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The Lost World Jurassic Park

Pinside rating

This game received 42 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.901 /10


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This game ranks #284 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.008

Artwork: 7.079

Sounds/Music: 6.298

Other Aspects: 6.917

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Found 30 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 30 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
I had now over a dozen pins. This one is really cool. Great ramps, great position of ramps, nice flow, bumperd, drop target, shaker, magnet action plus awesome jeep snagger toy. Despite of really cool stuff like team play etc. I mean... Just a great pin.
35 days ago
Overall a decent game. Not too deep of rule set but that's par for the course for this era. If you like the JP franchise especially this movie (like I do) then you definitely need to check this game out. However I would say the Data East JP is better. The Stern JP is far better.
9 months ago
Jurassic Park Lost World is probably the least popular of the three Jurassic Park tables, but it’s easily my favorite. It looks great with its CRT style back glass and fantastic play field art (I could take or leave the yellow sides of the machine though).

The real stand out for me is the playfield layout. The game has great flow, and the ramps are just challenging enough to be fun. The table itself is fairly difficult as well, which gives it solid replay value. I really do think this table is an over looked gem!
1 year ago
I think this is a good package, and pretty tight game. There are a lot of easy to make shots, long ball times, and back-to-back multi balls. I could see that some people would find the game too easy, or if in a home setting, possibly repetitive. Ramp and shot positions are excellent, and the code also is very tight and integrated. The Jurassic Park theme is pretty cohesive, possibly the egg/raptor is a little clunky for the main toy, but there are some very cool ball locks and magnet work. That being said, it might tire quickly to play it over and over, but is better than a lot for occasional use. And, it lacks a certain openness that many great machines have.
1 year ago
Playfield looks like it was hand drawn with pencil crayons.
Cabinet art looks like it took all of 2 minutes to draw up.
Hate that modes need to be done in sequence.

So what is there to love?
I love the egg and ball lock gimmicks. I love the theme, and I love the flow.
I love the music and I love the backglass.

It’s not a top 10 pin for me but it’s a hit with the kids.
It’s far from a bad pin. The ball lock mechanism will give you constant maintenance trouble though.
2 years ago
This game is definitely underrated probably because of it's comparison to it's earlier predecessor of "Jurassic Park". The layout is well done for a standard fan layout. John Borg is one of the best at making shots work. The ramps are probably my favorite of any game. So silky smooth with just the right amount of timing to bring the ball back to the flippers. Comboing the ramps back and forth is fantastic. Snagger toy is definitely cool. Egg toy is just okay. It's cute. The artwork on the backglass (translite) is in my opinion the best of all time for a licensed themed game. Only thing I can say in the negative for this game is the Mobile Lab mode is near impossible to beat which means you'll never get to the wizard mode (San Diego). All the other modes including the multiball are fun.
All in all a great game that will probably be in our collection for a long while. It's fun and challenging enough to keep me coming back.
2 years ago
Lost world Jurassic Park was my first game I bought I love the the cool toys in the game like the egg and the car grabbing the ball. The game also has good sounds and callouts.
3 years ago
Jurassic Park: Lost World is a brutal game. You will hit targets and by the time you can react your ball has already drained. The game has great flow and is a fun game for the cheap price they go for. The grabber toy is pretty neat too. The egg does take too much of the playfield view for my taste. The rules are what brings this one down. You need to finish each one to light it. Most games, you are lucky to get one lit, making getting to the wizard mode seem impossible. There is fun to be had here, but the brutal nature can = about the same in frustration.
3 years ago
This game would be excellent if someone could write a new ruleset for it. Layout is nice, looks great, good smooth shots and neat toys. Plenty of space to add custom mods if you so desire. Beating the game is very difficult on default settings and some of the modes are not as much fun as the should be. Ball control is key with this one, not for the faint of heart.
3 years ago
Good game. Classic fan layout used in many newer Sterns that sell for 4 times as much. Designed by Borg who did lots of those new Sterns. This is fun pinball at a nice price. Some person actually rated this game a 1 and rated LAH a 9.5.
4 years ago
As many have said or implied in their reviews, this game is criminally underrated. It takes too much of the bad rap given to sega/data east games, but I just don't see it having the issues that earned those company's their reps. Lots of fun shots and plays smooth. Wish the Dino egg did something more exciting. And it's typically priced as a good value. I want one!
4 years ago
JP: Lost World is a mediocre game through and through. The voice acting is terrible, the playfield is uninspired, the dots aren't anything to write home about, and it's very difficult to keep control of the ball. All of this wouldn't bother me, if it weren't for the lackluster ruleset. Multiball and GPS is where the points are, and each of the other modes score far too little to even be worth playing. Modes themselves are also uninspired. For example, shoot the scoop a bunch of times to start "Baby T-Rex." Guess what the goal is of the mode? Shoot the scoop some more. Not exactly exciting. All other modes typically have you doing something equally as basic. I understand the challenge is to fully complete each mode to achieve the wizard mode, but I want more of a reason to keep playing. How about modes that build in value or are worth more when you access them a second time? Nope--not the case here, the values never change. Overall the game is just a drag. The snagger toy is actually pretty cool, though it does slow down the pace. The Baby Dino egg is cool when it's doing its thing, but for the most part it just takes up too much of the playfield view. There's not much to say about this game other than it's quite likely Sega's weakest game. For the price you have to pay to get one, it's just not worth it. Play it on location if you see it, but don't bother purchasing the machine itself.
4 years ago
Rules don't make sense
video mode and skill shot don't make sense
cheesy back glass
egg toy is awful

