Trough LED Strip Lighting, universal


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Trough LED Strip Lighting, universal

Item description

Make your dark trough area come to life with this super bright and vibrant trough light. Really improves visibility and overall game aesthetics. Plug and play, simple install, hooks to GI. Available in blue, green, red, white and purple.

Install instructions:

Not compatible with Jersey Jack games at this time.

Item photos

iron-maiden-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).JPG
tales-from-the-crypt-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).JPG
guardians-of-the-galaxy-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).jpg
attack-from-mars-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).JPG
transformers-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).JPG
tron-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).JPG
star-wars-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit-2 (resized).jpg
whirlwind-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).jpg
aerosmith-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).jpg
spiderman-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).JPG
batman-66-pinball-trough-light-green (resized).jpg
x-men-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).png
ac-dc-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).png
sopranos-pinball-led-strip-trough-light-kit (resized).png
Resized_20160702_083312 (resized).jpg
TROUGH (resized).jpg
Resized_20160702_083402 (resized).jpg
pinball-trough-lighting-kit-7 (resized).JPG
20160821_165254 (resized).jpg
20161210_180754 (resized).jpg
Trough (resized).jpg
20160709_113313 (resized).jpg
Resized_20160320_204448 (resized).jpg
Trough (resized).jpg
20160709_154021 (resized).jpg
WWFRR Trough (1) (resized).jpg
Resized_20160702_083312 (resized).jpg
Trough (resized).jpg
Troughlight2 (2) (resized).jpg
Resized_20160622_203512-1-1 (resized).jpg

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