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Game Design: 8.368

Artwork: 8.74

Sounds/Music: 8.426

Other Aspects: 8.412

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This is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (LE)".
The other versions are: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pro) (regular version), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Premium)

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There are 54 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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44 days ago
This is another machine I keep going back to. Although the theme will attract newbies, I think the rules are geared towards the more advanced player. This game plays well and has a lot going on on the playfield. The pro version is also very good.
62 days ago
Wow you can’t ask for more it’s jam packed and the perfect package!!!

Super fun game with so much variations it will keep you coming back for more!!!
76 days ago
Buy a pro. But if money is no object. Get a LE.
IT is a little better
3 months ago
So I've owned this game for a few weeks now. Was actually looking to buy the Pro, but since Premiums and LEs were the only ones available... sorry wallet!

But man, this game is just soooo fun! Very fast, very smooth, very chaotic! It just screams "fun". I think Jack Danger called it the first time he set it up, dubbing it a "flow monster". The ball just whips around this table like no other game I've played.

And I really REALLY need to talk about the music. God damn. This thing bumps. So many awesome songs that just suit the theme and action perfectly. Like, the music is a huge motivation for me to get different modes going. I'm not being hyperbolic when I say it's the best music I've ever heard in a pinball game. Sure, some other tables have 1 or 2 iconic tracks, but this table? Every song is a banger!

Art is stupid good too. Zombie Yeti in his element, drawing turtles in the classic cartoon style, but with his own twist on it. Literally perfect!

Lights are insane, and if you or a kid you have has a sensitivity to flashing lights... Oh boy, this table will be entering a world of pain. But, for those of us who love to be flash banged, and can't get enough HDR, this table is just wild. Like, I'm sure it might be annoying for some, but I kinda like how obnoxious the lights are. When you blow this table up, it's like fireworks going off. Just so damn fun!

Only bad thing I can say about it are the screen animations. They're very "meh". Serviceable, but that's it. Considering how awesome everything else is, they kinda disappoint by comparison. My wife was like "they should have done the animations in the style of the arcade games" YES!!! Who did Deadpool's animation? That's what we need here! 16 bit animations would have made this pin a 10/10.

Such a damn fun game. Sorry, I can't stop saying that. The pizza spinner multiball, the truck unleashing the turtles, the pizza eating button mashing, the glider diverter. It's just a lot of fun!
3 months ago
This a really fun game to play. John Borg did and his team did a great job designing the layout and the art package is beautiful. I think a lot of people can't get past the theme. If this layout was used for a more universal theme I believe it would be rated higher then it is. Pick this one up-it will surprise you how much fun it is.
4 months ago
This game can be brutal to play. It is difficult for the casual player and the spinning pizza frequently causes to drain down the middle which is infuriating. The art work is amazing, as I’ve come to expect from Zombie Yeti. The theme is a classic that I grew up with. The spinning pizza is keeping me from loving this game and is the reason I’ll never own it.
4 months ago
I was not expecting to enjoy TMNT as much as I did when I had a chance to play an LE on location. My first thought upon seeing the game was "This is one hell of a loaded game". The game has a lot going on it with multiple toys / features that are miniature interactive mechs based on items from the theme. The toy van with physical lock is a great physical ball lock, one of my favorites in pinball. The dual direction spinning pizza disk adds a lot of variety and unpredictability to the game which is a nice. The glider ball diverter is an actual molded toy and is very useful for setting up your next shot. Finally we can't forget Krang, what a cool physical toy.

The ruleset on the game is what surprised me the most. A lot of modern Stern, probably a majority of the, seem focused on scoring points for tournament play versus playing a deep objective based ruleset. The rules in TMNT feel entirely objective based with unique moments coded throughout. There's 8 main modes in the game but another entire layer of depth is added based on the turtle you pick as well as if you choose to level him up. The training modes (leveling up your turtle) are basically another set of 4 modes. Add the main 8 modes, the 4 training modes, two main mulitballs, and 3 wizard modes and you have one heck of a deep ruleset (there's more there as well). Music and sounds are also top notch as is artwork. Stern did a great job on the callouts for this pin. My only criticism so far about the game is the animations, Stern should have put more effort into this area.

