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Game Design: 8.043

Artwork: 8.675

Sounds/Music: 7.976

Other Aspects: 8.275

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There are 122 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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68 days ago
very nice machine but the programming is bad, in the end it bores you, that is if it is a fast machine, it would also need more multiballs
85 days ago
Very fast- lair shot I found impossible and hitting the ramps via the third flipper were tight. Took quite a few games to get used to without draining quickly- as a child of the 80’s / 90’s this theme and the art sing to me. Probably a very rewarding home use game once you dial in the shots. I like the coop mode- more of this needed in new pins please Stern.
4 months ago
TMNT is a game I (like Munsters) started out strongly disliking due to the right shots, lack of rule understanding and no particular love for the theme, but as I have played it more and more, I have comes to love this game for the multiple ways to hit shots and the basic, but very fun ruleset!


Layout is a great John Borg fan layout, with multiple hidden elements that can be used in unique ways (for example, holding the upper left flipper up when a ball comes out of the Kramg Combo loop the opposite way, where the ball rolls on the flipper and you can aim for whatever of the two shots are up there you want to hit).

Art is a solid effort from Jeremy Packer (but the Playfield is a sight to behold when printed correctly: I have heard of printing issues on this game).

Coding is well done, with many objectives to complete (In particular, the ability to choose turtle is something I enjoy, as you can pick your play style., and toppings to aid in pizza parlor multi ball).

The pizza parlor shot may be a bit tight for my liking, though it’s nit picky.

As far as I am aware, there is no way to relight either multiball. You play them once, and you are done, which makes you want to play the modes with them quickly, then just complete as many modes as you can.

Feed from the shot below the upper left flipper is a bit unjustly deadly.

I don’t have strong feelings towards the music in any way, though I don’t have a theme connection, which may be the issue.

Modes aren’t particularly valuable, which is a strange choice that I wish would be fixed (overall points lie in multi balls).

Despite my fair amount of critiques, I think what the entire package of this game just comes together as a great experience! While this game has flaws, it’s overall just a well made effort from the talented people at Stern.
4 months ago
The theme, art and game play totally bowled me over. Never thought I'd play a pin that topped my personal favorite (Circus Voltaire) but here we are. There are few nitpicks but boy are they ever minor. A tough game with that "one more chance" feel to it. 4 player options, cooperative options, multiple play modes, episodes, excellent lighting and music. A keeper for sure, it'll take an act of god to remove this game from my line-up. THE best Pro vs. Premium option out there from Stern IMO.
4 months ago
Hard as hell, but fun as hell. Beautiful art, and cool playfield. Nothing too fancy, but the game is just fun. I will probably own this game someday, and if you’re a tmnt fan, it’s worth checking out.
4 months ago
The game is hard, but that’s a good thing.
You won’t be mastering and getting tired of this title quickly.
Art work is some of the best for a theme in all of pinball.
For a Pro model from Stern it’s one of the best values.
Your not going to miss big play field mechanics going with just the Pro model. It’s also stacked compared to other Pro models in Sterns line. For the price you just get more here.

Waxing the play field is very advantageous for this pin. This will smooth out the tight shots and make it play wickedly fast.

This is the pin to play if you want to get good at pinball. The skills you gain on this machine will translate very well to other more forgiving games.

Code and lore are legit for this game if you know the show and characters they nailed it.
Light show is very pretty, choice of lighting for different modes pays off.
If you can get to the Dimension X mode the mood lighting gets you pumped.
Activating multiball is easy and its s great way to knock out a mode. Just make sure you stack a mode with an episode to get the most out of your multiball game. Pizza toppings are a cool feature for stacking bonus during multiball mode.
Try not to use the easy multiball right away so you get the most of out of it.
The Ralph and Casey Jones duel ball mode is cool too.
There are a lot of secret modes in this game you only come across if your play it a lot. I’m still a hack at this game with my highest score in the 35 mil range, but if I have seen all this from such a low score imagine what’s in store when you start racking up those pro level scores.
Super fun, gorgeous art, challenging unique game play,
and Co-Op!
5 months ago
Overall I absolutely love this TMNT pin! I just wish they could’ve used some of the original voice actors. But the ball flow is good, the game is a little fast but that’s what I’m used to. Love the art and set up of the pin itself. Overall a 9 out of 10 for me.
5 months ago
TMNT took me some time to warm up to at first. I played it in the arcade. It was pretty brutal. I'm an average player, so missing the right ramp to drain over and over was frustrating. The theme kept me around. After a few visits, getting to know the shots, the game got a bit easier. Now I was doing more than just going to episodes. I ended up trading my AIQ pro for a TMNT Pro to give it more time because though AIQ shot amazingly well and the code depth felt great, I wasn't getting much personality from it.

