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Other Aspects: 8.372

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This is "The Mandalorian (LE)".
The other versions are: The Mandalorian (Pro) (regular version), The Mandalorian (Premium)

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6 days ago
Amazing looking game! Sound great, plays great, looks great and imo has a fantastic theme and great integration of the tv show! I will have to update the longevity rating the longer I have it but I’m very happy to own this!
52 days ago
With a good art package and theme integration, If you are a Mandalorian fan, you will like this game. If you are not, you will like this game for what it is, but it is more in the vein of Munsters than say Jurassic Park or Godzilla. Pretty standard fan layout. The Prem/LE add the Grogu force magnet and the Mandalorian helmet tilting playfield. These are not essential to gameplay but do make the experience on the Prem/LE a little more engaging.
62 days ago
I like the LE for the colors Nice to play but not so easy to understand the rules
5 months ago
Huge improvement over the Pro. The scoop ramp is great. The flow is really good. The upper playfield with w flippers and tilting really is good as well. Much better than the pro upper playfield.

Grogu also holds the ball and you can control the magnet with the flippers.

Overall it feels more solid, plays better, and is more fun. The beskar color rails and mirrored back glass is great.

Vast improvement over the Pro.
5 months ago
This game has a great ruleset. It also plays very fast can drain just as fast. Shots can be tight getting into some spots, but keeps you coming back for more
5 months ago
Awesome Game, Even better with the wire Ramps and the upper playfield having 2 Flippers. Very underrated game.
6 months ago
Love the rifle blade and artwork on the LE and new code makes is alot for fun and challenging to play
7 months ago
Awesome theme and great art work. Mini playfield is fun, but difficult to keep in play. Callouts need expanded and seem repetitive. Big issue with this playfield layout is the shots are tight in many cases and relatively close to the flippers. So when you miss a shot, it feels like there is a wall of posts that returns the ball back at the drain areas at lightning fast speed where you can not control it at all. Music is great and multiballs are good. Seems like there should have been a few more toys in the game other than just the Grogu.
7 months ago
Just have never been able to get into this one. Maybe it's how it's set up at the arcade. Cool theme though.
7 months ago
Well, if you're a Star Wars fan this is hands down the pin to have. The theme is spot on, and while I would have come up with some more creative multi ball names (Ice Spider, Jet Pack and Pirates Multiball are really horrible names) the theme is on point.

Sound is great. Vids are great. LE is a gorgeous package. The child mystery vid plays too long.

I'm still learning the scoring ins and outs, but ABSOLUTELY go for the super skill shot. You complete all 3 parts and you're golden. You can start Multiball and get 75,000,000-100,000,000 off the bat (if you play well).

Overall this pin plays pretty tough with many more nuanced shots than a typical open fan layout. RFM or Spider Man this is not. Make a bad shot and you'll know out. While it's tempting to shoot on the fly, backhands will always be your friend on Mando.

The Super Jackpot shot is nerve racking and amazing. So satisfying to hit.

I think the code is pretty solid. There are some exploits where you can get awarded 6x playfield then possibly hit a doubler (not confirmed, but excited if true). Not sure

Overall it's definitely a challenge to play again and again as everything is tough, but accessible. This replaced a Jurassic Park Premium in my lineup and I couldn't be happier. JP is a slog thru the mud. Mando isn't.

I did add a Grogu mod, which this should have come from the factory with but Stern doesn't want to cover issues. I get it.

Still this is a 1 more game feeling pin for me. It's tough and sometimes infuriating but when you're on, it's an amazing journey thru the Star Wars universe.
7 months ago
I sold this one early as it wasn’t connecting with me. I played it again a month ago and had to own it. The code has come a long way and the game is just plain fun. The strategy behind beskar is really cool. The dynamic upper playfield is well integrated. The artwork is incredible. Probably one of the best LE backglasses ever made. Sound is very well integrated and the shaker motor is incredible on this game. I seem to find something new every few games I play. Take a look at the skill shot animation! Really well done and this one is a keeper!
7 months ago
Well, I hope this machine improves the code, a very nice machine, yes, but I think there is a lot of repetitive shooting for the multiball
7 months ago
Shots are tight. Code is great because it is different. You use your beskar to buy advantages.
7 months ago
Saw the LE today. What a beautiful machine! Play is even better than the pro.
8 months ago
I got the chance to play the Mandalorian with Dean Grover last night.