Again, I was not expecting to enjoy TMNT as much as I did. After playing the LE on location I ended up ordering a TMNT premium a few weeks later for my own collection.
4 months ago
Amazing theme, garbage shot layout. Way too over engineered, no shots feel good or flow well. Lair shot will sometimes reward you with a outlane drain. Mode start shot way too hard to hit. Nothing but a pretty box of lights and art.
4 months ago
The LE edition is absolutely beautiful. Love playing this pin!
5 months ago
Want to love this. Art is great. Upper half of the playfield is great. The lower is, crap. The lair shot is compromised to place the upper flipper where it is. The lair and april targets are boring. Oversized give me shots that might as well not exist. Ruins an otherwise great game.
5 months ago
This game was really surprising to me. Initially I was only going to buy for route because we get a lot of kids but then covid hit, so I passed. Few months later I had the chance to spend some time on a pro. This thing rips! It’s exactly the kind of gameplay experience I like. It’s fast, punishing and really rewards a trap and shoot play style. But...excellent game. Stands up to DP, IMDN and JP. If the code and rules continue to deepen it’ll be a home run. Update: My route opened back up. Got a pro...it’s a showstopper. There is literally nothing to complain about. Insanely underrated game IMO...and I’ve played em all. It’s a top 10er, no doubt.
6 months ago
I bought NIB and first day hated it. After a few days of questioning my purchase I played it again. I can't get enough of this game. It's the only pin I want to play.


The artwork is awesome and very well done. I have a premium and in person the artwork is amazing. The playfield is even better. The light show is fantastic. Multi-ball on this is a blast and gets everyone's attention. Watching the balls come out of the Turtle-Van along with the music cool. Working through the episodes and other tasks is challenging, but fun. It is a fast game and you have to stay alert at all times.


I feel this game could have been one of the greats if they would have made the openings to the ramps a little wider. There is no forgiveness in this pin. Scoring is a little disappointing especially when you think you are killing it look up and see your score. Lastly maybe its a setting when you start an episode and drain a ball the episode is over. I kind of wish trying to beat the episode continued.

On my pin I upgraded the speakers and did a light kit. It completely changed the look for the better.
6 months ago
Keeps me coming back for more.
8 months ago
A really good game!! The LE has excellent art, sound, and gameplay!! I do not care about theme, or the fact that the game does not use the original voices from the show!!! The animations can be fixed with the 1987 rom!!

I think this is Borg´s best design for Stern!! The rules are also really good, and encourage you to complete things for higher scoring!!

This game is RADICAL!!!
8 months ago
fun game, the pizza multiball pizza disc is a cool gimmick. great for a family
8 months ago
Amazing game.. should be in top 10... won't disappoint.. hard shots.. easy shots.. deep code.
9 months ago
TMNT LE is a very challenging and brutal game. With that being said it keeps me coming back for more and more.
9 months ago
I remember buying the original comic book in black and white.

The Pros:
The best layout Borg had ever produced. The shots are spot on and this game flows like few others. Shooting this game is pure pleasure. Multiple playing and co-operative play modes means that Stern has been paying attention to what Scott Danesi has been bringing to pinball and this will probably come standard with most Stern pinball games in the future. More people playing pinball is a good thing. The layout is FAST! Shooting to the upper flipper accurately means that your twitch skills are on point.

The Cons:
Some people will not like the theme. Those people have lost the child within their souls. The biggest "if" with this game will be the ruleset. Will Dwight get this one right? I think he has been listening to Keith and taking notes. Tourney players will find the exploits and rip them to shreds...

That song will not get out of my head...

I am big on player choice in relation to diverters on a pinball game. Considering you can make nearly every single shot on this game from the right flipper, you might as well keep the diverter always sending the ball to the right in line. A little disappointing, really.

The Takeaway:
Whether you like the theme or not, this game shoots like a dream. The Skittles colored art package means that kids of all ages will like looking at and playing this game. This game shoots and plays well. Let's see what the regiment and refinement of this design brings. First impressions... I like it and I believe it will earn once we get past the plague-times.

