Sky Jump

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Game Design: 7.941

Artwork: 7.666

Sounds/Music: 2.203

Other Aspects: 7.885

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Found 24 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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56 days ago
Sky Jump is interesting from the drop target stand point. They are basically in you face. Hitting the lower numbered targets can be dangerous. Getting all the numbers 'unlit' can be a bit of a challenge. The 1,2,3 have to obtained by hope.
2 years ago
Sky Fall is a great game, the playfield has a fantastic layout, 7 drop targets that reset once down, move the 10x bonus target on the drop targets to achieve the special, FreeFall is the AAB version, both great games IMO, it has the old fashioned pinball feel to it, play it if you can.
2 years ago
I particularly like the 3-Ball 'Liberal' setting for quick games. Parked by the beer fridge and the games gets a lot of play.
2 years ago
Decent single player game but for me, I felt the drop targets were just a bit too close to the flippers, it was too easy to hit what I were aiming for, and I'm not a very good player.
2 years ago
for its time it was cool because of the row of drop targets. and nice art.
3 years ago
It took me awhile to fully appreciate this game but now that I have spent a lot of time with it I call it a thinker's game. You need to decide whether to advance the 10x multiplier, chase numbers, or go for drops. You often don't want the drops until you've both hit the corresponding number and aligned the 10x value, for a 5000 point hit. Unlike a lot of ems banging around randomly won't score what a well thought through game will score. Fun game.
3 years ago
Not sure why this pin is rated so low? It's fun, challenging, and you have to really think & aim your shots if you want to maximize your score. I love chimes, thus my perfect rating. This is deffently in my top 5 E.M pinball. Another plus side is they made 4200 of these so the purchase price is more down to earth for now. I spend hours on this one. Pretty challenging to advance all 7 spots & I like how the point Talley system+possible of double bonus of up to 500points work with drop targets. Such a great game
5 years ago
Great machine! Best wedge that I have played! Love the drop targets.
7 years ago
This is one of my favorite EM games and one that I was thrilled to be able to add to my collection. The old single player wedge heads usually have decent rules and Sky Jump is better then most. Using the center bumper to change the bonus target, roll-over to give bonuses to all drop targets and the constant attempting to get both lit under one available target is pure pinball bliss. In less than a week we have put almost two hundred plays onto the machine so obviously it plays great and appeals to everyone from age 9 through 45.

As for the theme, think about the skill of skydiving. You are aiming for a target and the closer you get to the center the more points you get. (As an aside, I remember playing the Sky Diving mini game in Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube for hours and hours!) Hitting any of the drop targets with nothing lit under them is lust a successful jump and very little points. You activate the numbered roll-overs to light the top row of lights under the corresponding numbered drop targets which represents landing on the outer rings of the landing platform and more point. If you can use the center bumper to move the "hot" target to a standing drop target and hit it you get EVEN more points for landing on the inner ring of the landing platform. If you manage to get both lights under s standing drop target lit and then hit that target, well you just successfully sky dived onto the bulls eye and will be awarded big time points.
7 years ago
Not one of my favorite EM's. The drop targets right across the middle of the playfield seem obtrusive. Theme is fine and game is typical of this era. For a quarter a play I wouldn't pass it up.
7 years ago
I owned a Sky Jump for a little under a year and only sold it because I will not have space for it after moving. I spent a lot of time on this game and have to say I enjoyed it immensely. Shooting the drop target bank is addicting. The rules are simple, but averaging a decent score on this machine is difficult. I rolled her once during the time I owned her, but that was with a loose tilt. (104,000)

The Artwork is second to none for this era game IMO. The backglass and playfield art are 11/10s.
I'm not a big fan of EM chimes, but you kinda learn to love them after awhile.
7 years ago
Drop target based game that can cause a risk vs reward as far as the ball draining. If you can get the 5k drops it can be a decent scoring game
8 years ago
7 Drops with some targets creating a risk shot. Get the numbered roll overs for higher scoring.