Now that I've owned TMNT, I'm even more happy with it. Shots are getting much easier and the flow is starting to kick in. I'm starting to thinking about when to take training modes, strategies per turtle, multiball stacking with the modes. Unlike AIQ, the voice acting pull this game together. It feels full of personality and cool moments like Slash dimension X, Neutrino Pizza Party, even just 1-2-3 foot and training feel like special moments despite their repeat. It's a difficult game that feels great when things are going right.

I could see a desire for more depth, but there is a lot to do, and what there IS to do is still quite a bit considering how brutal the game can be. Overall, it's just a fun experience that doesn't hold a candle to something like Godzilla or Jurassic Park, but I think this game is a bit more overlooked than it should be.
5 months ago
Not a fan, which is a disappointment considering how much I love TMNT. The artwork, music, sounds, animation, etc are all excellent. I haven't played with the 87 cartoon mod, but I thoroughly enjoyed the stock package. The game itself, however, is a mess. Shots are extremely tight and I never felt there was a good flow as a result. Worse, if you miss, this game will absolutely punish you for it. Almost every post the ball hits causes a drain. Extremely frustrating layout. Shots feel "off", and I could never get into a good rhythm as a result. Selecting turtles based on skills is interesting, but you'll only use 1 or 2, depending on your play style. The foot combo is atrocious and will trigger almost every turn. The shots are brutal and it will override your progress on building right ramp shots for multiball. Stacking modes isn't a possibility, so activating multiball isnt as much fun as it should be. Scoring is very low and unrewarding. Stringing together multiple shots or going ham on multiball has little to no payoff. 50 million was the highest score I ever had (Michaelangelo) and I never came close to that again, usually averaging 20-30 million on a decent game. When you drain a good ball only to look up and see a few hundred thousand points, it's a hard pill to swallow. Code could use improvement, but the added "race home" feature provided in a recent update was a welcome addition. I'd give this one a hard pass. It only stayed in my collection a very short time and served no purpose beyond eye candy, or checking someone's ego after playing a good game on another machine. Beautiful game, lousy gameplay.
5 months ago
This is a love/hate game for me. Everything about it brings back some great memories when I was a kid and was really into TMNT. I am glad stern did the classic TMNT theme and not the newer Japanimation style. This game is HARD and takes a while to get a solid grasp of the rules, scoring and what to do to maximize your score. The layout and flow of this game is very well designed and is a blast with all of the competitive modes when you have friends over. Music is spot on and theming cannot be beat. The animations need some work but I hardly look at the screen during gameplay. I can nitpick pretty hard but no reason to do so...all pins have their issues and none of them on this machine stand out as killers. Be aware that this game may not be fun for kids younger than 7. It took my son a while to figure out what to do but he currently holds the high score and has kept it for a few months.
6 months ago
Hardest game I have ever played. Not fun for me.
6 months ago
I mean.... It looks sooooo good. But it loses in the fun to play area.

It's soooo fast. Which is good. But for a Stern to be this weird about scoring is bonkers. It's so unbalanced (maybe a code update?). Sure you can play for a good time, but scoring is just out of whack.

It is fun to shoot. The ramp is super tight. The truck is a fun shot but honestly all it has going for it. Spinning pizza is what it is.

