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Strikes and Spares

Pinside rating

This game received 64 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.408 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #183 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.3

Artwork: 8.079

Sounds/Music: 4.95

Other Aspects: 7.608

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 2 of us have rated this game.


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Found 32 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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72 days ago
I really enjoy early Bally SS pins, but this isn't my favorite. Im not very interested in the theme and the sounds are not great...even for the era. It plays slowly as well. I do really enjoy the backglass, however.
1 year ago
Since we put this in our game room at has been the funnest game so far. Very simple to learn but tough to get good scores regularly. No bells and whistles like newer games, it does have bells, but hearing the ball roll over the play field and the clank of metal ball on metal rails is so satisfying. It has to be one of the best backglasses ever. The sexy girls and guys spilling their beer and bowling. Get this one.
2 years ago
Amazing art, very fast, fun, hard game.
Love the rollovers , chimes and spinner.
Best backglass in pinball.
2 years ago
The 10-pin rollovers are brilliant. The artwork is amazing. Even though the game is very dated with chime sounds and slow play, it's still fun to come back to again and again.
2 years ago
Absolutely wonderful pin. I went back over my rating thinking I went too high, but felt I rated it honestly. My sound and gameplay for the release dates are appropriately rated. Artwork is definitely if you love women. The star rollovers in the middle playfield fit the theme to a tee.
3 years ago
If you want to improve your flipper skills stand behind this pin for a few games. S and S is a pin with an open play field and a simple ruleset. I set mine up steep and playing fast. Simple play and very entertaining. The points don't come easy, though.

S and S has some tough out lanes but it gives you many flipper friendly shots to work with. With exception of the saucer kick out holding the ball for a couple of seconds, the ball is always in motion.

I would not want it to be my only pinball machine, but I get lost to time when I am playing it. It is quite entertaining and fun to play.
3 years ago
Light the spinner and shoot the upper lanes, that is all there is to this one. And one of the best backglasses in pinball.
3 years ago
best game ever. I will cut you if you don't agree...
3 years ago
Strikes and Spares is a challenging game that really wants to be bowling so much that it starts to lose its value as a pinball machine. While I'm no purist or traditionalist when it comes to pins, SandS is a poor imitation of bowling and not much pin. I prefer that the rules of my pin are made anew by the designers rather than stolen from other popular games. Still, there is something fun about this machine, so I gave it the appropriate lastability rating which means it isn't the worst game in the world.
3 years ago
Every time I walked past this at Expo I played it. Great fun!
4 years ago
Classic backglass.. fun quick gameplay.. just the lights octets can be a bitch.. I play mine nightly ...
4 years ago
simpel fut fun
great backglass !!!
4 years ago
Love the chimes and the rollovers. Great looking game, but better off in a larger collection.
4 years ago
The one with the girl, that's how I describe this game, and why not. But look close close at the artwork, it's hilarious: the guy pouring his beer but missing his glass as he checks out the girl with the big Bally bowling ball as his curvy girlfriend looks on.
The game has got some great shots, that spinner can really fly. I wish it had a few drop targets, but those fast bumpers and good flow won me over, though the extra ball can be a little too easy. At this point Bally was starting to make better games than mighty Gottlieb with this, Evel, Mata Hari, and Bobby Orr. Good fun with some of the best art ever, and if it doesn't have great art, it's not for me.
I've got a new playfield from CPR and can hardly wait to put it in!
5 years ago
Love the back glass...good playfield layout for this era of machine.
5 years ago
A unique game made for those who have a rather large collection
5 years ago
Love the artwork!
6 years ago
Pretty good for an older pin. Doesn't look like there is much to do until you start playing and get caught up in the action. While it will most likely not ever be part of a collection I own, it certainly is more than capable of drawing me in game after game.
6 years ago
A decent game to pop a quarter in, but nothing that I would want to hang on to for a while. The bowling theme is fun but it's pretty much just a 'meh' game.
6 years ago
Is there a better backglass? Not sure. Layout is themed perfectly for bowling with the rollover "pins".
6 years ago
Great older pin
7 years ago
The art package is almost the best in pinball. Properly set up this game is decievingly FAST. Once you start playing it you can't stop.
7 years ago
Strikes and Spares is a Bally table that is fortunate to have a wonderful art package and a deceivingly simple layout that hides the fact that this is a challenging control/shooter's game.

The Pros:
The redhead on the BG. I'd like to know who the model was and find her daughters. We need to make babies. The gameplay is deceptive in the fact that the bank of rollovers is something to aim for in itself. sometimes you can get lucky and the ball bouncing around can get the target you want, but this is not something to be relied upon. Lots of insert shots in a seemingly barren playfield.

The Cons:
Maybe this is just me, but that center rollover lane at the top of the PF seems to be slightly narrower and higher than the A and C lanes. It could just the game I am playing... but since that lane lights the spinner and other goodies on this deck, it is most frustrating. Once the shots are felt, the game can be a chore. Back to the top lanes and nudge/hope for the "B". The left and right orbits are all there are to shoot for on this game. Everything else is a lucky (or unlucky) bounce. 45 second games are not uncommon.

The Takeaway:
A decent game, deceptively better game than it initially seems to be. Kevin O'Connors work is perfect for the game and makes the rather stale theme of bowling sexually charged and silly at the same time. Ah, the power of misogyny. The looks of the game IS the selling point for this deck. This table also balances fun and skill quite nicely. Once you get to know it... the play is simple and it sings.
8 years ago
The backglass is a classic. Putting that aside, the game is a very early SS and it shows. All chimes, the game play isn't the best. Getting an extra ball is too easy and without drop targets - there isn't a lot to do. So in summary - a great game to have as an art piece, but not a good selection if you have a small collection.
9 years ago
Really am surprised at how much I like this game...The spinner on this playfield is in a great position to smack really hard on the way up to the top. A BIG premium is gained by skillfully nudging the ball through the center rollover, classic 3 pop bumper layout, it's bowling! an easy to understand theme, rolling over the stars knocks down pins....old school chimes are refreshing....These older machines need a class by themselves, I mean yea the new corvette is amazing, but so isn't the '66 in a much different way! Bottom line? this pin is fun to play and very relaxing...great entertainment!
There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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