The Pros:
A killer theme that is incredibly well implemented. The kids will love it, the guys will love it, the baby yoda fans will love it, even the Bill Burr fans will love it. This game really has it all for license appeal. That alone will guarantee it will sell like hotcakes. Now for the real news. This game is fun to play. The variance of shots within the fan is solid and the lighting does an incredible job of guiding the player about the game's shot layout. There are some "dummy" shots up the middle, and a whole bunch of not so wide shots that require accurate aim. Brian Eddy has only made fan layouts since The Shadow, but this fan layout is varied and balanced between wider, narrower, easier and more difficult shots. Out of his fan layouts, this is his best one for stern. The upper flipper playfield is well balanced between skill and time in the no-draino area of the playfield. Utilization of this area during multiball and wizard modes is very well done. Keep moving. Up and down and all around that game! Gameplay modes with co-op and "Impossible mode" will keep this design fresh and make the legs on this game even longer. 3 vs. 1 player... why not! Now if you could only set the impossible mode on one player and regular play on others. 3 Mini-wi modes leading to a larger wizard mode. I like it! The ball speed on this deck is "wicked fast!" (Say it like Daddy Bald Freckles...) and Apollo Creed sounds fantastic.

The Cons:
Standard fan layout with a bit of clunk here and there. Some of the plastic posts holding up the ramps seem to be loose and may break. This alone may be reason to get a preem/le. just a few shots up the middle for the gimme multiball. I get it. Casual players need to feel like they can achieve success with this game, so throw them a multi-bone (I just made that up...). It's a feel thing. You can make a pinball game for the masses that doesn't feel like a Data East game from 1990. I just don't care for it. At least it isn't a mystery award for the win.

The Takeaway:
Another winner for Stern. The game looks and plays great. I don't watch the show, but playing this game makes me want to. That is always a good sign. More than anything this design proves that "IT'S THE RULES!" that make the game. Big ups to Dean and the Stern programming team. This game is a lot of fun to play! I am very curious to see how the Preem/ LE compares to this pro.

The premium/ LE is the way to go with this design. The gist of it is this. The pro is the less exciting/ less random fan layout. And while fan layouts work, they can be predictable. Predictable games become boring. The Preem/LE, while still a fan, has more randomness up top with the yoder-magnet and the tilting playfield. There are some interesting rule choices to earn/make. But more than anything else, this is a fan layout with some more modern code. I prefer the preem/LE to the pro. But as a pinball game is concerned. This is a good game. Not a great game. A good game that is tourney worthy.
10 months ago
after b.eddys "remake" of AFM (NST), this pin is something real new. with this pin b.eddy has arrived in the present. ruleset is quite easy to understand, but very challenging to move forward. that's the way i like pinball.
10 months ago
Great theme. Only played this a couple of times so its hard to make a real judgement. From what I can tell this will be a much sought after game for a long time.
10 months ago
First things First, Brian Eddy designs awesome pinball machines. As Stan Lee would say, ‘nuff said”.
The LE must be seen in person and played, not reviewed and seen on you tube. It is the best looking Stern to date, the theme is iconic as Grogu (baby Yoda) is in nearly every household with kids in America. Disney+ subscribers, Costco, Target, Walmart, the grocery store..everything imaginable has been made and sold! Kuddos Stern for making this pin.

