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Game Design: 8.079

Artwork: 8.697

Sounds/Music: 8.401

Other Aspects: 8.392

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This is "The Mandalorian (Premium)".
The other versions are: The Mandalorian (Pro) (regular version), The Mandalorian (LE)

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There are 41 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Mandalorian is a really great game, and one of the better Star Wars pins. I like that the lower half of the playfield is a ton of ball lanes to hit the ball through. It’s chaotic but you’re always hitting something.

I can’t say I love the helmet playfield zone, and I wish Grogu wasn’t the main toy. The videos get a little bit repetitive.
11 days ago
With a good art package and theme integration, If you are a Mandalorian fan, you will like this game. If you are not, you will like this game for what it is, but it is more in the vein of Munsters than say Jurassic Park or Godzilla. Pretty standard fan layout. The Prem/LE add the Grogu force magnet and the Mandalorian helmet tilting playfield. These are not essential to gameplay but do make the experience on the Prem/LE a little more engaging.
21 days ago
I préfère the pro model fun to play
27 days ago
Not a big fan of this one. Dosen't have much flow for me. The upper play field is just a mash the flipper fest. Shots don't feel very satisfying. Maybe I need more plays on it but so far I'm not feeling it.
33 days ago
I put a lot of plays on the pro but ended up getting a Premium. I liked the pro and love the premium! This game is great. The layout is very different and takes a bit to grasp at first, but once you do you will find it can flow very well. I like that the gameplay has lots of different aspects. You have standard modes, multiballs, and also separate set of modes that go with the mini playfield. Each set of these modes will lead to a mini wizard mode. But throughout the game, you will encounter ambushes, sharp shooter scope hurry ups, child mysteries, and hunter modes. These are mini games that provide lucrative returns if you play them right. Also you have the foundry where you can trade the Beskar that you earn along the way in for awards that you activate with your action button. All of these things combine to a game that is different each time and forces you to choose your strategy. Why the Premium over the pro? The mini playfield moves and gets steeper as you progress. This makes this much more challenging. Also the two flippers allow for better ball trapping, but it's not as easy as it looks. On the pro I found I was always in the mini playfield. With the premium I find that I have to make the decision to go up there or not. The right scoop/u-turn diverter is just awesome. This makes the skillshots, scope shots, and jackpot shots really feel good. Probably the best feeling shot in the game and sorely missed on the pro. And, yes, I like the physical mystery award with the magnet. Is it a game-changer? No. But it allows for a truly random experience. The game got blasted on release for Grogu not moving. Who cares? It wouldn't effect the gameplay at all. So I don't bother with it. This is a fast, fun, and above all strategic game. Once you play a few games and get into the ruleset it really shines.
33 days ago
I think this was a miss by Stern. It’s very ramp intensive without much else going on. The mini playfield had potential but also a miss.
35 days ago
Fun to play. Different. Great to have in a collection of several games because it’s not like the rest. Shots are closer, but shoots well. Rules are good. I’m also Excited for the new topper that is supposed to come out soon. Supposed to be the best ever!
43 days ago
Mando. Really underrated. Full integration of the theme better than most all of the assets and key scenes from the show. The mini playfield is hard and not blaring like most and the shots isn’t the game are flowy but thought.
48 days ago
Great game nice to play one where the rules are easy to understand.
73 days ago
This game is awesome. We've owned it for a few months and love playing it all the time.
3 months ago
Hard, but fun game!
3 months ago
Good game, but not great.
4 months ago
It’s ok not loving it
4 months ago
I do not like this machine. The right ramp crosses over the playfield, breaking my sightlines and I'm not in love with the overly complicated mandalorian head.

Love the theme, do not love the layout.
4 months ago
Love playing this game
5 months ago
Love the lay out and shots. Music and theme is good. Fun to play and keeps you coming back.
6 months ago
I passed on an early opportunity to buy this game (which was stupidity on my part) and 8 months later it arrived. I had to pay $200 extra for the insider hardware which still does not work secondary to licensing issues. So, my initial experience was not ideal.

Now I have over 200 games on this title and cannot stop playing. I asked my wife what she thought about Mandalorian. She said that she hasn’t had a chance to play it because every time she comes down to the pinball room, someone is playing it!

Pros- Killer theme integration. Carl Weathers has many call outs, Stern obtained many show clip assets- video and audio, not requiring animation fill-ins.
Great shots and flow- backhand shots are reliable and safe, but you get rewarded for hurry up forehand shots (right scoop!)
Code- very mature with excellent wizard modes. Each multiball is unique and you can score some great super jackpots (if you know the code and make some tough shots)
Upper playfield- the tilting playfield is very challenging and fun- have to be patient and figure out how to shoot (just like the rest of the pin!). This is definitely a game within a game.
Lastability- buddy of mine is an avid league player and has played this game at least twice a week on site for the past 8 months. When at my house (20 pins-almost all newer titles) he cannot stay away from Mando, even with GZ just next to it! I find myself playing Mando almost an hour a day- yeah, I am semi retired so I do have the time.
Grogu mod- The animated mod is fabulous and one of the best out there. You can make your own or buy one and both are very cool. Of course, someone could argue that Stern should have done this in the first place. What would’ve really been cool is if Grogu could actually catch a pinball. That was a missed opportunity.
Beskar rewards- some really excellent code and really thoughtful rewards with risk/reward choices. It takes some study and patience to figure out how to optimize this which makes a great pinball machine.

