spinner is great, love the game although it’s a bit rough for beginners. The shots are precise, the game is fast, and the left outline is a beast.
5 months ago
Just picked this one up and it hasn’t disappointed!!! Wide variety of shots and you will get punished if you don’t make them. People will love or hate that aspect as well as the theme. Certainly artwork is top level, just wish animations would match that. Great home use game, you may want to fine tune your settings/pitch so that left outlane isn’t so brutal...
5 months ago
I waited some time before rating. I have owned since December 2020. Game is a challenge with some great flowing shots. It can also bite back hard if you are not quite on your timing. Love the theme of this pin and it certainly does the licence justice. Multiple play modes are a real bonus as well.
5 months ago
EXCELENT pinball here with a fantastic layout. Smooth shots. Theme is always subjective but this game just delivers. So much happening and just a blast to play. I may own one again. Had to sell to fund another though I wished I had given it more time here.
5 months ago
It's a very fast shooting game that can be difficult at times with the spinning pizza hurling your ball down the center drain, but ultimately it keeps you involved and wanting to play more. The ninja pizza multiball is one of the best out there and there are many cool shots to make in the game. I enjoy this game way more than I expected to like it.
5 months ago
This game is better than the sum of its parts, but still falls flat in the department of emotionally impactful moments (at least for the fair-to-middling player). Co-op and choosing your Turtle are highlights of the code, and the music's good, but it's hard to compete with other games that don't have to rely on music-from-scratch. The artwork is really nice, but the playfield is way too busy/jumbled and doesn't have a consistent theme/scene or distinct zones to deliver some sort of message other than 'misc. turtles'. Jeremy's Avengers playfield is much clearer and the inserts are better thought out. Animations aren't bad, but don't hold up against Deadpool, Jurassic Park, or JJP titles.
5 months ago
This game is either hit or miss for some people. I was initially thinking that this game did not play like I expected and it was far too hard with short ball times. However, I have since set it up differently and added some resistance to the left outlane. In addition, I would suggest experimenting with pitch (I set up mine a little flatter) and the side-to-side angles for things that shouldn't happen by default. I've also turned down the plunger coil so I have more time to hit the center ramp shot. Once you tweak a few things, add a few Super Band posts, and log a bunch of games, I think you'll find this to be one of your favourite games.

I also learned to ignore most other modes and simply go after the Episodes. If you want to add some extra fun, set your Extra Balls to start coming after you complete 2 Episodes....make it harder once you find most games going past 10 minutes. Extra Balls at 40 Pizza Slices can add some additional fun as well.

I agree that if you miss shots this game punishes you badly...but that's the way pinball is supposed to be. At the beginning, I would never attempt the right ramp with anything but a backhand but now, I've learned to just be ready! 90% of the missed right ramp shots can be recovered if you expect that missing means your going to have to start flipping as quick as you can to save it...great fun.

I'm now getting my scores to 15 million on a lot of my games and have had a few great games going into the high 30's. I think this is my favourite pin of all time and I've owned several. Games that make me come back after being pissed off are games that I tend to love the most...and this one won't disappoint.
5 months ago
la classe jeu rapide et relativement difficile.
pizza tournante et bouton mange-pizza vraiment sympa.
choix d un héros très bien.
et de pouvoir jouer en équipe vraiment super si il y a des adultes et enfants.
un grand coup de coeur
5 months ago
Turtles theme wise holds no nostalgia so any lack of true animations or voices from show may be lost on me. What I do know is how well it shoots - excellent - up there with some of Borgs best. The game can rip and a ton of fun - approachable code wise for all ages - thank goodness. Artwork outstanding, lighting and mechs (van/diverter) on the premium worked well although the pro was great without the extras. The callouts/music overall was better the AIQ next to it and fast enough to keep me coming back for more - and that’s what counts.
5 months ago
Smooth as butter is how I would describe the ramps in this game. I love the ramp shots. I love the theme and I love the game play. This is so much better than I expected. I read some comments that led me to believe it was just a so so game, but it really is awesome. So much to like, but what stands out to me is how nice and smooth the ramp shots are. It is a challenging game without a bunch of SDTM shots. The rule set is deep enough to keep you playing, but you can also just hit a few shots and get a multi-ball so you don't have to spend too much time learning the rule set to appreciate the game.
There are 90 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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