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What are you working on today?

By Wolfmarsh

7 years ago

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    #101 7 years ago

    Working on a 12 pack...and then some pinball. 'Cause everyone knows you play better when you've had a few.

    ...and I'm totally serious...

    #102 7 years ago

    Doing a little work on my DH. Noticed some bulbs were burnt out, then realized they were just missing...like 16 of them...weird.

    #103 7 years ago

    Took the batteries off my Earthshaker - and started to look at why a project EM won't power on.

    4 weeks later
    #104 7 years ago

    Put the first coat of black on the F-14 cabinet, not gonna post a pic though, it needs a little cleanup first.

    My daughter wanted to help, so I ended up with a few runs and some bare spots before she ran me out of paint. I would rather spend more time cleaning up than not spending it with her helping though, so its all good.

    Then we started shopping out Victory, she is currently "inspecting".


    #105 7 years ago

    modded potc started sanding on TOTAN Cab

    !cid_0921122258.jpg !cid_0921122301.jpg

    #106 7 years ago

    Replaced a shorted transistor on Goldeneye's I/O Driver board, and waxed pf. JP gets a good cleaning tonight!

    #107 7 years ago

    Sanded filler and put a second coat of primer on Gameplan Sharpshooter. (Don't everybody get all excited at once). Like Wolfmarsh above I had help from my 7 y/o. Worked out ok- he put the paint on in a "W" with the roller and I spread it out and finished it off. Thread here if you're having trouble getting to sleep:


    I'm touching up the PF and clearcoating it and going through everything- basically as practice and experience for future restorations.

    #108 7 years ago

    Just finished getting my Jack in the Box spotless clean and working 100.00% - with a lot of help. I put a new slice of playfield glass on just now and put it in the back bedroom lineup next to No Fear. Just played a few games and it is playing really sweet. All flipper, pops, motors, steppers, etc rebuilt and all new playfield plastics, rubbers, posts, pop bodies and caps.

    Now if I could only find a decent backglass for this thing!

    Oh well. An hour has passed since playing ACDC LE so I have to go now.

    #109 7 years ago

    Happy to say that my wife and I am playing the daylights out of my LOTR. What a great pin!

    #110 7 years ago

    Installed my new rom in JD and it is now credit dot free. I also ran new PVC and check valves for my pool filter, vacuum. Pretty much an all day affair, lots of tree roots...sigh. But now it's done and time to play some bah, bah bah, bah Tron!

    #111 7 years ago

    Keeping the restoration going on my beat up f14 that I have around awhile

    #112 7 years ago

    Moving out: SS.
    Moving in: RFM

    #113 7 years ago

    Working on LAH finally. It's been sitting for a couple months. Not messing with the outside of the cab at the moment. It will pass with some touch up. The inside was a nasty mess. I'm watching primer dry. I see several guys and working on cabs at the moment. Might start a thread to see what I can learn.


    #114 7 years ago

    Drawing a CAD file for some custom acrylic mounts for Disney 3" X-Men figures... to attempt using in my XM LE. Still undecided if this will look okay?

    Also have to clean and pack up a whack of mirror blades I just cut.

    #115 7 years ago

    Working on the most amazing pinball mod to date. Just took an hour off to watch Michigan and Notre Dame give each other the ball for a half.

    Now, back to work... Expo is coming soon!

    #116 7 years ago

    Had a blast playing pinball this afternoon at Tigerlaw25's place.
    We played his Tron LE, X-Men Wolvie, and a few games on Party Zone.
    I feel a bit bad we didn't even fire up Dr Who.

    About the closest we came to working on them was to briefly discuss a list of things he would like to get done to his machines during a couple weekends next month.

    #117 7 years ago

    Hooking up toppers for laseriffic and pinovations

    #118 7 years ago

    Nothing pin related, but building a custom table for the Big Green Egg

    #119 7 years ago

    Was playing TFTC, when the Cryptkeeper decided to just go on a non-stop maniacal laughter rant.... everytime I hit the flippers he would laugh. Turned out that the gate on the right ramp was loose, and any vibration would cause the switch to trip and that caused the Cryptkeeper to laugh. Tested it by plugging the switch, and he stopped laughing - thing was - when I went to pull the wire off, the wire broke off the female connector that was attached to the male spade - and I had none of those female connectors to crimp the wire back onto -_____ - ....