but the snagger toy is really cool
4 years ago
Fun to play, very hard to get to San Diego, just not too much depth otherwise. Still like it though
5 years ago
I own this game and I can honestly say that it is a great game. I believe it is very straight forward. The game flows so well. There may not be many interesting parts to it, but the placement of all the parts is perfect. It is the generic pinball machine. It has the just the basics, but has perfected them.
6 years ago
Why all the hate?

- Multiple modes that require completion to progress towards a Wizard mode (ie. Simpsons Pinball Party BETA)
- Nice flow on the ramps
- "Snagger" toy that locks balls is a good, original idea
- Art looks colorful and pretty
- Metallica's design might have been influenced by this game

- Sound design is terrible (it took my balls)
- Snagger doesn't work sometimes
- Theme not too well integrated
6 years ago
I love this pin..... Fun too play never get old
6 years ago
I played maybe 5-10 games on this machine and had enough. Nothing about the game made me want to come back for more, mediocre at best.
6 years ago
Could've been so much better, comes across as cheap and rushed, Artwork is appalling, sounds are very limited and poor. Really dont like the curved backbox and picture, snagger has already given me problems (been told they trouble all owners), SEGA COST CUTTING.....AND ITS VERY OBVIOUS IN THIS CABINET.

Worst pin i've played by some margin. Felt bad for the guy who purchased it from me....
7 years ago
I think this is another under rated Borg gem. I think the flow is one of his best. The shots are so satisfying to hit and the ramps are just in the sweet spots.
The snagger toy can be probematic / flow breaking, but still cool.
I really love the T-rex in the egg.
The art package is top class and the sound is solid.
I would be happy to drop a pound into this anywhere i see it.
7 years ago
Not recommended for the home collector. The main issue I have with the game is that it is all time based repetitive shots. Each mode is shoot the same shot so many times in a set amount of time. The two toys on the playfield fit the theme well however the ball grabber slows the game down and takes away from the experience. This is the Sega back box that is curved. I did not personally like the look of the machine, however some do. Fun game to walk up to and play, not as enjoyable over the long haul.
7 years ago
Jurassic Park: Lost World could have been soooooo gooooood. But here we are with this dissapointment of a pinball game.

The Pros:
A solid layout. That's because it's nearly identical to AFM without the saucer scoop/wall. Just add another ramp/lane instead and put a big egg on top of the scoop. Brilliant! Umm, no. But hey, if you're going to steal, steal from the best! The artwork on the PF looks good and I like the curve on the back box.

The Cons:
This is why you have world class players write the rules and program your games. Really. Give this game to Lyman Sheats or Keith Johnson and see what brilliance they can come up with. The DE team is not nearly as talented or as capable as the Bally/Williams team and this game is a prime example of why DE games are a distant second to the brain trust that was in the Williams stable. The game's sound is not impressve at all. The BG art is muddy. The gameplay itself is unbalanced, lackluster and the wiz mode is a huge letdown. Adding another multiball into the rulesheet, just because you can, does not make a better quality game.

The Takeaway:
DE's appropriation of TAF with the first JP game is the way to go by a longshot. Strictly for the fans of the movie and the kiddies who think dinosaurs are cool.
8 years ago
I may be in the minority, but I preferred this to the original JP. I felt this one was a lot faster and I personally was more impressed with the snagger tool of this game over the T-Rex toy from the original. This game is a fun one with some nice colors to it. Game play is fast and fun.
8 years ago
I've never really liked this game, ever since I was little. It's easy, boring and just unappealing to me. The first JP is where it's at if you're looking for this kind of theme.
8 years ago
I really hoped to like this game, however it just doesn't get it done for me.
Could of been very good, but I would overall rate this as okay, definitely would not own it.
It just doesn't stack up with other pins of its time.
HOWEVER my wife did enjoy it, because it is a very nice beginner pin in my opinion!
There are 30 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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