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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "The Mandalorian". The group itself ranks #37 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.516

Artwork: 8.313

Sounds/Music: 7.91

Other Aspects: 7.836

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Found 99 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 99 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
I think the pro is missing everything what makes this game an outstanding experience. I wouldnt buy it, but my premium is bolted to the floor, I love it so much. Needs pratice and skills though. not for beginners.
18 days ago
Owned this game for about a year. Loved the assets and music. Modes were fun and pretty straight forward. Wasn’t my favorite layout and found some of the shots clunky, so I ended up trading it.
45 days ago
I played this on location with other Stern pros and this was my favorite one overall. I'm not a huge fan of the show, but the clips from the show and the sounds were really immersive. The shots were also pretty fun and the art work is good enough. If I liked this theme, I might want to own it.
71 days ago
This was my first pin purchase. This was a dream theme for me and the first pin that I really connected with at the arcade. I have played quite a few pins since then and this machine is great but not top tier. Novice players tend to gravitate towards this machine because of how easy the multiball is to get and the theme. The plastic ramps are terrible and must be replaced right away. The Grogu takes up the whole upper left and literally does nothing. I feel the playfield is fairly crowded and rejected shots tend to go right to the outlanes. It is definitely a shooter and less free flowing than my other pins. The theme is cool and I enjoy the artwork but the game itself feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. I do like having this game in my collection to switch things up a bit but not sure it’s bolted!
4 months ago
Ok pin. Nice flow of shots and it is clear what to shoot to score. I am not so keen on the playfield layout however. The two plastic ramps crossing the bottom field are ugly. Furthermore I played about 20 games, but still do not understand what the top right mini playfield is for.
4 months ago
I can't even explain how this game didn't resonate with me. I adore the theme, big Star Wars and Mandalorian guy. I did not like the gameplay with this thing. I did not like that almost every shot was right in front of the flippers. The top 1/2 of the playfield seems to be just unused space. I'm usually a hell of a positive pinball guy. But this one wasn't for me.
LOVE The art package though.
5 months ago
One of Stern’s better modern machines
5 months ago
It's a bit overwhelming only playing it on location, where you don't know much, but I can see this one being a fun home game, where you figure out how to get all the pieces to fit together.

One thing I noticed is that, having previously played a premium, I don't actually like the helmet playfield rise up to play on an angle in the prem, and much prefer it flat on the pro. The slant just messes too much with my head.

**Played on location at Arcade Monsters Lido Beach**
5 months ago
Great looking machine with a unique layout, although I found that after playing it many times on location, I don't think it would last long in my collection, nor do I have an urge to buy one.
7 months ago
Game would be so much better without the ambush mode. It's usually the first shot I hit in the game and it's why I don't play it all that much or have the desire to. Let's make one of the easiest shots trigger a mode that turns the whole playfield dark. Terrible idea. Really decent game if not for that.

