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Game Design: 8.146

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Other Aspects: 8.473

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The other versions are: The Mandalorian (Premium), The Mandalorian (LE)

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6 days ago
Finally got some time on a Mando. Very fun to flip, feels flowy and yet has such separated playfield regions. Upper playfield with the one flipper, I thought it was going to be too fast and random to be much fun, but you can actually manage some expert timing to hit specific targets, it's more skill-based than I thought it would be. It's great use of that area, too. Lots to do, lots of modes, great light show and sounds. Also, felt very solid, like an old 90's B/W build, it's hard to explain, but the whole machine felt "heavier" (in a good way).
7 days ago
Great and fun Stern , i like the theme , videos , music ,lighting and artwork ,

interesting shots , and rules are good

layout is okay ( not perfect ) even if there is some lost space in the upper left of the playfield

already played it 3 hours in a row , then another 3 hours the day after without being bored at all , I now play at least 1 hour everyday on location near my house : very fast and enjoyable pin

Gameplay seems as good as my favorites Stern ( Deadpool , Avengers , Ninja Turtles , Jurassik Park , Star Wars , Stranger Things )
20 days ago
Stern is continuing its role of successful new pins with The Mandalorian. This newest offering mixes up the playful design by providing more new gimmicks and gadgets, just like with most of their previous titles over the last few years. Game play and ball flow are fast and fun with some great shots. The rules are a bit simplistic, but additional play may reveal otherwise. If I had any complaints, it would have to be The Child doll shoved into the back of the playfield that doesn't do or contribute anything to gameplay. However, I am a big fan of the show, so this title is a welcome addition and the theming, with the animations and callouts are all enjoyable.
20 days ago
The tv show saved Star Wars in general for me as a fan. This machine is just awesome and looks great. There is finally an awesome star wars themed machine! The only thing I do not like is the plastic return ramps. I ended up making wireforms to replace the platic ones. Fantastic machine!
22 days ago
Played 3 different pro's and had a bit of fun doing it. Code is early so can't really judge it other then the middle shot for the multiball is the only shot needed to play a long game since it has no risk if you make or fail it. The encounter area is the 2nd key area to focus on if you want variety as the scores there are pretty high when you complete ecounters and get the sneaky ones too.

Found the child lanes easy since you get one for each middle shot made. Wish that area of the game did more, wasted pf space atm.
27 days ago
The theme integration is as good as I’ve played. Really engaging and great video clips. Biggest complaint is no real satisfying shots, the one flipper mini-playfield needs a second flipper and the gate in the middle of the playfield is distracting (should have been a spinner).

I appreciate the unique layout, but also wish that EVERYTHING is up close as that plays a role, I think, in the lack of that one really satisfying shot.

Still a really fun pin.
29 days ago
This game is really fun to play from the get go. I didn't look up any of the game play guides or rule before hand but was able to have fun and score well. The lighting is great and the multi-ball modes are frantic. I kinda wish I had ordered this instead of StT.
29 days ago
Docked points for Grogu, plastic return ramps and general art package (not “bad” just not a fan of the style) Shoots well, no brainer on location but I’m not sure I’d buy this as a home game because it’s not very deep. That could change with code updates and I’ll adjust my rating then. For now, it’s an ok fun Stern. Pinball newbies will love it and I hope it brings more people into the hobby.
30 days ago
I have a pro at home. At first I was very ambivalent about this game. I was concerned about the lack of mechs, magic and close shots...

After a week I feel I’ve put enough games on it to come up with a solid opinion. And this game has me pleasantly surprised. The use of the three mode types and beskar trading are incredibly unique and very fun.

The layout is very cool, it feels different than any other game I’ve played. It’s Brian Eddy so it goes without saying that shot geometry is fantastic... the ramps are tight but because geometry is good it’s still flows nicely.

The big issue here is the lack of mechs and ball interaction... there aren’t any interactive toys of stop the ball moments. But....there are moments and magic in this game... it comes from the Audio, Video and lights.

This is Sterns beat Audio/Video/lights package to date... and combined with the brilliant code (currently .96) makes for a wonderful pinball experience. I worry about the lack of mechs and toys long term, but as of now this code and mood has me feeling immersed in the world of the Mandalorian.
31 days ago
A lot more fun that I thought it was going to be. Doesn’t seem to challenging. All shots were easy enough to make. Multi balls were difficult enough. Pretty much fun overall.
34 days ago
A lot of fun. More than I thought it would be and I'm a huge star wars fan. Shots are fun, challenging, but not too hard. The razor crest middle shot is too easy to get multiball. And there are different ones to get. But, the jackpots and getting thru them is well thought out and fun. SCOPE is interesting.

There is a lot to shoot at and a lot to do. The foundry is cool. The action button is fun if you time it right to get 2x shots. At times there were no lit shots other than the ship which was weird. But most of the time there were plenty of flashing lights to shoot at everywhere.

The middle and main ramp is very steep and hard to get the ball all the way up on. Then drop to the mini playfield one flipper style and that is much more fun than I anticipated. The encounters are clear and the bound level adds to them.

It is a little clunky. Not a lot of flow but I'd imagine the more time spent on it, the better dialed in your shots will get and the more the flow will come through.

