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Pacific Pinball Expo 2010!!!

By drbond

13 years ago

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#1 13 years ago

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a few more hours to wait!!!


My fav thing to do at PPE is just watch people on BSD....and watch them get demolished by that game.

Johnnyo just put up a short vid of some of the pins. Some of them are kind of hard to see, but aside from SS classics like Spectrum....I did see CSI, Safecracker, Monopoly, No Fear, Congo, Twilight Zone, Star Wars Episode 1, The Addams Family, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Theatre of Magic, Airborne [Capcom]. Johnnyo, you rock dude. Make sure to thank Danny for posting up that vid for us.

For people going to PPE...make SURE to get a few games on Congo. Pinball players out there should not miss out. Very rare game to find, and such a crazy fun game to boot! I plan to make sure to play Safecracker, as its one I have never played.

On a side note, am I seeing things, or did I actually see someone brought a Party Zone to PPE?! If so....I am b-lining to play it. I haven't played that one in a long time!

I'll try to update this post with pictures from the show.

#2 13 years ago

You and me both, dude!
More than a dozen people from Seattle are already here, and we're gonna kick ALL your butts!

#3 13 years ago

I saw safecracker in the video! I hope someone brings one to chicagos expo.

#4 13 years ago

Thanks for the video! Looks like it is going to be a GREAT time!!! I only wish I was going to be there. Bring back some pics and more video.

Have a great time all!

#5 13 years ago

About to make the drive out in a few minutes. Have to prepare my translites for travel for signatures.

I'll try to get some high res pics of the showroom. For those heading out....drive safe and have fun at the show.

#6 13 years ago

Thanks for posting! Wish I could go to more shows...I've only been to the Seattle show a few times...would love to do some others as well...

#7 13 years ago

@drbond - yeah that was Danny's vid. I tried to shoot one of my own but I ran out of time. I was helping set up the tournament area on Wednesday but we lost some of our space due to needing more room for a vendor (the place is PACKED with vendors), so we had to do some frantic re-design of the tournament area.

Had an awesome but sort of dizzy time today. Mads Kristensen and I had to put on a "how to play pinball like the pros" seminar and we were both up till nearly 2am Friday morning with EBPL league finals (I got 3rd out of 16).

Yes there is a safecracker, and it was giving out the tokens. Some EBPL friends were trying to win as many as possible. There is also a Congo. Right next to Medieval Madness. I believe there's also a party zone, but I always confuse that game with Doctor Dude...

drbond, I'll mostly be in the tournament area, so you can find me there. If you have your NBA Fastbreak or Stern NBA translites, make sure to get them singed by 7' Todd Macculloch, former NBA player. He is playing in the tournaments.

#8 13 years ago

I'll try to post up some pics from the show later tonight.

EXCLUSIVE pictures of artwork by Doug Watson! Incredibly cool guy to talk to.

Will need somewhere to store them on the site (if my photobucket is unavailable). More than likely under the Gallery section for that particular game for Pinside.

Never before seen concept art for IJ-93, Big Game, Barracora, and Demolition Man (among others). If you missed the seminar....your in luck!

#9 13 years ago

Can't wait to see some photos, guys. It's hard living on the other side of the pond with all the pinball action going on in the U.S.

By the way, if you see Steve Ritchie tell him Robin from the Pinside says hi. Steve rocks.

#10 13 years ago

do you know of any expo's in Canada?

#12 13 years ago

none on the west coast?

#13 13 years ago

Just got back. Hopefully the PPE tourney guys get up a vid of the finals. The tourney was played on Demo Man, Pinball Magic, & The Flinstones. A shame Tim didn't get any other high scores because I have never seen anyone pull off the shots he did on that Demo Man (Cryo Claw was deactivated yet he was able to build up to Demolition Time). Easily broke a billion points at the end on the hardest settings.

The highlights of the show were playing Avatar (review coming soon...not a bad game), playing Hercules, and getting a chance to finally play a shopped/working example of a Seawitch. Hooo boy, I love me some Seawitch!

I tried to get as many backglass pics from some very rare to find Stern pinballs. The Stern backglass guys really had a thing for pretty & busty girls on their backglasses.

Going through my pics to see what came out. I'll be uploading art concepts from Doug Watson to their corresponding game gallery.

#14 13 years ago

drbond, great hanging with you again. Fortunately, I wasn't running around as much like a nut at CAX. Yeah, Tim Hansen is definitely a top player and he was playing at the peak of his game. Hopefully we'll see some vids of the action.

#15 13 years ago

We'll have to hang out one of these days jon. I just put up a review of Avatar. Will be busy today trying to go through my digital camera index. Got some pics of Avatar for those who are interested. Overall, I like Avatar. I don't think its as good as Iron Man, but its a good time. The Stephen Lang voice work is easily the highlight, and probably some of the better voice work to come out for a Stern game in a long time (last good work was for LOTR and TSPP). Its been a while since I have heard a pinball machine cuss since Soprano's ("the wildlife on Pandora is going to crap you out").

