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Silverball Mania

Pinside rating

This game received 76 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.221 /10


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This game ranks #226 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.02

Artwork: 8.497

Sounds/Music: 5.503

Other Aspects: 7.173

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Found 39 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Simple game layout and rules, but still fun. But let’s be’s the artwork that draws you to this one. Top 10 all time best art package at least! Maybe top 5!

The horseshoe loop and the “ball save kickback” are great little additions to keep your game going.

Over a great game to have.
5 months ago
This is the first machine I saw that really drew me in. The artwork was amazing, it really seemed to play fast and my God I wanted one. A few months later I found one locally and purchased it. It's the most beautiful pin I own and one of the most boring. I love the artwork, absolutely love the playfield and cabinet. The backglass is incredible. There just isn't anything to do. You hit that loop in the center over and over again and that's the whole game. I wish their was more as it seems like a waste of artwork and design on such a simplistic pin.
9 months ago
Got this one cheap and shopped it.....can get old fast but is still enjoyable.......would probably trade it some day.
1 year ago
Fantastic art package
1 year ago
I personally understand why people are not super fond on this game. The center hoop is super overpowered in scoring. And that when you spell "MANIA" the spinners also become quite unfair in tournament play. But I just think this game is a fun trip for a good while and has some of the most amazing artwork in pinball. Seriously, it's amazing! The playfield artwork is really amazing and shows Kevin O'Conner's talent strongly. Also the chrome on the backglass is cool and all the artwork on it really shows how crazy this theme is. The stencil on the cabinet is also in my opinion ahead of it's time a bit with using some more advanced shapes/slightly more complex art. I think where this game falters is the fact that the rules aren't so good, even for it's time. It is quite repetitive and you may get bored of it after a while. Overall, I'm happy I own this game and I'm proud of it's artwork package.
1 year ago
Love the art. The cabinet, the playfield, and especially the backglass. The horseshoe is fun to shoot for and I like spinners -- I have two to choose from here! I also like the early attempt at a ball save -- kind of a necessity considering you have to utilize the outlanes to complete "Silverball Mania."

When playing it can feel like it is two different worlds -- the upper and lower playfield. The lower playfield is where you actually have some control over the game. . . when the ball moves to the upper playfield you just wait to see what happens until it comes back. Not sure I like the waiting around part of the game. Nothing special about the sounds, standard early solid state stuff.

Overall a fun game to get lost in for a bit and enjoy some good old fashioned pinball -- not the best game I've played, but definitely not the worst!
1 year ago
just picked this up a few weeks ago. after dialing it in and putting some games on it i have to
say its really growing on me. love the art and ripping the spinners is always satisfying. its a real
throwback to when i was playing pinball at 13 years old before the arcade craze hit and pulled me
away from pins like this. right now it seems like a keeper for me. my playfield is decent with mylar
applied over lower center of playfield. backglass is all kinds of cool. good companion to my stern f2k.
now i just need a black knight to get my williams representative.
1 year ago
This was my favorite pin for a while.
Straightforward play.
Appeals to casual players and newbies.

It has maybe the best back glass in pinball.

Solid fun for a while, can't really keep up with newer pins.

Still has the best back glass in pinball though.
2 years ago
Great art package, one of the best backglass ever. All of the action seems to be at the bottom of the playfield, tough to get the ball up to the top playfield. Cool game I like it!
2 years ago
Have owned a couple of these. Once you get the hang of the horseshoe it gets boring pretty quick. My personal record is 7 consecutive shots around the shoe and trapping the ball to do it again.
2 years ago
Beautiful game. I just feel like it is too easy.
2 years ago
I haven't done full research on it, but this one has to be in the running for the worst early SS game produced by Bally.

Noteable features:
1 horseshoe, 2 spinners, gimmick ball save -- never to be seen again in pinball? (for a reason?)

Noteable features missing from an early SS Bally:
drop target banks, An interesting upper playfield, speech, good sounds

Goal: Make every target to spell silverball mania. Some of the targets are made randomly as they are placed up by the pops where you have no control over the ball... yeah...

I get it. It's a really pretty game.
The lack of drop targets, speech, good sounds, and an interesting upper playfield kill this one for me.

Jim Patla redeemed himself with Viking and Centaur.
3 years ago
Silverball Mania is one of the best artwork games of the era. Also, double spinners + a horseshore! Ripping spinners in this game is great fun.

The downside is this game from a rule-set perspective is quite broken. This pin can be easily rolled over by any intermediate/advanced player.

If you're looking to represent this era in a game room collection, this one really stands out!
3 years ago
After reading the reviews I was hesitant to get this game. I think it has surpassed my expectations in fun and challenge. I have the larger red posts on the horseshoe and while it is an important shot, it is not an easy one. Not too difficult either, I would say it is just right. The rules are easy to follow, light the letters, but I find enjoyment in the strategy of how to get them down. Obviously it is a beautiful game.

