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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (LE)

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This game received 87 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.530 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". The group itself ranks #16 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.508

Artwork: 8.638

Sounds/Music: 8.425

Other Aspects: 8.509

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (LE)".
The other versions are: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pro) (regular version), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Premium)

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Found 31 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 31 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Seeing as I never thought I'd buy anything but scary pinball machines, this was a bizarre one to pick up. Just as bizarre as the time period we're currently living in, the game has made it's way into my hauntcade, and is quite a fun one to say the least! Never being a big fan of the basic pro models, this one was no exception to that rule. The LE is by far the best representation of TMNT, just by color choice/artwork alone. The pizza spinner is a blast, the van multi-ball is not to be missed, and the flow is quite outstanding. Overall one of my favorite Borg titles. A keeper, and probably a winner in the arcades too, if that ever fully comes back again...
8 days ago
All you fan boys need to calm down on your 9.860 scores.

This game is really good. But it's not THAT good. It just isn't.

Lots of choices. Lots of options. Lots of shots. Lots of lights. But that doesn't make it the best game ever. Slow your roll.

First, the playfield is very cool with the layout, but the shots are not consistent. The upper flipper shots are really hard. And again, not consistent. The ramps are extremely difficult to hit on a consistent basis.

Do you get the theme here? It's not a consistent game. It's got a million gadgets and sure it's fun. But seriously you can play for a very long time and not score at all. Then, you can drain a ball in 30 seconds and score huge.

Flows, plays fast (really really fast), it's even controllable to a point. But NOTHING in the gameplay is consistent.

The theme is great! The modes are great. The videos and all that. Great.

Fun game to bang around on but it's not really a serious like, spend time on and do this type pin. It doesn't stack up.
12 days ago
Love this game! The team up mode is crazy fun! I am able to get a bunch of friends together and the people who don't play actually pinball can really get into it because they are rooting for their "team". I get why they did not do this when memory was limited... but why every machine going forward would not have Co-op would be beyond understanding. Co-op is a brilliant concept. Good job Stern!
15 days ago
I’m a die hard tmnt fan so I might be biased
17 days ago
Best looking Stern so far, and the game is pretty good too
22 days ago
Crazy fun , very challenging game. There are so many hard shots to make in this game. It is very challenging. I feel I need to put some time in to really learn the rules and the shots to be successful at this game. It is not for everyone as my partner does not like it, she wants to step up a to a game and have some instant gratification and success. I did not find that this is the case with TMNT , you have to make some hard shots and learn the rules to be successful at this game.
27 days ago
I have been playing TMNT for a couple weeks now and want to give it an honest review. The pin Is without a doubt super fun and playing the different turtles is pretty cool because you kind of decide if you want to play more to place the ball on skill shots or have quick multi balls. Having the four turtles to choose from is amazing. Sometimes I will jump on Leonardo and just try to hit the lair for 30 min, and then go for the training shots. My kids will go for the Donatello Ramp for multi ball. If I am playing buddies for points, I will go for Leo or Mike. I love the Game. You get four different sets fo rules from the start. Brillian game.

Where TMNT is truly amazing is the team up a vs players modes. I am positive that this will become standard on games in the future, because now I can play my wife, 5 and 10 year old and everyone is having a great time rooting for their team. TMNT will always be able to say they did something new and everyone will race to copy their great idea.

The playfield is a little more crowded than other games, but somehow it works and the flow is still really good and fun. I love my TMNT. This will be one of those games that actually did something new and there is no reason that every pin in the future will not figure out a way to copy the great ideas on teaming and cooperative play.

Honestly an amazing game. Love my Elwin flow games, MMR, Wonka (for my kids) but this game is one that will stay bolted to my floor. The Code is great, but if they continue to update the code further... this will be a top 10 game for the next 10 years.
30 days ago
One of Borg's best with a decent ruleset from Dwight and team. Code is easy enough to understand but deep enough to keep you coming back for more.
36 days ago
Very fun game. Incredibly well lit, lots of toys, great music and call outs, plenty of shots, and amazing animations. It really has a lot going for it. I like the turtles, but I wish it was based on the movies or the graphic comics instead of the Nickelodeon turtles. This is nit-picking a bit, I know.

I also find it a bit strange that multi-ball is so easy to achieve. I enjoy it, but it just seems that it should take more effort.