Baby Grogu is suuuuch a waste. Holy hell. It doesn't ruin the game, but you utterly totally regrettably forget he's even there. Stern, ya really pissed that one down your leg. When you forget the main character is even there... Ya done screwed it up.

But.... It's fun. More fun than g'n'r on location. Premium coming in a few weeks so I'll compare.

This game is a walk up and play. Noobs, pros, young, and old.
34 days ago
Very difficult to rate this game.

I had to dock points for not doing something better with baby Yoda. I’m not a Star Wars fan whatsoever, but that seems like a huge missed opportunity.

Speaking of which, despite not being into the theme, I can’t deny this game is a lot of fun to shoot. It has this “immediacy” to it that I really really enjoy. Instantly had good flow to it and satisfying shots. Very curious to see the premium.

But those god awful ugly plastic rails.... ugh. They create a ton of glare, right over some crucial inserts. Would it really have cost that much more to just do metal rails instead, like the premium and le? It’s a huge eyesore, worse than genesis back glass imho, since you have to look at it while you play!

I can’t imagine being into Star Wars and not liking this table. Brian Eddy did a fantastic job, switching up his usually fanned layout for something equally innovative. I thought it looked generic from the reveal, but playing it proved me dead wrong.

Solid solid game. Just a lot of fun. We can complain about all kinds of superficial things, but at the end of the day, this game just feels awesome.

Deserves a higher score than I gave it, but the awful baby yoda doll and ugly plastic ramps are 2 big oversights for me personally. The art and the theme really do nothing for me, so take this as a subjective review, but I would never argue with someone who likes Star Wars and rates this a 9.
36 days ago
Funky and fun layout.
No Cara Dune is a joke.
Mine upper playfield area is silly flap the flipper fun.
The main ramp does rejects some shots which is pathetic...
Impossible mode is great.
I dig the trade beskar for items.
38 days ago
We had so much fun playing this last night. It was in a crowded loud bar so we could not hear all the instructions. The flow was fun, some neat shots. We kinda suck at pinball and both of us were able to pick up on what we were supposed to be doing. Glad I have one on order can’t wait to dig into this game.

The art is awesome, Theme is fun, shots are super fast and interesting. The complaint is Baby Yoda is just a doll. My partner asked if It was broke because it did not magnet the ball into its hands or do anything.
41 days ago
A great design by Brian Eddy that deviates from the 2 flipper/fan layout. Upper playfield is ok and ball rarely lasts more than 5 seconds. Child rollovers are uninspired. Game has seven open shots minus surrounding reject targets, assuring decent flow, yet the game feels far from the typical cookie cutter. Razor Crest bash target is a winner and the lit toy also looks great. I like the use of lighting to designate mission, ambush or Razor Crests. Fire ball button on lockdown bar is a neat idea, but with a single use per game it has little impact. This game will continue improving with additional assets, better scene integration and code polishing.
42 days ago
Enjoyable game but could be a wee bit better. Sometimes all lights go dark and it is hard to see where the ball is. Multi-ball is pretty easy to get but I like the challenge.
42 days ago
I got the chance to play the Mandalorian with Dean Grover last night.

The Pros:
A killer theme that is incredibly well implemented. The kids will love it, the guys will love it, the baby yoda fans will love it, even the Bill Burr fans will love it. This game really has it all for license appeal. That alone will guarantee it will sell like hotcakes. Now for the real news. This game is fun to play. The variance of shots within the fan is solid and the lighting does an incredible job of guiding the player about the game's shot layout. There are some "dummy" shots up the middle, and a whole bunch of not so wide shots that require accurate aim. Brian Eddy has only made fan layouts since The Shadow, but this fan layout is varied and balanced between wider, narrower, easier and more difficult shots. Out of his fan layouts, this is his best one for stern. The upper flipper playfield is well balanced between skill and time in the no-draino area of the playfield. Utilization of this area during multiball and wizard modes is very well done. Keep moving. Up and down and all around that game! Gameplay modes with co-op and "Impossible mode" will keep this design fresh and make the legs on this game even longer. 3 vs. 1 player... why not! Now if you could only set the impossible mode on one player and regular play on others. 3 Mini-wi modes leading to a larger wizard mode. I like it! The ball speed on this deck is "wicked fast!" (Say it like Daddy Bald Freckles...) and Apollo Creed sounds fantastic.

The Cons:
Standard fan layout with a bit of clunk here and there. Some of the plastic posts holding up the ramps seem to be loose and may break. This alone may be reason to get a preem/le. just a few shots up the middle for the gimme multiball. I get it. Casual players need to feel like they can achieve success with this game, so throw them a multi-bone (I just made that up...). It's a feel thing. You can make a pinball game for the masses that doesn't feel like a Data East game from 1990. I just don't care for it. At least it isn't a mystery award for the win.

The Takeaway:
Another winner for Stern. The game looks and plays great. I don't watch the show, but playing this game makes me want to. That is always a good sign. More than anything this design proves that "IT'S THE RULES!" that make the game. Big ups to Dean and the Stern programming team. This game is a lot of fun to play! I am very curious to see how the Preem/ LE compares to this pro.
44 days ago
I got enough games in this weekend to give an early review. I had F U N! The speed was faster than I thought, however I was still able gain control and it shoots fairly well. Not sure on the lastability, I'll definitely be watching the code develope. In the meantime the extras like impossible mode are great!
There are 19 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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