#16 13 years ago

438 games was the final PPE count, last I heard. There may have been more, I know a fair few games had been switched out during the three days.
@WolfZ: This WAS a West Coast show! The other is the Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show, that's usually in June here in Seattle at the Science Center.
Avatar: Not Bad. It's got some replay value to it, but we'll see how it does once actually placed at Shorty's. Now what possessed Stern to have the debut tournament at the Seattle Waterfront Arcade?

#17 13 years ago

I am hoping they bring more solid state DMD machines next year. It seemed to be the common complaint. I was there for 2 days, and there were some games I didn't get to play because of the lines....and people who would play 4 person games between 2 people (or a 2 player game for 1 person). Having all those EM's is nice (I get that its supposed to be a museum-like experience), but at the cost of turning away more DMD machines should be looked at (supposedly machines were turned away once capacity was reached), because I would rather play more DMD's machines.

#18 13 years ago

My local overpriced store is having a after hours invitation only night this weekend to come play machines. I think I will go just to play some and buy nothing. I really wish I had the time/money/lack of family responsibility to go to one of these majors.

(Don't take that wrong .. I just can't leave the Mrs alone to indulge myself having a severely handicapped child)

#19 13 years ago

drbond, you are absolutely correct on that one. I had no idea DMD's were being turned away. I think it is pretty clear which machines got the most play. DMDs should not have been turned away. They may get better attendance and actually get some people to catch the pinball bug if they had less EM's and more DMD's. A friend came with me and it was his first time and he liked it his only complaint was that they had way to many EM's. You are right on the money on this one. That is absolutely silly that they turned away DMD's when some of the EM's probably didn't even get played this year.

#20 13 years ago

Hi Guys !

I agree with you , about the ratio DMD's > EM's ,even i collect old machines - if I found new , recent DMD's for cheap , i would collect it for sure ! OK

So , the video posted (thanks DRBond) is really fast , or my brain is too old to catch all the pictures.

You're lucky .

Do you have some pictures to share (DMD or EM..) ?
Thks .

#21 13 years ago

Yeah, and this year there were probably about double the DMDs as last year.

The PPM is basically more focused on the historical side. It used to bother me that there weren't more DMDs, but I've become a big enough fan of 70s EMs (long-flipper EMs) that I always have something worthwhile to play. The only games I haven't gotten into are 80s SS, but some of the Todd Tuckey videos have gotten me more curious.

The other thing to do is GO ON FRIDAY. Seriously, that is the absolute best day to go. Then you can get all the games in that you want in the best condition and relax with the seminars and vendors at a leisurely pace when the crowds get too out of hand. Although, I will say that even Friday was busier than last year.

#22 13 years ago

I'm still trying to organize my photobucket Lionel. Tried to get shots of all the beautiful Stern non-DMD SS machines. Sea-Witch was fun as hell, but so was Stern's Dracula!

What is up with Dracula? Everytime you put Dracula in some form of interactive entertainment...and the game usually kicks butt (William's BSD, Stern's Dracula, and practically the entire line of Castlevania video games except the ones on the Nintendo 64 [a fluke]). Dracula has the midas touch.

#23 13 years ago

I agree with a lot of what was said here.
Friday was definitely the best day to go, and Friday night wasn't too bad. Saturday was a nightmare, and Saturday night wasn't much better, even at 11:00pm!
Sure there were a lot of DMDs, but some of them were ones you don't see very often anymore, if ever. Likewise it was nice to see quite a bit of the 1980s represented too!
I enjoyed the hell out of the old Stern lineup, how about you?

Pet Peeves:
People who think that "Two Game Maximum when Other People Are Waiting" means that solo four-player games are acceptable as one game.
People who abandon games in mid-play because something else opened up they wanted to play.
People who brought obnoxious little kids to the show and let them loose. At least a couple of games would have been rendered unplayable if I hadn't been there to catch panels falling off games (one with a heavy mirror) when Little Obnoxio And Friends decided to screw with the door and panel keys.
Unattended kids banging on the Add-A-Ball plungers on the Very Old games, even when the ball shooter lane couldn't hold any more balls.
Idiot kids slipping in between you and the game you were about to play, even while you're still playing. Eventually the Seattle Nice gave out and those little morons found themselves running into a brick wall (my pointy elbow more than once).
T-shirt vendors who don't stock (or who never printed) anything above an XL, despite the fact that quite a few people attending the show were 2X (like me) or larger.

#24 13 years ago

I still need to weed through my pictures (I really can't wait to show you guys the art seminar pics from Doug Watson), but in the meantime, Gizmonic just posted HD vids from the showroom.

#25 13 years ago

@ drbond :Thank you so much for these videos .

Are all these pins labelled Pacific Pinball Museum in the regular exhibition. ? If so , the museum would be to visit !

I like these big posters on the wall , made with reproductions of BackGlass - Do someone this kind of work at home ?


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