Besides those 2 small things, this game is near perfect. I'm sure it will do well in a home lineup or on location.
38 days ago
This game is flat out fun. There are some issues with it the ball flies up the ramps so fast they hit the back of my diverter toy it broke it. Coming off the Covid Shut Down I think Stern didn't have their A team working on the game... there are other issues. But as a design its a 10... super fun game.
40 days ago
I recently had the opportunity to play the LE model of this machine. This is a review based on a single play opportunity. The team Vs./Co-op play feature was not performed.

This is a focused, non-biased, non-owner hyped review. I refuse to provide a rating based solely on a motive of those who want to provide false reviews (both overly positive AND overly negative) for the sake of popularity contests among, of all things... pinball machines.


Upon first impression, I took notice of the vibrant colorful cabinet and translite artwork. Multiple characters are represented and placement of the elements is done quite well. The playfield artwork is well represented also, as it features many characters from the series. Quite a colorful game and one of the best looking games that you will come across today. With that said, this machine may not be for everyone as far as looks are concerned. The artwork design is the very friendly, kids style version of TMNT. For those who are more fond of the gritty 80s style comic book artwork variation of the original Ninja Turtles, this may be a limitation in your desire to own it. With that said, I think Zombie Yeti took the right path from a sales standpoint with his artistic vision and the parallel it carries with the late 80s/early 90s TV show era (as it is the most commercially viable and easily recognizable era of the franchise.)

At the start of the game, you are allowed to select which Ninja Turtle you want to play as. With each profile, there are attributes provided that are unique to each character. It's not entirely clear what each Turtle means to the game upon first play, but i'm certain with time it becomes more evident. I'm sure there are some players that would like a little more clarity on what specific things mean. However, I can appreciate the simplicity of the onscreen text and I can totally understand there are also players who enjoy the art of discovery. Strategy definitely comes into play as you become more acquainted with this game. Rules appear to be balanced based on each Turtle. Game depth seems to be well regarded by the design team.

Game layout features two orbits (and one side orbit), three ramps (including a side ramp), some bar targets (which i'm not too fond of), a spinner, a ball diverter, a spinning disc/magnet , and a shot that features a physical ball lock represented as the Turtle van. If you enjoy fast pinball, there is a wide variety of shots that can lead to combos or repeats. While personally, I do enjoy ramps and orbits, I find that there wasn't really a shot in this game that required any sort of skill or difficulty. There are many familiar elements from other pinball machines that date back to the 1990s, specifically those that feature a 3rd flipper/side ramp. This is not entirely a criticism, but simply a notice of high shot familiarity based on first impression. I found myself easily hitting the side ramp and repeating the inner orbit multiple times. Orbit shots led to ramp shots and vice versa. Truthfully, it didn't feel like anything new to me. Although the game played smooth and quite well, every shot felt easy and not overly satisfying. However, I will not deny that this is the style of pin that will definitely win over people who prefer multiple ramps and fast orbits. I think this will be an excellent machine for new players to get acquainted with as an all around fast style machine. Beginner players will certainly find enjoyment in the way this machine plays. I suspect that intermediate/expert skilled players will definitely find that there are a number of easy shots.

Sounds and music are, of course, elements of the world of TMNT. Some purists may be critical of the original voice actors missing from the original TV show but I find that it's not a big deal. I assume it was Splinter who was narrating some of the game play. The evil Shredder voice made me crack up a bit. I think it would have been nice to have a little more variation the steer away from the original theme song. There are other songs featured in the pin, but I would've liked to hear a little less of the original theme. Atleast there is an instrumental variant without the lyrics.

LCD images are bright and colorful and are reminiscent of the early 90s show. I don't feel confident in calling them true animations, however, as they are mostly images with minimal movement. However, I didn't fell this was any sort of setback in my experience. I like that the design team didn't use any previous existing material and made it something of their own.

My takeaway:

Super fans will dig this pin. I was a fan when I was a kid in the early 90s, but I carry no heavy nostalgic connection to this pin, despite being quite familiar with the characters and basic story of the franchise. However, I will not deny that this pin is a vibrant, colorful representation of it's theme and I have no doubt that other folks who grew up in a similar time will feel the nostalgia. Gameplay wise, I just felt it was lacking any interesting/challenging shots. (Looking at you Deadpool ball lock ramp...) Ultimately, it did not hold my attention for very long.

