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What are you working on today?

By Wolfmarsh

7 years ago

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    #1 7 years ago

    Nice Saturday today. What is everyone working on?

    I am working on stripping down my new secret service, and taking the first load of metal out of the polisher.

    #2 7 years ago

    Working on cooking for a family picnic no pin related stuff for me today.

    #3 7 years ago

    adjusting ramps and replacing some rubber on NGG, add spotlights and some tweaks to LAH, and finally board work on POTO, should keep me busy!

    #4 7 years ago

    Absolutely nothing - just sitting in the same room as my pins typing this and enjoying the day.

    Earlier in the week though - reattached the diode to XF's launch button as well as fixed the gap between XF launch button and the solenoid activation launch switch. Also, readjusted one of TFTC's pop bumper switch's (it was activating when the other two pop bumpers were going off).

    #5 7 years ago

    Im tinkering on a Bally Lost World and working on the ac in the ponycar. Not too bad today..only supposed to be 101. Might do a little sidewalk grilling.

    #6 7 years ago

    My Fathom is acting up at a friend's house, needs a connector rebuilt. After that we're heading to the ATL for pin league night!

    #7 7 years ago

    I'm planning to finally replace that flaky resistor network on Cyclone, which will hopefully fix my couple of intermittent display segment problems...but not until I've had more coffee

    #8 7 years ago

    Hey BadBrick, the F14 playfield just came. It is rockin. Ill send pics later.

    #9 7 years ago


    Building some shelves for the basement, which will let me put stuff away all nice and proper, which leads to putting pins in the same rooms as the shelves, which leads to getting the rest of the basement (including game room) mudded and taped. So, indirectly pin-related. And I'll probably fire up TSPP or Flash at some point in time.


    #10 7 years ago

    Searching for the best mini split to cool my garage...

    #11 7 years ago

    Yesterday was my most active day in years working on pins... did 90% of a playfield swap for RFM with WhysNow (thanks a TON!), then went out with the wife. When I got back, I did another 5% of the work on that playfield, and then tweaked lighting on Iron Man (less like a bug zapper) and Viper Night Drivin' (no more ghost-y playfield everywhere), and then took inventory of anything that was missing and put in (another) order for Pinball Life to get the last stuff.

    My list of things to do for the first time in years seems accomplishable! With any luck, some more Iron Man tweaking and JP sound tonight, and then maybe I'll finally tackle PinBot tomorrow!

    #12 7 years ago

    I'm working on my Twilight Zone Cabinet today, installing the ground braid and all the inside cabinet stuff. Then, tomorrow it's new decals! Doing it dry, wish me luck!



    #13 7 years ago

    trying to replace a flipper coil on my Catacomb


    #14 7 years ago

    I was so happy that my order from PinballLife came because I was going to install the LEDs I ordered where my JP doesn't have them, mostly in the CRT area. Then realized that even though the book says 44s and the website says 44s are bayonet base, all the lights in the CRT area of my JP are stupid wedge lights. I don't know if I'm reading something wrong, someone changed something out, or what... but my lights don't fit. So I changed the flashers that were right, added the post to the left outlane, and did some more dino redecorating/rearranging. We also changed out the control room switch since it had been acting up and put in the super shiny pinballs, so now it is working great and looks good, just not totally done with the bulbs. Learning something new every day.

    #16 7 years ago

    Later on tonite I'll start my chrome Wolverine LE conversion and I'll but the blue armor on my SM.

    #17 7 years ago

    Server updates. Yay

    #18 7 years ago

    Working on finding help to carry the JM I just bought in to the house..... Anybody?

    #19 7 years ago

    I'm working on X-MEN skills. Speakers upgrade too. Then ACDC shooter lane protection being installed.

    #20 7 years ago
    Quoted from smassa:

    Later on tonite I'll start my chrome Wolverine LE conversion and I'll but the blue armor on my SM.

    I love your collection Smassa.

    #21 7 years ago

    Building a Deck, No pin's for me today.

    #22 7 years ago

    Just finished getting controlled lamps in my DE Simpsons working - shorted bridge rectifier. Got lots of help here on the forum to fix it - thanks guys

    #23 7 years ago

    Adjust X-men spinner magnet, then playing a bunch of games.

    #24 7 years ago

    I am transferring water from a secondary pond to my main irrigation pond. I had a irrigation leak and lost around 2 million gallons of water. Fortunately, we have plenty of water in Iowa this year (where is that damned sarcasm emoticon???)