One of the best trick shots. From the left flipper off of the number 7 drop target, up through the pop bumpers, scoring the #6 Roll Over, ball then continues to bounce and score another numbered roll over.
8 years ago
This has got to be one of the best EM games ever. Its a fast moving game. I like that this game say "Special when Star is lit" and not "Special when lit" Lights on this game are really nicely placed. This game is harder than most and keeps you coming back for more. I own this game and will never part with it.
9 years ago
Sniping drops is fun and should score but it's better if you are really forced to shoot that one single target like on El Dorado. Sky Jump will award 5000 pts for a single target if the travelling spot is lit below and you have lit the corresponding number. When both lights are off you will score a sore 50 pts. I prefer SJ over El Dorado. The art package isn't my cup of tea and I don't see any relation between theme and play.
9 years ago
Oh Sky Jump, you beautiful machine, you! I purchased a Sky Jump recently and play it every day before work for a kick start.
The skydive theme and color are cool and the jumping selfie on the backglass just brings a smile to my face.
A great combination of a droptarget and rollover game in one, which gives it a nice balance. My favorite shot is to shoot the ball off of the left flipper and up through the #6 rollover and then nudge it to obtain the 4-7 rollovers. The #4 rollover is the hardest one to get, so keep your wits and shoot away!
9 years ago
The drop targets are easy but dangerous… but should you aim for 500 or wait until both lights are lit for 5,000 ? Decisions, decisions… You need to hit the central bumper an specific number of times to get the correct target lit, and that’s cool.

Cons : the 1,2,3 lanes are hard to reach ! Lower PF artwork is non existent.
10 years ago
A nice effort from Gottlieb with quite a unique layout. Artwork is ok but not classic. Gameplay is fun but collecting the roll overs not as fun as other games. Playfield feels a little cramped. There are many other 70's Gottliebs I prefer.
10 years ago
Another fantastic drop target masterpiece from GTB!! This one on 3 ball is always a real challenge for me - I love it!! Lots of shots and strategy always keep it interesting!
10 years ago
I fell in love with machine at the Texas Pinball Festival a few years ago in collector's quality condition. I also got to play this game at a collector's house recently. This game has the Drop Targets right smack in the lower middle playfield and will cause you trouble but the game will have you coming back for more. You better know how to trap and nudge the hell out of this machine. This game will help your nudging skills. The theme is awesome and is one of my favorite themes. This is easily in my top 5 favorite 70's wedge heads. It is hard to find this game with a good playfield. Most of them are worn to hell. I hope to find a collector's quality specimen of this fantastic machine.
10 years ago
Sky Jump/Dive was a fun game to play back in the day. I played the AAB version more than the replay version, good asymmetrical layout, nice mix of drops and roll-overs, interesting back glass art, though not to everyone's taste. A fun game. Would I like to play one now? Yes. Would I keep going back for more? Probably, but not a game which I crave.
11 years ago
I've had this game for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying it. game requires specific shot making and can punish you for missed shots. Outlanes are fairly defendable with proper nudging. Skillful plunges are required to get all the lanes hit, which gives you a x10 on the corresponding drop target. Getting all the lanes (very hard) gets the Special lit. I'm not a big EM player but I really enjoy this one.
11 years ago
Sky-Jump is a game that makes you shoot with intent and nudge with every opportunity.

The Pros:
Skill shots and choices to make from the first plunge. Lanes all over this game as well as standups on the right that make for tempting targets. You got skills? Can you hit the middle pop with so it just moves 1 space to x10 the drop target you need to hit? When was the last time you knew of a game that required a specific amount of hits to a pop, that you could control, to set up a shot to a drop target. Brilliant, really... Oh yeah... the x10 x10 shot to the targets require rollover setup and pop bumper rotation of the lights in front of the target bank. Some have said that the left flipper is under utilized on this game. That is what I use for the 4-7 drops on this table. Not a single inch of wasted space on this game that requires... Skills!

The Cons:
I don't own one. The PF may not be the most beautiful piece of pin-art, but it is absolutely utilitarian, like a good parachute should be.

The Takeaway:
This game feels like a card whiz/royal flush layout combined with lawman/atlantis sensibilities. Oh yeah... it's a Krynski game. The Gordon Morrison BG and PF are HOT! A brilliant package all around.
12 years ago
Fun layout with lots of drop targets. Gotta love that! Very nice artwork too. I do miss the beautiful art of the EM days.
There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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