Stern got pretty lazy with covering up mechs on this one. A lot more exposed parts than normal on this one.
7 months ago
I am a really big Star Wars geek, so when I started to play this I was so disappointed. The playfield seems to have too much going on in the center to where I cannot even concentrate on the ball on the upper part of it. I would suggest playing this before buying. You just might need to be tall to enjoy this one.
7 months ago
We have the pro and Premium models. Every day I am more surprised by this stern pin. I hope that when the Code is finished they update or add another shot of multi ball and this one in this top 10 that for me it deserves for theme and game. The original screen animations of the series are 10. Stern should start thinking about a second screen in board at the height of the slingshort.
7 months ago
Got a deal on one so I figured I'd play it for a few months then move it along. However, I've been pretty surprised by it. The layout isn't as good as some sterns recent titles, but it is still quite fun to shoot. As others have said there is a lot of stuff that is sort of obstructed from view but you just need to move your head a bit sometimes. It's better than having a baron playfield. Rules and theme integration are good. I probably wouldn't want one if i only had 1 or 2 games but in a 3+ lineup it's great.
7 months ago
I like the theme. The sound effects and voice dubs are excellent. I dont really like the playfield layout that much. It feels really shallow and crowded with ramps. The pro model has the plastic molded ramps which also block view of the already limited playfield. The upper playfield is obscured by ramps, even the premium version has plastic ramps on that section. I think if the middle ramp that feeds the mini playfield were removed and replaced with a scoop that just transports the ball up to it would be better. For me really, its just the flow of the game that didnt make me feel it.
8 months ago
Strong earning ! Fun game , Great Theme and love the content on led screen and sound effects !
8 months ago
I am a fan of the show but don’t really feel you need this at home in your collection unless you are a die hard fan of everything Star Wars. I like the original Star Wars pin over this. If you’re a fan of the show go with the premium though. I like the pace of the game and the digital animations but I don’t think I could play this game over and over and not get bored.
8 months ago
Lots of fun. Playfield is a bit busy and you can’t see everything at the back of the playfield. I would rather have a busy game as opposed to the boring open playfield of other games. Overall I really like it.
Lots to shoot at. Music and videos are well synced to the game play.
Carl Weathers call outs are good.
Would like more wire ramps and Grogu should do something. Both of which are easily fixed by various mods.
Underrated game.
I would highly recommend.
9 months ago
As a novice pinball guy, this game took some getting used to. Its an unforgiving shooter and playing it you are on the edge of your seat. If you like a pin that requires precise shots and moves fast…this is the one for you.

It has one of the most iconic themes you can imagine. As I got time in on it I find myself enjoying it more and more.
The mechs in the Pro version are a little ho hum, but this is a fun game. Hitting the razorcrest is just a super satisfying shot. The rules are deep and Im still discovering them on location. Def a game that would be a great pick for the home. Cant see getting bored quickly.
9 months ago
After owning GZ for a few months, I traded it for a Mando. GZ was just way too complex and frustrating for me. Mando on the other hand is pretty straight forward with the objectives. Its super fun to progress in the modes and multi-balls. The tie in to the show is 2nd to none. The music is perfectly executed and creates a nice environmental immersion. I dig it.
10 months ago
Great game however is very hard and unforgiving to new players ; the shots are real quick and it’s real easy to drain super fast ;

Overall it’s a good game but I will be making change to make it easier and more friendly to play
11 months ago
If you like Star Wars universe this makes this theme so much more interesting. Shots are good and you get punished when not hitting your shots as they are all quiet far down on the playfield. The numbers in this game are not something you really think of and also CHILD letters could been more interacted in the game, usually I am good at make sure to those kind of letters but here i don't really care to be honest. A lot of people complain about the miniplayfield but i find it amusing and you need to learn how to keep the ball. If you love the theme, go for it. If you are not a fan I would rather go with another theme that speaks more to you.
11 months ago
A great looking machine. Nice extra little top field liked that a lot. But then the screen asked me something some power up or something. it might work but it just feels like a game now. and not a pinball machine. So it broke it a bit of me. It just to much the pin is good but the interaction with the screen is not for me.
11 months ago
great AMBIANCE pinball machine.

you have to like the original show (and the Star Wars universe), otherwise the difficulty will surely take over too much.
Reserved for the fan or player who likes complexity
Typically a hard pinball machine for exploitation.

I love the forge and role-playing side (as in the show which also assumes this). The Pro version and as often poor side toy. baby yoda which does not capture the ball, the mini vertical Play Field is an aesthetic plus
11 months ago
Think they nailed alot with the theme, but the layout and play also feels limited. My issue with the field is that it's so backloaded and congested, that there is a bunch of stuff obscured, like I'm not a fan of the nearly hidden bumpers behind ramps and such that you are scoring but can't watch. The more congested half of the upper field also makes it feel like there is lot less open navigation for the ball so you are often making the same 4-5 shots over and over or not doing much else. It's still lot of fun and they did neat stuff with integrating segments of the show as different modes. The voice call outs are a bit all over the place and the use of clips feels a bit off.
11 months ago
Not sure how this is only a 7.9 rating? I prefer the pro over premium. Single flipper upper pf feels better on the pro. Lighting and various modes are great. Much better pro than a lot of the pro games out there with higher scores. Foundry idea with upgrades works well with theme.
There are 99 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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