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Game Design: 7.012

Artwork: 7.389

Sounds/Music: 6.29

Other Aspects: 6.957

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There are 85 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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50 days ago
Played a TPF last year. Had fun playing it, but never liked the art package
3 months ago
This machine can be a great time, or can grate on your last nerve. If you’re dialed in on the hurricane shot or the hurry-up ramp up the middle, each shot can be super satisfying. But if you’re missing the hurricane ramp and hitting the dummy, it can piss you off really fast. Few machines are as annoying as the stupid crap said by the dummy.
The machine can also be slow and floaty, but if you’re hitting your shots it can get really fast in a hurry. It’s got great shot variation and some very cool modes, but I think its rating suffers from the overly clownish music/theme, and probably mostly from the dummy. Could have done with a different bash toy that doesn’t insult your mother or call you ugly every 15 seconds.
4 months ago
Fun game, music gets a little on your nerves. Love the shots and theme
5 months ago
250 pound paper weight. Ok for a young child but just too easy. Repeats itself every 30 sec's...true boat anchor.
8 months ago
While Hurricane isn’t as good as Cyclone, in my opinion, I find it more enjoyable than Comet.

Let me say this: I hate clowns, they creep me out. For me to enjoy any table with a clown on it is a testament to how fun that particular game is. Barry Oursler and Python Angelo were a fantastic team that knew how to make a game shine in the design and art. Hurricane is not the best example of Python’s art, but he did have a couple other cooks in the kitchen with him on this game, and it could have held back his artistic ability. Still, much like Cyclone and Comet before it, there were a lot of small details on the playfield to look at which makes Hurricane a lot of fun to look over. The sides of the cabinet are ugly, and the backglass is decent.

The gameplay is smooth, and being able to nail both the Hurricane and Comet ramps repeatedly is fun. There’s also a combo shot to be made from the Comet ramp to the Ferris Wheels that nets you some extra points for doing it. I like building up to Clown Time, which is essentially the game’s wizard mode (it even has a separate high score table for the mode). The best way to build up points in the mode is to get your multiball started before you hit the Hurricane ramp to start Clown Time. The jackpot in the game is lit once you obtain all the “Palace” letters. This jackpot is built up over time, but its base value is 5 million. Rules are simple, but still have the depth of achieving a mode. This would be a great pin to teach someone pinball on as the shots aren’t super difficult and the ball goes on all the rides and is fun to watch.

Scoring on this game is low, you’re not putting a billion on this game, you’ll be lucky to break 30 million most games, but it adds to the challenge of putting up a big score.

Sound is good, and music is decent, the carnival/circus tunes fit the theme well, and there is good variety in there. Music changes when you hit the jackpot, Clown Time also has its own music and sounds (creepy clown laughs)…

I think about adding this one to my line up for beginners, but I don’t know if I can handle a game with a giant clown on it that I have to look at every time I play pinball, at least that clown isn’t as creepy as the one on Cyclone, but Cyclone is the better game overall.
8 months ago
The scoring is a bit off balance. A typical game will be a couple million. Unless you land the jackpot that's been building up for days, then you get another 15 million on top. Definitely fun for a few games though.
10 months ago
An underrated pin that gets a lot of hate for some reason. Ill take this over Cyclone. I like the ramp shots better and multiball is great. Ferris wheel can get slow I guess... But I just played Godzilla a bunch and couldn't believe how many times that thing has breaks in the game. I think the center ramp is a little wide which hurts it's score. Spinning backglass is pretty cool... Especially for non pin heads. Shit to Ferris wheels should be worth more (same in Cyclone). In Cyclone you can increase the bumper value to make the Ferris wheel shotnworhh more... Not sure if you can in Hurricane. Scoring could be more balanced. And Clown Time could be better or maybe a different type of multi ball. There are enough shots in this game that I think some modern code could make it an excellent game.
1 year ago
Not a bad sequel to Cyclone, which was itself an improvement on Comet. Unlike Cyclone, which really built on what made Comet fun, Hurricane isn’t the upgrade on Cyclone it could have been. It has a DMD, but doesn’t take much advantage of it. I do like the ramps better on Hurricane. The looping Hurricane ramp is impressive, and is always fun to plunge and see in action 3 different ways (plunge, Hurricane ramp and return from double Ferris wheel). Other than the Hurricane ramp, it’s not really better than Cyclone. The single drop target for the mystery wheel is gone, replaced by a “dunk the dummy” stand up target that is high risk. There is a 3-bank of drop targets on the left, which is nice. The double wheel isn’t much of an upgrade on the single one, it just takes a couple seconds longer. I like the Ferris wheel mechs on both games. The juggler is really a pretty boring toy. It’s really just a VUK that kicks the ball over to another scoop and into the pops. I like the juggler on Cirqus Voltaire better. This isn’t a bad pin at all. If you enjoy Cyclone, you should enjoy this pin too. It has a couple minor upgrades on Cyclone, but also loses a couple features Cyclone offers. The cab art is pretty bad, although the playfield art by Python is well done, again, as is the backglass and spinning wheel. The animations are limited and don’t add much to the experience, and the callouts get repetitive. “Hey, ugly.” Still, I enjoy playing Hurricane, and often prefer to play it over my Cyclone. A modern version, with full lcd monitor and several mechs combining all the best features of these carnival pins, would be pretty cool!
1 year ago
I really wanted to like this.machine and hoped that it would build on what Cyclone had to offer, but it falls short. Despite some of the advances found in other games that came out around that time like Diner, Hurricane limits what it could have done....use two ferris wheels instead of one... Make a longer looping ramp that loops the ball around the bottom of the play field. The ideas weren't that innovative and actually takes the ball out of play from the play field for a long enough period of time that it starts to slow the pace of the game down.
2 years ago
Great game for beginners. I love this game, first pinball I've owned. It is polarizing, some hate this game and others love it. There are not that many shots in the game, but the the Hurricane ramp is quite a shot. Advanced players may not find it challenging enough.
2 years ago
This game isn't a one-shot game, it's a game that locks you into one shot. It's a combination of the layout, which heavily channels the ball with long ramps, secluded pops, and pressure to fire away instead of attempting cradles, and the rules, which heavily reward looping once you've hit the prerequisites to light the ramps.

