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Card Whiz

Gottlieb, 1976

“Had new backglass, stenciled cab and re-painted (nicely) playfield when bought. Had to do alot of electrical work - cleaning score reels, steppers, player unit, score motor, all switches. Had to re-wire coin door (undo someone else's mess), and go through all relays gapping switches and cleaning contacts. Works beautifully now!”

Purchased December 2018

Charlie's Angels

Gottlieb, 1978

“Printed some missing playfield details on adhesive-backed laser printer paper, stuck it over original art. Covered with a playfield protector. Pascal X4 board installed with all new edge connectors. New backglass from BGResto. Titan rubbers all around, color-matched LED's under playfield. New drop targets and had to replace one pop bumper body. Plays like a dream now.”

Purchased November 2018

Flipper Pool

Gottlieb, 1965

“replaced 2 backglass animation balls - like new again. warm white LED's throughout.”

Purchased December 2017

Joker Poker

Gottlieb, 1978

“Replaced power supply/MPU/driver boards with Pascal X4 and replaced all edge connectors to the board. LED's under the playfield and behind backglass. New CPR backglass. Touched up playfield paint and leveled inserts with polycrylic. Titan silcone rubbers all around. New power cord. New 3-inch levelers on back legs. Replaced power transistor for Kings drop bank and put 4.7K ohm resistor between base and 24V as pull-up resistor. Replaced all drops.”

Purchased July 2018


Gottlieb, 1976

“Reglued all inserts, repainted worn parts of playfield, cleared with polycrylic, cleaned all switch contacts and steppers. Restenciled cabinet.”

Purchased April 2021

Quick Draw

Gottlieb, 1975

“Replaced all drops, cleaned drop mechs. Touched up the playfield, Put in all new Titan rubbers and LED's everywhere. Had a couple problems with the way the bonus was being collected, but finally got it figured out. (2 score motor switches were closing at slightly the wrong times - bent them to get the timing right)”

Purchased June 2018

Top Card

Gottlieb, 1974

“Got it all working electrically: - went through all switch stacks - cleaned and gapped switches - removed previous owner's extra relay/switches/wires - not sure what he was doing - new glass - new legs/leg bolts - powder coated lockdown bar, plunger tip - have to repaint most of the pf - that will take a while - will restencil the cab eventually - new posts / pop skirts / - replaced all incandescents with Comet LED's - Titan rubbers”

Purchased May 2022


Gottlieb, 1976
Purchased September 2023

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