It has been my go to game for a few months and like most early Ballys I enjoy the simple rules and game play. Anyway, I think it is a pretty solid game.
3 years ago
A beautiful game, perhaps the best looking pin ever made. It isn't fast by modern standards but plays well. Rolling the score is common and the symmetrical layout doesn't offer much variety.
3 years ago
Spell SILVERBALL MANIA and go nuts! This early SS is a fun machine that will keeps the player on edge. The middle outlanes feed to the between-the-flipper kickout - and, when set-up properly, there are big bonuses to be had between the horseshoe, standup and kicker. The pops in the back are just there to take up space and the rest of the game is boring after the novelty of the kicker / horseshoe action wears off (or frustrates the hell out of the player!).

A neat game with dynamic graphics and decent play, but it lacks lastability, so it won't be on my wishlist anytime soon.
3 years ago
I like this machine because it takes me back to my childhood days when the EM's reigned. It's not overly complicated with difficult rule sets and nearly impossible combo shots.

Most people go for the hoop over and over. However, I am a spinner guy - I love spinners, and I mostly shoot for the spinners. I like getting the ball back to the top of the playfield. I go for the hoop to get the 5X then the free ball. It helps that about 20% of the time the kicker kicks the ball back through the hoop! Or if it enters the hoop slow enough that you get the hoop bonus twice. After the free ball, I concentrate on the spinners and the bumpers.

The bumpers are well laid out and can produce some good repetitive action.

The sounds are OK, and I've gotten rather fond of the background warbling. I turned it off, and I feel like I am missing something. I also tried the chimes sounds, but prefer the regular sounds.

The machine is easy to score high, since it's a 6 digit game. They should have made this for 7 digit scoring. I don't like the fact that the bonus carries over from ball to ball, and wish there was an option to change this. It would make the game much harder, but scores would be much lower.

I really love the playfield artwork, it's nice and colorful. The back glass is also a work of art.

What I really like about this game is the tribute to the old pinball days, with it's four dead bumpers on top, and the pins at the bottom out-lanes on either side.

It can get a little lackluster after you have exhausted the hoop bonuses. At which time I prefer to shoot for the top of the playfield and score the center lane to enable the kicker. Remember, you have to go through the spinners to get there! :)

Overall this is a pretty fun game, at least for now. I hope it won't lose it's appeal any time soon.
4 years ago
This was Bally's first "fast" pinball machine.

The horseshoe would whip the ball back at the player with amazing speed on a waxed playfield.

Probably the best artwork of any pinball machine ever, even the cab art was an amazing depiction of power.

The deep futuristic sounds fit the theme perfectly. The whah, whah, whah, whah pulsing will be drilled into your brain forever.....

Jim Patla had another huge success for Bally with this one.
4 years ago
Good game, horseshoe in the middle of the playfield is great
4 years ago
Beautiful game with nice colors. Horseshoe loop is fast and rewarding when you can make it, dangerous when you miss. Gameplay seemed bland and boring otherwise. I also didn't like that the center catch/kickback only resulted in an immediate drain after launch on the table I played. Kinda took the fun out of that gimmick. I had the chance to buy one and I am glad I passed.
Played another one with a new playfield and a kickback which worked as intended. i actually enjoyed playing it. Funny how that works. ;) So I increased my rating some.
4 years ago
Gorgeous art...backglass, playfield, and cabinet. My favorite cabinet of all time. The game is pretty fun to play with straightforward rules. Not too easy to shoot the center loop if the game is set up right and that makes for a pretty good risk/reward shot. If you miss the center loop, you're probably going to brick and drain. I love the kicker that shoots the ball back up the playfield.
4 years ago
Beautiful looking machine. Game play does not entirely meet the level of the beauty of the playfield and backglass. It's fast, bright, colorful but lacks a bit of challenge.

That said, I love having this in my collection.
5 years ago
I think this machine is somewhat underrated, for it's era it's a very solid machine. The objectives are perhaps a little too straight forward and you can destroy it by getting the hang of the horseshoe shot and just hammering it. It'll get you everything, multipliers, letters, extra ball, and kickout so if you can hammer it you're golden. It's a sensitive shot and will punish you if you miss it, but if you can get hot and hammer it this machine is pretty easy to turn over which is always rewarding. Also the backglass progressive spelling of silverball makes this a must play if you see one that's close.
5 years ago
This is the first pin I got for the home. It is an excellent starting machine for not too much money. I would say try one before just buying, just to make sure you like it. Over nice detail to the art work and backglass. The sound isn't the most appealing but does the job a bit on the repetitious side though. this game got me started taking pinball way more seriously though!
6 years ago
Game play and lastability... meh. Worth a game or two but is very boring by any standard. Art package... outstanding. Enough has been said about this but I'll reiterate that in the 30+ years since released, you'd be hard-pressed to find a backglass, playfield, plastic themed package that outdoes this one. Find a nice restored one and stick it in your collection. Who cares if no one plays it.
There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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