    #25 7 years ago

    Just got home from picking up a TZ, and then probably work on the Diner some more later on tonight.

    John P. Dayhuff
    Battle Creek, Mi

    #26 7 years ago

    Installed two dedicated 20A circuits run to the game room. 4 pins on 1 now, only 2 on the other for now. No more sharing with the rest of the game room and the guest room, bath and kitchen. Boom.

    #27 7 years ago

    Took inspiration from tracelifter's lit scoop mods I saw at PAGG, and have started installing them on my GnR and Wh2o. HS, ES, and FH are next.

    #28 7 years ago

    Rebuilt a pop bumper on my CV. Then completely changed my inventory of parts so that I could, you know, figure out what the heck I had.

    #29 7 years ago

    Complete tear down of MM today in order to get it ready for the tourney. Installing LEDs also (my first time, so I hope I like it). Going with white rubbers and it looks sharp so far.

    With the help of my wife we are about 80% of the way done now. Gonna finish it up on Sunday and then set it up mean

    #30 7 years ago

    Head decals - some chrome for STTNG

    sttng_left_before.JPG sttng_left_after.JPG sttng_rt_before.JPG sttng_rt_after.JPG

    #31 7 years ago

    rebuilt slingshots on ES.

    #32 7 years ago

    Made some more progress on my animated short.

    #33 7 years ago

    Working on 10gb nic kernel bypass instructions for low latency financial services applications and messing with roce and iwarp to figure out what rdma implementation I want to use with wombat.

    If any of you can decode that I applaud your geekishness.

    #34 7 years ago

    I took the day to repair my sprinkler lines in the yard and jump in the pool with the wife and dogs to cool off.

    #35 7 years ago

    I always enjoy reading this thread on KLOV. I'm glad someone started it here on Pinside. I anticipate this is going to be a long one.

    #36 7 years ago

    I novus-2'd and waxed a couple PFs at the PPM warehouse on games destined for the CAX tournament, and then put up a high score on Blackwater.

    The usual collection of artist, historians and pinthusiasts and being surrounded by 500 games. I'm lucky.

    #37 7 years ago

    Converted my F14 flashers over to 1156 automotive led bulbs nice and bright now with better color and brightness only cost about $1.20 each and removed the heater resistors and had to change polarity on several sockets to make em work but it was worth the trouble

    #38 7 years ago

    getting to the board work for POTO I was supposed to do yesterday.... that and throwing away some $$$ at the track on this opening weekend

    #39 7 years ago

    Well, nothing on the list today, as I have an Eagle Scout ceremony to go to for a family member (a big deal I'm told), but last night I finally got around to properly wiring in a removable free play connection to my Bally Star Trek. Now all my old Bally's have disconnectable free play options through the start button.

    #40 7 years ago

    Finally painting my Whirlwind cabinet. I hope to put the new decals on next weekend.


    #41 7 years ago

    Just playing today.

    #42 7 years ago

    I'm still working on stripping down secret service so I can clean and wax the pf.

    #43 7 years ago

    I broke a drop target on my '79 Genie. Replacement targets have been ordered from The Pinball Resource, and should show up early next week. Today, I've pulled out the drop target assembly, and have everything ready to go when the parts show up.

    #44 7 years ago

    Debating on whether or not I should go with the ACDC Premium over Wolverine, lol.

    #46 7 years ago

    installed a new transistor in my RFM driver board, edited the LED.cfg file to let the Nucore system know to ignore my leds, and having a great time watching the animations on a 23" widescreen instead of the normal 19" crt.

    next is to strip down my LotR, but i keep pushing it back because i want to play it and not have it in pieces for a week.

    #47 7 years ago

    Just uploaded pics of my game room.

    #48 7 years ago

    Working on a WG6100 for my Tempest. The problem seems to be in the metal frame transistors. Q102 is at the proper voltage but Q605 and 705 are 1/3 of that. Back to studying the schematics.Tempest is such a funfest.

    #49 7 years ago

    Waiting for wife to wake up so I can move my first Stern in - has something to do with a popular card game.

    #50 7 years ago
    Quoted from RustyLizard:

    Waiting for wife to wake up so I can move my first Stern in - has something to do with a popular card game.

    Move it yourself and stop playing strip poker!

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