Game of Thrones Pinball Hologram Topper

Welcome to the future of pinball toppers and that future is toppers of Holograms!!

The LPM Ultimate Hologram Topper is so impressive that it won the "Best New Mod" for 2019 at the 35th Chicago Pinball EXPO '19, and was against some of the most highest quality mods in the show.

Mesmerizing, amazing, incredible, unbelievable were just a few of the adjectives that were repeatably used to describe LPM Ultimate Hologram Toppers at the Chicago Pinball EXPO. Then again, how many people have seen a hologram firsthand? It is quite impressive and can be installed on ANY game. Many people said this is the most incredible pinball mod they have ever seen!

Why settle for toppers that just sits there and may have a few lights that turn on and off when you can have a hologram topper of nearly any video on top of your pinball machine?

The name for our topper is LPM Ultimate Hologram Toppers, because it installs on any game and can support nearly any video!

LPM Ultimate Hologram Toppers can support up 50 videos that will continuously play in order and loop when completed. Your LPM Ultimate Hologram Topper will come with access to many videos that are designed to perfectly match the theme of your game. You have total control over the videos you desire on your LPM Ultimate Hologram Topper. In addition, you can download videos from YouTube with supplied software and put your own selection of videos on your LPM Ultimate Hologram Topper. Many people prefer to download their favorite movie or concert clip from YouTube and customize their LPM Ultimate Hologram Topper.

And, yes, they look absolutely incredible. There's a good chance you've never seen anything like this! Please keep in mind that the pictures or videos taken don't even come close to the real live Toppers in person! You are looking at a 3D hologram system with a 2D screen, so it's impossible to capture the full effects of this topper on any computer screen!!

Not only will you get access to a selection of 8 to 30 videos that match the theme of your game, which we call a premium selection, but also access over 500 other videos that we call our basic library. The basic library has generic videos that match many games, such as flames, space scenes, weapons, animals and many more. However, we also include themed video for many games. Also, if you would like to use your LPM Ultimate Hologram Topper as wall art, with your favorite videos to match games in your collection, you will be able to do that. You will receive the YouTube location to 1 premium selection per LPM Ultimate Hologram Topper purchase.

Your LPM Ultimate Hologram Topper is designed to install on ANY pinball machine. LPM Hologram Toppers require a ceiling of 7' 6" or taller. If you don't have a ceiling that meets this requirement, but still want the effect, we offer a wall mount version. These toppers will work on domestic or overseas games.

Here are some clips of the top videos for The Lord of the Rings Pinball Machine topper, but it comes with more videos, and remember the holograms look 10 times better then these videos. The distortion you see in the below videos is because of the camera shutter speed, and you will not see that when your Ultimate Hologram Topper is set up:

Game of Thrones Dragon Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Game of Thrones Spinning Throne Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Game of Thrones Wolf Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Game of Thrones Swords Crossed Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Game of Thrones Shields Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Game of Thrones Winter-Summer Throne Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

The below video is an example of the size of the hologram pinball topper on a pinball machine:

The below video is an example of the hologram painted to match the wall color. We have to use a high speed shutter to record the hologram, and we are using a spot light. Because of the spot light their is a shadow on the back wall. Under normal conditions you would not see the shadow:

If you would like to move your topper from one game to another, we offer the location of additional premium sets for $49.99.

Ultimate Hologram Toppers were painstakingly designed and assembled to ensure the best quality for our customers. Hundreds of hours have gone into building this mod to make it as clean, professional and flexible as possible.


Ultimate Hologram Toppers were designed to turn on and off with your game regardless of the game manufacture or age of your game, even an older EM machine. The universal design will not use power from your game. Installed, it will be powered from your service outlet and if your game does not have a service outlet, that's no problem. All you will need to do is supply an inexpensive extension cord that will cleanly install to your game. Even with an external extension cord, no wires are visible and your topper will still turn on and off with your game.

The hologram gets its videos from a supplied MicroSD card. You will need a windows-based computer to load videos on your supplied MicroSD card. the videos from your computer is as easy copy and paste. Lighted Pinball Mods supplies you with 3 pieces of software:

A program that converts many common video formats to the files the hologram will understand.

A program that will easily allow you download videos from major video websites such as YouTube.

A program that will allow you to clip a section of video that you may want from a larger video.

The software is very easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes to download a video and install on your hologram. Video instruction are supplied for all above programs.

The hologram topper attaches to the top of your game with supplied Velcro.

Features include:

- Universal hook up. This can be used on ANY pinball machine. If you have an import you may need a standard extension cord. Requires 7' 6" ceiling or higher. You will need a 8' taller ceiling for taller games such as Gottlieb or Sega.

- Product install is easy and quick and takes about 15 minutes. Video installation time depends on desired library

- Holds up to 50 videos

- Very bright LED?s that look great in any lighting

- Receive location of 500 basic videos which offers a few game specific videos for many games and many generic videos (videos subject to change)

- Receive location of premium set of videos, which are 6 to 25 videos that are specific to your game (videos subject to change)

- Includes software to download online videos from many major video sharing websites such as YouTube

- Includes software that converts many standard video formats and then formatted to play on hologram fan (windows computer required)

- Includes software to manipulate a video if desired

- Includes topper stand

- Includes wall mount

- Includes 10 foot DC power extension for flexible installation

- Includes 8G MicroSD card

- Includes on/off remote for wall art, but topper does turn on and off with game

- Includes easy to follow video instructions

- Europe power adapter, but does work world wide

- Does not drain your games power supply

See what others have said about our LPM Ultimate Topper:


Steve Ritchie

"That is pretty impressive. Nicely done."


"Wow that's impressive. Well done"


"Looks great"


"Yeah, this is pretty awesome."


"I've seen these type of fan hologram devices which I thought were cool. Nice work making them into a topper."


"They look phenomenal!!!!"


"Really cool!!! ? Those look great!"




"Fantastic! I cannot wait to try."


"These are cool!!"


"Definitely an alternative to neon on some walls of my gameroom....."


"Very cool product"


"That is great"


"Super cool stuff, looks amazing."


"I have successfully set up my hologram fan pretty nicely with some great videos. I'm VERY happy with it."


"WOW. Just the factory demo loop is amazing!"


"Got mine all set up, just waiting for some Ghostbusters images. I had some Metallica on there to try it out and it looks really cool."


"What a stellar piece of consumer electronics! I'm getting one!"


We want to make it clear that we are not selling any copyrighted videos. We will give you the location of the themed videos and of the basic videos for you to download on YouTube. I will not ship with videos. As this is a custom modification for a pinball machine, I cannot make any guarantees or warranties that there will not be any unintended side effects during or after the installation of my mod. This is not a factory original or approved part for your pinball machine. I have taken care to test this product to the best of my abilities, however it your responsibility to make sure the mod is installed correctly. Even not assume responsibility for game malfunction, damage to the game or surroundings, personal injury, or any other adverse effects caused by the installation of my mod.

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