You can make every shot on the playfield except for the right orbit and the right stand up with the right flipper. Once you get the timing down you get back and the right ramp even on the premium and limited edition. While it doesn’t detract from the quality of the design, it does mean that some of the techniques that you would use to access the playfield and it’s entirety artist difficult as it may seem initially. The rules are good. Not great. I know that this will change and refinements will be made just as every other string pinball game has been for the past 15 to 20 years. However that’s a big difference between pinball games today. Do you have a programmer who knows rules, we have a designer who knows the rules and the design. This is the next generation of pinball designers coming up now. And even a great playfield can’t compensate for anything other than a brilliant rules and design integration anymore.
10 months ago
What a game! Game is not a wood chopping snooze fest. Game makes you think about the best way to play it. I love the animations and the art. We had a few teething issues but the more I play it the more I like it.
10 months ago
Game is so much more fun when it’s not setup to make money. When pitched over 7 degrees the game loses all the side to side action which limits the lair and April shots. The game is super fast already and pitching it over 7 will lead to balls jumping off wire forms and lots of air balls. Rules are unique as well. It’s somewhat linear, but still offers lots of variety on how you work your way through the pin. Really enjoying this game, but I’m slightly bias due to the theming. Makes me smile every time I play it. Def put the rubber on the left outlane post. Makes the game a lil more enjoyable if your looking to have longer ball times.
11 months ago
I bought the LE and this game keeps me coming back. It is very challenging to keep the ball from the left out lane drain! Call outs are so well done and hilarious. Rules make sense and if you concentrate on control and not hitting loops (addicting) you can score well.
The coop mode is great and really increases the playability. Being able to challenge the final battle and general rule set is very well thought out.
Classic Borg!
11 months ago
One of my all time favorites!
11 months ago
Well... it was nice to go out and finally play a new machine. With this new edition from Stern, it was WELL worth it. TMNT was a hit cartoon when I was in my 20's. It was my understanding that the original creators created it as a joke. Then they went and made a billion dollars off of their "joke". The charm of the thing aside and with all of my jealousy considered, I hated them AND their creation. So needless to say, I am not a big fan of the theme. However this machine is TOTALLY awesome. The whole point of pinball is FUN... and this game has it in spades. There are numerous multi-balls, which are crazy and FUN; numerous things to do; great shots to make and the charms of the TMNT franchise are intact as well. Stern is on an incredible roll with most of the machines that they have produced in the last half-decade ranging from very good to spectacular. This one definitely leans more towards the spectacular. But most importantly, it is so much FUN to play.
1 year ago
Seeing as I never thought I'd buy anything but scary pinball machines, this was a bizarre one to pick up. Just as bizarre as the time period we're currently living in, the game has made it's way into my hauntcade, and is quite a fun one to say the least! Never being a big fan of the basic pro models, this one was no exception to that rule. The LE is by far the best representation of TMNT, just by color choice/artwork alone. The pizza spinner is a blast, the van multi-ball is not to be missed, and the flow is quite outstanding. Overall one of my favorite Borg titles. A keeper, and probably a winner in the arcades too, if that ever fully comes back again...
1 year ago
All you fan boys need to calm down on your 9.860 scores.

This game is really good. But it's not THAT good. It just isn't.

Lots of choices. Lots of options. Lots of shots. Lots of lights. But that doesn't make it the best game ever. Slow your roll.

First, the playfield is very cool with the layout, but the shots are not consistent. The upper flipper shots are really hard. And again, not consistent. The ramps are extremely difficult to hit on a consistent basis.

Do you get the theme here? It's not a consistent game. It's got a million gadgets and sure it's fun. But seriously you can play for a very long time and not score at all. Then, you can drain a ball in 30 seconds and score huge.

Flows, plays fast (really really fast), it's even controllable to a point. But NOTHING in the gameplay is consistent.

The theme is great! The modes are great. The videos and all that. Great.

Fun game to bang around on but it's not really a serious like, spend time on and do this type pin. It doesn't stack up.
There are 54 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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