    Ended up soldering that sucker directly on the male spade of the switch. Adjusted the arm to where a mouse's sneeze wouldn't trip the "laughter" switch. Tightened everything back down, and happy days - the Cryptkeeper laughed and cackled only when the gate was properly tripped.

    #120 7 years ago

    I've gotta keep doing the board work on this System 80b. I found a cold joint on the little expansion board and got that redone, which solved the boot up problems, but now gotta figure out why only about 5% of the playfield works.

    #121 7 years ago

    Drop off an empty Creature cab to SPFXTed

    Play some pinball.

    Work on my two Paragons (creating a best of two, then selling the other one (dibs to a Pinsider friend)

    Play some pinball.

    Point and wink at my Centaur for being so awesome.

    Play some pinball.

    #122 7 years ago

    Cleaned all the lamp boards and inserts and relamped my MB. Getting the large board out from behind the Dracula assembly wasn't bad at all. Will start tearing down the pf to shop the topside today. ThePinFamily pointed out that the game didn't have the the right ball launch button. Found it at PBL.

    Quoted from jimster102:

    Keeping the restoration going on my beat up f14 that I have around awhile

    Is there anything in Hibbing dedicated to Dylan?


    #123 7 years ago

    Packin up POTO and probably replacin' a ramp on TSPP. I should probably clean and wax LAH today....

    #124 7 years ago

    Having dismantled one of my Stargates and lugging it inside the house, I've decided the other machine may have a better playfield. Argh. The simple 'replace the whole machine' is looking like it will turn into 'pull them both apart to wood level'.

    #125 7 years ago

    Polished the metal on my fireball pro with some flitz and polished my playfield as well

    #126 7 years ago

    Getting some playing in while waiting on some parts.

    #127 7 years ago

    After stupidly blowing almost every bulb on Victory at once, I finally got them all replaced, again.

    Last thing is to figure out the sound. Sometimes the sound board boots, sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes it plays for 10 seconds then hangs on a sound.

    #128 7 years ago

    Doing touch ups on space invaders cabinet and sanding down the backglass frame patching nicks and respraying

    #129 7 years ago

    Finishing up Fattrain's lockdown bar from his TFTC project, and seeing if the polishing kit I bought from Home Depot is a decent buy, or if I wasted 10 bucks

    #130 7 years ago

    I'm hoping to finish up my shop job on Airborne today. I have a few rubbers left to replace, and five new switches to install, and the game will be good to go.

    #131 7 years ago

    Waiting on toppers. *sigh*

    Waiting on soundcard.

    And this...

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    #132 7 years ago
    Quoted from Frax:

    Waiting on toppers. *sigh*
    Waiting on soundcard.
    And this...

    WOW ... now that's a mercy call. I've debate seriously doing any repro pf swaps, opting for restoration ... but that's just a necessity in that case.

    #133 7 years ago

    I never really rely one the dimples I use them mostly as a guideline. instead of the absolute proper placement locations every CPR Ive dealt with they have been off a bit compared to the originals.

    #134 7 years ago

    Yesterday, I worked on a WCS PF swap. Installed switch, GI and controlled lamp harnesses. Tonight, I'll solder the remaining switches up, and run the solenoid harness.

    #135 7 years ago
    Quoted from cleland:

    I'm working on my Twilight Zone Cabinet today, installing the ground braid and all the inside cabinet stuff. Then, tomorrow it's new decals! Doing it dry, wish me luck!

    Nice! Did you build the cabinet or just refinish? Looks good either way.

    4 years later
    #136 2 years ago

    Brought this back . Getting back to the roots of why I love this hobby. IJ is back on the rotissere .Nickle plating is done, Brass was completed a ways back.

    Touching up a couple playfields before they get their final clear.

    2016 pictures 020 (resized).JPG

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