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Game Design: 8.39

Artwork: 8.939

Sounds/Music: 8.579

Other Aspects: 8.701

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This is "The Mandalorian (LE)".
The other versions are: The Mandalorian (Pro) (regular version), The Mandalorian (Premium)

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7 days ago
I just sold this after buying new and playing it approximately 25 times. I couldn't get into the gameplay. The shots are to close for me and the back of the playfield was left to be desired. I like Brian Eddy and his games but for the world of me I'm not sure why the magnet was placed under Grogu. The magnet just throws the ball around only to go through an inlane. Magnets should be used in a location that brings random game play. Also, the upper playfield wasn't for me. Its ok. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. The side art and le armor is probably the best ever made next to Black Knight LE. Amazing colors. Music and call outs are great and the fact you get real movie footage is awesome. Overall a great package but the game play is the weakness to me. Try it out! You may like it but my $12K plus went to a Collectors Quality B/Ws Indiana Jones which I'm liking a lot more!!
19 days ago
Almost a perfect pin. Why almost? At least in the LE they should have animated the child. But besides this fail, it’s fun, has a nice flow, a great artwork and an intuitive ruleset which imo has the perfect deepness and enough strategic options. It’s challenging instead of frustrating. So I am looking forward to the 1.x Code (0.97 installed)!
21 days ago
I’m probably in the minority that has only played the LE and neither of the other trims. This is a good game. If you are a big Star Wars/Mandalorian fan you will probably enjoy this game a lot. I am a fan of neither, but still enjoyed it. I am not a fan of games that hold the ball to show a cut scene, this machine does that as often as any which is typical of current Sterns.
30 days ago
the game is okay. best way to describe it is another stern.

really disappointed that Gina was left out of the game

The Yoda doll in the corner is just distracting
32 days ago
Not perfect by any means. But probably the best Star Wars game out there.
35 days ago
Another great new game by Stern. This seems like more of a beginner game as the shots are all pretty simple except for the upper playfield which is over quickly and extremely difficult to control or shoot accurately. I have enjoyed playing this and the pro version of the machine, the ball times get pretty long. Power ups integrated with the action button are cool. I really don’t have anything bad to say other than the theme music for Mandolorian really annoys me, I didn’t use that as an excuse to drop my score below a 9 because I’m sure others will flag my review for not going with a high 9.
36 days ago
One of the best looking pins out there. Upper playfield is kinda “meh” and as others have said, be nice if Grogu did a bit more.

Shots are fun and challenging. I am sure rating will go up asbthe code develops. Its a great start.
36 days ago
Fun machine. The machine is beautiful and the tv assets are good. Grogu could better. I had to make some flipper power adjustments for the upper playfield ball capture bouncing back and coming down the ramp. Upper playfield is cool but only ok. It’s a keeper as I’m a Star Wars fan.
37 days ago
The artwork is 10.The backglass is 10.The mandalorian le is one of the best new stern.Stern and Eddy,did amazing jobb with this one.Master piece.Case closed.!
38 days ago
AWSOME game, Stern knocked this one out of the park. Really fun to play and glad they were able to do this theme. I really wish that the child would move or do something cool. I hope someone is working on a interactive child mod that is really needed.
40 days ago
The game is beautiful. Amazing artwork in and out of the machine. Fantastic theme. Great call outs and soundtrack. The gameplay is fun but super challenging. I could see why someone wouldn’t like it after just a few plays. But if you spend time with it, the depth is great and the shots are satisfying. The light show in this game is really cool. The upper playfield is very fun and is incorporated during encounter modes and multiball play which is cool. Scoring is a little off with the current code, IMO. You can stack a mission and multiball and get a huge score….but if you don’t do that, you don’t even come close. Sure this will be rethought with code updates. Magnet is cooler than it gets credit for. Foundry is a welcome slowdown in play. The LE translite has to be the coolest one in pinball
44 days ago
Brian Eddy and Stern have spoken. This is the way!
45 days ago
Well the art package is great, but I’m with a few of the other reviewers; the game is not exceptional.
For those interested in the game: Don’t look at the ratings, read the reviews and try it (anyone rating below 9 will get flagged and probably excluded in the ranking).

Game code will probably be perfected over time (also for this reason; how can it already be a 10 if this is not even finished??)

The weapon selection is cool however and the use of the tilted playfield is nice where you have to hit specific targets.

I’m just wondering why they added such a big static toy. A missed chance to do something nice there.

The mini playfield that tilts is a nice find.

Summary: A lot of hype (like GnR), but this game will not last long as best game ever made.
47 days ago
Owning the LE for over a few weeks and added my review. The pinball looks great, art is really good, owning the LE the backglass is fantastic, maybe only issue I have is a bit to much brown, I just do not like brown, I understand they went for the desert/western feel with dirt and sand but again brown is not my thing. Playfield looks good. Shots are ok and nice. Toys are ok but static, rules are clear and the machines shoots great. Solid Stern, but nothing out of this world. The video's used are ok but quality is poor especially in dark areas, Stern must do better, we live in HD and even 4K times. This is really bad. Game play is ok, nothing spectacular. Get the mode, get multiball and see if you get mulitpliers going. The foundry and the beskar trading is a fun thing. It can help you to progress and gives some strategic element to the game. The mini playfield is fun, hard and ok. Sound is ok, callouts ok and lighting is very nice with red and warm white. Some toys are there but that is it. Nothing magical. No physical ball lock, nothing special. Mechs are sometimes exposed, weldings can be seen, overall it is looking cheaper than previous LE's. No attention for details or covering things up. For the rest ok machine, fun to play, maybe code will do some extra things, coop is nice, impossible mode also, but that will not put this machine in the top 10.
48 days ago
I really enjoy this game a lot. Full disclosure- I grew up with Star Wars so anything Star Wars related may get some extra love from me. But i really enjoy playing this game. I think its a beautiful machine, the artwork is fantastic in my opinion and I really like the playfield overall. It's a very easy game to figure out and follow the rules of which I like. I like the interactive aspect of the Foundry and the strategy it brings to the game. I've spent a couple weekends solid playing this game with friends now and I really enjoy it- I'm certain that I won't be tired of it anytime soon.

