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For Trade: Blackout
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Added: August 21st, 2020
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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This is a 1980 Williams Blackout that plays perfectly. The gentleman I bought it from had already done a ton of work to it, and since I bought it, I haven’t had any major issues. The only repair I’ve made is rebuilding and replacing the shooter rod. I also replaced the black rubber bands and black rubber post caps with white; I’ll include the black bands and post caps in the trade if you want to switch it back.

The machine is fully LED’d. Also, please note that the LEDs are not nearly this blinding in person! I’m not sure why my camera made the playfield look brighter than the Earth’s sun.

The only issues are cosmetic. There are the usual minor dings on the cabinet, a few dents in the coin door, that sort of thing. There is some minor wear on the playfield, but nothing that really bugged me and I’m pretty anal about my games. Outside Edge does make a Hard Top for Blackout if you want to upgrade. There are also a few scratches in the backglass as you can see from the photos, but no flaking or peeling. Planetary Pinball sells a replacement backglass. Also, please note that a previous owner added a credit button for some mysterious reason. I set the machine to freeplay. Fortunately, the credit button was drilled through the coin door insert and not the cabinet or coin door, so that could easily be replaced if it bugs you.

I enjoy the game, but I’m trading it because I’m out of room and I want to switch things up.

Here are the games I’d most like to trade for:

-A Nintendo Playchoice-10, preferably the two-monitor version, although I’d also consider the single-monitor upright.
-Cosmic Gunfight
-Baby Pac-Man (as long as it isn’t a basket case)
-Alien Poker

Here are some other games I would definitely consider:

-Time Fantasy
-Space Station

-Centaur or Centaur II
-Transporter: The Rescue

-Nine Ball

-Devil’s Dare

If your game is worth more than I’m asking, I’m happy to add some cash to the trade to make it work. If you have something else you think I might be interested in, feel free to drop me a line! I’m particularly interested in machines that had low production runs and weird stuff. I’m not in a huge rush to trade this one, so I’m curious to see what’s out there. Pick-up only, but I’ll consider making a day trip for the right deal.

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58A59E01-D37E-4049-8CC0-7BDC227E43CD (resized).jpeg
2830BABA-5430-4856-9321-445D587FB371 (resized).jpeg
3564D782-66BC-4B6C-9CFD-763342BB2B25 (resized).jpeg
48E0DA8A-70F4-43A9-9432-0298CD7BF9DD (resized).jpeg
4FF65092-1AA4-4DC1-A050-91EEB4B6BAB4 (resized).jpeg
301A45A9-B0C3-46FD-8CE6-633A72CB8FC7 (resized).jpeg
49B20063-30D6-41AD-AB20-467704A4D2E4 (resized).jpeg
598B39C9-CB0A-4257-8D29-CFE5802EC1BD (resized).jpeg
5CE4CB21-A0EE-486A-A412-3C01EA3FBCC8 (resized).jpeg
75C3AFA5-FE50-4A87-A944-DAA9D74AFCE0 (resized).jpeg
8122CB88-291D-46DE-80AB-4AE2236660BD (resized).jpeg
A12B0284-4D3E-48A6-9076-C27A671868C5 (resized).jpeg
F33D6267-9FEC-4FDF-B13A-6A219D862083 (resized).jpeg
8FE6DE10-2E8C-4514-8656-27003E6AA3D6 (resized).jpeg
9107CDF7-D682-4D0A-8284-4AD2E61E753D (resized).jpeg
BE6006AB-5AE9-447C-9AEC-8DFE71D918ED (resized).jpeg
0F35FF82-DBB5-4C13-BA7C-6DCECB3F81D8 (resized).jpeg

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