Recommended for the diehard fans and families who enjoy fast pinball loaded with far-too familiar ramps and orbit shots. Higher skilled players may appreciate the depth of the rules and strategy, but may find that this is an easy shooter. Overall, your level of nostalgia (or lack thereof) will also play a factor in how YOU feel about this machine and it's lastability.
41 days ago
I'll start by saying I only played this a dozen times so my rating may change. However, I thought that this was a great new pin by stern. I actually like the theme and the quality of the animation is similar to deadpool. Great call outs for being so new with the code and I love the spinning pizza.

I'm do not have of all the rules since I played Donatello the majority of the time. I'm sure I'm going to have to adjust my rating but this pin was much better than I anticipated and I actually like this better than Jurassic Park.
44 days ago
I have owned JP2, BM66, GOTG, Munsters from Stern. This is the best Stern I have played, even more than JP2. It's fast and has flow. It has an engaging rule set. Perfect theme integration and art package. Sound and animation, perfect. I didn't think I would keep long term, but I really think I will have for a while now that I have had it for a few weeks.
51 days ago
(PInside so called top 100 is a pathetic joke, as predicted TMNT debuted #1 for 2 weeks and then the old schooler crowd did everything in their childish power to bring it down to #12, with low false ratings so their sacred cows stay at the top. Old school duffers are good at manipulation... Lol)

(Please old schoolers, judge this game on its own real merits, after playing it. Not making it a popularity contest between modern games and the (very old) good games of the past 20/30 plus years. TMNT should stay at the top of the chart, unless ol’ school gamers do what they typically do and give it low false scores, so their sacred cows stay higher. This is the main problem with top 100. Because it really isn’t the best games listed at the top and most have never played TMNT. They will give it low scores over jealousy.)

TMNT has depth, with an incredible layout, once its dialed in and setup correctly. Some of Stern’s best animations and graphics are in TMNT, although hope they improve April’s look. Jerry Thompson knocked it out of the park with awesome sounds and music galore. This game is a family crowd pleaser in so many ways. Even mom has more fun being able to team up with us more active players.

The LE artwork is some of the best theme wise of any machine ever made. Jeremy nailed it! Beautiful to look at even while not playing and the lights are off. Light show is purposeful and not just a bunch of blinking and cascading LED’s to look pretty, as some machines seem to do in the modern era.

Last-ability in the home is paramount and TMNT has that in spades! Borg gave us one of his best layouts ever, which is saying something, with his back catalog of games.

Dwight really cares about the code of TMNT and it shows. He has included so many new and exciting game modes, with unique gameplay. This game marks a new era and really takes pinball to the next level. Hope all games get this kind of treatment from now on. Wish Dwight would revisit Munsters and give it this kind of love, as it deserves it too! You can tell Dwight is much more passionate about TMNT, than Munsters.

Stern hits a grand slam with a package that looks and feels loaded with toys and fun. Great job Stern team!

Edit: Must admit before TMNT arrived, was questioning buying TMNT after seeing some say it can be brutal. Thought, well this one might not last long in my collection, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is staying and the concern I had about it being brutal is gone. The pizza wheel spinner for example, is smartly programmed and designed to keep the ball from going SDTM. Think correct setup is key with this game to dial it into what John designed it to be. In contrast JP2, I do consider to be somewhat of a tough shooter and can be drain crazy at times.