I'm torn on the upper playfield.. It is so small that really precise shooting is somewhat tough. Once I spent a little time with it figuring it out I started liking it a better, but still not 100% sold. The shaker motor is ridiculous. I turned mine off because i kept having screws loosen and my return lane kept getting shook loose.

Overall I really like the game a lot. It is definitely getting more plays currently than anything in my collection.
52 days ago
The LE has to be one of the best Stern packages yet! The mirrored back glass, artwork, assets, great flow and game play that keeps you wanting to come back for more. More code will make this a top 10 pin for sure. I love how fast the upper playfield is so you are not up there longer than needed. If Grogu has a hidden feature to make him move even better and being static for now is the only reason this one isn't a 10 out of the box.
54 days ago
This game overall is gorgeous, has great flow, has excellent theme integration and is pure fun. It is not perfect however, the Grogu toy really should have done something instead of taking up a huge spot doing nothing. The image of Mando on the screen is also static and should be more animated. I would of rated it perfect except those points and I deducted accordingly. I still would put this game with some of the best Stern has release and recommend it for any collection.
58 days ago
There doesn't seem to be a big difference between the LE and the Pro versions of the game. An added upward scoop feeding into the large ramp and the Mandalorian, helmet themed, upper playfield being elevated to facilitate a rotating, tipping mechanism. When you achieve getting the ball to the upper playfield, it rotates flat just like the Pro version for play, essentially offering the same play experience of the Pro as well. Upper playfield gimmick aside, this is still a fun pin to play. Very well designed with some great shots and well executed rules and programming. The LE also feels like is has better ball flow and playability. Stern has been really stepping it up and this pin reflects that. I hope Stern keeps finding ways to make their new games feel fresh and fun.
59 days ago
Played and liked alot. Many games takes a few time to enjoy, but this on has lastability. Even if you never watch Mando, you will like to play this, warrants you to come back and play. Lots of fun raps shots, cool toys, like it better than my GNR LE and Star wars LE..
59 days ago
The LE is a awesome looking pin. They really knocked it out of the park on the armor, backglass and art.

I have never enjoyed a pin this much. I can’t stop playing it. The theme is great, they integrated the show very well, the flow and shots are super fun and the upper playfield is a really really good idea. They use the upper playfield during missions and it has its own. I was surprised how much it was involved in the play. You also don’t get much time up there because it moves up and down. It’s probably my favorite upper playfield on any pin. I don’t like where there is a ton of time and play on upper playfields. It just becomes too much.

I’m so happy they made a super fun Star Wars pin. The family loves it as well.
62 days ago
Really love this game. We have had it through the weekend. Shots are fun, and different from other games. rules are deep enough to keep you interested but easy enough to just walk up and start playing.

On the LE the back glass, cabinet and armor is awesome.

**** Update after a week ****

This game is pretty fun and as we learn the rules more, I am pretty impressed with the goals of this game. The shots and are fun and I am learning that many of these shots you can make from either flipper. Really a keeper. We are liking the game more and more.
64 days ago
Huge Star Wars Fan so of course this theme calls to me, I love playing it, has that one more game feel. It would easily be a 10 if Grogu did anything, Stern could have at least did the Ghostbusters StaPuftt Marshmallow man trick or put a servo to lift his arm. The Moving Mini Playfield is really fun and teaches you the art of the ball cradle.

This game flows like butter!

Overall its a HomeRun for me from Stern and B.E.
65 days ago
Not very deep rulesheet but fun for a while...
68 days ago
Early review but got enough games in now. My family and I think this game is a winner. There are a lot of satisfying shots and almost feels like an Elwin style game. I own several newer top tier games including JP and Attack from mars LE and think this is one of the best layouts and has great shots.

The ramp to the mini playfield is sometimes hard to get up there, may have to increase flipper strength. The mini playfield is a challenge but I like the feel of it and its something new and interesting. I don't really mind The Child doll in the back. He is cute and seems to be hiding ramps and wires. Not sure how someone is going to make him move but that would be a nice upgrade. There isn't much room around his head to make his head move much, maybe an inch or so. The magnet is super strong when he grabs it and shakes the whole machine. I tell you the shaker on this thing is crazy strong and you really feel it.

My NIB arrived with a crack in the bottom plastic ramp where the metal piece is (near foundry). On game two the crack broke off and is now floating there. I know this is an issue with many on pinside so I submitted a ticket with my distributor and hope Stern has a fix. Probably need a metal piece that extends longer. The MATCH screen the colors are really tan/grey almost not colored right. Maybe it's just me.

In summary its early but I think this is up there with Attack from Mars in gameplay. Upgraded code and fixes will really take this over the top IMO. It is WAY better than Star Wars which I own and think I almost like it better than my JP Premium. The LE is just stunning in person.
70 days ago
Early review: (8 days)

The machine looks amazing! The art work is a solid 10.

I haven't turned on one of my other machines yet... This is odd, to me. I expected to like it but not like it like it. My first day or so with the pin it felt as if the ball was on my flippers non stop. I was bricking a bunch. The more I play the more the game seems to open up for me.
See I bought the machine before I really got to see it played. I did put some trust in Brian and the team to deliver what I hoped wouldn't be a flashy front loaded art piece that was really designed for location.
At this point I really want to increase my rating on game design but will hold off and update my review again in a couple weeks.
There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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