Cons- For a casual player- can be tough after you get the first MB, which is easy with shots up the middle. After that, the game gets challenging and gets very interesting. You have to be patient with this game and learn how to shoot the tough shots- backhands!

Grogu- see above- missed opportunity IMO. I know that the designers at Stern worked very hard on all mechanisms and probably had to compromise for this. That is very understandable.

Status reports- hard to see and not the most informative. I am still trying to figure out how to look at my status for how many more shots I need for razor crest multi ball. That may be my problem.

Beskar rewards- not very intuitive to figure out how to use the rewards such as getting encounter and mode completion rewards.

Some modes you might want to skip- e.g. ambush- dark lighting which can cause ball drain.

Child reward- Cool magnet effects, but the reward is not that great, the lights turn off and ball drain is a real hazard.

Bottom line- Fun! Casual players can easily get to the first MB and seasoned players have a LOT to explore. Easily a top 10 (today a #1 for me).
6 months ago
The more I play, the better it gets. I must say this game starts mediocre for the first 5 or so games. Then it gets fun. You start to understand what is going on. Then you learn about the foundry. I’m so happy Brian Eddy came back.
6 months ago
Very fun game. I play it almost every day. Some shots are a little tight, like the u turn. And the number of posts in the lower play field can drain an errant shot super fast. I love the games though and the theme is amazing. Definitely recommend. I do wish they would change the static Mando on the screen to something more attractive though.
6 months ago
I got the chance to play the Mandalorian with Dean Grover last night.

The Pros:
A killer theme that is incredibly well implemented. The kids will love it, the guys will love it, the baby yoda fans will love it, even the Bill Burr fans will love it. This game really has it all for license appeal. That alone will guarantee it will sell like hotcakes. Now for the real news. This game is fun to play. The variance of shots within the fan is solid and the lighting does an incredible job of guiding the player about the game's shot layout. There are some "dummy" shots up the middle, and a whole bunch of not so wide shots that require accurate aim. Brian Eddy has only made fan layouts since The Shadow, but this fan layout is varied and balanced between wider, narrower, easier and more difficult shots. Out of his fan layouts, this is his best one for stern. The upper flipper playfield is well balanced between skill and time in the no-draino area of the playfield. Utilization of this area during multiball and wizard modes is very well done. Keep moving. Up and down and all around that game! Gameplay modes with co-op and "Impossible mode" will keep this design fresh and make the legs on this game even longer. 3 vs. 1 player... why not! Now if you could only set the impossible mode on one player and regular play on others. 3 Mini-wi modes leading to a larger wizard mode. I like it! The ball speed on this deck is "wicked fast!" (Say it like Daddy Bald Freckles...) and Apollo Creed sounds fantastic.

The Cons:
Standard fan layout with a bit of clunk here and there. Some of the plastic posts holding up the ramps seem to be loose and may break. This alone may be reason to get a preem/le. just a few shots up the middle for the gimme multiball. I get it. Casual players need to feel like they can achieve success with this game, so throw them a multi-bone (I just made that up...). It's a feel thing. You can make a pinball game for the masses that doesn't feel like a Data East game from 1990. I just don't care for it. At least it isn't a mystery award for the win.

The Takeaway:
Another winner for Stern. The game looks and plays great. I don't watch the show, but playing this game makes me want to. That is always a good sign. More than anything this design proves that "IT'S THE RULES!" that make the game. Big ups to Dean and the Stern programming team. This game is a lot of fun to play!

The premium/ LE is the way to go with this design. The gist of it is this. The pro is the less exciting/ less random fan layout. And while fan layouts work, they can be predictable. Predictable games become boring. The Preem/LE, while still a fan, has more randomness up top with the yoder-magnet and the tilting playfield. There are some interesting rule choices to earn/make. But more than anything else, this is a fan layout with some more modern code. I prefer the preem/LE to the pro. But as a pinball game is concerned. This is a good game. Not a great game. A good game that is tourney worthy.
7 months ago
There’s a lot to like…and some frustrating bits.

The layout is good and challenging (lots of shots!) but there are A LOT of posts close to the flippers so it can turn into a bit of a brick fest.

Those shots close to the flippers result in a fast game and the ambush / super jackpot shot is great.

The art looks very good and the scenes from the show are integrated well.

But the star of the show is the code. The quick ambush mode. The need to escape. The post-multiball one shot super jackpot, etc. when you couple that code with the killer red playfield lighting and a solid soundtrack, you get a very intense and challenging game.
8 months ago
Mandalorian is a very fun game to play. That being said I prefer the pro version over the premium.Do not care for the 2 flippers in the rotating head really really like one flipper and same level as playfield.

Premium feels too crowded to me.

No need to write the game as everybody else has it is a very fun game.
9 months ago
Am bias as love this game so much at home.
9 months ago
I owned Mando premium for a few months before selling to fund Godzilla. Mando was fun and I did get about 300 plays in on it but it didn't have the lasting power of some of my other games so it just wasn't bolted to the floor. Overall everyone that played it at my house enjoyed it and so did I. I wouldn't pass it up if I saw another for a good price in the future and I had the room to spare.
10 months ago
One of the absolute best theme integrations in artwork and animations. In my opinion this machine has probably one of the top three art packages in all of pinball, and the clips from the show are nicely integrated as well. This machine just doesn't do it for me though because of the repetitive nature for the multiballs and the limited number of shots right now in the game. If they change up the multiballs in future code I will have to adjust my score if it gets a little less repetitive but that still won't do anything for the limited number of shots.
There are 41 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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