The result is a game that has some simple charms(it is satisfying to loop the ball when you're doing well at it) but has a distinct lack of agency. There isn't a reason to change plans if you're making the shot, the shot doesn't change because the ramps channel it so well, and if you aren't making the shot the game usually drains you instantly with very heavy lateral movement, so the game is mostly accuracy focused and doesn't reward wild ball tamers or strategists.

The theme is OK - another carnival - but it's a little biased towards the early 90's trend of cramming in sampled voice clips to fill space, which gets old fast. So overall I prefer the earlier games of this series, both aesthetically and otherwise.
2 years ago
Ok entry level DMD pinball. Would appeal to children under 10. Just too repetitive and too easy. If you can pick one up for $2500 or it if your please...I have owned this title twice and its just a very entry level DMD. Not a keeper.
3 years ago
this game is not at this really place in this top 300 ....beautifull machine and back glass , a family pinball to have fun without complicated missions and shoots ...when the playfields is clean , with beautifull leds, under and upper, idem in the back box : you have a fantastic pinball with a terrific look ! a must to have in any collection !
3 years ago
Having owned all 3 of the"trilogy", Hurricane would be ranked last of the 3. The fun wore off in the first week of having it. Comet and Cyclone were great games for their time. But with the tech that was available when Hurricane was released you would think it could have been a home run.
The big playfield circling ramp is pretty much the big thrill (no pun intended).
Ok in a big collection and if you can get it cheap. And good for the kids, safe theme.
3 years ago
I recently purchased this machine in a package deal and wasn't expecting much out of it, but it turns out it is really fun with interesting ramps and cool shots. The sound is the weak point of this game in my opinion. The theme is fun, but nothing special. It has some unique toys, but they don't add much to the game play. I would recommend checking this game out if you haven't as I hadn't ever played it and was pleasantly surprised.
3 years ago
Very much a lame duck compared to its predecessor(s). Even Comet plays more enjoyably than Hurricane. They kept true with beautiful artwork and thematics, but the play is very boring. Basically, it is a 3 shot game.

The saving grace is the circus theme and the duo beforehand that draw you to want to play/own the complete set. However, it’s doesn’t live up to the reputation that was established.
4 years ago
It’s hard to rate this game.
For an experienced player, this game is garbage. It really is. The ramps eat up so much time and they are too easy to hit. Waiting on 2 Ferris Wheels is also time consuming. The juggler again is a time consuming toy as it triggers the backglass wheel.
However, this is one of if not the absolute BEST introduction pin for new players.
It teaches you in a very elementary way what to shoot for and is entertaining to watch the ball go for a ride on all the toys. It would do well in any collection be it in a family home, or an earner on location as it’s both eye catching, and easy to pick up and play for the newbies.
So in short, it’s a gateway drug
4 years ago
I love this game,although i have a new iron maiden besides it I prefere the hurricane.Its a good ”family ” game,althougt the playfield is a little to dark somermtimes.This game is a keeper
4 years ago
I don’t own one

This game has annoying sounds, bad artwork, terrible rules, and shots that are easy and clunky while giving a safe return.

This is the wort game I have ever played, and is probably the worst dmd game ever. This game makes Tom look like a master piece. Plus it seems like I allways have to play this game in tournaments. Avoid this at all costs.
4 years ago
Fun will grow on you the more you play.....good bang for the buck....
5 years ago
I think this game is underrated. It is a fun game for the whole family. Rules are not too difficult, music and ambiance make you feel you are in an amusement park. Maybe for good players it's to easy and not enough challenge but to play with friends and family it's a good balanced game. I can't understand why people prefer Cyclone or Comet, the DMD and multiball are a good addition compared to the 2 other machine of the trilogy.
5 years ago
My favorite game in the “comet” line of games, but I am still not a fan. One of the cheapest Williams DMDs out there but not a game I would own.
5 years ago
This game is pretty fun. Some good gimmicks and the game design is pretty good as well. A very enjoyable pin.
6 years ago
Ran across this game for the first time this year and it is by far the funnest older pin I have ever played. You get heckled during gameplay. Fantastic and am so glad I was lucky enough to finally discover it. Hurricane 2 thumbs up.
6 years ago
Not fun at all.
There are 85 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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