As with MM, lots of multiballs are Fun! They keep you connected and interested during gameplay. Scoring points is kinda the point, multiballs=points. Upper playfield is challenging and surprisingly fun. The articulating platform is similar to JJ pirates and makes since using it with this theme. A great way to defeat modes or advance levels, like a mini game. Ramps are also a critical fun factor element of pinball. Like MM lots of ramp shots, Brian uses them to activate modes. The modes are incredible, gaining copyright use to original content is critical and worth the investment. Mando will take you through the entire series to date, including Luke Skywalker’s battle. Very cool. Not gaining exclusive rights to use Og film content in JJ pirates was deciding factor why I chose not to pre-order. Great pin, could be better. The sound system in the LE is best stock machine where all frequencies are utilized. The Mando theme song will be hummed by everyone in no time, incredible sound mixing and use during gameplay. Lighting is just the right amount with appropriate use of variation, more use of interacting light, the better. More bang for the buck. Mando LE is Lit, literally. No need to mod the lighting, please don’t. The game is fast but not so fast that you have to destroy your machine to save your drains. Not like Star Wars. Many would’ve liked to see Grogu animated, based on what I saw on you tube I was one as well. However, after seeing in person and playing, it’s great as is and would’ve just been a distraction and something to worry about repairing. Nice job leaving as is Stern, now just update content to match new upcoming series as a bonus. Modders, animate for those that want it. I pre-ordered this machine, was canceled at wire transfer, I’m sure the vendor found someone to pay more, a worrisome trend that may cause issues in future with pins. However, I found someone local that sold at fair price. Nice job pinsiders, vendors…do the right thing please. A growing number of you are ruining the industry with greed. Don’t be like the 90’s sports card and comic industry destroying the value before it reaches the hands of the people. Lastly, the machine is so fun and played so much, I will be looking for another to add to my collection. One to keep forever and one to play and sell/trade later. That said, perfect 10. This does not help me. The game makers should be rewarded for their hardwork! Keep it up pin builders. Great job Brian, Stern and Team.
11 months ago
As a huge Star Wars fan Mandalorian has been the best thing to come from the franchise since the original trilogy. So I was really excited for this title but when I saw the reveal images I was a little disappointed, then when I watched the reveal stream I was really disappointed it just didn’t look fun, shots looked lame being a fan layout again and the upper playfield + stationary grogu left me feeling underwhelmed, I left the stream thing is this another missed opportunity again for Star Wars + Pinball?

Well after playing one extensively I have never been happier to be so wrong! Yes the layout is pretty much a fan but the shots are fun to hit, loop and combo, this game flows far better than it looks, the center shot to left orbit is fast fun and easy to start or chain combos and loops, the right and left ramps are both extremely satisfying to hit and both have a vastly different feel and return but the standout shot is the Ambush up/down scoop on the Prem/LE.

The shot is repeatable when the scoop is down and looping it 3 or 4 times is not easy but when you manage too it is as satisfying if not better than looping the Warp Ramp on Star Trek, which was my favourite shot in pinball until Mando took the top spot.

Code is superb and possibly Dwights best code package ever, the theme integration with the weapons/flamethrower and action button is brilliant and the RPG elements he has added with Beskar and the ability to cash it in at the foundary for pinball staples like add-a-balls, extra balls and outlane saves completely freshens up what is historically hit this switch so many times to activate to purchasable RPG element is completely new and fresh and fits the theme perfectly.

Artwork is fantastic and a nice change from Zombie Yeti, as much as I love ZY my collection was starting to look a little similar so having some kickass artwork from Randy Martinez is a nice shake up to my collection and looks brilliant in the too. The music and sound package is also phenomenal and adds to the wonderful theme integration present on this pin, it’s one of the most complete packages Stern have produced in a long time!

All in all this might be my new favourite game as a complete package there hasn’t been anything like Mando in a long time, excited to see what Dwight has in store for v.99 and v1.0.
11 months ago
When I first heard it was coming out I thought that this was going to be our first NIB pin. My wife and I are both huge fans of the show, and all things Star Wars. After the announcement we were both going through our current collection to see what we'd sell to make to make room and the funds to get one.

Our local arcade was quick to get a pro, and we made a beeline over to play it. Over the past couple of months we played about 40 games on both a pro and an LE, and here are our thoughts.

The pin is beautiful! The artwork on all models are strikingly beautiful from color palette to layout of the images. The artist nailed it on this one. The mirrored backglass is awesome enough to just want to hang on your wall. It's gorgeous. Artwork on the sides of the cabinet are just perfect. That Razorcrest model right in the middle is awesome. (Nice to see it on a pro as well)

Theme integration is just as good. The call outs, and animations are all familiar to you if you've watched the show. Going to the foundry to arm up is a great idea, and well executed. Some of the animations are a little too long, and repetitive, and can disrupt the flow of the game. They're still very good, but there were a few times I wish they were shorter or different.

The mini playfield is.... well.... it there. It just goes by too quickly. Even waiting for it to level out flat to make it a bit easier to hit the targets helps, but not by much. I actually like the one-flipper on the pro better. The one on the pro encourages a good bit of nudging to feed the flipper for another shot. It's fun!

