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Game Design: 7.599

Artwork: 8.304

Sounds/Music: 8.023

Other Aspects: 7.877

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This is "The Mandalorian (Pro)".
The other versions are: The Mandalorian (Premium), The Mandalorian (LE)

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14 days ago
With a good art package and theme integration, If you are a Mandalorian fan, you will like this game. If you are not, you will like this game for what it is, but it is more in the vein of Munsters than say Jurassic Park or Godzilla. Pretty standard fan layout. No Grogu magnet or tilting playfield that is on the Prem/LE.
15 days ago
I love Mando and pinball, but this game just doesn't fully click for me personally. Playfield is cluttered with too many close shots, not enough long ones, and alot of obstructed views of the upper playfield from all of the mid-playfield objects and ramps. Backglass and art are really good overall, theme integration is excellent, and I enjoyed the Mando show immensely. But the pin doesn't flow or feel right to me. But it might for other. If you are a Mando fan I highly recommended seeing if it's a good pin for you.
24 days ago
Pro is enough first of all understand inge the rules
26 days ago
Probably one of the best Stern Pros to date. Once a player understands the rules, this game is very fun. If your a fan of the show the clips and animations enhance the play experience. The call outs and music represent the theme extremely well. I have a 20+ game collection and it’s all I’ve played since owning it the last 2 months. Of course there is always a honeymoon phase but this game is special. Only gripe is not enough mechs and the fact that Grogu has to be modified to be animated is a shame.
35 days ago
Mando Pro is a game that is very solid and a good time, but I can’t call it one of the best new Sterns.


Randy Martinez’s art is good. Nothing amazing, but good. I hope he keeps doing good work, as this is a really nice first effort. The painterly feel fits the theme.

Layout is pretty good, I really like the Mode Start Scoop, U-Turn, Razorcrest, and left ramp in particular.

Excellent theme integration: love how it cut’s to different shots similarly to the TV show and builds tension at certain points.

Keeping any form of an upper playfield on a Pro model is nice from stern: I do have issues with this though.

I love the emphasis on making combo shots in mode’s with a layout deliberately not made for combo’s: it really feels rewarding when you make a big combo on this game.


Way too many points had within easy playfield multipliers topped on modes and (preferably) spider multiball, making this game very unbalanced.

I do not care for the right ramp: it’s clunky, the physics don’t make much sense, and I think it should have been adjusted before being put on the final game.

The upper playfield on the Pro is completely nerfed in comparison to the Premium/LE (which I will not make a review on yet, as I need more time on it. I can guarantee you the tilting upper playfield on there requires actual skill, while the Pro Model is essentially flailing the right flipper and hoping, just hoping, that you accidentally tied in an encounter and secret level together as well as having a playfield multiplier. I have seen someone accidentally perform this and hit 5 targets and get 60+ million).

The rules and code are ultimately pretty basic in comparison to most modern sterns. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you are looking for something with the complexity of AIQ or Godzilla, don’t come to this game.

Overall, Mando Pro is a pretty solid game, though it has some aspects that really irritate me. I hope to play the premium model more some day.
49 days ago
To me, this game was superb! The ball flow is great and has a great play field! I have the premium Godzilla and this compares well with the entertainment factor! My kids love it as well. It’s a very popular pin in my house! 10 all the way!
50 days ago
Felt similar to a lot of Sterns of the past 5 years. Not differentiated enough. But had fun shots and clips from the show. The missions seem like they would generate a good progression and story for the game. Art was fine, not over the top like Godzilla.
63 days ago
I have owned the game for 3 weeks now, and for my skill level, it is a winner. Not being a big fan of anything in the Star Wars family of pop culture, did not dull my overall appreciation, of the game! The not a fan factor, did make me think about not opening the box, and using it as trade bait, but I am glad I am playing it now. Being a moderately skilled player, the game has more than enough challenge, to keep me coming back for more. The cabinet art, playfield art and video quality are all pleasing to my eye. The playfield is open, but does not strike me, as barren. Call outs are good, and the flow of play is great, for my skill level. I hate to keep mentioning my skill level, but I think it is a big factor, as a more advanced player would probably need at least a Premium to stay interested long term. I am fine with 1 flipper and stand ups on mini playfield. I would prefer factory ramps not being plastic(just for long term durability), but hey they all used to be plastic, so I am not going to rant on that. Have not gotten "This Is The Way" in the short time I have been playing, but feel like I will pop through, before I play my 100th game(at 47 plays now).
70 days ago
Classic gameplay, awesome theme, highly undervalued imo !
85 days ago
Finally a beautiful machine, after a few err... not so appealing designs. Ofcourse the theme helps, with plenty of video and audio to source from. Layout is a little different from many other machines, which is great. Flow is fantastic. Not such a big fan of the mini-playfield with this puny little flipper, and Grogu is... static. I like the metal ramps (like the Premium) better, but for the rest the Pro feels like a complete pin, which kept me coming back for more. One to consider for the collection.
89 days ago
Best of the Star Wars pins. Has good flow, could have used some movement with grogu. 3rd flipper is ok but nothing great. Love the artwork and cabinet colors. Fun game, keeps me coming back.
3 months ago
Among the best of both the modern Stern and Star Wars pins, imo. Play is fun and varied though the plastic ramps and static baby yoda feel a little cheap. Love the music and the callouts. One of the few IP games I'd put up with in my house.
3 months ago
I actually did not plan on buying this, i have been saving for a Toy Story. A new local distributor started up and had a mando pro coming that wasn't reserved. I decided to pull the trigger being star wars should be an easy sell for when im done with it. So far im really enjoying it more than i thought i would. It may stay for awhile especially if JJP's next release isnt toy story. Its very challenging, theming is well implemented. The upper playfield area is fun and even with one flipper with nudging can work well and isnt just pure luck. The forge and beskar system really takes it over the top for me.
3 months ago
People are sleeping on this game but time will make them realize! I have the pro and keep coming back. It's a super fun pin and severely underrated.
4 months ago
Enjoying my pro. Really great rule set. This game will have legs to stay in the collection for years. Absolutely the best Star Wars machine ever made, and it is not close.