After playing a bunch of games, can say without a doubt, TMNT is the best playing smoothest machine I’ve ever played! And that’s saying something, since I’ve owned or own various top tier games. Played almost every machine from every manufacturer old and new and TMNT hands down in my opinion hits on every cylinder. This should be a “game of the year” contender, but is a tough year going against AIQ as well. TMNT layout is top notch and there are so many pinball moments. So glad I own this LE machine.
52 days ago
I didn't know turtles smoked it....nice machine and all, but cmon man...pull these inflated rating down already admins....
52 days ago
Fun game! Covers all skill levels w / c.o.o.p feature for-me its The best stern To date!
Great art, relatable theme, nice light show, very colorful!
I enjoy the shots. And pizza wheel magnet separates it from other spinning discs. And this pro is loaded!!! Jump on one and enjoy the ride!
56 days ago
I own this game and absolutely love it. I have played it non-stop it is fast and fun!
57 days ago
Very happy to have this as my first NiB LE. This pin is fast and fun. It can be challenging but once you start getting the shots down you can really flow the ball. The art is amazing and the mirrored backglass looks awesome. I love the powder coat color they chose. This has moved to be one of our favorites. The new 1.10 code adds the shredder wizard mode from the start which is a blast to play and the kids really enjoy co-op. Very happy they put out a title with fun code early on.
59 days ago
The game is INCREDIBLE!! The game shoots so fast and has so many things going on at once which will keep both novice and advanced players busy! Co-op mode is a game changer and you now finally have a way to play pinball with all your friends even if some are pros and some are quick ball drainers....this makes this machine a great one for anyone’s collection and expect to see every pinball machine moving forward to have this mode!
60 days ago
I've been playing this for a few weeks and remain quite impressed. Stern really has stepped up their game with this current release. The game is smooth, smooth, smooth. Plenty of nice shots to hit. I appreciate the ability to select a turtle with different attributes, but end up always selecting Donatello since you're one shot away from a multiball. . . talk about a game changer. I love the Pizza multiball startup and the fact that you can tailor the multiball via the pizza toppings. Just a fantastic release. The only fault (from me) is that I'm not a huge TMNT fan. However, the game is so outstanding, I think that it may be joining my collection sooner than later. A really great table!!!
62 days ago
I'm a harsh critic of this game because I'm relatively new to pinball, and find this game hard. I do own this game and its in my collection but rarely get more than 2 million. Its low scoring is also frustrating when accustom to games like BKSOR, ELvira, MBr and ACDC. I'm sure as I get better, I will appreciate this game sooo much more. Till then, this is my current opinion.
63 days ago
Cowabunga Dude!
65 days ago
Just a Blast to Play!! Can’t stop hitting Start!
70 days ago
I'm a proud owner of the Limited Edition, and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I've only been playing the game for a few days, but I'm finding it hard to find something I don't like about it.

The theme is fantastic, and is a great game for the whole family to play. It certainly is 80's / 90's nostalgia, but even my kids are totally into the theme. The artwork and lighting are fantastic, colorful, and really stand out compared to other games. The powder coat green trim on the LE really makes the whole art package pop, and the mirrored backglass adds a nice touch of quality. I was impressed at the number of features included in the Pro model as standard (metal ramps and wire frames as an example). The Pro and LE add a lot of fun toys to the mix. The Turtle Glider acting as a ball diverter is unique, and Krang talking smack is hilarious. The Turtle Van door pops open for a special mutli-ball effect, which is a neat feature, but doesn't really add much to the gameplay. The rule-set to the game is also awesome, and the ability to play cooperatively adds a whole new way to play with friends and family, and can help novice players team up to experience more of the game.

Ok, enough gushing... here are some things I would have liked to see improved. Let me first be clear that none of these items are showstoppers, but kept me from giving it a 10/10. The LE does come with a premium audio system, but the speakers are not illuminated. I thought this would have been a really nice touch. Also, the toys lack paint detailing. The Turtle Glider as an example could really use some additional detailed paint work. I'm planning on doing this myself over time, but it would have been nice to have that extra level of detail added. I also think the animations could have been developed to more closely match the cartoon series animation style. They are rendered in a flat 3D, which is o.k., but it would have scratched the nostalgia itch a bit better if it was closer to the cartoons. This is something that can be improved with code updates over time, so there's still hope. Another thing I noticed was the soundtrack; it was recorded more recently, and is very close, but not exact to the cartoon. That theme song is burned into my primal brain, and I was a bit thrown off as I listened to it more closely that it didn't exactly match the version I remembered. The voice acting is pretty close, and in some cases spot on (Krang especially).

Overall, I think this machine is going to be a pinball staple for years to come. I'm looking forward to experiencing more of the ruleset, and the kids are having a blast with it too. I sprung for the LE, and am very pleased with the result, but would have been very satisfied with the Premium as well. This is a classic in the making!
73 days ago
A perfect 10! What a great game.John Borg hit it out of the park on this one.Great layout and the left upper flipper shot is a tough one for me to get on a consistent basis.Super fast and smooth flow.For those who like the upper flippers on pins.Than this is you.Code is great and the playfield layout is spot on.The artwork is fantastic.The game lighting is probably one of the best.It has a nice color changing with different parts of the ball play.For those who want their first pin in your collection or if you have a collection going.Than you will want to add don’t have to be a turtles fan to want this
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