The Mandalorian (Premium)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "The Mandalorian". The group itself ranks #30 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.849

Artwork: 8.568

Sounds/Music: 8.232

Other Aspects: 8.142

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Found 79 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 79 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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47 days ago
Rated on current code as of August 2023.

Looks & sounds good
Shoots reasonably well
Topper looks awesome, if hideously expensive

Lacking in toys; Grogu REALLY should've been animated
Upper playfield just isn't fun, and gets burdensome in competition
Only one main way to start multiball is a bit lame
3 months ago
WE love the series so we had to have the game. The game is a lot of fun! After adding mods i really like how it turned out!
4 months ago
Tough shooter, but lots of adrenaline packed moments. Very underrated and will make you a better pinball player. Code is deep, lots of different modes like coop and impossible modes which makes it interesting.

Theme integration is very well done. OK the grogu doesn't move, but that's not that bad.

Leveled correctly and pitched right, the left ramp being backhandable makes it a bit better game play wise.
5 months ago
On Paper the differences between the pro and premium seem trivial, but they make a big difference, I only originally played the pro and while I thought it was a good game, I wrote it off. I found a good deal on a Premium so I gave it a shot, and I honestly believe this game is underrated. The additional flipper on the mini, tilting playfield makes the mech enjoyable. And the additional ramps and diverters really add to the complexity of the shoots. My biggest complaint would be the top left side of the playfield where Grogu is. With the static doll this seems like a waste of space, but when you add the animated Grogu mod it becomes the cherry on top of a fantastically themed world under glass, with some of the best mods and accessories offered on a modern Stern.
6 months ago
Weirdly underrated. I've never watched a single second of the show, but this is a neat, very challenging game. Good artwork, great theme integration (as far as I can tell) and tricky shots. Good code, too.
6 months ago
Ever since I got the topper, it's been drawing me in to play it more and more. The topper is expensive but I think if you own this machine, you have to get it. It has added a lot to the experience (to me at least).
7 months ago
Love Star Wars and Mando.

Stern needs to take what they did with assests on this pin and double it on all their future pins. I loved seeing show clips. Stern drops to ball here compared to smaller companies like JJP.

Shots are difficult for me. Fun to play and should push me to improve!

Grogu is awesome in the pin! Would have liked to see more toys on the premium vs the moving playfield
7 months ago
Played this pin during 2023 TPBF so I was unable to to rate the sounds and music.
7 months ago
This game is a blast. Great effort by Stern and a lot of fun to shoot. The premium is amazing.
7 months ago
Best modern Star Wars game available.

I’ve owned it for about a year now. I’m a huge Star Wars fan. So I debated back and forth between this and Star Wars. Ultimately I’m glad I chose this. It had a much more interesting layout than Star Wars. More flippers, more variety, better toys, less cheap drains, etc.

I own other machines and I’ll admit that this is not a “best of all time” machine. But it’s a solid one nonetheless and if you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s the best option out there.
7 months ago
A great machine in many ways. There isn't a lot of memorable music in the series, so the machine's music also lacks variety. And the show itself is kind of disjointed compared to the original Star Wars trilogy, for example (since there are so many more hours to fill, the writers had to keep going off on tangents). I think Stern did about as well as they could have with the underlying material. I prefer Jurassic Park, Godzilla, James Bond, and maybe even the latest regular Star Wars Stern machines.
8 months ago
A Layout you haven't played before, that's for sure. Definitely punishing if you don't hit your shots and needs some tweaking to be able to hit every shot front/backhand. But definitely one of the most fun overall packages I've played so far. The scoop/horseshoe is one of the most fascinating shots on any machine in my opinion. Music, Art and Clips are supreme. Also doesn't reward aimless play, I've had games lasting 5+ mins and finishing with 2-3 million points just because I hit nothing (and got punished) or hit stuff that wasn't needed right now. If you loop the ramps there is intense flow, if you miss get ready to make a fast catch. Upper playfield is nice and usually doesn't overstay it's welcome in a match.

Not having grogu physically lift the ball is a big miss, the animated mod is a must as a compromise. The Razor crest is a lazy main toy in my opinion. Could have used one really interactive toy. Though grogus Force Throwing (think crazy magnet action) is really cool.