Pitiful Stern quality control though, came with a blown speaker right out of the box…big knock on sound quality for my rating here, though it sounds great with the Flipper Fidelity installed.
4 months ago
Fun but very hard. If you like a good challenge, this game is for you.
4 months ago
I have the pro and I’m feeling it out. The sound and lighting package are really well done. Art is fantastic as well. The layout isn’t really my thing but I’m liking it more after getting into it a little more. Definitely growing on me.
4 months ago
Mandalorian works well as a pinball theme. In my opinion, this the best of the Star Wars pins, and Mandalorian is the best Star Wars has been in a long time, so I'm very happy Stern released this.

I have around 50 games on it so far, and I wanted to get my initial thoughts down. Overall it's a good pin, I feel like I haven't seen this kind of fan layout before, so that makes it interesting to me.

What I don't like: A couple shots feel a little clunky, the left orbit shot seems to get held up on something, and doesn't always shoot cleanly even when I think I've hit it as clean as I can. The under ramp U Turn shot is also a little clunky and the return isn't always friendly. It kind of gives it an extra challenge, but when compared to the premium, that return ramp is definitely missed. I also don't like the plastic ramp returns on the right. I will absolutely mod those and change out for metal rails.

What I like: I like the art, music, and sounds, I think those are all top notch. I like most of the shots except the ones I mentioned before. There doesn't seem to be a lot of flow in the game, I can combo some shots, but there seems to be a lot of stop and go, which I don't mind. It's a nice change of pace from other games I have. I like the toys in the game, although I wish Grogu did something. I know I can mod that, but it's pricey. I like all the modes, and I really like that each type of mode has their own mini wizard mode to complete.

What I love: I love the encounters. A lot of players and streamers like to call it "wood chopping", but I enjoy it. I think it's a fun objective in the mini playfield, and I like shooting the left ramp over and over again after exiting the mini playfield until the encounter is complete. I love the co-op, this is going to be a big hit with the family. Being able to help them progress myself is going to really open up the game to other players that may not be as skilled, and let them see the game in its entirety. Plus it will help me progress too. I can just tell them to start missions while I work on encounters. I love the lighting. I think especially in ambush when the whole table just goes red, it's a really neat effect. I LOVE Hero and Impossible modes too, this is the first table I've played that has all these great extra modes that aren't just shortcuts to wizard modes. If someone who isn't skilled wants to play against me rather than with me in co-op, we can throw Hero Mode on so it's harder for me, and if I want to challenge myself, I can throw Impossible Mode on. These modes give the game a lot of replayability.

Mando is fun, I definitely enjoy it more than my Black Knight pro, but it's not on the same level with my Jurassic Park and Godzilla. The theme is fantastic, there are modes where players can work together, and it's going to be really popular with guests, so that's really all I can ask for in a pin for the family. My pins are for everyone that comes to the house, not just me, so having something recognizable AND accessible is important. Jurassic Park was the game most people played, but I think that is going to change shortly. If you can have only one Star Wars themed pinball machine, this is the way.
5 months ago
Code is very similar to tmnt in qualifying modes. Fan layout that is close to the flippers, shots are pretty tight minus the center shot. Pretty well rounded pin, not too hard not too easy. Nothing stands out too much good or bad.
5 months ago
Have the Premium at home but enjoy playing the Pro in tournaments and at the arcades
5 months ago
I got 500,000,000 for killing a Dragon once in this game. I don't remember a dragon in tv show?
6 months ago
Mandolorian is a very underrated pin, with great shots, great theming and a fantastic overall feel. I think this is probably the best Star Wars pinball I've ever played.
6 months ago
Struck by the wide open (read barren) playfield with all the fun stuff on the sides and rear of the game. Makeup is reflective of the movie but not being a Star Wars aficionado it just struck me as a washed out beige color scheme with no real attract mode. Game play was ok but not anything that I would consider top 10. If you liked the movie you will probably like this pin, in spite of its uninspiring gameplay.
6 months ago
Gets more play than most in my collection. Great flow, shots are fairly easy and don't punish you for missing. Stacking modes and using abilities earned through beskar purchases add alot to replayability. The mandalorian theme music lends itself better to pinball than anticipated. Carl Weathers callouts are the highlight. The empty space where the limited/premiums mini playfield is absent is an eye sore, and the static Grogu is disappointing, as is the lack of toys in general, but the shots more than make up for any shortcomings. Highly recommend purchasing this one.
6 months ago
Beau flipper, belles animations, bel éclairage RVB, mais niveau circulation de bille on est très loin des autre STERN récents, je n'ai pas accroché à ce jeu et l'ai revendu vite fait, dommage car j'aime le thème.
There are 68 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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