Cool features, cool theme, but doesn't add up to a great game.
6 months ago
Game is very fast and shots flow well together. This is a tough but rewarding layout. Love the theme and it is very well represented by stern. Middle ramp and krang combos are both very fast shot and fun to hit. Lair shot is one of the most unique shots I have seen.
Artwork by zombie yeti is near perfect for the tmnt theme and all the musics is very well done. Code is the one spot where it could be better and that will improve with updates. Pro is great value for a new stern. Highly recommend!
7 months ago
Can I say that I hate the theme. I'm a pinball player and not a collector, so my rating is based on the game play and because of that I rate it one of Sterns best. The loop combo you can hit and a hundred miles and hour is satisfying as is the ruleset which is probably slightly generic. The ability to play different characters also adds to the game.
Compare this to one of my faves from the 90s - congo, its an enhanced version of that game with new rules. Also compares to Tron with that loop shot - another fave of mine. I can understand people not liking it if they don't really play much pinball as the shots can be tight. If however, you're an ok pinball player, buy one. if you're a collector you'll only like it if you like TMNT.
7 months ago
This is a surprisingly fun game. I enjoy the flow of Pro a lot more than the premium.
8 months ago
This game is hard but rewarding. Borg pumps out another instant classic.
9 months ago
This is my first pinball machine and I love it! Sure it's brutal and that LAIR shot seems kind of flawed, but I can't stop playing it. It's fast, fun, and I love the theme. I was born in the 80's, so TMNT was a huge part of my childhood. It took about 20 or so games till I finally started finding my rhythm and nailing the shots. This game is never leaving my collection!
10 months ago
TMNT is a very fast a flowy game with many things to tackle. It's easy to tell that the game was designed to have combos in mind, with both the layout and software. It feels really incredible to chain together just the right shots in a row for completing the foot combo, and grabbing your weapon hurry up, and scoring a Krang combo all at the same time. There are 4 shots that feed the upper flipper, so it always feel like there is ample opportunity to make the shots there. The modes are fun and interesting. While the game might not be as deep as some, the speed and difficulty of the outlanes will keep you coming back to make it to the final Cowabunga wizard mode, and I appreciate that the rules are easily understandable.
10 months ago
The game has a lot going for it: A solid (but difficult layout) with mostly tight shots and pretty steep ramps, it definitely has the patented Borg double inlane which leads to a lot of bad bounces to the outlane, especially when the ball comes out of the pop bumpers. The shot under the Upper Flipper is very satisfying to hit and even though it is tough, a missed shot isn't especially punishing. The art, sounds and theming are all well done. The biggest issue with this game is the code, in a number of ways it just doesn't seem to work. The score balancing is completely off, if you want to go for points then you just need to focus on MB and could essentially just ignore Episodes. If you want to go for game progression though, the episodes are quite fun, all unique enough to feel like their own thing with good theme integration. Training modes are also fun, but they lack incentive for points and game progress though this is slightly rectified by code V1.41 with the addition of Neutrino Pizza Party which is qualified after you've completed two of Training modes. Additionally, there are "side modes" to the game as well: 123 Foot, April Hurry Ups, Weapon Hurry Ups, and the Krang Kombo. The problem with these modes, however, is that they don't really contribute to much in the way of points (at least not relative to their difficulty) and they provide little sense of game progression outside of being part of the requirements to qualify the ultimate wizard mode: Cowabunga. Qualifying Cowabunga feels out of place and sort of just tacked onto the core game rather than integrated in a way that feels like a logical progression through the game. Luckily, Final Battle (the wizard mode for playing through all the episodes) feels much more like a logical conclusion to the game from a theme and typical gameplay perspective, although viewing the game this way makes the "side modes" feel essentially worth ignoring.

Overall, if you look at the game as Multiballs, the Episodes, and the Mini- and Main-Wizard Modes (TeamUp MB and Final Battle) for playing the Episodes, it's a tough but fun experience. If you are looking for more depth, strategy, and a "well-rounded" game, this is probably not the one for you. Luckily, some code polish, score balancing, and "side-mode" refocusing could definitely elevate the game beyond where it currently stands. That is, if Stern/Dwight ever decide to put the work in to make that happen. Like many Dwight games, I'd have to say that the game has potential but falls short on a lot of the finer points that it's contemporaries get right.
10 months ago
This is a really fun table. Truly easy to play. Artwork is awesome.
10 months ago
One of the best value Pro models out there next to Dead Pool. The pro offers great features without feeling like it is missing out on some of the toys from the Premium/LE models. It's also great to look at. There is so much going on in the artwork and playfield layout with ramps, toys and wire forms that it feels like it is worth every penny when compared to some other more recent Sterns like Led Zeppelin.

