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Top 4: Four Pin Collection

By mr9865

4 years ago

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    #51 4 years ago

    I’ve got all EMs, and from my current pins I would keep:

    1) Hot Tip
    2) Target Alpha
    3) Grand Prix
    4) Royal Flush

    #52 4 years ago

    Page 2 and the classic Pinside answer is nowhere to be found!

    The answer is obviously:


    #53 4 years ago

    I will require Comet and a system 11 (Taxi, Diner, or Space Station). Then I would take one modern Stern and a WPC - maybe MET and MM, but not positive... Tough call.

    #55 4 years ago
    Quoted from ectobar:

    Page 2 and the classic Pinside answer is nowhere to be found!
    The answer is obviously:

    Ok...now i need to see a pic with a lineup of 4 taxis.

    #56 4 years ago

    4 games? Only?

    I'm going to go with each "vintage" so you'll be ready to kick some Pin-butt at Pin-Burgh.

    1) E.M.: Gottlieb Atlantis. There is no other game out there that has you shoot BETWEEN two drop targets to get a simul-drop for big points. Aim on the left, nudge on the right. This category is really difficult for me because there are just so many games from so many decades and countries of production to choose from.

    2) Early SS: Bally Flash Gordon. Sports a ruleset that is so far ahead of it's time that these features are nowhere else to be found. And the fear. This design demands all of your attention as you can not hide anywhere on this game after the plunge. You will never grow bored of this design. Expect to have the game of your life against Ming... and then your next game will make you look silly.

    3) 90's DMD: Bally/Williams Twilight Zone. The best. For so many reasons.

    4) Modern DMD and forward: Stern AC/DC. I am SO temtped to put up other game designs. Some other games by other manufacturers are now showing their excellence, but AC/DC is the epitome of Steve Ritchie's craft and Lyman's code. That and the music is way sweet...

    I could go on, but at this point, these 4 are very well balanced between skill, chaos and finally... flow. I hope to never have to make the choice of just 4. But these 4 are all brilliant in their own ways and are indicative of the best of their vintages.

    Happy pin-hunting!


    #57 4 years ago

    For us....


    and the fourth one would be tough....

    IJ:TPA (although I would consider MB)

    #58 4 years ago

    1) TNA
    2) AFMRLE
    3) MMRLE
    4) POTCLE

    #59 4 years ago

    Capt Card
    Iron Maiden Pro

    #60 4 years ago

    1. AFMr
    2. TZ
    3. TAF
    4. IJ Will

    As of now


    #61 4 years ago

    Medieval Madness / AFM (toss-up)

    #62 4 years ago

    1) JJP POTC
    2) Batman 66
    3) Stern Jurassic Park
    4) Rick & Morty

    #63 4 years ago

    So hard to choose that if I were to answer again tomorrow the list would probably be different. So here is today's list:


    #64 4 years ago

    I would keep my TZ , SS and TOM. Then add in a MM.

    My TAF would not make the cut, its ok but I find it a bit overrated.

    #65 4 years ago

    In order .
    Fishtails - for a fast game you can just jump on , easy rules to understand , great music , and dmd animations and video mode .

    The Hobbit - for long deep games with lots of modes and stuff to shoot for and with all the video and call out assets you want .

    Elvira HOH - for something in the middle , fun toys , great modes , lots of video and call outs and great music and theme .

    Bad Cats - for cool Mech in playfield , fun call outs and great flow , also the first code I learnt all the rules to .

    Disclaimer - picking the fourth pin was so hard . I've been sitting here for an hour thinking about number 4 . The first three were easy , bang , bang , bang . I had to look at the top 100 to think of ones I might have missed but there were so many ones I wanted . So I went with the one I have so many happy memories of playing and the one that got me into pinball .

    #66 4 years ago

    JJP POTC - My favorite overall
    Flash Gordon - mean but fun
    Met - Just plain fun
    4th is hard...TZ, MM, STTNG...

    #67 4 years ago

    AFM, LOTR, Whirlwind, Abra Cadabra

    #68 4 years ago

    all play differently with respect to layouts and rules etc

    #69 4 years ago

    1. Oktoberfest!
    2. Funhouse
    3. Metallica
    4. Blues Brothers (A guy can dream right?)
    If not then Addams Family. The Mamushka!

    #70 4 years ago
    Quoted from Pyromedic:1.
    4. Blues Brothers (A guy can dream right?)

    I believe in the dream

    #71 4 years ago

    1) multi-bingo + multi-horserace all in one unit with swappable playfields, as designed by Nicholas Baldridge (I'm imagining him combining both into the same unit for me)
    2) Jurassic Park Premium
    3) Heist or Big Lebowski
    4) JJP PotC

    1 week later
    #72 4 years ago

    4 from current collection or just 4 pins I'd like to have?

    4 from current:

    4 I'd keep forever:
    Star Gazer

    #73 4 years ago

    Current set up:

    IJ really needs to come up and AFM move down. EBD, Whirlwinds and Fishtales all share the downstairs.

    #74 4 years ago

    Dale Jr
    Street fighter 2

    #75 4 years ago

    HEP MM
    Tron LE
    Met LE

    #76 4 years ago

    Stern Star Wars (this changes depending on mood)...

    #77 4 years ago

    1. Funhouse
    2. Roadshow
    3. Kiss Stern LE
    4. Dialed In

    #78 4 years ago

    As of 5/3/2020...

    -Iron Man
    -Twilight Zone
    -Monster Bash

    I have SO many pins in my garage because of locations closing that I can't access my go-to EMs/SS (Card Whiz, Quick Draw, Quicksilver, Time Fantasy) so the DMDs win this battle.

    #79 4 years ago

    1) TZ
    2) EBD
    3) Quicksilver
    4) Bow and Arrow

    #80 4 years ago

    TWD TZ AFM Met

    3 years later
    #81 10 months ago

    I have
    Iron Maiden

    #82 10 months ago

    I’d pick from my collection

    SW comic premium
    JP premium
    DP premium
    AFM LE

    I’m almost embarrassed to have three Spike 2 pins but they’re so darn good.

    #83 10 months ago
    Quoted from RobDutch:

    3) Shadow (A killer, ball times between 10s and a minute most of the times)

    especially with rebuilt flippers and waxed playfields.

    #84 10 months ago

    If I had the funds…

    Medieval Madness remake
    Godzilla Premium
    Star Wars Premium

    #85 10 months ago

    1. Medieval Madness
    2. Whitewater
    3. Attack from Mars
    4. Monster Bash

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