Overall a surprisingly great machine to own. I planned to buy and trade but this one will stay around for a long, long while. Nothing for beginners, but a great third or fourth machine!
8 months ago
So so cool and fun. Love the show. Not overly difficult for new players. Graphics are terrific. Would love to own one someday.
9 months ago
I love this game. In particular the ball flow -- it is a fast paced game which is right up my alley. The fidelity of the game to the series is truly outstanding. The scenes displayed while playing are in very close correlation with the mode in play. It is a challenging game that makes you go back again and again. My son and grandson's favorite pin. Indeed, it is a great pinball machine.
9 months ago
excellent games the rules and the gadgets are really nice the game was not fluid when I got it I set them the board at 8° day and night everyone became fun even the central ramp became easy I love the missions multiball and the lane challenges at the start that I had it I didn't make a big score and I didn't see the point in loving it now that I have mastered it better it's really a nicer thing it's a very nice pinball machine in its set the theme is very well respected for me one of the majors at the start before trying it I thought that the mini board was a huge loss of playing space now that I have pinball I find this essential addition I have it at home and I think the kept there is a good balance between difficulty and pleasure to play I recommend it
9 months ago
The game has excellent shots - you can backhand a lot of them too. Multiballs are extremely satisfying. The cabinet on the premium is a beautiful scene (same on both sides) and the callouts are good. Overall a very fun and approachable game.
9 months ago
600 games: I love it even more! Some issues there are for sure, but the game is just awesome!
After 500 games: I love this machine. It needs practice because obstacles are closer to the bats than usual, but after you get used to it they are not very dangerous - not like JJP Guns left ramp's targets... love the 3 steps super skill shot which is instantly a nice challenge in the beginning of each ball. Now I can handle a lot of shots and combos by reflex and understand a bit more the game strategy and getting PF multipliers now a more handleable task so my points are significantly bigger. In the FB group of Mandalorian Owners the guys helped some tweaks what this game needs (it is really easy to do, but a shame that needs to be done) but after it is a really good game. I can imagine that for top players who make every shot like a sniper this machine can be boring after a while and they need JP difficulity, but for me who is a middle level guy (my max point is 684M ATM with default settings) and love the theme this machine is awesome and feels like it will stay awesome for a long-long time. What I miss is some kind of video mode which is always makes the games a bit more fresh. The premiums 180 scoop is supercool also, really missing from the pro - though you need practice to find the right angle because of the forky shape.

First review:
Previously I tried a Mando pro several times, but I have to say that the premium makes the difference, The Mando playfield has now a sense, it is challenging and with the two bats it is not just fooling around like in Guns LE. I love the Grogu magnet also. I think premium makes the diffrence and this does not mean what you get for 2k, but what is the overall game experience! I just love Mando PREM and I didnt have this feeling with the pro
9 months ago
Wow, this is just a massive upgrade over the Pro in pretty much every way.

Nice art by Randy Martinez. However, the LE shines by looking by far the nicest IMO.

Upper playfield is significantly improved. Now, instead of flailing, there is actual skill to encounters, and they are much more fun with their increasing difficulty.

Cannot stress this enough, I love the flip down ramp in the U-Turn lane. Such a great shot.

Sound is solid, nothing outstanding though.

Overall layout is well done, I don’t have any major complaints with it overall.

Rules are fun, but a little simple. I’d rather have a slightly simple game than an overly complex one like TSPP.


Grogu magnet is interesting, though doesn’t add a ton to gameplay.

Man, I just don’t like the right ramp on this game. It’s just not a good shot! Even when it makes around, it usually barely makes it around, and feels clunky. This is slightly improved by the metal rails.

Metal rails do make a more satisfying sound and improve the right ramp, but otherwise don’t do much for me.

Loops are too tight and serve little purpose outside of modes and building up for foundry, as well as the mystery which doesn’t do much.

Strategies are much too reliant on getting 2X playfield or stacking multipliers, which ruins a lot of this game’s potential. To add on to this, I feel like I am playing the game the same exact way every single time, killing replay ability.

Overall, while I really like this game, it is certainly flawed.
9 months ago
A stern pin that surprised me upon arrival in my collection.
Every day I play I like it more.
The theme and lighting are 10.
Unique central multi ball negative and very easy shot.
With a little more Code it can become a top 10.
10 months ago
it's amazing to be able to play a star wars pinball that takes you back to the original trilogy. Lighting, music and sound are exceptional. And I believe this machine (because of baby Yoda) will be very nostalgic for many young kids in the future.
11 months ago
I really tried to like the game, especially as the price for a couple premiums around me is dropping, but I simply cant. It is too clunky for me, I can never seem to get a good flow going.
11 months ago
Solid game but maybe not top tier. Latest code has improved it a lot, pretty deep ruleset but action is a bit stop and go so if that's not your thing you may not prefer this game. Co-op mode is very cool and the theme is excellent.
11 months ago
I Love the theme. Too bad it missing Gina Carano. She was a big part of the show.
The upper playfield adds a very cool feature to the game. Its tough to master the shots up there. The game itself is very fast and rules are deep and can be confusing. Some tough shots that can be learned by doing the challenge mode.
The challenge mode is a very cool thing to have in the game. I believe more stern games need this in them. If they do I've never noticed. It gives you the opportunity to learn shots and get better at them without having to play an actual game.

The callouts and mode sounds are great, integrating clips from the series.
The impossible mode is another fun mode for game play. Its interesting where you can't trap the ball for more then a second or two or the flipper goes dead. Helps you get better making shots.
I do wish the baby yoda/Grogu wasn't a static figure. Especially for what you pay for this NIB.
There's a mod but again for the price c'mon.

I recommend watching a game play video or two. There's a couple great ones.
Overall its a fun theme, but can be complicated for the average player. Worth the plays, especially if you can get into the challenge or impossible modes
11 months ago
I love Mando! Such a fun shooter
1 year ago
Fun game and well designed new code is ok
There are 79 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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