Grogu in the corner is fine. Animated or not he's fine up there doing ... something. The animated grogu mod is cool, and definitely adds a little extra, but doesn't affect gameplay at all.

What broke my heart with this pin is the actual gameplay. The modes/encounters/missions are just too repetitive. You're chopping wood here. Shoot, trap up repeat.... over and over. Not much flow. I was all "This is the best game ever!" until I spent time with it. It took me a bit to figure out what to actually hit because the rule of "hit whatever is flashing" really doesn't apply here because it seems that everything is always flashing! I know the code is still very early in it's development so I'm sure it'll get better. (and dial back the shaker! it's insane!). It's still fun to shoot, but it's not great.

To say this game is a 9+ just isn't realized for me. It's a very good pin, but not a great one.

Today I had the opportunity to play a Godzilla pro, and after just a couple of games it really became very obvious that how I feel about Mando is justified.

I wished Mando lived up to our 'grail' expectations, but it didn't.

1 year ago
Waited a bit to get through the honeymoon. I thought i would care that Grogu is not animated. Totally inconsequential and the talk of wasted playfield with him up there is pretty much a waste of breat in my opinion. He’s fine up there. Wasn’t sure if it was a keeper until I got it out of the box and played. Left ramp to mini-playfield is pretty darn cool and ripping the middle loop razercrest shot feels good. Rules are awesome, love the Foundry concept. Theme integration rocks, love seeing Bobba Fett in the mini-playfield levels. It’s a dream theme, but was expecting a different style from this designer. In my opinion there are almost too many shots and because of that they are all tight and more consequentially close game of thrones’ish). For me to shoot it well, it’s a catch, cradle, and shot, rinse and repeat type game, not much flow. As the honeymoon is wearing off, this is becoming more evident. Great game, not my favorite style of play, but grail theme so I’m likely keeping forever. The co-op mode is awesome!
1 year ago
Have had my Mando for about 2 months now. Its in need of a code update, but I dont think that will affect my rating too much as I am assuming they will fix the minor bugs that make it a bit frustrating the overall code is solid and complete.

Lets start with the layout and toys, its fairly unique and fun to shoot...but ultimately its still a fan layout of sorts. It does not have quite the interesting shots that some of the recent Elwin games have. Toys wise the upper playfield is pretty fun, the ramp that comes down to divert the ball back to the ramp is a nice touch. Ship looks nice the hanging larget not sure what the point is, its unique I guess...but not amazing. Grogu looks good, but we all know he doesnt move magnet adds a little to the game but it could do so much more. Without the them id call the shots and layout average, not bad but to amazing.

Art is top notice 10/10 for me!

Sound is also amazing, the music the call outs are all spot on! Theme integration was nailed on this game.

Rules also pretty solid , I very much enjoy all the missions and multi balls, the mini wizard modes are very coo. The encounters are good as well, but very very hard to advance to the end of those.

Overall its a great game, an ok layout saved by amazing them integration and a very solid ruleset. I cant help but wonder what another designer would do with this theme, but we will never know its still a super fun game and most likely the best Star Wars themed pinball around.
1 year ago
I just sold this after buying new and playing it approximately 25 times. I couldn't get into the gameplay. The shots are to close for me and the back of the playfield was left to be desired. I like Brian Eddy and his games but for the world of me I'm not sure why the magnet was placed under Grogu. The magnet just throws the ball around only to go through an inlane. Magnets should be used in a location that brings random game play. Also, the upper playfield wasn't for me. Its ok. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. The side art and le armor is probably the best ever made next to Black Knight LE. Amazing colors. Music and call outs are great and the fact you get real movie footage is awesome. Overall a great package but the game play is the weakness to me. Try it out! You may like it but my $12K plus went to a Collectors Quality B/Ws Indiana Jones which I'm liking a lot more!!
1 year ago
I finally got a chance to play the LE edition and it was alot of fun. Not as good as i was hoping for but solid. Granted im not a good pinball player so for me it was pretty challenging. Great theming though and would love to have it in my collection if i could afford one.
1 year ago
Almost a perfect pin. Why almost? At least in the LE they should have animated the child. But besides this fail, it’s fun, has a nice flow, a great artwork and an intuitive ruleset which imo has the perfect deepness and enough strategic options. It’s challenging instead of frustrating. So I am looking forward to the 1.x Code (0.97 installed)!
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