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1 year ago
Very good game for the era it was made. With a good wax and back legs high. This is a tough, but very enjoyable machine.
5 years ago
Sharpshooter is a fun drop smasher (think Target Alpha but easier), but I got bored with it so quickly, I'm not sure the I was able to give it a fair shake. The pops in the place of a sling on the lower right PF didn't add the kind of action I was hoping for, and the ball seemed to just wander around anytime it went behind the main drop target bank. Still, interesting design from an upstart company.

Don't want it, but it is worth a game or three.
6 years ago
This game is fast and fun. The layout makes it a continual challenge but it is also easy to rake up some decent scores. The drop target placement makes it a continual challenge and provides the opportunity to increase your times multiplier. The loop around is challenging but rewarding.
6 years ago
Sharpshooter is one of my favorite solid state games from the 80's. I have one alongside 8 ball deluxe, and have had several other SS over the years, but these are my top 2. i really light the lower right bumpers with no right outlane. The 50k shot is nearly impossible to shoot, but worth so much, its still worth trying. Its not an easy extra ball, so extra rewarding when you do get it.
Very simple concepts, but well laid out (thanks Roger), and easy to show a newbie, yet difficult to get a high score unless you are a, well, .... sharp shooter.
6 years ago
Play this in our league sometimes and its a pretty fun game with an interesting layout.
9 years ago
This was my first Pinball Machine. I really do like the game and the store behind Game Plan. The first time I saw Special When Lit, I saw Roger Sharpe and Sharp Shooter. :-) Sadly it doesnt get played like it used to, when it was the only pinball in my collection. I am more into DMD game now.
9 years ago
Sharpshooter is the first game by GamePlan. It's a good start and with few exceptions (andromeda, pinball lizard and if you can find them... cyclopes or loch ness monster!), is their best game as well.

The Pros:
This game lives up to it's name and offers the player many tempting targets. Some are close to the flippers and others are full PF shots. Sounds are well done. Double pops by the flippers have not been seen since Pat Hand. The horseshoe and the saucer shots as well as the orbit are tight and skillful.

The Cons: Parts?
The Artwork is not the best.

The Takeaway:
A solid game for 1979. It's too bad that they did not keep up with the rest of the industry... Game Plan made some great machines and this is one of them.
11 years ago
Average game of that era. Nothing special.
There are 8 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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