For a title based on a children's cartoon, it can be a tough game. When your aim is on, the flow is great, and chaining ramp shots feels really gratifying. When hit perfectly, the Krang combo, 1-2-3 foot combo, or chaining left ramp to right ramp to ninja pizza to start a mode is lightning fast and feels amazing. That being said, if your aim is off, shots like the lair, ninja pizza, and the tight right orbit can feel clunky and add to frustration. Not that you need more frustration, since the gaping left outlane provides more than enough frustration for most players. The spinning pizza disc adds chaos to the playfield and forces the player to stay on their toes as it imparts spin or throws the ball towards outlanes and drains. If the game has too much pitch, some shots can no longer be backhanded (left ramp). The right ramp seems to always be accessible by backhand, and feels good doing so.

Since the 1.41 code update adding final battle and half shell challenges accessible from the start, and some tuning, it has really helped the game. Half shell is a blast, and is great to start up for the younger or more beginning players as it will keep relaunching the ball until they make the shots giving a more forgiving experience. The Co-op feature is also great to get younger players into the game, or just to have fun with friends with the ability to have 1v3, 1v2 and 2v2 battles.

Some tuning still needs to be done. Multiball modes have some blinding lighting effects that make you lose sight of the ball, which seems a bit unfair. The 1-2-3 Foot combo needs to be reworked since it seems to constantly trigger, and has what feels like a meager payout for the effort. Scoring in general is low, and some of the Turtles could use some rebalancing as Raphael is really the only character to choose if you are chasing a high score. Donatello is almost handicapped since it all but forces you into turtle power multiball before you can start a mode and really build up your score. The lair ball save timer is a must to set, and really should be the default. Stern should also add a launch ball save timer option as it can be frustrating to lock a ball, and then the launch sends it for a center drain.

All in all, it's a hugely addicting game that challenges the player with a lot if fun shots to explore. While it can be frustrating at times when not on your game, I find myself coming back to it again and again.

*Edit* I updated my ratings after I owned it for a year or so. Scores dropped on lastability (I played it a lot but ultimately let it go), lighting (those flashers blind you), and layout (there are some clunky shots that required too often)
10 months ago
For me, the Pro Model is the way to go. The Premium and LE didn't provide enough extras when it came to the cost. As far as gameplay goes, I think it is fun. It is fast! The shots are not easy, but thats what brings me back to the game. When I post a good score it feels deserved. Maybe not the game for someone who is new to pinball... You might get frustrated. Stick with it!
10 months ago
I was very excited to try one at my local spot but covid hit and they stopped pinball. I was so eager to play and finally found a great deal on a used one. I was very eager to check out the co op mode. What a great idea. It’s very well done with the theme in that it’s fun like how the turtles are. Fun for anyone and every level. Kind of reminded me of an inverted whirlwind. The pizza multi ball magnet when the pizza spins is awesome. Shots are a bit tight but there are some good ones. The lair shot was a cool one but the ball would drain coming out of it. Love how the shots change with each turtle. I found it drained a lot. I would lose almost every ball via drains every game which got to be frustrating. Call outs got to be a bit repetitive after awhile but I thought the music was good. I found myself singing the turtles song all the time. Eventually parted ways with it but I would still play it out if I saw it.
10 months ago
On theme alone, I was expecting this one to be bolted to the floor. Borg put together a pretty decent layout, but it was all put to waste with the Dwight phoned in, completely uninspired coding. As much as I liked hitting the shots, the code sucked out the joy. After two weeks, I didn't even turn it on. Dwight needs to put more time into these games, and actually FINISH them! No more Dwight games for me. Hopefully they partner Borg with someone else for his next game.
10 months ago
Wanted to love this game. The whole art package is amazing. Just feels like I played this game before with a different art package. Think Tron. Right ramp was not so fun to hit. I actually love the animations, some people don’t. Wish the layout offered more. Tough shots too.
There are 122 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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